Sarkozy, Mullahs, and Iranians

“Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Wednesday that Irans nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions could provoke preemptive military action against it”, the media reported. The French bastard added: “Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs. Now Iranians say: “Shame on you, French bastard. You did not care about us in 2009. You talk nonsense about nuclear matters, while you don’t care about human rights, freedom and democracy. Shame on you bastard”


As you know, the stupid Sarkozy supported the Mullahs in 2009, and clearly showed us that he is the enemy of the freedom and democracy in Iran. But the stupid Sarkozy, is not just the enemy of Iran and Iranians. We should not forget that the French bastard is the enemy of the free Internet , too. In fact, the stupid SarkHorny is the enemy of the freedom and democracy in all around the world.


The French bastard adds: “Iran [the Mullahs] refuses to seriously negotiate [!!] and comes up with new provocations. The international community must produce a credible response [!!]”. And Iranians say: “Shut the f-u-ck- up, motherf-u-k-c-e-r. When Iran’s tragedy needed a credible response [in 2009], you motherf-u-c-k-er bastard made secret deals with the Mullahs. You the French jerk, should be thrown into the trash can of history by the French youths.”


Iranians have not forgotten how the French bastard made secret deals with the Mullahs in 2009. The stupid SarkHorny released a Mullah terrorist, Ali Vakili Rad, after about 20 years. The Mullah terrorist had assassinated some Iranians in Paris in 1991. He was sentenced to life in prison. But the stupid SarkHorny released him in 2009, after the Mullah coup and massacre, and sent a green signal to the Mullahs.


The stupid Sarkozy, or the stupid SarkHorny, doesn’t care about the freedom and democracy in France and Iran. He didn’t care about the human rights in Iran and the Mullah brutal crackdowns. The French bastard only care about sleeping with women, out of his stupid marriage. “In 2009, SarkHorny proved that he is the enemy of Iran and Iranians. He supported the Mullahs and fake war with them. The French diplomats and French embassy in Tehran worked with the Mullahs. That time we knew SarkHorny’s true color”, Iranians say.


Now, many Iranians say: “The stupid SarkHorny and other western bastards should know that if they want to ignore the human rights and only focus on nuclear matters and secret talks with Mullahs, Iranians would hate them more than the Mullahs. The stupid western politicians who want to impose war or more sanctions on Iran and Iranians in the name of nuclear matters, while they ignore the human rights violations and the Mullah coup and massacre in Iran, are our first enemy. These bastards support the Mullahs, their fake enemy, and want to destroy Iran and Iranians with the help of the Mullahs. They are our first and main enemy. They can be sure that we would f-u-c-k them first, if they want to be as stupid as before.”

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