Gaddafi, Britain and US: A secret relationship

Gaddafi, Britain and US had a secret, special and very cosy relationship. Britain helped to capture one of the leading opponents of the Gaddafi regime before he was sent back to be tortured in Libya , according to a secret document discovered by the Independent on Sunday in the offices of Moussa Koussa, then Gaddafi’s spymaster … So close had the relationship become that several Western European intelligence agencies were using the services of MI6 to approach the Libyans for help with their own terrorist suspects. The Swedish, Italian and Dutch services sought the help of the UK agency in liaising with Tripoli. A sign of the warmth of the relationship between British intelligence and their Libyan counterparts is shown in the stream of letters from London to Tripoli, headed ‘Greetings from MI6’ and ‘Greetings from SIS’. Most of the papers were found at the private offices of Moussa Koussa, the foreign minister, regime security chief and one of Gaddafi’s chief lieutenants , on Friday afternoon. Rebel fighters had been inside the building and paperwork was strewn on desks and the floor amid broken glass. The building was locked up on the orders of the TNC yesterday morning. Koussa, who defected after the February revolution and spent time in the UK, left to take up residence in Dubai after demands that he face police questioning over the murder of Libyan opposition figures in exile .. In a sign of the importance of the British connection, MI6 merited two files in Koussa’s office, while the CIA had only one. UK intelligence agencies had played a leading role in bringing Gaddafi’s regime in from the cold. The documents reveal that British security agencies provided details about exiled opposition figures to the Libyans, including phone numbers … The former military intelligence officer said: “Giving countries like this information they can use to oppress their people and break international law amounts to aiding and abetting the Gaddafi regime. We need to get to the bottom of how far British officials and ministers went to assist the Libyans to do their job of suppressing their own people “. Nelson Mandela had long played a key role in negotiations between Gaddafi, whom he had hailed as a key opponent of apartheid, and the British government. Since 2002 … MI6 and the CIA began actively engaging with Libyan intelligence chiefs. But it was a key meeting on 16 December 2003, at the Travellers Club, that would put the official UK – and US – stamp on Gaddafi’s credibility. Present were Koussa, then head of external intelligence for Libya, and two Libyan intelligence figures; Blair’s foreign affairs envoy, Nigel Sheinwald, and three MI6 chiefs; and two CIA directors. Koussa’s attendance at the meeting in central London was extraordinary – at the time he had been banned from entering Britain after allegedly plotting to assassinate Libyan dissidents, and so was given safe passage by MI6″, the Independent reported yesterday. This report clearly shows us how fake enemies help with each other. It’s very important. The Mullah regime and Assad regime are like Gaddafi regime, and the UK and the US support the Mullahs and Assad, too.


The Independent also added: “Two days after the 2003 meeting, Blair and Gaddafi held talks by telephone; and the next day, 19 December, the announcement about Libya surrendering its WMD was made by Blair and Bush. In March 2004, Blair first shook hands with Gaddafi in his Bedouin tent. The pair then met again in May 2007, shortly before Blair left office. Tony Blair helped Gaddafi’s son and heir, Saif al-Islam, with his controversial PhD thesis while at the London School of Economics, new documents unearthed in Tripoli revealed last night. The former premier sent Saif a personally signed letter on Downing Street headed paper – addressed in his own handwriting to ‘Engineer Saif’ – which thanked Saif for showing him ‘your interesting PhD thesis’ [!!]. The letter was written on 5 March 2007, two months before Blair’s second meeting in the Libyan desert with Gaddafi. Blair helped Saif on a number of points, including offering examples of co-operation between governments, people and business ‘that might help with your studies’. Saif Gaddafi later gained a PhD from the LSE in 2008 . Saif Gaddafi, who also has links to Blair’s ally Peter Mandelson, was seen as his father’s successor”. This report again confirms that the UK has the most corrupt universities in the west . It’s very interesting that “Foreign secretary, William Hague, said he could not comment on security matters !!” The British politicians are really bastard. They not only are Mullah-Maker and one of the main supporter of the Mullahs, but they have been the main supporter of all savage dictators, from Assad to Gaddafi. We should not forget that Assad’s wife is a Briton, and now she and Assad family live in London !! The story of Oxford university and Rafsanjani’s son who has fled to London , and the story of other British universities that have worked with Assad, Gaddafi, and other savage tyrants are famous stories. But many people know nothing about the love story of Mullahs and British politicians. As we said before, many funny Iranians say: “London is a mecca for the Mullahs. In fact, London is the real mecca for the Mullahs and all Muslim fanatics, not Mecca of Saudi Arabia !!” As we said before, almost all Iranians hate the British politicians. Some say: “It has a long history, but now the relationship between the UK and Khamenei has worsen the situation. In fact, the British politicians are one of the main inventor and supporter of the fake enemy. The ordinary Britons should know that their stupid politicians are the main supporter of the Mullahs. Now, the BBC and the British politicians are very hateful inside Iran.”

Gaddafi family have fled the town of Bani Walid on Saturday after residents raised NTC flags in a show of defiance. The military units carrying the Gaddafi sons have few places to run to . The main road south-west is controlled by rebels after about 60 miles, meaning it is likely they would be forced to take a more difficult escape route through barren landscapes which become ever more treacherous the further south they go. Gaddafi whereabouts are unknown, but Nato and NTC officials believe he is hiding somewhere in an area from the southern town of Sabha to the Algerian border. Sabha, a city of 500,000 people, is still thought to be in Gaddafi hands”, the media reported. They also added: “Many black Africans have been arrested and accused of fighting for dictator, and being Gaddafi mercenaries. Hundreds of thousands of Africans fled Libya to their home countries, mainly Chad, Mali, Niger, Sudan and Somalia in the early days of the revolution in late-February and March. “But it is 200% true that there were mercenaries here fighting for Gaddafi,” a Libyan said. “Many of them came just for that purpose. But there are others who have been here for a long time. They were allowed to work here and they were given benefits. But there was a price to pay for that. When the time came they were expected to fight”, he added”. The African mercenaries should be ashamed of themselves. Fighting for Gaddafi and supporting a savage tyrant can not be forgiven easily.

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