Iranian Daily Life and Western Misconceptions

September 19, 2011

The world knows nothing about Iranians and the Iranian life. Many have dreadful delusions about Iran. Many think that Iran is an Arab state !! Many think that Iranians are pro-Islamists !! and Many think that Iranians are like the Mullahs. Iran is not part of the global community, because the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians don’t allow it. But Iran is one of the oldest member of the global community and is the most modern country in the Middle East. The western media often has dreadful articles about Iran, but an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail in 2007 , that had its own weak points, was a rare good and acceptable article about Iran. I like it because it has many good and true points about the ordinary Iranians and the daily life in Iran. On the other hand, it also has written by a non-Iranian and it’s impossible to accuse him of something like being chauvinist or nationalist. Hitchens said: “The last thing the Mullahs need is for the peoples of Europe and America to know much about their country and its people, or to realize the truth – that Iran is our natural ally in the Middle East, a European civilization trapped by history and geography in the midst of Arabia. It does not belong there, culturally or religiously. We treat Turkey like a brother, when it is a militant Islamic state kept secular only by a disguised military dictatorship. And we treat Iran like a pariah, when it’s a largely secular nation kept Islamic only by an ageing and discredited, but open, despotism. ” It’s really true. Iran or Persia is really much more modern than all nations in the Middle East and Africa, from the Arab states to Turkey and Egypt. For more than 3000 years, at least since Zoroaster’s time to Muhammad, Arabs were just the barbarian tribes inside or outside the deserts of the southern borders of Iran (Persia). Even now in 21st century and in what the media call it “the Arab Spring”, you can see that the majority of Turks and Arabs are Islamists or pro-Islamists, while the majority of Iranians hate Islamists and pro-Islamists. It’s very important and meaningful. Iranians and many Europeans are “Arian” and the Arians immigrated to Europe form Iran (Persia). Of course, it’s so obvious that there is no difference between the human beings. All of us are African, and have immigrated from there. And there is no difference between young and modern Arabs or Turks and Iranians. Indeed, the facts about Iran and Iranians are not racist facts. But the people should know about these facts, because many have dreadful misconceptions about Iran and Iranians.


Hitchens said: “In the past ten days I have traveled across beautiful, hospitable Persia and talked to many of its people. I have been inside private homes and found out what Iranian people think and why. I have tried to understand the sweet, sad mystery of Iran’s unique brand of Islam, quite unlike the hard, aggressive faith found in the Arab lands .” It’s really true. Even Iranian Islam is not like Arab Islam. Hitchens added: “Now some think they have found something to be afraid of in Iran. This is the land of the glowering Mullahs, the book-burning mobs, the Fatwas of death and the black chador. When I told my friends and family I was going to Tehran, they looked at me as if I were taking a short break in Mordor. But the people of Iran are probably the most pro-Western in the world. By bringing this information back to you I expect to annoy the frowning Mullahs, who want their people to fear us as much as Bush and Blair want us to fear Iran. They long for our rage and threats “. It’s really true. Both the Mullahs and the stupid western politicians have a lot of interests in their phony war with each other, so they distort the facts and try to deceive public opinion. Hitchens also added: “I am under no illusions about how barbaric the government can be to those who challenge it openly in the Press or other public forums. But I think its power is waning, and can be kept alive only if we are fool enough to fall for the propaganda of the people who brought us the Iraq War”. It’s really true. We know for example, many British people hate Blair or Cameron, while the vast majority of Iranians deeply hate the Mullahs. Hitchens added: “I have also talked to those who enjoy the illicit thrill of drinking whisky in an Islamic republic whose soldiers still spend hours smashing smuggled cargoes of alcohol. I have observed the cunning efforts of Iran’s women to subvert and mock the ridiculous dress codes forced on them by silly old men. I have seen how many others choose to follow rules of modesty they personally believe in ” It’s really true. It’s the reality of Iran and Iranian life. It’s the true meaning of Iranian daily life in 21st century.


