NBC, Ann (Curry), and AN (Mr shit): a Love Story

“NBC and other American bastards love the Mullahs and Mr. shit”; It’s what Iranians said yesterday. It’s an undeniable fact. Yesterday, the stupid NBC had a dreadful report about Mr. shit. The NBC reporter, Ann Curry, that we call her “the American bitch”, is currently in Tehran, Iran, traveling around with Mr. shit and praise Mr shit like a real lover. The American bitch, Ann Curry, and the stupid NBC aired such a stupid report about Mr. shit that even some western media said: “The NBC Report Could Have Been Produced By Mullah State TV. Instead of challenging the ‘Iranian president’ [!!], the NBC reporter, Ann Curry, asks him easy questions that are quite usual on the Mullah state media.” !! Some media also added: “The flattering report, described as the “first-ever behind-the-scenes access” [!!] into the Mr shits daily schedule, was aired on the U.S. television network NBC. The ‘exclusive’ report, which reveals unimportant details about Mr shit’s life is a great piece of propaganda for Mr. shit, who heads to the US next week to attend the UN General Assembly. The report portrays Mr. shit as a hard-working, compassionate, and religious president who leads a very simple life and cares deeply about his people. The Mullahs couldnt have done it better“. Now some Iranians say : “If you ever had any illusions that NBC was a real news channel, this stupid propaganda should clear things up for you. They have totally sold their souls, and cannot be trusted at all. NBC = Nothing But Crap “. The American bitch, Ann Curry, and the stupid NBC repeatedly said in their stupid report: “Mr. shit is Iran’s president” and the title of their stupid report was: “A Day in the Life of Iran’s President.” !! But Iranians said: “Shame on you American bitch and all other American jerks. Mr shit is your president, not our president. Mr shit is the leader of a Military coup in Iran. He is not Iran’s president. Mr shit is your friend. Mr shit and the Mullahs are your allies, while they are our enemy. So, you the American jerks, are our enemy, too.“. It’s really true. Mr. shit and the Mullahs are the friend of the American jerks, and the enemy of the ordinary Iranians.


The American bitch, Ann Curry, said: “Mr. shit is a pious superman who doesnt rest; his aides said he sleeps only three hours per night. Even the Supreme Leader has advised him to sleep more . Shame on you, the American bitch. Now, Iranians say: “Mr. shit is a superman for the stupid Americans. But for Iranians he is nothing more than a little piece of shit”. The NBC clearly showed why Iranians truly believe that the US supports the Mullahs. “Instead of challenging Mr. shit, the NBC reporter asks him stupid questions. NBC fails to ask why Mr. shit didnt speak up against the documented torture and rape of young people who were jailed for peacefully protesting his reselection [by a huge electoral fraud and a military coup] “, some western media added. The jerks of NBC said: “We were granted the first ever behind the scenes access [!!] to the daily schedule of Mr. shit, drawing back a curtain [!!!] on one of the worlds most controversial leaders”. And Iranians said: “Kiss our ass, the American jerks. You are the main friend and supporter of the Mullahs and Mr. shit. Behind the scenes is nothing except you, the American jerks, who kiss the Mullah’s ass, and vice versa !!” In the recent days, the American jerks have a stupid propaganda about the two US hikers, because during NBC’s making love with Mr. shit, he announced that these two U.S. citizens who have been jailed in Iran on espionage charges will be released “in a couple of days”. Now, Iranians say: “The American jerks are really stupid. Even if they can release the two Americans by these shameful acts [kissing rapists’ ass, etc, is it acceptable for the Americans ? For some years, three Americans experienced part of our dreadful conditions in Iran. We should not forget that the US supports the Mullahs, who have created these dreadful conditions for us. The case of these three Americans is not a special thing. Lets they experience part of our tragedies in Iran. The American bitch should be jailed in Iran, too. The American jerks should understand the meaning of their bullshits, and the meaning of our dreadful conditions in Iran. All American jerks, form Noam Chomsky and stupid lefts to the jerks of the NBC and the stupid American politicians, who have supported the Mullahs since 1978, should be sent to the Mullah prisons. Maybe in this way they can understand the meaning of their shameful acts and their shameful bullshits .” Now, even the kids have a good answer for the American bitch and all other American jerks.

