Ganji, Shariati, and Iranian fake Intellectuals

Ali Shariati was the spiritual leader of Iranian Baboons in 1970s. He has been called the ‘ideologue’ of the IslamicRevolution. His fans called him “Islamic intellectual” !, while he was a very stupid Islamist-Marxist. In fact, he was an Islamic fundamentalist. Ali Shariati was a great stupid baboon, and we could call him the real founder of the Islamic revolution of 1979, i.e. one of the biggest tragedies of the history of Iran and world. Some funny Iranians say: “Ali Shariati was Noam Chomsky of Iran in 1970s; or Noam Chomsky is Ali Shariati of USA” !! In the recent months, Akbar Ganji has written some critical articles about the stupid Shariati, the Islamist-Marxist Chomsky of Iran. These articles are not bad and can show how the fake intellectuals can destroy a country or the whole world. Reading these articles can be useful for all young Muslims, especially non-Iranians (Of course, Ganji’s articles are in Persian. Apparently after 5 years living in the US, he has not learned English). Ganji’s articles truly show how the stupid Shariati worked with SAVAK (Shah’s intelligence service), how he hated democracy and fought against democracy, how he clearly defended Islamic dictatorship and theocracy, how he clearly defended violence and ‘Bloody Islam’, etc. Ganji was a stupid fan of Shariati in 1970s and 1980s, but now he is not as stupid as Shariati or other Iranian Baboons, especially the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. Ganji is still a close friend of many Iranian Baboons, but he is not as corrupt as them. He is not a corrupt charlatan, like other Iranian baboons that only think about money and their mercenary jobs. Of course in the recent months, Ganji defended Khatami and showed that he is a fake intellectual. As we said before, Akbar Ganji has disappointed many Iranians, but he is still the only member of Iranian Baboons’ circle that is not very corrupt and dishonest, and you can write about him and his views, and in this way you show the depth of the stupidity of Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellectuals.

In his recent articles, Ganji showed the depth of Shariati’s stupidity and a long list of his great dreadful mistakes, but at the end, he defended Shariati and said: “At that time, at his age, Shariati did not have our current dreadful experiences. He could not see the future [and the result of his bullshits and his dreadful theories]; so we should not condemn him.” It’s a stupid cliché that all Iranian fake intellectuals try to use it. It’s part of Iranian Intellectualism’s tragedy . But as we said before, some one like Sadeq Hedayat, 1903-195, can show us that even in 100 years ago, Iranians could be wise and intellect. He was one of the first well-known atheists in Iran. He was a great critic of the Mullahs, the fake intellects, the religion, the stupid religious superstitions, etc. What the stupid Shariati could not understand, Hedayat had understood 50 years earlier. The stupid Iranian baboons can not justify themselves, and their horrible stupidity and their dreadful mistakes, by saying: “At that time, we did not have your today facilities, like the internet, so we had right to be stupid.” Sadeq Hedayat’s life is a good example that shows that these bastards are really stupid. These bastards had many technological facilities in 1970s, while Hedayat did not have them in 1930s or 1940s; But compared to these bastards, Hedayat was God ! He could see the depth of stupidity of Stalin and Stalinism, while the majority of the stupid Iranian fake intellectuals were Marxist-Stalinist ! Hedayat truly said: “They are like sheep and only follow the fashion “. The stupid Shariati was blind and could see the result of his dreadful bullshits. The Islamist logic and the Mullah logic was very clear. For example, the fate of Ahmad Kasravi, a moderate Muslim who wanted to be open-minded and tried to fight against the Mullahs and the religious superstitions, was very informative. As we said before, the Mullahs and the Muslim fanatics assassinated Kasravi in 1940s. The Mullahs thugs who kill and rape the ordinary Iranians in 2010s, are exactly the followers of Kasravi’s killers. They clearly declare it. Their logic is exactly the same. But the stupid Shariati was a blind sheep. He really knew nothing about the history of the world and Iran. He had lived in France for some years, but was like a stupid sheep.