Hitchens said: “I have been told unprintably rude jokes about Khomeini [and the Mullahs]. Let me begin in Tehran, Iran’s colossal, ugly and charming capital city. This is a very young city in a very youthful country. About 40 per cent of Iran’s 70million people are 15 years old or younger, and in Tehran the concentration of the young is even greater. On the walls of the long-deserted US Embassy, site of the kidnap of dozens of diplomats, slogans in English and Persian still promise to inflict a great defeat on America. But these things are old, flaking, faded and largely ignored by the people. They have other things on their minds – mainly private life” It’s really true. The Iranian private life, and what Iranians have on their minds, are totally different from the Mullah propaganda or the western media propaganda. Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Mullah values, and the Mullahs norms. Each person who goes to Iran, can realize the truth soon. Hitchens also added: “In a bustling restaurant in north Tehran, where Iran’s wealthy middle classes live, it is obvious that Islamic dress has been forced on the many women present and that they are determined to let everyone know it is not their choice“. It’s really true, but it’s not only about Tehran or north Tehran. Almost in all parts of Tehran, and in all cities of Iran, you can see the same thing. Hitchens added: “Personally, I found Tehran much less oppressively Islamic than Kensington High Street in London, where an ever-growing number of women voluntarily go about in black shrouds, masks and veils. This is not some medieval theocracy where females are hidden away or forced to do the will of their menfolk. Men and women sit in animated mixed groups at the lunch tables, conversing as equals. Headscarves are worn. It is still the absolute law. But they are worn in such a way as to make a fool of that law. They are pushed back as far as they can go without actually falling off, held in place by no more than a blast of hairspray, revealing the front parts of elaborate and often vertical hairstyles – frequently blonde “, It’s really true. It’s really a funny fact (specially about Kensington street!). And It’s the reality of daily life in Iran, in almost all parts of Iran and all parts of Tehran.


Hitchens said: “In a park by a lake, some teenage girls are splashing each other. Incredibly, several of them have illegally taken off their headscarves. Even more incredibly, their teachers pretend not to notice. On the streets the women walk and stand like Parisians. Somehow, with a belt here and an adjustment there, they manage to make the modest ‘Manteau’ jackets look chic. They laugh and chatter . The days when public laughter was a criminal offence are long gone. About one in 50 seems to have had recent plastic surgery on her nose. They wear their bandages with pride and some even stick plaster on their faces to pretend that they have undergone this subversive surgery. The desire among lovely Persian women to look like Snow White is strange but it is a direct reaction to authority’s attempts to make them look like bats and crows . The fashionable cafes are full of painted, un-Islamic butterflies, sipping milkshakes or coffee. The upstairs rooms are reserved -by common consent- for couples to meet away from the intrusive eyes of their families [and the Mullah Police]”. It’s really true. The people who have gone to Iran, and the people who live in Iran, know that what Hitchens says is the reality of Iran and Iranian life. Even in the recent years, after 2007 and Hitchens’ trip, many things have changed in Iran and Iran has become more unbelievable for the foreign tourists. As we said before, the majority of Iranians are young, and Iran changes constantly and dramatically , and that’s why many, can not understand Iran and Iranians inside Iran. Hitchens added: “There is plenty of extramarital and illicit s-e-x in Iran. Among the rich, operations for ‘revirginisation’ are quite common before marriage, and contraceptives, once prohibited, are now freely on sale. Prostitutes patrol the night streets. I point this out not because I am specially glad about it, but to show how morals enforced from on high will fail if they do not have real popular support “. It’s really true. And we would write more about it later. Hitchens also added: “In the evenings, cinemas are popular places for some mild canoodling, though it is unlikely to go further than a Fifties-style kiss”. It’s really funny for many Iranians and some of them say: “Apparently the cinemas in the west are popular places for the kissing couples and French Kiss, too !! Until now, we think that it’s only true for Iran and Italy !!!”. Apparently Hitchens has not gone inside a cinema in Iran and has not seen the Iranian kissing couples in cinemas ! Some funny Iranians say: “It’s so obvious that the Iranian youths don’t go to cinemas to see the f-u-c-k-ing Mullah movies. After 2009 coup, the number of cinema goers have decreased dramatically. But those who went or still go to cinemas, go there to kiss and fondle each other, in the dark auditoriums of cinemas !”


