Urgent Action: about Unplugging Internet in Iran

September 30, 2011

The world has closed its eyes, and our tragic conditions in Iran become worse and worse. In these days, many Iranians say: “We don’t know we should laugh at our situation, or we should cry”. The situation is so tragic-comic and so unbelievable. As we said before, the Iranian activists and the ordinary internet users have a very dreadful conditions in Iran , but in the recent days, these dreadful conditions have become worse. In fact, the internet speed in Iran has become very very slow, and the Mullahs, by using the western suppressive technologies that the hypocrite western countries have sold to them, try to f-u-c-k the internet in Iran. In fact, they have started to unplug the internet in Iran, in a gradual process . Many can not believe this giant ridiculous tragedy, simply because it’s too big to believe it’s true !! “They really want to unplug the internet; but the world has closed its eyes and says nothing; it’s unreal, it’s a bad dream, isn’t it?”, many Iranians say. In these days, many Iranians are angry, shocked, or depressed. Many are really angry at the hypocrite western politicians who are the main supporter of their fake enemy, i.e. the Mullahs. Iranians are angry at the stupid Iranian expats, too . Many truly believe that the Iranian stupid bastards who live outside Iran and do nothing about the dreadful conditions of Iranians inside Iran, are really jerk. As we said before, we and many others are disappointed at Iranian expats, that the majority of them are reactionary and Khayemal (ass-kisser) people. The Iranian jerks and assholes who live outside Iran, not only will not do anything about improving the situation, but they only can worsen the situation and make new dreadful problems for us . But the world and public opinion should know about the true meaning of our tragedy in Iran, and the true meaning of the western politicians’ hypocrisy. They should know that the Mullahs with the help of their western supporters want to unplug the internet in Iran. They clearly declared it some months ago. . And now they try to implement their evil plan. The hypocrite western mass media and politicians have closed their eyes, and have shut their mouths and don’t say anything about this vital matter. But the world should not remain silent. The world and public opinion should not close their eyes. If a country can unplug the internet and f-u-c-k all internet connections for about 40 million internet users, and the world close its eyes without any reaction, then it will be the biggest possible tragedy in 21st century. It’s a dreadful plague that will pollute everywhere. The hypocrite western mass media and politicians have showed us that they are the main supporter of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. But if the international community, the ordinary people and public opinion put enough pressure on these bastards, they would be forced to say something and do something about this vital matter .


As we said before, the Mullah regime is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world . The Mullahs see the project as a way to end the fight for control of the Internet. As we said before, Iran is the most sophisticated nation in online censoring, and now the majority of VPN connections have become unsafe, and many of them connect to the machines that have invalid IP addresses: 10.x.x.x. . These Invalid IP addresses, that are address of local networks, are the address of the Mullah Surveillance Machines. Now, Iran has become like a big private company (a company with 40 million staff !!) and the internet in Iran has become like a local network of that giant company !! Its the first serious step in unplugging the internet in Iran and imposing dreadful restrictions and dreadful Orwellian surveillance on Iranian internet users . Yesterday, some ISPs blocked all VPN connections and many circumvention tools, that already have been unsafe or highly problematic. Our current situation in Iran is so dreadful; the internet speed is very very slow and many things are blocked. If one day you saw that our website did not have a new post, you should know that finally the internet has been unplugged and disconnected in Iran !. But before it’s too late, the world should do something about this horrible tragedy. The internet is the only way to relay the voices of the ordinary Iranians to the outside world. When the hypocrite western mass media, and the Iranian baboon’s websites distort the facts about Iran and Iranians, the internet is the only media for the voiceless ordinary Iranians. Iran has about 40 million internet users (of its 75 million population), and if the Mullahs can unplug the internet in Iran, and we don’t see any serious global reaction and international backlash, then you can be sure that the same thing will happen in other countries in the near future. Now, many Iranians say: “Wise and liberal people in the whole world, the corps of good guys, please do something about this serious global threat. If the Mullah regime can unplug the internet in Iran, and the world closes its eyes on this vital matter, then you should expect that one day your government block your internet, too. Have you forgotten the ridiculous plans after the Wikileaks scandal? Unplugging the internet in Iran in 21st century, is a very big global tragedy. Please do something about this vital matter, by writing about it, by contacting your mass media, etc. The mass media should pay enough attention to this vital matter, and the Mullahs should see the serious international reactions, and just after that they would retreat and stop their evil plan.

If the Mullahs can unplug the internet in Iran, and the world remains silent, it will be another dreadful “Plague” that threatens all people in all around the world. Don’t forget the tragedy and the plague of 1930s. In “The Plague”, Albert Camus said: “There have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. They were unprepared, as were the rest of the townspeople, and this is how one should understand his reluctance to believe . When plague breaks out people say: ‘It won’t last, it’s too stupid.’ And it’s certainly too stupid, but that doesn’t prevent it from lasting. The people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end. Why should they have thought about the plague, which negates the future, negates journeys and debate? They considered themselves free and no one will ever be free as long as there is plague, pestilence and famine “.

