WikiLeaks revealed: Mullah Coup + Mullah Mafia

September 20, 2011

WikiLeaks has revealed one of the most important documents about Khamenei Coup in 2009, and the fake and phony war between the Mullah and the West, i.e. between the fake enemies. A London Embassy’s cable in 2009 says: “xxxx says Election precluded by ‘POLITICAL COUP’ and Khamenei’s office ordered engineering of the election and of attempted suppression which has followed”. It’s what Wikileaks had leaked about Iran’s giant election fraud in 2009 . But now, after revealing the name of secret agents, we know who is this “xxxx”. The ‘xxxx’ is Seyed Salman Safavi, brother of ex-IRGC commander and Khamenei’s military advisor Rahim Safavi !!! . It’s very meaningful. Rahim Safavi was the head of IRGC (Sepah) for about 10 years !! and IRGC (Sepah) is the military organization that planed and launched the 2009 military coup, and killed, raped and tortured the Iranian protesters in 2009. The cable says: “Rahim Safavi’s brother, Salman Safavi, on June 16, 2009 told London Iran Watcher, Poloff, and a small group of [European] diplomats that a person he cannot name, very close to Khamenei, and ‘working in the Khamenei’s office’ [i.e. Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba] conceived and ordered engineering of the election and of attempted suppression which has followed . On the margins of the meeting afterwards, speaking to Poloff and to German Political Counselor Hans Best, Safavi said IRGC commander Jafari has been a principal planner and instigator of election manipulations . Asked about the possible role of Mojtaba Khamenei, Safavi said that ‘yes, we have serious division.’ He said he could not name who in Khamenei’s Office was involved, but emphasized ‘the large majority’ of IRGC rank and file oppose what has happened . After warning the group against any leaks of his remarks, Safavi characterized events in Iran since June 12, 2009 as a ‘political coup,’ and said ‘the Islamic Republic has never faced such a situation. Asked for an explanation of events since June 12, Safavi gave a tense, extended narrative that closely resembled reformist narratives. Safavi said ruling circles on June 12 had fully expected that, due to the political chemistry and excitement generated by the Moussavi-AN debate, Moussavi would emerge a clear winner . The indicia of fraud he listed were similar to what Western observers have cited, but centered on implausible proportions of the vote for AN uniformly throughout Iran and an implausibly fast announcement. Safavi said the deliberate interruption of SMS services [that Khamenei ordered it] had been a key factor in inhibiting opposition candidates’ supporters from effectively monitoring vote compilation at polling centers. Safavi said the television debates were a very new factor and that the atmosphere, and insiders’ sense of control … changed completely overnight’ after the Moussavi-AN debate; ‘Green appeared everywhere.’ He also said the debates produced ‘an explosion’ among the clergy, directed against AN . Safavi said the ultimate denouement will be determined by Khamenei. He said the ballots as cast June 12 are too tainted for a recount now to have value. He said the US must not recognize AN. He said [those who were behind the electoral manipulations in 2005] are behind the current manipulation of election results . Safavi said Rafsanjani had chosen not to respond to the electoral manipulations which had undercut him in the previous (2005) presidential elections and the 2007 Majles elections, but now he and ‘those whom this figure represents … do not accept a third provocation’. Safavi repeated the phrase at several points in the evening’. It’s really a very important confession. It’s a historical document that can show us many things, not just the secrets behind the Mullah Military Coup of 2009; a notorious coup against the people and the people’s votes.


