9/11 and Mr. Stupid (Noam Chomsky)

September 21, 2011

In the recent days, Noam Chomsky had some interviews with the western media and again talked nonsense about 9/11 and the Arab world. Democracy Now had an interview with him on September 13, 2011. Noam Chomsky, or “Mr. stupid” as we call him here, is full of shit and shitty contradictions. He says: “Right at this moment, Obama has succeeded in descending even below George W. Bush in approval in the Arab world .” It’s really stupid. The Arab world is a very stupid reactionary world, and can not show us anything about the goodness or badness of anything. Some funny Iranians say: “F-u-c-k you and the Arab world, man. Why the Arab world should be important, while we know it’s a very stupid and reactionary world. Sometimes Mr. stupid criticize Saudi Arabia’s government, but he doesn’t say that the main problem is the Saudi society, i.e. the main part of his beloved Arab world. Mr. stupid talks nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia, while he pretends ignorance about the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia . Mr. stupid is really so shameless. He talks nonsense about Iran’s regime and Saudi regime, while he know nothing about the difference between Iranian society and Saudi society .” As we said before, Mr. stupid clearly says that the Arab world love the Mullah regime and the Mullahs ! , while Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. It’s like we say Neo-Nazi groups in Germany supported the Bush regime in the US, so the Bush regime was a very good regime and very popular. Mr. stupid tries to use this sort of stupid arguments to say that the Mullah regime is popular !! Yes, the Mullah regime is popular, but for non-Iranians !! i.e. some one like Mr. stupid and the ultra-stupid Arabs in the Arab world . As we said before, Mr. stupid, who love the Mullah regime, must be forced to live in Iran. He doesn’t deserve to live in the free world. Mr. stupid also adds: “Theres a perception in the Arab world that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships and that the U.S. blocks democracy and development and that we do it because we want to keep control over their energy resources”. But it’s very funny that Mr stupid and his stupid fans support harsh, oppressive dictatorships in the name of independence. They support Chavez, Gaddafi, Khamenei, Assad, and other savage tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism. They blocks democracy and development and that they do it because they want to fight against the imperialism ! It’s really stupid. Mr. stupid doesn’t say that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships in Iran and Syria, too. He and his stupid friends try to pretend ignorance about this important matter.

Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky, adds: “the 9/11 attack was pretty harshly criticized throughout the Muslim world, but particularly in the jihadi movement, you know, fatwas from leading clerics, harsh condemnation [!]… We did not pursue the options for diplomatic, peaceful, negotiated settlements …There were tentative offers from the Taliban to allow a trial of bin Laden [!!] It was not pursued [!!!] “. Chomsky really deserves to be called “Mr. stupid”. He calls his shitty idea “An Alternative Solution for 9/11” !! It’s really shameful. He pretends ignorance that the Taliban and the Islamists are Orwellian evil and what they say are Orwellian concepts (for them, ‘Justice’ means “injustice”, ‘peace’ means “war”, ‘love’ means “hate”, etc). They are exactly like the Mullahs. The only thing that is totally meaningless in their system is “Justice” and a fair trial ! Iranians can understand the depth of the stupidity of Noam Chomsky and the stupid lefts easily. Mr. stupid and his fans think that Iran or Afghanistan are like the US !, where they can publish their bullshits whiteout any serious outcome. These bastards don’t know that if you ask a very simple question about “Justice”, “Fair trial”, “Free speech”, “Free election”, etc in Iran or Taliban regime, you will send to the prison and will be raped and tortured there. These stupid bastards don’t know that in a medieval dictatorship system, like the Mullah regime and Taliban regime, you have not any right and you should obey the Big Brother without asking any question. Chomsky and the stupid lefts pretend ignorance about the Taliban and Afghanistan. But we, i.e. Iranians inside Iran, know Afghans and Afghanistan. Before 2001, Afghanistan was a total disaster for all Afghans. They had a very dreadful civil war for about 25 years, and many of them lived in Iran or Pakistan. The stupid Afghan Islamists killed each other and the civilians, and had ruined Afghanistan. In 2001, when the US and Nato attacked Afghanistan, almost all ordinary Afghans were very very happy. The savage Taliban and 25 years civil war had sickened all Afghans. Their main wish was that a foreign country or the UN comes and solves their dreadful problems. In 2001, they want to kiss the US’s hands. We have seen how happy were Afghans and how happy they are now. Of course, in the recent years they have had many stupid problems there, but compared to the pre-2001 era, their current situation is like heaven. In 2001, many Afghans said: “the attack on the Taliban regime and Afghanistan is a gift form God“. In 2001, Afghans did not have anything, absolutely nothing. But now, they have a country, a future, etc. They also enjoy rebuilding, freedom and free media (much more than Iran), etc. But the stupid lefts pretend that Afghanistan is Vietnam. And it’s a big lie. The stupid lefts are big liars and big jerks . It’s so obvious that there are many problems in Afghanistan, but the stupid lefts who loved Taliban and civil war in Afghanistan, have not any right to talk about these problems. These bastards, themselves are part of the problem. These bastards pretend ignorance about Afghan conditions before 2001, and how many of Afghans were killed, raped, and tortured. The number is really much more than the number of victims after 2001. As we said before, Mr. stupid and other stupid lefts had the same solution for Libya and about the savage Gaddafi. In fact, they wanted to save the savage Gaddafi and his medieval regime, that was their close friend . These stupid bastards don’t deserve to live in the free world; they must be forced to live in Iran to understand the true meaning of Taliban or Mullah justice, and also the true meaning of their shameful and ridiculous alternative solution !