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 2

September 30, 2011

It’s the second part of our excerpts of The Plague, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of Albert Camus’s The Plague, and will be published in four parts. The first part was published before, and here are the second part:

“The following day, April 30, an already warm breeze was blowing beneath a damp blue sky. It brought a scent of flowers from the most distant suburbs. The sounds of morning in the streets seemed livelier and merrier than usual … Even Rieux, reassured by a letter from his wife, went down to see the concierge in a light-hearted mood. And that morning, indeed, the man’s temperature had fallen to 38 degrees. Though weak, the patient was smiling in his bed … But at noon the patient’s temperature suddenly rose to 40 degrees, he was constantly delirious and vomiting again … Two hours later, in the ambulance, the doctor and the wife were leaning over the patient. Broken words emerged from his mouth … ‘The rats!’ he said. … His wife wept. ‘Is there no hope then, doctor?’ ‘He is dead,’ Rieux said … Our fellow-citizens, as they now realized, had never thought that our little town might be a place particularly chosen as one where rats die in the sun and concierges perish from peculiar illnesses . From this point of view, indeed, they were mistaken and discovered that they had to adjust their ideas. If it had all stopped there, old habits would no doubt have regained the upper hand. But others of our fellow-citizens, who were not concierges or poor people, were to follow Michel down that same path. This was where fear began -and with it, serious reflection … Here is what Tarrou has to say about the business of the rats: ‘In town, a tram was stopped today because they found a dead rat on it; no one knew where it came from. Two or three women got off. The rat was thrown out and the tram drove away … Dr Rieux knew what was up. Once the concierge’s body had been put in isolation, he telephoned Richard to ask him about these inguinal infections. ‘I don’t understand it,’ Richard replied. ‘Two deaths, one in forty-eight hours, the other in three days. I left the second of these one morning giving every appearance of being on the mend’. … He asked Richard, the president of the Association of Doctors in Oran, if new patients could be isolated … He answered “No”. Everything stuck to one’s hands as the day went on and Rieux felt a growing sense of foreboding with every visit he made. That same day, on the outskirts of the town, one of the old man’s neighbors, delirious, pressed his groin and started to vomit … The press, which had had so much to say about the business of the rats, fell silent. This is because rats die in the street and people in their bedrooms; and newspapers are only concerned with the street … In barely a few days the number of fatal cases multiplied, and it was clear to those who were concerned with this curious illness that they were dealing with a real epidemic… The word ‘plague’ had just been spoken for the first time … Pestilence is in fact very common, but we find it hard to believe in a pestilence when it descends upon us. There have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. Dr Rieux was unprepared, as were the rest of the townspeople, and this is how one should understand his reluctance to believe. One should also understand that he was divided between anxiety and confidence. When war breaks out people say: ‘It won’t last, it’s too stupid.’ And war is certainly too stupid, but that doesn’t prevent it from lasting. Stupidity always carries doggedly on, as people would notice if they were not always thinking about themselves . In this respect, the citizens of Oran were like the rest of the world, they thought about themselves; in other words, they were humanists: they did not believe in pestilence. A pestilence does not have human dimensions, so people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream which will end. But it does not always end and, from one bad dream to the next, it is people who end, humanists first of all because they have not prepared themselves . The people of our town were no more guilty than anyone else, they merely forgot to be modest and thought that everything was still possible for them , which implied that pestilence was impossible. They continued with business, with making arrangements for travel and holding opinions. Why should they have thought about the plague, which negates the future, negates journeys and debate? They considered themselves free and no one will ever be free as long as there is plague, pestilence and famine .”