Another important fact the leaked cable revealed is that Safavi’s brother and his family live in London !!! like many other Mullahs and Mullah families !!. Can you believe that the brother of Safavi, the head of IRGC (Sepah), and the brother of Rezai, the ex-head of IRGC (Sepah), both live in London, with their families ?? !! “if Britons had known that in 1940s, Nazi authorities for example the head of Gestapo or SS, or their brothers and their families lived in the US, what they would have done or thought about the US ?? Shame on British bastards who make love with the Mullah Gestapo and the Mullah SS”, some Iranians say. They also add: “The Mullahs and their relatives who live in London, are Mullah agent and British Spy; They are double-agent and work for both the Mullah regime and the UK, but there is no difference between these two mercenary jobs ! Because all the Mullahs, especially Khamenei and IRGC thugs are the UK’s agents and British mercenaries . Almost all Iranians know that the UK is the Mullah Maker.” It’s really shameful that Safavi’s brother live in London. Shame on you the British Mullah Makers; and shame on all hypocrite British politicians. It’s so obvious that these Mullahs are member of the Mullah Mafia in the West. They work for both the western countries and the Mullah regime. The leaked cable adds: “Savafi emphasized the coup was ‘not a military coup,’ [!!!!!] since, according to Safavi, there was for the most part no involvement by the great majority of IRGC officers [!!!!!!] at the same time, Safavi drew a clear line between the IRGC and the Basij [!!!!!!], emphasizing the Basijis’ central role in suppression of protestors [!!!!]”. It’s a very big stupid lie. IRGC and Basij are a same thing. In fact, Basiji is (officially) part of IRGC and what Savafi said is a very huge lie for deceiving the naive people in USA. The IRGC is the main responsible for the barbarian suppression, and killing and raping the Iranian protesters. The Basiji thugs are IRGC’s members and IRGC manage them and paid their mercenary wage. The leaked cable also revealed some other important facts. “Safavi appeared at the invitation of the Next Century Foundation (NCF), a small UK policy forum NGO enjoying occasional Embassy support; Safavi had just arrived in the UK from Tehran late that same day, June 16. The venue was the residence of the German Political Counselor; besides NCF staff, attendees included Mrs. Safavi, the Norwegian, Spanish, and Japanese embassies and a mid-level Whitehall (UK) diplomat”. Can you see how the Mullah Mafia agents work with the European and Western agents. It’s really shameful and it’s another clear sign of the fake and phony war between the fake enemies. Safavi, and other Mullah agents, try to keep the Mullah regime safe, and seek the western countries’ help and support. The leaked cable also adds: “Safavi also said that ‘a majority’ of leaders within the government of Iran and the IRGC [!!!] [i.e. the Mullah thugs, and the Mullah mercenaries (Khatamists and Rafsanjani agents)] want the US, continuing to avoid interference in Iran [!!!] … Safavi said ‘a majority’ of the IRGC have split from the Basij and from IRGC commander Jafari over the manipulation and aftermath of the June 12 elections [!!!] [Now, we know that it was a very big lie for deceiving some naive Westerners].” Safavi, like other Mullah agents, has been an old friend of the Western agent ! The leaked cable adds: “Safavi, whom Poloff has observed in a series of similar small group sessions since 2006 , projected his usual smoothly self-confident, but seemed more ill at ease than in previous meetings. As the dinner broke up, his manner with Poloff on the margins in requesting USG public rhetorical support [!!!] for demonstrators was almost pleading in tone, and far more urgent than anything Poloff had previously heard from him [!!!]”. Another Wikileaks’ cable about 2007 meetingsshows how Safavi, a member of Mullah Mafia in the West, tried to broker secret deals between the US and the Mullahs. The cable says: “Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Chief’s brother, Salman Safavi, told London Iran Watcher that Mullahs’ cooperation on security in Iraq would be forthcoming , but in the same breath argued that a U.S. terrorist designation of the IRGC would prevent any such cooperation [!] He admitted the IRGC’s presence and role in Iraq and Afghanistan, [and talked about] Mullahs’ desire for cooperation with the US [!!!]. Safavi stated that the USG would soon see evidence of Iranian security cooperation in the form of diminished attacks. Safavi went on to argue, however, that a USG designation of IRGC as a terrorist organization would effectively end all interest, or political ability, of IRGC to cooperate with the USG on Iraqi or Afghan security .” Now, many Iranians say: “What Safavi said about IRGC, and what he did for the secret deals between the Mullahs and the US, is exactly like what Trita Parsi and NIAC said and did in the past years. The stupid bastard, Trita Paris, exactly had repeated Safavi’s bullshits”.


The leaked cable about 2009 coup, has more interesting facts. “In response to points Poloff made, in NSC’s June 16 public guidance, on the unchanging nature of international security concerns [!!], and USG respect and noninterference in Iranian affairs [!!!!] Safavi immediately and in front of the group [!] asked that USG be very careful not to de-emphasize human rights in its public comments on Iran in the coming days [!!!!]“. Shame on you American Bastards. Shame on you American Jerks. The Mullahs have been worry that the US should not to de-emphasize human rights in its public comments on Iran !!! It’s a clear sign that the American Bastards -Obama and his administration- did not care about the coup and the suppression, and supported the Mullahs and the Mullah coup. The leaked cable also adds: “There was then a lengthy segue, not without irony, into the role human rights should play in U.S. foreign policy in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc, followed by Safavi’s return to a request that the USG keep the human rights at the center of the USG message’ . Safavi praised USG public statements on the elections to date, and agreed the principle of noninterference needs to be constantly repeated [!!!!] , but said the human rights component needed to go ‘somewhat farther’. He argued that a failure to establish a strong and clear signal on human rights would legitimate, and thereby empower, security forces to slowly and quietly crush the current resistance “. Oh, yah ! and it’s exactly what the American Bastards did for their Mullah allies in 2009. They did not support the Iranian protesters and the ordinary Iranians, and sent a very clear green signal to the Mullahs to crush the people resistance by killing, raping, and torturing ten thousands of Iranians . Shame on you, the American Bastards. The cable adds: “Poloff informed Safavi that, further to Safavi’s earlier expressions of interest at traveling to Washington to brief senior U.S. experts and officials , USG officials were aware of his interest in traveling to the US. As before Poloff offered to support and expedite the application but noted sharp limitations on Poloff’s ability to assist; Safavi was visibly disappointed, remarking ruefully he would have to tell people “my Washington connection [!!!] cannot produce as I wished .” Safavi politely noted Poloff’s pending departure from post and asked for an introduction to the incoming London Iran Watcher -Poloff made tentative arrangements for introductions to be made in person on June 30, shortly before Dr. and Mrs Safavi are due to return from the UK to Iran”. Shame on you, the American Jerks. It clearly shows how the fake enemies work with each other. And how the American politicians work with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in the US. The leaked cable also had another funny fact. “Poloff, seated next to Safavi during dinner, offered Dr. and Mrs. Safavi one set apiece of Farsi language versions of Obama’s Cairo speech … Safavi hesitated and then said he preferred the blue folder, jestingly remarking that blue is candidate Rezai’s color, and handing the green folder to his wife with the comment that ‘she and all my daughters are green – for Moussavi’ [!!!!] . Safavi shortly afterwards repeated the jest for the benefit of other guests, this time ostentatiously picking the green folder back from his wife, and remarking loudly ‘actually everyone now is a Moussavi supporter ‘[!!!]”. Almost all Iranians know this, and only the stupid lefts and the American jerks denied it !!!. But it’s very interesting that even the wives of the Mullah agents, work as a spy in the secret meetings between the secret agents !! There is a lot of funny stories about the Mullah Mafia and Mullah agents in the west, and in the near future you would hear more about them.