Some Iranian comments about the NBC’s report and the American bitch are interesting: “Shame on her and shame on NBC for selling out so cheaply. Murders, tortures, rapes in medieval-style dungeons in Iran are less important than a one on one with the thug in chief ! … Aren’t you ashamed of yourself to send the reporter to Iran? your stupid reporter should ask him why are they making life miserable for all Iranians? why are they torturing people constantly and killing people in prison and put them in the massive grave? why are they stealing the oil money and the poverty is rising up every minute in Iran? Stop supporting the horrible betrayer and criminal regime in Iran. … shame, shame, this is an insulate to all Iranian people. This fake president, who stole the votes, and killed thousands, and jailed ten thousands, is responsible for all miseries Iranians are having these days … AN (Mr. shit) is a friend of ANN (Curry) !! But it’s not surprising at all. Both of them are really AN (AN in Persian language means ‘shit’) … The American bitch asks, “Mr. shit, why have you made this point to come to one of the poorest parts of Iran to highlight the arts and the crafts?” !!! And we ask the bitch: “Why have you made this point to come to Iran to kiss the Mullah ass? ” … The American bitch, Ann Curry, asks “Mr. shit, Why do you work so hard?” !!! And we ask the bitch: “Why do you kiss his ass so hard?” Mr. shit work so hard to fill his pockets. In the recent days, the Mullah media reported that Mr. shit and his friends have embezzled more than $3 billion form an Iranian bank !! And it’s just part of their dreadful corruption. The American bitch and all American jerks pretend ignorance of these important matters. They are like the IMF, who love the Mullahs and praise their dreadful corrupt economy. The Mullahs are the corruptest people in the world. They plunder the people money and the people vote, and the American jerks support them. Shame on Americans who support the Mullahs … Khamenei and Mr. shit are brutal dictators and should not be allowed to attend the UN. They do not represent Iranian people. But the American bastards support them. Shame on them … Pathetic but predictable nonsensical propaganda … Thanks for clarifying, so the NBC stands for the National Bull Communications network … Ann means ‘shit’ in Farsi. Her last name, Curry, aside from the cooking metaphor, means ‘blindness’ (Koori) in Farsi. So, Ann Curry is only a “Blind Shit” … The American bitch asks “Mr. shit, What is the future you wish for Iran?” !!! Oh, the American jerks, you are so shameless … The American bitch, Ann Curry, Shame on you bitch. ”

“This is Mullah propaganda, pure and simple. NBC News should be ashamed of itself”, some western media said. The NBC scandal, the shameful report of the NBC, clearly tells the love story of the Mullahs and the US. Ann (Curry) is a lover of An (Ahmadinejad) !! [An in Farsi means ‘shit’] In fact, the American shits love the Iranian shits. It’s the whole story of the NBC scandal . But now the American shits can not deceive the world about their fake and phony war with the Mullahs. Each person that has a little brain can see the depth of American hypocrisy and charlatanism. The NBC Scandal is very meaningful. But it’s not a new thing. All the western paradoxes that we have written about them here, form the story of Obama and Khamenei’s TV in Washington to the story of Obama’s secret letters for Khamenei, are very clear and meaningful. The stupid Obama and other American jerks are real friend and supporter of the Mullahs. In 2009, after all shameful acts of Obama, Iranians hated Obama and the US as much as they hated the Mullahs. Now, almost all wise people around the world can see the truth. Only the stupid lefts, and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, are blind and brainless. They are the stupid blind bastards who can not see the truth. They are the main supporter of the fake enemies and all savage tyrants around the world. Shame on them all.

For reading more about the NBC’s shameful report, check here

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