“Even after Dr Rieux had acknowledged to his friend that a handful of sick people in different places had unexpectedly died of plague, the danger seemed unreal to him… the doctor could barely feel the first stirrings of that slight nausea with regard to the future that is known as anxiety. He tried to put together in his mind what he knew about the disease. Figures drifted through his head and he thought that the thirty or so great plagues recorded in history had caused nearly a hundred million deaths. But what are a hundred million deaths? When one has fought a war, one hardly knows any more what a dead person is. And if a dead man has no significance unless one has seen him dead, a hundred million bodies spread through history are just a mist drifting through the
. The doctor recalled the plague of Constantinople which, according to Procopius, claimed ten thousand victims in one day. Ten thousand dead equals five times the audience in a large cinema. That’s what you should do. You should get all the people coming out of five cinemas, take them to a square in the town and make them die in a heap; then you would grasp it better . At least, one might put some known faces on this anonymous pile. But of course it would be impossible; apart from which, who knows ten thousand faces? In any event, people like Procopius were not able to count, as is well known. In Canton, seventy years ago, forty thousand rats died of plague before the pestilence affected the human inhabitants . But in 1871 they didn’t have any means of counting rats. The calculation was a matter of approximation, of more or less, with an obvious margin for error. It is true that the word ‘plague’ had been spoken, it is true that at that very moment the pestilence was tossing and beating down one or two victims. But that could end, couldn’t it? What he must do was to acknowledge clearly what had to be acknowledged, drive away all needless shadows and take whatever measures were required. After that, the plague would cease because plague was inconceivable, or because it was wrongly conceived. If it did stop, as was most likely, then all would be well. Otherwise, they would understand what it was and know if there was some means by which they might come to terms with it, so as eventually to overcome it. Dr Rieux had reached this point in his thoughts when Joseph Grand was announced … The doctor saw Grand come in with his neighbor Cottard. The civil servant was waving a sheet of paper. ‘The figures are rising, doctor,’ he announced. ‘Eleven deaths in forty-eight hours … at first sight Grand was nothing more than the minor clerk at the Hotel de Ville that he appeared to be. Tall and thin, he was swamped by his clothes, always choosing them too large under the mistaken impression that this would give him more wear out of them … If you add to this portrait his manner of walking like a young priest, his ability to hug the walls and slide through doorways, his odor of smoke and cellars, and every appearance of insignificance, you will agree that he could not be imagined anywhere except behind a desk … In one sense, you could say that his life was exemplary. He was one of those men, as rare among us as anywhere else, who always have the courage of their better feelings. Indeed, the little that he revealed of himself testified to goodness and attachments that people nowadays are afraid to admit. He did not blush to acknowledge that he loved his nephews and his sister … That evening, as Rieux watched the civil servant leave, he realized suddenly what Grand meant: he must surely be writing a book or something of that sort. This reassured Rieux all the way to the laboratory, where he did finally go. He knew that it was silly of him to feel like this, but he could not believe that the plague might really get a hold on a town where you could still find humble civil servants who devoted their free moments to honorable obsessions. More exactly, he could not imagine how such obsessions fitted into the context of the plague, and so concluded that, in practical terms, the plague had no future among the people of our town

Iranian-American Bastards: Hooshang AmirAhmadi

September 29, 2011

Hooshang AmirAhmadi or (Houshang Amirahmadi) is an Iranian expat who lives in the US. As we said before, he is a very active Mullah Lobbyist and a member of Mullah Mafia in the US . In the recent days, this Iranian jerk has opened his dirty mouth again and in an interview with the VOA, i.e. the American media for Iranian jerks and Iranian baboons, has said: “Iranians deserve the Islamic regime. In 1979, the majority of Iranians, 98%, voted this regime. In 1996, the majority of Iranians voted Khatami. And in 2009, the majority participated in the election, and showed that they love the Islamic regime and deserve the Islamic regime. Don’t say that just our parents were stupid; the younger generation of Iranians are stupid, too. Iranians don’t deserve to enjoy the freedom and the democracy, because they have cultural problems and support the Mullahs and the Islamic regime. The Islamic regime and the Mullahs are the best possible regime for Iran and Iranians “. This sort of shameful crap and charlatanism is not a new thing and we have written about it, when we wrote about the religious fanatics and the stupid people in the west . But it’s very interesting that the stupid member of Mullah Mafia in the US, AmirAhmadia, who is a pro-Mullah lobbyist in the US and works for the Mullah regime has said this. The stupid bastard, AmirAhmadia, is a shameless jerk. In 2010, he had said: “I think Ahmadinejad is another Mossadegh, another hero ! He is a nationalist ! and I’m proud of him !! ” The Iranian-American jerk also added: “The ordinary Iranians are the main problem of Iran, not Mr. shit and Khamenei who are great nationalist and I’m proud of them !!” It’s really funny. Now, Iranians said: “Oh, yah! Mullah agent, you are right; the main problem is Iranians, who don’t shit in your mouth. If we had shitted on the head of you and the VOA in 1990s, when you defended the relationship between the Mullahs and the US and worked for it, then you would have not eaten this extra shit in 2011 and 2009”.It’s really true. When this Iranian jerk who is a double agent -a Mullah agent and an American agent- can be a commentator for the VOA and many other western media, and repeatedly goes to Iran and has secret talks with the Mullahs, then it’s obvious that he should eat this extra shit and tells the biggest possible lies without any shame.


