Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History: 30000 Billion !

The Mullahs and the Mullah regime are the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. Recently, the Biggest case of embezzlement in Iran’s history has been revealed: Mr. shit’s friends have embezzled more than 30000 Billion Rials ! (more than $3 billion) only from one bank. Mr. shit is part of the Mullah corrupt system, but some stupid lefts in the west think that Mr. shit or the Mullahs are friend of the poor people ! The Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just one of the of the Islamic miracle of the corrupt Mullahs. Some experts say: “In the past 5 years, Iran has had more than $600 billion earning, but about $400 billion of it has been lost !!” Mr. shit and Khamenei call their coup government “the cleanest, most corruption-free government in Iran’s history” !!! And it’s really the biggest possible joke in Iran’s history. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Mr shit’s first vice president, is officially accused of being a leader of a group that embezzled about 20000 billion Rials [$2 billion] through insurance fraud and other irregularities! “The Mullah bank accounts in the western countries are full of the people money, the stolen money. The Mullahs are the biggest liars, the biggest thieves, and the most hypocrite charlatans in Iran’s history. The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history “, many Iranians say in these days. “In the recent days, Abdol Reza Rahmani Fazli, head of the Calculation Tribunal, reported that Mr. shit has not deposited 120 trillion Rials !! [$12 billion] of the nation’s earnings from oil exports into the national treasury “, the media reported. Now many Iranians say: “The old thieves, i.e. the stupid Shah and the stupid Pahlavi family had wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Billions’ over 50 years, but these new thieves, the Mullahs, have wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Trillions’ over 30 years “. Some also say: “It’s interesting how privacy of a person who’s accused of stealing billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while a petty thief would be publicly humiliated for stealing less than 0.000001% of that amount ! It’s interesting how privacy of a big thief who has stolen billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while the protesters and ordinary people are tortured, raped, and killed for protesting against the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt regime.” Now, it’s easy to understand why the economic situation in Iran is so dreadful; Why the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, while the Iranian incomes are 4 to 10 times less than the Canadian incomes. . Now some say: “When institutionalized injustice assumes hold of a justice system, systematic corruption would be an inevitable outcome”. And some add: “Do you know what the Islamic regime means? It means: “Lack of any kind of freedom, violation of every basic human rights, and widespread and systematic financial corruption “. It’s very interesting that Tehran-e Emrooz, the Mullah newspaper close to Ghalibaf, reported that of the $3 billion embezzled, about $2.8 billion has already been transferred abroad !! to Europe and North America. In fact, all the Mullahs, not just Mr shit and his friends, transfer their stolen money to Europe and North America. Some say: “The stupid western politicians in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the US, etc make secret deals with the Mullahs and they invest the stolen money there”. It’s really shameful. As you know, Gaddafi and Assad, and almost all other savage tyrants are like the Mullahs, and invest the stolen money in the west.


“The main figure behind the biggest embezzlement in Iran’s history is Amir Mansour Khosravi, who has a controlling interest in Irans largest railroad company, the Engineering Services and Technical Foundation for Railroads, known as Traverse, which employs 8,000 people. The shares of a large steel corporation in Khuzestan have been sold to the Amir Mansoor Aria Investment Group. In 2010, 40 percent of Khuzestan Steel was sold to the same group, which had already taken control of 95 percent of National Steel of Iran the previous year. In addition, 95 percent of the Machine Tool Corporation of Lorestan was sold to this corrupt investment group . Khosravi also had two Football clubs, one in Northern Iran (Damash Gilan) and one in Southern Iran (Aria). This year, he wanted to establish a bank, Aria Bank, for himself by the stolen money, and Mr. shit’s government had given him all the necessary permissions ! He had established many other corporations, in many fields, by the stolen money, including: ‘Damash Gilan Mineral Water, Marlic Glass, Noavaran Electronic, Gohar Lake Food Industry, Tehran Miners, etc’. From 2007 to 2009, he had stolen about $80 Million. In 2009, he stole more than $800 Million. And since 2010, he has stolen more than $2 Billion !”, the media reported. But who is Amir Mansour Khosravi, (also known as “Amir Khosravi”, and “Amir Mansour Aria”) ? He is Mr. shit’s close friend; He is the bastard who bought Mr. shit’s car last year. The Mullah media say that he lives in Germany, and is one of the Iranian expat Khayemals (ass-lickers) . “When he came back to Iran [form Germany] in the mid-2000s, he had less than $1 Million, but now after a few years, he has been able to steal at least $3 Billion !!”, the Mullah media reported. Last year he paid 20 Billion Rials ($2 million) for buying Mr shit’s car !! And of course it was less than 0.1 % of the 30000 Billion Rials stolen money !! “It so obvious that he has paid more bribe to Mr. shit and other Mullahs, maybe about 30% of the stolen money”, some say. Amir Abedini, a corrupt Football manager, and many other Iranian bastards were Khosravi’s aides, but his main aides and supporters were Mr. shit and his team. “They embezzled about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank in Khozestan Province !! Two state banks, i.e. Bank Saderat (Export Bank) and Bank Melli (National Bank !!) were the main source of the embezzlement. The close friends of Mr. shit manage this two national banks”, the media added. It’s so obvious that when they can embezzle about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank, you can be sure that the Mullahs have embezzled hundreds billion dollars from all national banks. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system are a very tragic black comedy. The Mullah media reported: “Gholam Hossein Elham, one of Mr shit’s allies and his ex-spokesman, said that people pay large sums to be given important positions within the government. ‘Some time ago, a person told another person, ‘You pay $200,000 to be appointed the head of such and such division,’ Elham said as an example “, When the Mullahs confess to this level of corruption, it means that the 30000 Billion Rials embezzlement, i.e. the Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just a small part of the Mullah corruption, less than 0.01% !


“Khosravi swallowing an entire bank, and the Mullahs swallowing the entire economy, while uttering, “Holoo, boro too geloo” (Peach, go down my throat). In these days, Shariatmadari, the managing editor of Kayhan, i.e. Khamenei’s newspaper, wrote about Mr’s shit corruption, and Mr shit’s friends wrote about Shariatmadari’s corruption! They said that he have made many contacts to cover up what has happened. But almost all Iranians know the truth. They know that both sides of this phony war, i.e. all the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, are great thieves, and in their shameful story ‘Dozd-ha Ay Dozd Ay Dozd Mikonand’ (the thieves, for deceiving the people, point at other person and shout ‘Thief, Thief’ !)”, some Iranians say in these days. The story of the Mullah corruption is a very long story. In the recent days some media reported: “Three Iranians have been arrested by the Swiss police at the International Airport in Bern, Switzerland. The three Iranian nationals were carrying twelve suitcases full of currencies such as US dollars, euros and British pounds estimated at about one billion US dollars. The three claimed their original destination was Urmieh, Iran and they had boarded the wrong flight by mistake !! ” It’s a rumor now, but it can be a true story. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt Islamic system are really unique in the world. But many stupid Arabs in the Arab world are still Islamists or pro-Islamists and want to establish an Islamic regime in their countries. They really deserve to be called “The stupidest people in the world”. They deserve to be f-u-c-ked and plundered by the Mullahs and the savage tyrants.

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