Hitchens said: “The more the Islamic Republic tells them to loathe America, the more they yearn to to live in America. In this country, America is probably more popular, even now, than in any other country on the planet ” It’s really true. And it’s one of the most important fact, and of course the funniest fact about Iran and Iranians. While many think that Iranians are like other people of the Middle East, who are the enemy of the West and western people (especially the US and Americans), but Iranians hate the Islamists and the stupid Arabs as much as they hate the Mullahs, and they love the West and western people (especially the US and Americans) as much as they love their own country and people. The majority of Iranians yearn to live in American, Canada, or even Europe. Of course the stupid western politicians have imposed many stupid restrictions on Iranians. The western embassies in Tehran don’t respect Iranians and treat them very very badly. We would write more about this important matter later, but you should know that Iranians have to wait in the long stupid immigration queue, for about 6 to 8 years !! [or even more] Can you believe it ?! In fact, Iranians are the main victim of the fake and phony war between the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. While the ordinary Iranians cannot get work visa, student visa, and tourist visa from almost all western embassies in Tehran, but the Mullahs can get their visa very easily. The hypocrite Mullahs and their families go to Europe (especially UK, Germany, and France) or Canada and Australia, and spend the stolen money there !! while the stupid sanctions are only for the ordinary Iranians ! It’s really shameful, and many Iranians are really angry about this matter. Hitchens added: “I took the clean, comfortable sleeper train 500 miles east to the shrine city of Mashhad, near the Afghan border, where I met many devout but open-minded and tolerant Iranians . In some houses, the women stayed covered at all times and I could not even shake hands with them, bowing instead. In others, they dressed and acted like Westerners”, It’s really true. Even in the religious cities of Iran, i.e. Qom and Mashhad, the majority of the people hate the Mullahs and don’t want to be like them. It’s not just Tehran or other big cities of Iran, like Esfehan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, etc (that have about 50% of Iranian population), that have tolerant and normal people, but almost all cities of Iran, even the holy religious cities, have the majority of normal and tolerant people who hate the Mullahs and the Mullah norms.


We should note that Hitchens had some misunderstanding about some things. For example, he talks nonsense about the poor people or the Mr shit’s votes in 2005. But about Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran, Hitchens said: “I have never been anywhere with such a sense of generous hospitality and consideration to strangers. The austere brand of Islam favored in Saudi Arabia is specially displeased by the Shia love of relics and glitter. When Iranian Shias go to Mecca, they are said to be treated with cold hostility. The only Shia beloved in the Sunni world is Mr. shit”. It’s really true. But Hitchens added: “It is the poor who have largely benefited from the revolution, which gave them state jobs and good schools“, it’s really wrong. The poor is the main victim of the Islamic revolution. They are the main victim of the widespread corruption and the dreadful economic situation. The poor really hates the Mullahs. The majority of Iranians, more than 70%, are the middle Class families who live around the poverty line, but they have proper education and have access to the latest technologies of 21st century. Of course, Hitchens tried to correct himself and added: “Even here [In Southern Tehran], things are not quite what they seem. My guide in this part of the city was Reza, who is now unemployed thanks to the mullahs’ mismanagement of what ought to be a fabulously rich oil and gas economy. In his part of town, there is often more fervor for football than for Islam .” It’s really true. In Southern Tehran, and in the rural areas, the people really hate the Mullahs, and suffer from the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. As we said before, about 50% of Iranians live under poverty line, but these middle class families or the poor are the main enemy of the Mullahs. Who can love the corrupt greedy Mullahs who destroy the economics, the environment, the ordinary life and everything ?? The poor people have not enough money, but they are not blind and brainless. They can see the obvious things and can understand who is the main responsible for their dreadful situation. Hitchens also added: “There is a general belief that British spies are behind everything in Iran. It sounds funny, but it isn’t. It dates partly from the 19th Century when, with guile and bribes, British agents controlled the south of the country, hoping to keep the western borders of the Indian Empire safe”. It’s really true, but the truth is more than what Hitchens says. The history of relationship between Iran and the UK can tell the truth.