The stupid lefts defend all stupid reactionary things in the world, including the Arab world. In the recent months, the media reported: “ Hundreds of thousands of ultra-religious Egyptian Islamists packed Tahrir Square (of Egypt) in an unprecedented show of support for the creation of an Islamic republic</strong". "The Islamists showed their true colors today, said a liberal Egyptian. From this day on, everyone will know these guys cant tolerate others views. Theyve been pretending they can work with others, he added. The report said: "the prospect of something like Iran was very much on the minds of remnants of the secular youth movement that led Egypts popular uprising in the spring, who were in Tahrir Square Friday. It was the largest protest in Egypt since the February departure of Mubarak and, overwhelmed by the Islamists numbers and by the Islamists stark religious agenda, the secularists walked out of the square and complained to the press that they had been deceived and would have no part of further joint protests with the Islamist groups. Banners put in place in the wee hours of Friday morning proclaimed, 'Islamic law is above the constitution [!!]‘ while chants used throughout the day in the square insisted ‘the people want to implement Sharia [!!]‘.’We can live in an Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood in government,’ said a Christian Egyptian, but not if they govern by Sharia. This is not the Egypt we want. The spokesman for the fundamentalist Salafists , dismissed the complaints of the secularists. There was no agreement, he said, referring to the concord said to have been reached between the two sides to avoid confrontation. If they [the secularists] dont want an Islamic state, theyre free to go [!!!!!]. He challenged them: If theyre so sure they represent the people, let them see if they can fill a square with three- or four-million people. Show us … We are the people. This is an Islamic country. And this is the Arab world that the stupid lefts defend it ! In the recent days, Turkey’s prime minister was in Egypt and said: “To Egyptians who view secularism as removing religion from the state, or as an infidel state, I say you are mistaken. It means respect to all religions. If this is implemented, the entire society will live in safety. Turkish secularism respects atheists. Do not be wary of secularism. I hope there will be a secular state in Egypt”. But the stupid Egyptian Islamists said: “In Turkey, when a man finds a woman in bed with another man, he can’t kill her because it is not permitted there [!]. In Turkey, when you find a non-believer man in the media, you can’t fire him or arrest him because it is not permitted there. It means that Turkey violates Islamic Shariah law” [!!] And this is the Arab world. This is the stupid Arab World that the stupid lefts defend it. The stupid pro-Islamist people in Egypt need some one like Khamenei, and they really deserve to be raped and killed by the Islamists, and only after that they will understand the true meaning of what they want now. Some Iranians say: “ Such kind of foolishness in 21st century, only proves that many Egyptians and many Arabs of the Arab World are like blind sheep ! ” It’s really true. The Arab world is very stupid, but Iran is not like the Arab world. Iran is much more modern that the Arab world. The majority of ordinary people in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and even in Turkey are pro-Islamists. But the majority of Iranians hate all Islamists very much. It’s very important. In fact, Iran is really much more than all countries of the Middle East and Africa. Their societies and their people are at least 50 years more backward than Iran. Of course, Iran’s regime, i.e. the Mullahs who are anti-Iranians and pro-Arabs, is the stupidest regime of the Middle East. But the stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, defend both the Arab world and the Mullah regime, i.e. the most reactionary things in the world. They are the real enemy of the ordinary Iranians and all free and liberal people in the world.

Humor: Only in Iran !

September 21, 2011

The Mullahs are really bankrupted in Iran. They desperately try to show that the ordinary Iranians still care about them.


But in the most cases, the ordinary Iranians make fool of the Mullahs, and make fun of them.


So, the Mullahs use the prostitutes and pretend that they are the ordinary people who love the Mullahs ! Some groups of these prostitutes are called “Zendeh 5-Zari” (cheap and nasty prostitute). The majority of them are the Monarchists. The people also call them “Bastard Khayemals” (bastard ass-lickers).


And the other groups of these stupid prostitutes are called “Zendeh 2-Zari” (very cheap and nasty prostitute). Iranians hate all of these stupid prostitutes, but when the Mullahs use the prostitutes to show that they still have some supporters in Iran, it really gives Iranians great pleasure.


The Mullahs support the prostitutes and vice versa, while the Mullahs arrest and rape the ordinary people for violating the Mullah Moral Values !! But what happen in the Mullah prisons is really beyond hypocrisy.


It’s what Iranians call it “the Mullah logic; The logic of
Islamist-Rapists”. The Mullahs are the most hypocrite people in our planet. The second ones are the Monarchists and the Rajavists.