Iranian Bastards and Iranian Expats

In the recent days, Mojtab Vahedi, an ex-member of Islamist-Reformists who has fled to the US in 2010, has talked about “the necessity of establishing a National Congress for Iranians”. He truly said that the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists who support the tyranny, secular or religious, or those who support the violence and terrorism can not be member of the National Congress. He said: “The groups who support a dictator, either Shah (king) or Vali Faqih (Islamic dictator; some one like Khamenei) [or any other Big Brother] are reactionary groups, and Iranians inside Iran hate them “. It’s really true. Of course, Vahedi is not a trustworthy politician and his resume is dark, but what he says now is much more better than what other stupid Iranian bastards say. “Vahedi should clearly declare how he thinks about the great bastards, i.e. the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. They are friends of Vahedi, and the enemy of the ordinary Iranians. These great bastards defend the Islamic regime and Khamenei, and Vahedi should clearly denounce them”, many Iranians say in these days. Of course, Vahedi has denounced the great bastards in the recent weeks, but many Iranians believe: “It’s not enough. He should denounce them openly and clearly. He should say that these great bastards (the Islamists) are as stupid as and as unfavorable as the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists”. It’s really true. Vahedi should draw a clear line between himself and all other reactionary groups, and only after that the people can think about him and what he wants to do. What Vahedi says now is like what we repeatedly said in the past months. The alternative groups and the alternative media, that support the ordinary people and what they want, is a very very important and urgent need. And what Vahedi says now is close to what we said before. But it’s not enough, and Vahedi and his friends should clearly and openly denounce the stupid Islamist-Reformists and other Iranian baboons, too. They also should try to create an alternative media. But it’s not the whole story. In the recent days, almost all Iranian baboons have attacked Vahedi. Many of these Iranian bastards are Khatamists or Rafsanjani mercenaries that we have written about them before. But some of these stupid bastards who live in the US, Canada, or Europe and call themselves “anti-Mullah intellectual”, stupidly defend the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and other reactionary groups. One of these stupid bastards is “Esmaeel Nouri Alla”, a very little monkey who lives outside Iran for more than two decades. This stupid little monkey is one of the stupidest Iranian expats who had held a very stupid and shameful conference in Toronto .


The stupid little bastard, Nouri Alla, who defends the ultra-stupid Monarchists in the name of Secularism, is a very little unknown monkey that many Iranians even don’t know his name. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, is one of Iranian bastards who created the Islamic regime. In the late 1970s, the little monkey and other Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellects defended Khomeini and the Islamic revolution. And now, these little bastards that are really dead for the younger generation of Iranians, have opened their dirty f-u-c-k-ing mouths again and defend the Monarchists and secular tyranny, and call themselves “Intellectual” !! “These Iranian bastards who live in the US, Canada, and Europe, are just rotten brains, but a very shameless rotten brains. These Iranian bastards have not apologized for what they did in 1970s; For defending the Mullahs and creating the Islamic regime. But now they defend another tyranny and another tyrant again. These stupid bastards defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism, and then call themselves ‘Intellectual’!“, some Iranian say. They also add: “Why these stupid bastards can live in the US or Canada, while many young Iranian intellects can not leave Iran, and should live here like a prisoner ?? Why the stupid western politicians are so stupid and support these bastards ??“. It’s really true. Iranians inside Iran just laugh at these little stupid bastards. These Iranian bastards are dead for the younger generation of Iranian intellects. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, like other Iranian bastards, suffers form many dreadful mental complexes, including inferiority complex. The little monkey has said: “What Vahedi says is our plan !! Our conference in Toronto, the Green Seculars, [that defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism !!!], is the National Congress” !! This little stupid bastard should be angry and talks nonsense, because all Iranians inside Iran shitted on his head, and also on the head of all stupid Monarchists and Rajavists, in the past months, especially after their stupid conference in Toronto. “Vahedi’s plan and any other plan for establishing a National Congress for Iranians, must not include the stupid reactionary groups who defend the stupid reactionary goals. The stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, and the stupid Islamists are very small groups in Iran, while they are the main groups of Iranian baboons. These stupid bastards can not be member of any National Congress“, many real Iranian intellects say in these days. It’s really true. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, and all other Iranian bastards should be angry, because their stupid reactionary groups, i.e. the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavits, etc are very very hated groups in Iran. These stupid bastards will not have any role in the future of Iran. These stupid bastards should be dead in exile. The stupid Iranian expats, like Nikahang Kosar (, who defend these great bastards should know that they only disgrace themselves more than before. These stupid Iranian expats really deserve to be called “Iranian bastards”, who support the stupidest Iranian bastards. Shame on them all.

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