Iranian Activists, DigiNotar, and Mullah Surveillance

DigiNotar debacle that is a global security disaster , has shocked many ordinary Iranians, while many Iranian activists are not shocked nor surprised. But in these days, many Iranian activists talk about the DigiNotar disaster and the Mullah Surveillance in Iran. Some of them write about their experiences. Some of them try to advise caution, and write about how Iranians can avoid the Mullah surveillance. They treat the Mullah surveillance and the current threats with great caution. “Living in Iran, especially as an activist, even a non-political activist, badly needs not being ignorant and negligence; you always should be too cautious. Even a little stupid mistake can have a very high price. Iran is not like the rest of the world. You could be tortured, raped, or killed in the Mullah prisons, or assassinated in the streets (like Kahrizak’s doctor), if you were ignorant about the Mullah surveillance and the dangers of living in Iran under the Mullah regime. Even writing about environmental problems, economic problems, social problems, etc can have a very high price. So, Iranians should be aware of all possible problems, and then choose a proper solution for themselves “, some Iranian activists say. “The world should know about our dreadful conditions in Iran, and help us as mush as possible. The world should understand the real meaning of living in Iran. But many threats are global threats, and all activists around the world should be aware of them. All governments can become Big Brother”, they add. Some Iranians say: “the online life in Iran, is not like any other part of the world. In Iran, you should try to remain offline as mush as possible; and when you are online you should carefully and constantly watch everything. Living in Iran is like living in the Orwellian society. Now we live in a new version of ‘1984’ in Iran.”

“A large group of Internet users who are not sensitive about their online communications are the main target of the Mullah attacks and the Mullah dirty tricks”, some Iranian activists say. They add: “The Mullahs had a ‘pilot project in 2007 against the women rights activists. The online communications of women activists were monitored. Their emails and weblogs were hacked, their comments were collected and used in courts. Women who had been tried in courts later spoke about how the contents of their personal emails and blogs had been read in the courts against their defense . Now, the rights activists in Iran are not shocked nor surprised. We have learned that we might be hacked even while breathing !” Some Iranian activists advise caution and say: “We should try to be very cautious about the Mullah attacks, by: -Ignoring contacts with international media, especially by phone lines, Skype, etc (Email is the only safe tool; if you want to have an interview or any contact with international media, the only safe tool is Email; Of course a safe and unknown Email) -Avoiding being online for a long time; It’s very dangerous that you remain online for a long time -Ignoring all suspicious or unknown emails, spam or non-spam -Remaining anonymous. It’s very important that you don’t talk about your activities even with your family -Being suspicious about all anti-filter softwares or VPN connections”. Some Iranian activists warn Iranians about not using personal firewalls and not monitoring connections. They say: “If you have not any reliable personal firewall in your system, you can be sure that you have committed suicide ! and many Mullah IPs, and Chinese IPs that work for the Mullahs, etc, i.e. those who attack your system constantly, can hack you very easily, in less than 30 minutes ! Monitoring all your connections is another important matter. You should be too cautious about the data your system send and the date your system receive. Many spy tools or anti-filter tools that have been hacked, threaten you. But if you are not sensitive about your send and receive, you can be sure that you are the best victim for the Mullah attacks !”


“The Mullahs make use of ‘Social Engineering’, and have many spies. They have many mercenaries inside and outside Iran. Each Iranian community in all around the world, and each big or small town of Iran, have its own spies and mercenaries that work for the Mullahs. These Mullah agents are unknown and unrecognizable. They are like you, and other ordinary Iranians. In 2009, some arrested people reported: ‘Some boys (girls) that were exactly like us, with Green bracelet, pretended that they were protesters; We thought they are friend and trusted them, but after a while we found that they were Mullah agents, but it was too late’. In many cases, the Mullah agents are hot girls, or some Iranian expats who say: ‘We are anti-Mullah and live in the US (Europe)’. But you should not trust anybody. An algorithm that works well for Iranian activists is: ‘Everybody (each Iranian) is a Mullah agent, unless you can be sure that the opposite is true ‘. When the number of the people who know about your activities, your identity, or your life grows, you can be sure that it increases your risks exponentially. You can easily guess how dangerous the social networking websites are”, Some Iranian activists say. But it’s not the whole story. Some Iranians activists warn Iranians of working with the pro-Mullah western media and Iranian Baboon’s websites . They say: “The western media that support the Mullahs, like BBC Persian or VOA Farsi and many other mainstream media, are very dangerous for Iranian activists. If you work with them, you can be sure that you increase your risks astronomically. Working with the Iranian Baboon’s websites is much more dangerous. You should not be member of Iranian Baboons’ websites, like The Mullah agents are very active in the Iranian baboons’ websites, and there are many reports that the administrators of many Iranian baboons’ websites work for the Mullahs. They report your identity and everything to the Mullahs. Many active members of the Iranian baboons’ websites were arrested, only because they were ignorant of these important facts.”

So, it’s very important that you try to stay really anonymous. “Except a very few close and trustful friends, no one should know about your activities or your identiry. Your trustful friend is some one that will not speak to any body, even his/her own family, about your activities. Your trust friend is some one that under any condition will not sell you to any body. So, you should choose your trustful friends very carefully, and then all other people should be considered as your enemy, or potential enemy. It’s the logic of living in Iran, if want to be speak or write about anything in Iran”, some Iranian activists say. Another group of Iranians activists talk about a Mullah dirty trick: “using of Hot trap”. They say: “The Mullahs set ‘Hot trap’ for stupid boys and horny men ! or for stupid naive girls . They send you an email that says, for example: ‘I’m a woman and I want to know you better, and help you in your great struggle for the freedom and democracy’ or ‘I’m a girl and I hate the Mullahs. I love you and your work. We can become great friends’, etc. The stupid men that fall into the Mullah ‘Hot trap’ and make contact with these hot girls, would say hello to their torturers after some months !” And finally some Iranian activists say that you always should be ready for arrest, and defending your cause and your views. “You can not be sure that they will not reach you. The number of threats is very large. You should try to reduce and minimize you risks, but you can not avoid and eliminate all the risks. In Iran, being a simple activist is a great risk ! And only the dead people, or the mute sheep, have no risk !! So, you should be ready to defend your views and your cause”, they say. They also add: “You need foreign support. The international community should know you and support you. You should have some foreign friends. Your foreign friends, that can be your readers, your remote unknown friends, etc should not remain silent and the world should know about you and your tragedy. In this way, maybe you have more chance to survive ! Living in Iran, is really living in the Orwellian society” It’s really ridiculous. Living in Iran, is really so ridiculous, so pathetic, and so dangerous. But all above-mentioned matters are important for all activists around the world, not just for Iranians activists. All activists around the world, can be victim of the Big Brother’s attacks. But our situation in Iran, is not comparable with other parts of the worlds, even with China.

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