Of course, I agree with Amirahmadi. The main problem of Iran is not the Mullahs, but the main problem of Iran is the Iranian jerks and the Iranian stupid bastards who live in the US and Europe, i.e. some one like Hooshang Amirahmadi, Reza Pahlavi, Masoud Behnoud, or Rajavis, who defend the Islamic regime, the monarchy, and the Islamic-Marxist terrorism, and enjoy the full support of the western media and the western politicians . These stupid Iranian jerks who are a very small minority inside Iran, but a big majority outside Iran and among the stupid Iranian expats, are the main problem of Iran. As we said before, In the 1990s, the
American-Iranian Council (AIC), with backing from multinational oil companies, was a front for the Mullah lobbying efforts in the US, and Houshang AmirAhmadi served as its president. The Iranian-American jerk, Amirahmadi, has been an active pro-Mullahs player in the US since the early 1980s. While residing in the US, he was also a presidential candidate in the Mullah election !! He officially collaborated with different Mullah institutions. In the recent years, Amirahmadi and his daughter are building a hotel in Kish Island, of course with the full financial and special support of Mr. shit . In fact, Mr shit and his team have a close and special relation with Mr. shit. He arrange many of Mr. shits programs in his trips to New York. In fact, Amir-Ahmadi is a key broker between the Mullahs and the US authorities. In the recent days, when Mr shit’s was in New York, Hooshang Amirahmadi and his special prostitute, Camelia Entekhabifard, had secret meetings with Mr. shit’s team, especially with Mashaei, who apparently wants to stay in the US for 6 months ! In the recent weeks, the stupid Mullah agent, AmirAhmadi, said: “[We and] Mashaei should avoid controversial meeting, when he goes to New York. Recently, the media has focused on him and his activities in the US, so he [and us] should be very careful”. The stupid Mullah agent, Amirahmadi, tries his best to pretend that he is not a political prostitute and a pro-Mullah lobbyist, but as Iranians say: “even Khaje Hafez Shrizari knows that he is a Mullah agent and kiss the Mullahs’ ass !” (that means : “even the most stupid people knows that … “)


In 2010, the media reported: “Hooshang Amirahmadi, who now lives in the United States [and works for the Mullahs], recently returned to Tehran for a conference of Iranians living abroad . The Mullahs paid for several hundred highly placed Iranians living abroad to come back for a three-day, all-expenses-paid trip. They were invited as part of a high-profile effort to repair Irans pariah image, and win over some of the expatriates”. In fact, in 2010 many Iranian-Americans and Iranian expats who live in the US showed us that they are just a bunch of hypocrite opportunist jerks who deserve to be called ‘hypocrite stupid bastards’. As Iranians say: “They eat from both Toubreh and Akhor” (that means “they are so opportunist and hypocrite”). The hypocrite stupid bastards, that are the majority of Iranian expats in the US, still live in 1970s and think that the younger generations of Iranians, i.e. the majority of Iranians inside Iran, are as stupid as them. The hypocrite stupid bastards, that are Monarchists, Rajavists, Marxists, Islamists, etc are Khayemal (ass-kisser), and kiss the Mullahs’ ass. And It’s the funnies paradox in the world. But it’s an understandable paradox, too. The hypocrite stupid bastards and the Mullahs and their Islamic regime are two side of the same coin. They can not live without each other. When Iran’s regime becomes a free and modern Republic system, the hypocrite stupid bastards should go where the Mullahs go. So, they try their best to keep the Mullah regime safe. And that’s why Monarchists, Rajavists, etc are Mullah spy and work with the Mullahs secretly . If Iran had a free and modern Republic system, a stupid jerk like Amirahmadi, who is a broker and lobbyist for the Mullahs, will not have any attraction for any one !, even for the stupid American politicians ! And that’s why the Iranian-American jerk, Amirahmadi, tries his best to talk nonsense about Iran. Without the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, a stupid jerk like Hooshang Amirahmadi will be a little piece of shit that no one cares about him.


The love story of Hooshang Amirahmadi and Mr shit, or the love story of Hooshang Amirahmadi and Mashaei, is just a shitty story about two little pieces of shit. But on the other hand, it can be an important story about the Iranian jerks and Iranian stupid bastards who sell themselves to the Mullahs and the western politicians; It can be an important story about the Mullah Mafia in the US; It can be an important story about the stupidity of Iranian expats; It can be an important story about the death of Green movement and the stupid Iranian expats, and why they didn’t and still don’t do anything for creating new alternative media and new alternative organizers; It can be an important story about the Iranian fake intellects and Iranian Khayemals (ass-kissers); It can be an important story about the western hypocrisy and western secret talks and deals with the Mullahs; It can be an important story about the western charlatanism in 2009, and why the hypocrite western politicians supported the Mullah regime in 2009; It can be an important story about Mr. shit’s trips to New York, and how he and more than 100 crooks and thieves -including Mr. shit’s daughter, Mr. shit’s son, Mr. shit’s daughter-in-law, Mr. shit’s son-in-law, Mr. shit’s daughter-in-law, Mr. shit’s grandchildren, and the children and wives of Mr. shit’s close friends – go to New York and rent the four floors of a very expensive Hotel (that each room has about $700 charge per night) and have many secrets talks and deals with the US authorities; It can be an important story about the hypocrisy, charlatanism, and “Foolishness Disease”. And It can be an important story about the stupid Iranian expats who become dumb outside Iran . In the near future, we would write more about this important matter and “Why Iranians become Dumb outside Iran“.