The Iranian Baboon’s excuse for their dreadful stupidity and their horrible mistakes is really unacceptable. These bastards did know the world and the history. Charles Darwin lived in 19th century. As you know, in 1860s or 1870s, i.e. 100 years before Shariati, Darwin was a great open-minded and intellectual. Charles Darwin’s religious views can show us the truth. As you know, in 19th century many western intellects were like Darwin, and had learned the lessons of the European Middle Age. But 100 years later, Iranian fake intellectuals, like the stupid Shariati, could not understand that they should not work for strengthening the Islamic Middle Ages . These bastards had reactionary goals (establishing a religious government), and used reactionary means (violence and terrorism). As Will Durant, 1885-1981, says in The Story of Civilization, these stupid bastards belonged to “The Age of Faith”, not “The Age of Reason”, so they should not even be called “Intellectual”. They were reactionary people with dreadful reactionary plans, who lived in 1970s, not in 1370s or 1470s !! They lived when the world and the history knew the religious and secular tyranny and totalitarianism. But these stupid bastards, defended the tyranny in the name of some ultra-stupid Islamic-Marxist goals. They were really stupider than Noam Chomsky. Like the stupid Chomsky, they defended the tyranny and religious dictatorship, in the name of independence and fighting against the Imperialism, but they also worked for establishing a real Islamic government !, that means “a real Islamic Orwellian society”. They were stupid lefts, but a special version: ‘The Islamist lefts’ ! . Akbar Ganji is more liberal than other stupid Islamist lefts, but he still is a stupid fan of Noam Chomsky. He stupidly praised Noam Chomsky, maybe because it’s a fashion in USA ! In fact, he is a sheep like Shariati. Like a sheep, he can not think independently about the depth of Noam Chomsky’s stupidity . But it’s not the whole story.

In these months, Akbar Ganji defended the stupid Khatami. In fact, the end of Akbar Ganji was very clear, but he clearly proved that he is a stupid political activist, not an intellectual. Some say: “Ganaji, the ex-member of Mullah intelligence service, can not be an intellectual. When he sees that the Islamic regime is on the edge of collapse, he tries to defend the stupid Khatami “. Ganji stupidly says that Khatami is not “Betrayal“. Is his two stupid articles, on June 28, 2011 and July 6, 2011, he wrote about Khatami, Khamenei and Mr. shit. He stupidly tried to defend Khatami and emphasized: “ Khatami is not disloyal to the people. We should not use the words like ‘Betrayal’, ‘Disloyal’, or ‘Traitor’, about him “. But Iranians know that Khatami has been disloyal to his people, their movement, and their blood. Because Iranians are not as stupid as Ganji and know the meaning of the words “Betray”, “Betrayal”, “Disloyal”, “Traitor”, etc. They feel the meaning of these words by their heart, and of course they can find the meaning of these words in the dictionaries. The famous dictionaries say: “Betray = ‘To be disloyal to someone who trusts you so that they are harmed or upset; To stop supporting your old beliefs and principles, especially in order to get power or avoid trouble. Disloyal = ‘Doing or saying things that do not support your friends, your people, [your people’s blood, etc]’. Betrayal = ‘When you betray your friends, your people, or someone who trusts you’. Traitor = ‘Someone who is disloyal to their country, friends, people, beliefs, [people’s blood, etc]’. It’s very clear that Khatami betrayed the people, the people’s hope and the people trust, because Khatami was disloyal to the people who trusts him and Mousavi in 1997 and 2009, and the people are harmed and upset now. Khatami stopped supporting the people, especially in order to get power or avoid trouble. Khatami do and say many things that do not support the people and what the people want. Khatami do and say many things that do not support the people’s blood, the victims, and what they want. So, the people truly say that Khatami is a traitor or betrayer. What Ganji and other stupid fake intellectuals can not understand is that many young Iranians are not sheep. Compared to Ganji , Shariati, and other Iranian fake intellectuals, the young generation of Iranian intellects are God ! They know the world and the history, and will put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran.

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