Iranian Celebrities in 1970s and 2010s

The story of Iranian celebrities in the past decades can show us how Iran and Iranians changed. In fact, they show us what have changed and what have not changed in Iran. Iranian Celebrities before and after the Islamic Revolution have their own similarities and differences with each other. But the main common feature is that: “The vast majority of them are Khayemal (ass-licker)”. The vast majority of Iranian celebrities, before and after the Islamic revolution, are really stupid and sycophant. They kiss the ass of people in authority, and sell themselves to the authorities. It’s really shameful. But now, 30 years after the Islamic revolution, the younger generation of Iranian celebrities are much more educated, talented, smarter, and even much more beautiful than their counterparts in the Pahlavi era. Some say: “Almost all celebrities of that era were stupid and Javad, like Javad Yasari ! or Shahram Shab-Pareh ! (Shahram the Moth!). Of course, there were some exceptions, like Googoosh”. In fact, Googoosh was the greatest celebrity before the Islamic revolution.


Except Googoosh and a dozen, almost all other old Iranian celebrities seem really stupid. Some say: “When you look at the pictures of the celebrities of the Pahlavi era, the pictures of ,for example, Ebi, Shahram Shab-Pareh, NooshAfarin, Satter, etc that were the famous young celebrities of that era, you can understand that many of them were Oskol ! (retard), exactly like the people of that era !”. It’s a very funny fact. Some say: “the first and leading roles of the best movies at that era and the present time, i.e. the heroes that the ordinary people love them, can show us many things. In that era, they were hooligans, illiterate thugs, or the poor people. And now, they are university students, intellects, or the rich people.” It’s really funny. Indeed, in 1970s almost all Iranians, from the celebrities and intellectuals to the ordinary people and the authorities were Oskol (retard)! As we said before, now for example many Iranian families choose Iranian names for their children , but at that time, even the stupid Pahlavi family chose Islamic-Arabic names for their children (Reza, Ali-Reza, Gholam-Reza !, etc).


As we said before, Iran in 1960s and 1970s had many serious problems and paradoxes. The pictures of the famous celebrities of that era, like Leila Forouhar, Shahram Shab-Pareh, Naser Hejazi, Parvin, Sattar, etc or the scenes of the Iranian movies of that time, are really funny and can show us many things. Some say: “The celebrities of that time, and the stupid movies of that time, both were Ab-Gooshti (cheap and nasty). When some one like Parvin, the stupid footballer, was a famous celebrity of that era, it shows us that the majority of the people of that time were really Oskol (retard). The stupid Parvin was a illiterate thug that even “could not speak like Adam” (it’s a Persian slang that means “he was very stupid and could not speak well”), but the majority of Iranians, that were stupid, loved him ! Now, the majority of Iranians, that are young, only laugh at some one like the stupid Parvin, Shahram Shab-Pareh, Javad Yasari, and many other stupid celebrities of that era.”


In fact, many old Iranian celebrities are like Shahram Shab-Pareh, who is still a real stupid. Some say: “While his old girlfriend, Leila Forouhar, has become an acceptable celebrity, but the stupid Shahram is still very stupid. The brother of Shahram Shab-Pareh works with the Mullahs, especially Mr. shit. He has a Satellite Channel, but his main office is in Tehran ! Shahram Shab-Pareh and many other stupid old celebrities who live in LA, are really Oskol and Khayemal. In the recent years, they work with the Mullahs and the Mullah mafia. In fact, they are like many stupid Monarchists in the US, who work with the Mullahs openly or secretly. Last year, Mr. shit’s team said that “Moeen”, “Bijan Mortazavi”, “Habib”, and some other stupid celebrities who live in exile (in LA), accepted Mr. shit’s invitation and came Iran !! These stupid bastards showed that they are dead bastards.” It’s very funny. In fact, in the recent years no one care about the stupid Iranian celebrities in the US. The majority of them are dead bastards.

As we said before, after the Islamic revolution, Iranian female film stars and Iranian celebrities have the main problem of the older generations, i.e. the majority of them are stupid and Khayemal (ass-licker). But there are some significant differences between them. The young celebrities are not illiterate. They have not any family restriction for working as an artist. Of course, the Mullah restrictions, i.e. the official Islamic restrictions, are much more than the Pahlavi era; for example the women can not become singer or dancer, because it’s against the Mullah laws!, but in the Pahlavi era the majority of Iranian families did not allow their children to work as actor, singer, dancer, etc. In fact, the majority of Iranians were stupid or illiterate, and while there were no legal restriction, they did not allow their children, especially their girls, to engage in any artistic activity. So, a small minority of the people became artist, and they were not the most talented ones.


After the Islamic revolution, especially in 2000s, the younger generations of Iranians did not have the stupid restrictions of the older generations. The majority of them were educated and did not have any family restriction for working as an actor. Of course, they have a new set of dreadful restrictions, i.e. the Mullah restrictions. But the Mullah restrictions can not stop them. Now many ordinary young people, especially girls, engage in artistic or athletic activities. Their number is not comparable to the Pahlavi era. Now, many things have changed. Now, almost all Iranian celebrities are independent of the past. In 1990s and before that, few celebrities gained reputations because they were like the old celebrities. For instance, Mahnaz Afshar gained a reputation because she was like Googoosh. But other celebrities, especially in 2000s, were totally independent of the past. The celebrities like Niki Karimi, Katayoon Riahi (above picture), Leila Otradi (below picture), Reza Golzar, and many others not only did not look like the old celebrities, but they were much more talented and even beautiful than them. Of course, they are as Khayemal as the older generations !


In the past decades, at least since the mid-1990s, the Iranian youths have fought for what they want, and have changed the Mullah red lines. In fact, the youth forced the Mullahs to reconsider their stupid red lines. Each year, the Mullahs are forced to change their stupid red lines, and draw new red lines, because the majority of Iranian youths challenge the Mullah red lines and cross them. In fact, in a constant battle between the Mullahs and the youths, the Mullahs retreat constantly and the youths advance more and more. It’s an undeniable fact . Just take a look at the Iranian society and its changes between 2000s and 2010s or between 1990s and 2010s. Iran has changed a lot. You can be sure that the Mullahs would lose the battle in the near future. Now, the Mullahs have reached the end of the line.

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