The tragedy of Internet in Iran

September 28, 2011

In the recent days, the Internet speed in Iran has decreased dramatically. Apparently the Mullahs try to test the new features of their new filtering system again. As we said before, Iran not only has the slowest internet speed in the world, but Iran has the most expensive internet in the world, too . It’s the Mullah miracle that Iranians should pay the highest price for an internet connection, while this shitty connection has the slowest speed in the world !! Last year, some American media said: “the fastest state in the US is Rhode Island at an average of 894 KBps, which was almost three times faster than the slowest state, Alaska, which had a dismal 318KBps”. But in Iran, and in the normal conditions, the fastest city is Tehran at an average of 28KBps !!, which was almost two times faster than the slowest cities, which had a dismal 15KBps !And now, the average internet speed in Tehran has become 10KBps ! But Iranians should pay about $50/Mbsp (Megabit per second) for this f-u-c-k-ing internet connection, while according to NetIndex, Americans pay about $5/Mbsp and Canadians pay about $6/Mbsp for their internet connections !! But it’s not the whole story. The internet in Iran is the most dangerous internet of the world, and the Mullah surveillance and censorship, is really the number one in the world. As we said before, Iran is the least free country of the world, and the global assessments of Internet and digital media show that Iran has the number one Orwellian Society in the world . The Mullahs deliberately slow down the internet speed, because they want to monitor more connections and more people


Apparently in these day the Mullahs try to test their new filtering system in the main cities of Iran, including Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, etc. In these days, even you can not download a simple webpage in Iran !! Some years ago, Iranians said: “It becomes extremely annoying, especially when you want to download or upload a photo. Downloading video takes ages. And almost always it’s simply impossible to open and watch a video on the Internet”. But now even you can not load a simple webpage, and it takes ages to read a simple news website ! Many say: “The Mullahs deliberately keep the Internet speed low in order to frustrate people from surfing the web, downloading and uploading photos/video/documents/etc, and reducing the amount of information they can access”. It’s really true, but it’s not the whole story. The Mullahs clearly have said the high-speed Internet would create security problems for them ! In fact, the low Internet speed has become a tool to keep the net restricted, it has become a tool to censor the Internet and monitor the users’ activities directly and openly. Now, the Internet speed in Iran is slower than the turtle speed.


Some ask: “What’s causing the slow-down? What’s causing the Orwellian surveillance?” The answer is very clear. It’s the Western-developed technology that allows the Mullahs to analyze networks of information: who is transmitting, what exactly they are saying, and who is consuming it . In fact, ” The Mullah’s Internet Snooping is Made in America”. As we said before, The Mullahs use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), a technology developed and sold to the Mullahs by a joint venture of Siemens and Nokia . Some say: “Deep packet inspection and similar techniques being used in Iran are also being employed aggressively by the US government, ostensibly in its search for terrorists online. And now they have sold their technology to the Mullahs. The US National Security Agency (NSA) is snooping on all US Web and email traffic and storing it. For example, a technician, Mark Klein, has testified in court that the hardware made copies of the website preferences and email traffic of all AT&T customers and sent them to the NSA. Now, the American jerks have sold their technology to the Mullahs.” Unfortunately, the world has closed its eyes on our dreadful conditions in Iran. But public opinion should see how the Mullahs impose such a dreadful conditions on us, and how the western politicians support the Mullahs and sell their suppressive technologies to the Mullahs.

Occupy Wall Street Protests and a Question

September 28, 2011

“It is day 11 of the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign. On Saturday, more than 80 protesters were arrested as hundreds took part in yet another march to Wall Street. Many of them were committing civil disobedience by walking in the street . Over two thousand protesters converged on Wall Street last Saturday. By the end of the second day, those occupying Liberty Park, formerly known as Zuccotti Park on Broadway and Liberty St., had settled in, partially helped by pizza, hot chocolate and blankets paid for and delivered by their supporters in New York City and across the country”, the media reported yesterday. They also added: “The Wall Street occupation began on Sept. 17 in response to a corporate-controlled political system that is no longer serving the needs of the majority of its people. They were soon joined by the Hacktivist organization “Anonymous” in calling for a general peoples assembly. This is my first protest, my first movement. A system thats only focuses on rewarding greed should be challenged, explained Kyle from Buffalo”. It’s good that the average Americans try to protest against the greedy capitalists, but do they also protest against the stupid lefts and some one like Noam Chomsky, who support the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the world? Apparently and unfortunately the vast majority of “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are Chomsky’s fans. And it’s really shameful.


