Iranian Names and Mullah Lies

Some weeks ago, the Mullah state TV reported: “last year the first popular male name for Iranian kids was “Abolfazl” [!!!], and the first popular female name was “Fatemeh” [!]”. These names are Islamic-Arabic names, and among the hated names for Iranian families. In fact, what the Mullah TV said is one of the biggest and funniest Mullah lies. In the recent years, even the pro-Mullah families don’t choose Islamic-Arabic names, especially names like “Abolfazl” ! Some funny Iranians: “The Mullahs are very stupid lair. If they wanted to tell lie, it would be better that they said “Ali” is the first popular male name. At least 1% of Iranians still choose “Ali” for naming their kids, but you can be sure that less than 0.00001% of Iranian kids have been named “Abolfazl” in the past decade ! The name “Abolfazl” is like the names “Gholam-Hossien”, “Ghomal-Abbas”, etc that are dead in Iran. Who name their kids “Abolfazl”, “Gholam-Hossien” or “Ghomal-Abbas” ?! Even the stupid Mullah families prefer Iranian names, and the majority of Mullah kids have Iranian name in the recent years !! Watch the Mullah TV, if you have any doubt. In their children shows, that are severely censored in the Mullah TV and the participants are selected, when they ask the children’s names, more than 90% of them have Iranian names ! not Islamic-Arabic names ! They are ‘Parisa’, ‘Neda’, ‘Farhad’, ‘Pante-a’, ‘Sepehr’, ‘Mona’, ‘Mitra’, ‘Siavash’, ‘Sohrab’, ‘Niloofar’, etc not ‘Mohammad’, ‘Abolfazl’, ‘Fatehem’, ‘Zeynab’, etc. It’s very very meaningful . How many times, we, i.e. Iranians inside Iran, have heard names like “Abolfazl” in the children shows in the Mullah TV? Zero time ! In 0% of cases !! Some days ago, we saw one of these stupid children shows by chance, and when some kids told their names, they were: “Nima”, “Artimis”, “Darius”, “Kourosh (Cyrus)”, “Hilia”, “Ilia”, and “Nastaran”. Even one name was not Arabic-Islamic name! It’s very funny. The Mullahs are master of telling the biggest possible lies. The Mullahs are master of telling the stupidest lies. Their current lie is like their lies in 2009, about the huge election fraud, when the Mullahs selected Mr. shit by force, and killed and raped the people”.


It’s really a funny, but very important fact. In the recent years, i.e. in the 21st century, the majority of Iranian kids have Iranian names. Before the Islamic revolution, or even in the first decade of the Islamic regime, the majority of Iranian kids had Arabic-Islamic names. But now many Islamic-Arabic names have become extinct in Iran; names like “Abolfazl”, “Abbas”, “Gholam-Hossien”, “Ghomal-Abbas”, “Gholam-Ali”, “Mossayeb”!, “”Ruhollah”, Massoumeh”, “Javad”, “Naghi”, “Taghi”, “Asghar”, “Zeynab”, “Roghieh” !, etc. And many Islamic-Arabic name are on the edge of extinction in Iran; names like “Mohammad”, “Akbar”, “Zahra”, “Fatemeh”, “Hassan”, “Hossein”, etc. But it’s not the whole story. Many Iranians laugh at the Islamic-Arabic names, and make jokes about them. The names like “Javad”, “Ghomal-Abbas”, etc are the name of the foolish things ! When you say: “he is a Javad” or “X is a Javad thing”, it’s a slang that means “he is a real stupid” or “X is a very stupid thing”. Now Iranians say: “Abolfazl is a Javad name” ! The official Mullah statistics about the Iranian kids’ names, is one of the biggest possible jokes in Iran’s history. The Mullahs desperately try to show that they are not bankrupted in Iran, and the people are as stupid as 1970s , but even the stupidest people know the truth. The Mullahs have f-u-c-ked the Islam’s image in Iran, and now the majority of Iranians hate all things that related to the Mullahs and Mullah norms. Now, the vast majority of Iranians choose the Iranian names for their kids, and it’s one of the most important events in the Iranian history. Some say: “No secular government could change Iran, like what the Mullahs did in the past decades. The Mullahs made Iran the first real secular society in the Muslim world, while it’s the exact opposite of their main goal.” And Some funny Iranians add: “Thanks Mullahs, your savageness and your brutality, your foolishness and your hypocrisy was a favor for Iran and Iranians. Now even the stupidest people know you and the reality of your norms and values. It’s the best gift for Iran. Thanks Mullahs

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