Iranian Bastards and Iranian Tragedies

In the recent weeks, two small groups of the Iranian bastards fought against each other, and the Iranian Baboons’ websites covered this stupid ridiculous story. The terrorist group of Rajavi , tried to lobby some stupid American politicians. They wanted to be removed from the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. The stupid American supporters of Rajavi’s group said: “We need a very active tit for tat policy. So every time they kill Americans, they have an accident in Iran[!]”. On the other hand, another ultra-stupid Iranian group, NIAC, and other members of Mullah Mafia in the US tried to lobby against Rajavi’s group. Many wise Iranians say: “It’s just a very stupid and ridiculous fight between two evils. These two evil groups, that are so small, are so disgraced inside Iran, and both of them are two side of the same coin. The people hate both of them”. But the stupid American politicians supported these hated small groups. Both of these stupid damn groups have not more than 5000 members and fans !!


On November 17, 2008, some American media reported: “The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) is hosting an event in the Senate tomorrow. They are going to talk about the new president’s policy toward Iran and two Senators are among the speakers. Trita Parsi, the president of NIAC, will moderate the conference. Timing is very important. Hooshang Amirahmadi who was in Tehran a few days ago told the ‘Etemad’ newspaper in Tehran that the ‘Iranian lobby’ [Mullah Mafia] should act quickly to influence the next administration”. And in this way, the stupid Obama sent two secret letters to Khamenei. And after that, Obama and other American Baboons supported the Mullahs in 2009, by ignoring the ordinary Iranians who were killed in the streets and raped in the prisons. The Mullah Mafia in the US and Europe, especially in France and UK, has created a complex network of mercenaries and Iranian bastards. Many Iranian journalists and Iranian political activists who have fled from Iran, work with this Mafia-like network. Unfortunately many western countries, and many western media, work with this network and with the Iranian bastards. While the ordinary Iranians have no voice and no media, the Iranian bastards are considered as representatives of Iranians !! The BBC and VOA have become their special media, and the Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, etc only worked with them and other Iranian Baboons and Iranian jerks. It’s really funny; a funny tragicomedy .


Some weeks ago, there was another serious scandal about Iranian bastards who live in the US. Ahmad Batebi and his wife, who have fled to the US, are considered as a representative of Iranian student protesters!, while they are really stupid. But now, each of them say that the other side is mercenary and work for the Mullah intelligence service ! Batebi’s wife said: “I have seen his contacts with the Mullah Intelligence service. Arjang Davoudi’s letter about Batebi, from inside the Mullah prison, can be true, but the FBI has approved what I say. Here in the US, FBI is not like the Mullah police; They check all the facts. Unfortunately, many Iranian journalists tell lie, because many of them work for a Mafia-like group”. Arjang Davoudi had said: “Batebi had become a Mullah spy inside the prison. He said that we had to make deal with the Mullahs. He sold himself and others to the Mullahs” And Ahmad Batebi said: “I prefer to be silent. They tell blatant lies. It’s obvious who works for the Mullahs”. It’s not clear which side tells the truth, but it’s very clear that at least one side is mercenary and works for the Mullahs ! It’s really shameful. Now it’s more understandable why Iranian bastards in the US, from Monarchists and Rajavists to Islamists and Lobbyists, are very hateful inside Iran, and Iranians deeply hate these bastards .


The Iranian bastards are the main responsible for the current dreadful situation in Iran. Yesterday, a very high rank Mullah, Mahdavi Kani said: “Before the Islamic revolution, we, the Mullahs, were simple workers. We were unknown. I work for a small mosque. But after the revolution, Imam (Khomeini) gave us important jobs in the political scene. Now, ‘Ma Dige Vel Kon Moamele Nistim’ (that means “we have stuck to our jobs and the people can not get rid of us; We fight for our jobs to the last drop of blood”) [!!!!] ‘ It’s a good and funny confession. In the recent days, the people reporters reported that the Mullah thugs brutally suppressed the people protests in Orumieh and other cities of Azerbaijan province. The ordinary people protested against the environmental tragedy of Lake Orumieh, but the Mullahs killed at least 3 people, and arrested hundreds of them. The Mullah thugs also arrested some people in the cities of Shiraz and Mashhad for organizing water fights ! and for using water guns and splashing water !! All of these stupid acts are a clear sign of Mullah bankruptcy in Iran, but the Iranian bastards, who betray the people and the people movement, are the main responsible for these tragedies. They should answer to the history, the youths, and the victims. Behnam Ganji, 22 year old student, recently had released from Evin prison. But he ended his life at midnight on September 1st, 2011. He was arrested by Mullah security forces at his home in Tehran on July 31st, 2011 and was transferred to solitary confinement at Evins Ward 240 and put under severe pressure (torture, rape, etc) to provide false confessions – pressure that led to his serious depression and ultimate suicide. The Iranian bastards are the main responsible for these tragedies. Shame on them all.

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