The media added: “While Saturday saw the most activity in terms of rallies, assemblies and marches, Sunday became a day of support for the occupation. Thousands of New Yorkers stopped in to either see or support the growing city of sleeping bags, signs and popular assemblies. The highlight of the day was when over $2,000 in pizza was ordered in less than an hour by supporters from around the world for the protesters in Zuccotti Plaza. By Monday afternoon reports of police interference were growing, as officers began arresting people who were using chalk to write goals and slogans on the concrete they occupied. But even with a heavy police presence, which included over 200 officers in the immediate area by Monday afternoon, protesters remained unmoved in their demands for a fairer political system”. It’s good that the American protesters can have “Occupy Wall Street” protests in the most important financial district in the world. It’s good that they can protest and no one kill them, rape them, or torture them in the hidden horrible detentions. It’s good that they could have some general assemblies in the past two weeks and freely discussed many things in the public space, in the streets and parks. It’s good that the police arrested the protesters who were committing civil disobedience only for one or two nights, not for one year and more without any court, any law, and any lawyer (like our situation in Iran). It’s good that the police did not kill the protesters who were committing civil disobedience. It’s good that the US is not like Iran, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, Russia, China, etc. But it’s bad that many American protesters can not understand the difference between their conditions in the US and our conditions in Iran. It’s bad that they can not think independently of the stupid lefts and the stupid fake intellectuals .


“Organizers claimed repeated use of excessive force by the NYPD to break up their marches, reporting 80 arrests on Saturday and numerous injuries. Police say the arrests were mostly for blocking traffic; charges included disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Protest spokesman Patrick Bruner criticized the police response as “exceedingly violent” and said the protesters sought to remain peaceful. Other protesters were yelling, “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” and called on shoppers to join them in their march. The protesters, who have been camped out on Wall Street since last Saturday, have been sleeping on cardboard boxes and eating takeaway dinners paid for by donations to their cause . Videos uploaded to YouTube show officers pepper-spraying protesters in the face from close range, punching demonstrators and dragging people through the street. “They’re angry at what’s going on in the world,” Marini, 37, who has been involved in the protest, was quoted in the Daily Mail. “But it’s a good atmosphere. They have a sense of love with each other.” the media added. It’s bad that their police, NYPD, is stupid, but it’s good that their police is not as stupid as and as brutal and savage as the Mullah Police in Iran. It’s good that the protesters can be happy there and can have good atmosphere.


“The anti-corporate protests have been lightly covered in the hometown New York Times: One piece (9/18/11) largely about how the police blocked access to Wall Street, and one photo (9/22/11) with the caption “Wall Street Protest Whirls On. The protests have been treated with brief mentions on CNN. From the ABC, CBS and NBC network news, we could find nothing at all. On the PBS NewsHour (9/19/11), the protests got a brief reference. Some voices in the media have noted the lack of coverage. In MSNBC (9/19/11), Michael Moore said, “People are down on Wall Street right now, holding a sit-in and a camp-in down there -virtually no news about this protest.” If that’s a Tea Party protest in front of Wall Street, it’s the lead story on every network newscast. The media preference for Tea Party gatherings over progressive activism is well-documented”, some American liberals said. It’s bad that the American mass media is hypocrite and stupid. They showed us their true colors in 2009, when Iranians were brutally suppressred and killed in the streets. But it’s bad that many alternative media in the US are hypocrite and stupid, too. They are the stupid lefts’ media, who support the savage tyrants and the tyranny in the name of fighting against Capitalism and Imperialism . In 2009, these stupid bastards supported the Mullahs and the military coup in Iran.


“The Wall St. occupiers have followed the examples of Egypt, Greece, and Spain in using the direct democratic process of the general assembly. This means thousands of young people are having their first exhilarating taste of their voice being part of the actual exercise of power – participating in a movement. In truth, this is our best hope, so spread it and bring that exhilaration to your friends and family”, some Americans say. It’s good that they want to have “direct democracy” and general assembly there. It’s good that they try to protest against the stupid politicians. But it’s really bad that they are the stupid fans or followers of some one like Noma Chomsky. The stupid lefts and some one like Noam Chomsky, who love and defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants, are really worse than those bastards who rule the US now. The stupid lefts’ ideal is somewhere like USSR and some one like Stalin or Putin. They love Khamenei, Assad, Gaddafi, Taliban, etc and clearly and openly defend them. You should protest against the greedy capitalists, but shouldn’t you protest against the stupid lefts as well ?

Ahvaz has the Worst Air Pollution in the World

September 27, 2011

WHO says that Ahvaz, a southwest city of Iran, has the highest measured level of air pollution in the world . The report adds: “Cities in Iran, India, Pakistan and the capital of Mongolia rank among the worst on the planet for air pollution, while those in the U.S. and Canada are among the best, according to the first global survey by the World Health Organization. The southwest Iranian city of Ahvaz walked away with the unfortunate distinction of having the highest measured level of airborne particles smaller than 10 micrometers. WHO released the list Monday. The list, which relies on country-reported data over the past several years, measures the levels of airborne particles smaller than 10 micrometers -so-called PM10s – for almost 1,100 cities. WHO recommends an upper limit of 20 micrograms for PM10s, which can cause serious respiratory problems in humans. Ahvaz’s annual average of PM10s was 372 micrograms per cubic meter. Heavy industry and low-quality vehicle fuel are the main causes of air pollution in this desert city of 1.3 million . The study found that the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator had an annual average PM10s density of 279 micrograms per cubic meter, followed by another west Iranian city, Sanandaj, with 254 micrograms “. It’s not a new thing for Iranians, because they know that : “Iran in the Mullah Age is number one in the worst things of the world !”


