Answers to Readers, September 18

Thank you all for your support and your kind attention. Thanks Christoper Yvon; we in Tehran, like you in London have had our tragedy with extremists. As you said it’s a global problem, and we, all, must not allow the terrorists to triumph. Thank you Terri Solstad; thanks for great sympathy for Norwegian victims. Thanks psy4mba; yes, you should not lose you faith in humanity; you are not alone. The good guys, all around the world, are a big corps; but they need to organize themselves. They need to know each others and help each other. Thanks Elisa Kertis; We hope you can make a great blog. Thanks Sara Sh., the dear mushy pacifist ! You know, we are not neutral or cruel, we are just frank; thank for your positive energy. The Optimistic Cutter, David, Gerald Turner and Ron Ringer thanks for your kind attention. John Wolmer Thanks; I think you can find your answer in our article about Iranian activists and the Internet . You and other readers who have questions about the Iranian life and the tragedy of the internet in Iran, or the online activities of Iranians, etc can find your answer there. If you have more “specific” questions or any other questions you can send us email via “Contact Page”. The only possible way for having contact with us or with any other Iranian activists in Iran is “Email”. The other ways are very dangerous for the people who live in Iran. And it’s part of our dreadful tragic story in Iran. When you live in an Orwellian society like Iran under the Mullah regime, many things become really stupid and tragic, including online life and online activities. Paul Iddon thank for your positive energy and your kind attention. As we said before, “The reason we write is to tell people [and also ourselves]: You are not alone”. Your warm and strong feedbacks and comments give us more energy; Thanks.

The WordPress policy and the unbelievable number of the spam comments -by the stupid spammers (or stupid bastards)- can create a stupid problem. Many comments go into the spam queue, and sometimes checking or reading all spam comments for finding non-spam comments become really impossible, especially under our dreadful conditions in Iran. So we are really sorry that many non-spam comments are considered as spam and finally will be deleted in the spam queue, before we can read them. If your comment has been considered as spam, you can send us a short note about this matter, or you can send or resend your comment, by using the “Contact Page”. Anyway, we apologize for this stupid problem. Recently, some readers have asked us some strange questions ! that their answer can be useful for others. Donya H., I think you should try to become an actor in Canada, because in Iran, you, as an ordinary girl, not only have to kiss guys behind the scenes, but you have to sleep with many guys ! As funny Iranians say: “If you have not “Pool & Party” (that means a lot of money and a good connection in the film industry) you should forget to become actor or become anything in Iran !!”. Many pretty and attractive girls in Iran can not become actor, because they have not “Pool & Party”, or don’t want to sleep with the bosses and kiss their ass. I also think you are too young to decide about your future. Maybe when you become 18+, or after finishing your college and university, you can decide better about your life. And a question: if you can not kiss guys, why do you want to become actor ?!! Anyway, I think you should forget Iran, and have to try to focus on the North American film industry, that is a dream for all Iranian actors. Imran, we are not expert in importing and exporting goods, but I think jeans, DVDs (films, video games), clothes, etc have good price in Pakistan and a good market in Iran. You can start your job with a small volume, and then for your next trips from Pakistan to Iran, you can test and evaluate the market and the prices. If you go to the Tehran Bazaar, in central Tehran, you can find your answers very easily.

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