Seeing Films in Mullah TV: Baaria (2009)

This weekend, the Mullah TV showed Baarìa (2009) , a film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Baaria is Sicilian slang for Bagheria where Tornatore was born and this is an autobiographic epic of three generations in the Sicilian village where he was born. The Baaria’s runtime is about 150 min, but the Mullah TV showed it in 80 min !! that means about half of the movie had been censored !! Baaria is not a good film; Baaria” is not a masterpiece, but when we saw it in the Mullah TV, it had became a total disaster, a true headache !, a collection of stupid irrelevant scenes ! You could not understand the main story and the main subject of the film !, and also many scenes and many characters of the film. It’s was really ridiculous. “Why these bastards, the Mullahs, show Tornatore’s movies in their stupid TV? When we saw “Cinema Paradiso” (1989) in the Mullah TV, it was a complete disaster. But when we saw “Cinema Paradiso” DVD, it was another film!, a great film! In fact, more than 50% of “Cinema Paradiso” had been censored in the Mullah TV, many its key scenes and subjects !! The same is true about Baaria, 1900, etc”, some Iranian film lovers say. It’s really ridiculous. The stupid Mullahs show a famous film, while they censor 50% of it !, and then the famous film becomes a very stupid nonsense film !


We only saw the lower part of the film’s poster in the Mullah TV, and the upper part were totally censored. “Baaria is a comedy film. In fact, it’s Tornatore’s “Amarcord”, the critics say. But when we saw it in the Mullah TV, it was a stupid nonsense shit ! All comic parts of it, had been censored !! “Featuring guest appearances by Monica Bellucci, Baaria is another “Malena” … Peppino’s daughter calling her father a fascist for not allowing her to wear a mini-skirt”, the critics add. But we did not see Monica Bellucci nor many other female roles of the movie !! All female stories of the film had been totally censored !!, even the main story of the film, the love story of the first female role ! In the recent weeks, the Mullah TV also showed “Spartacus” (directed by Stanley Kubrick) with many censorship. “At least 40% of the movie had been censored !! Why these bastards try to show the classic films, while they want to censor 50% of a classic film ?! The Mullahs censor the real life, the virtual life and even the dreams. These bastards censor everything and think the people have not any alternative in 21st century. But almost all Iranians, even in the small villages, have Satellite dishes and see Satellite channels, and laugh at the stupid bastards, the Mullahs. These bastards censor the movies in the name of ‘Moral values’, while they rape the men and women in the prisons and also in the private parties”, some Iranian say. It’s one of the greatest jokes of the Mullah era.

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