The report also adds: “In Ulan Bator [of Mongolia !!] [In Iran the word “Mongol” means “retard”, so Mongolia means the lands of retards !! It’s funny to know that after the Mongol invasions in the 13th century, Iranians used the word “Mongol” for referring to the retards !], the air pollution is mainly related to the burning of coal, wood and everything else for heating, cooking, and electricity generation. At the other end of the list are cities in Canada and the United States, which benefit from lower population density, favorable climates and stricter air pollution regulation . Yukon territory’s capital Whitehorse had a yearly average of just 3 micrograms of PM10s per cubic meter, while Santa Fe, New Mexico, measured 6 micrograms. Washington, D.C., had a level of 18 micrograms, Tokyo measured 23 micrograms, and Paris had 38 micrograms of PM10s per cubic meter.” It’s the true meaning of the difference between the tyranny and the democracy. Iranian cities are the most polluted cities in the world, because the Mullahs are the most polluted rulers in the word . The cities of Ahvaz, Sanandaj, Ilam, Kermanshan, Tehran, Esfehan, Shiraz, Mashhad, etc are the most polluted cities in the world, because the savage Mullahs are the greatest bastards in our planet. “The Mullahs kill, rape, and torture Iranians, and plunder our national resources and our national wealth, and destroy the environment and everything, but the western politicians – the western bastards- support the Mullahs and want to have a “hot line” with them, or want to improve the Mullahs’ image in the world !! Shame on them all”, many Iranians say in these days. WHO’s report is another historical document about the true meaning of the Islamic regime in Iran.

The Bankruptcy of Islamist-Reformists in Iran

September 27, 2011

Mousavi Khoeiniha, one of the main leader of the Islamist-Reformists, who had eaten shit and talked nonsense about Khamenei and Islamict regime , recently has said that he has not the balls to tell the truth !! The stupid bastard, Mousavi Khoeiniha, has said: ” I don’t have enough courage to speak my mind. I do not have the courage to tell you the truth. If I tell the truth, they would arrest me like Mousavi and Karoubi“. As we said before, even one Iranian has not defended Khoeini and the Islamist-Reformists and their shameful bullshits, and now they desperately try to justify themselves without offering an apology. But the ordinary Iranians have answered them very well. Khoeini, like other Iranian stupid bastards and their stupid websites, censor the majority of people comments, but even those comments that have been published in his website can show us the truth. A people comment that has been allowed to publish in Khoeini.com, says: “If you don’t have the balls to tell the truth, please shut your (dirty) mouth and remain silent”. What the ordinary Iranians say in other websites is much more funnier, for example they say : “We know you, the Islamist-Bastards. You want to save your beloved Islamic regime, but now you clearly know that you are totally bankrupted in Iran. Now the people hate the triple KH : “KHomeini, KHamenei, KHatami”. It’s the most important victory for the people, and the most important defeat for the Mullahs. We congratulate all Iranians inside Iran for this great victory.”


The other people comment that has been allowed to publish in Khoeini.com, says: “As an Islamist-Reformist who has voted to Mousavi, I ask you : ‘Please don’t speak on behalf of me about Khamenei, the election, the Islamic regime, etc.” Who are you? When have you had my vote ? You just want to save your interests and your group, not the people. Hold a referendum about Khameni and the Islamic regime if you want to know what the people say and what the people want “. It’s what the stupid fans of the stupid Baboons, a.k.a the Islamist-Reformists, say and it’s a clear sing that the Islamist-Reformists have been totally bankrupted in Iran. In the recent days, Khoeiniha that had seen the people backlash to his last bullshits, also said : “We are not able to impose the Islamic regime on the people, if they reject it.” And the ordinary Iranians said: “Oh, it’s another scientific discovery ! by the stupid Khatamists.
Motherf-u-c-k-ers, why you tell the most obvious things in the world, and then think that you have said a new or important thing !! You are totally bankrupted in Iran, and you are not able to do anything in Iran, including saving your beloved Islamic regime. Now, even the small group of your fans reject you and shit on your heads !” It’s really funny, and give the majority of Iranians great pleasure. Now, many non-Iranians think that the Iranian movement has stopped in Iran, but if they know that the current bankruptcy of the Islamist-Reformists in Iran is much more important than the stupid futile protests (in 2009 and 2011) that were conducted by the Islamist-Reformists , they would change their mind. What we see in Iran in the recent months, is much more important, much more meaningful, and much more enjoyable than the previous events in Iran. Now, almost all Iranians want to topple the Mullahs and want to establish a pure Republic system in Iran. They just need new organizers and new media.

“Hot Line” between the US and the Mullahs

September 26, 2011

The Mullahs and the US authorities try to reach a secret deal for establishing a “Hot line” between the US and the Mullahs. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen, speaking at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace last week, said: “We havent had a connection with Iran [the Mullahs] since 1979. Even in the darkest days of the Cold War, we had links to the Soviet Union. We are not talking to Iran [the Mullahs], so we dont understand each other [!!!]. If something happens, its virtually assured that we wont get it right [!!!] -that there will be miscalculation [!!] which would be extremely dangerous in that part of the world.” And one day before Mullen delivered his stupid shameful remarks, The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. officials were examining the establishment of a hot line following a series of near miss encounters between American and Mullah forces in the Persian Gulf . Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton took to Fox News this morning to blast the idea of a hot line between the Mullahs and the US. Bolton is quick to dismiss the concept as cheap political ploy to heighten Mullahs prestige: After all, how many countries does the U.S. have that kind of hotline with. I think this is part of his charm offensive.


It’s really shameful that some one like the stupid John Bolton, a stupid right-winger, should attack the most shameful secret deals between the Mullahs and the US, while many American jerks, from the stupid lefts to the stupid journalists, have closed their fucking eyes on this shameful scandal. The American Jerks only prove, again and again, that The Apparent Paradox , is the most serious paradox in the US history. When the stupid Obama allows the Mullahs to have a TV’s studio in Washington, for the first time after the Islamic revolution of 1979 , and after the military coup and brutal crackdown of 2009; When the ex-CIA agent, the America Baboon, clearly defends Mr. shit and the Mullahs ; And when the Mullah Mafia are very active in the Princeton university, in the Harvard university, and in many other part of the US , then it’s so obvious that the US wants to have a Hot line with the Mullahs. Shame on you, the American jerks; Shame on you, who think the people are as stupid as you and Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky. The American jerks and the stupid lefts are the main enemy of all suppressed nations, including Iran. Shame on them all.

U.S. Hikers: We Tasted the Mullah’s Brutality

September 26, 2011

We experienced a taste of the Iranian regime’s brutality“. It’s what the US hikers said in New York. Many thought the two US hikers would be as stupid as the woman who was freed last year, and after that kissed the Mullahs’ ass. But the two hikers talked about what happened to them and also what happen to the innocent Iranians who are the main victim of the savage Mullahs. Bauer said: “We have been held in almost total isolation from the world and everything we love, stripped of our rights and freedom . You may ask us, now that you are free, can you forgive the Iranian government [the Mullahs] for what it has done to you? Our answer is this: How can we forgive the Iranian government when it continues to imprison so many other innocent people and prisoners of conscience? It is the Iranian people who bear the brunt of this government’s cruelty and disregard for human rights. There are people in Iran who are imprisoned for years, simply for attending a protest, for writing a pro-democracy blog, or for, worse, being an unpopular faith. Journalists remain behind bars and innocent people have been executed “. Yes, it’s really true. The poor Iranian people are the main victim of the savage Mullahs, who are considered as a foreign occupier in Iran. In 2009, many Iranians called the Mullahs and the Mullah thugs : “I-s-r-a-e-l-i Bastards”. And it was very very meaningful and sarcastic. It shocked many Basiji and pro-Mullah thugs, and even some of them quit their mercenary job after thinking about this sarcastic slogan. In fact, the majority of Iranians truly believe that the Mullahs are a foreign occupier, who have occupied Iran and destroy it and plunder its national wealth in a harsh way. The Iranians believe that the Mullahs are pro-Arab and anti-Iranian agents who work for the western countries and the Arab-Islamists . While public opinion in Iran think in this way, the western media and the western politicians make love with the Mullahs and call them “Iranian government”, or “Iranian president”, etc. It’s beyond hypocrisy. What the two hikers experienced in Iran, was just a small part of our tragedy in Iran, the big tragedy that the western countries have had a main role in creating it. In 1979, the majority of Iranians were stupid and fooled, but in 2009, the majority of Iranians clearly saw how the western politicians supported the Mullahs and the Mullah regime.


Joshua Fattal said: “Many times, too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten and there was nothing we could do to help them. We lived in a world of lies and false hope. In prison, we lived in a world of lies and false hope. The investigators lied that [the ambassador] from the Swiss Embassy in Tehran did not want to see us. They told us, again falsely, that they we would be given due process and access to our lawyer , the courageous and persistent Mr. Masoud Shafiee. Most infuriatingly, they told us that our families stopped writing us letters . In all the time we spent in detention, we had a total of 15 minutes of telephone calls with our families, and one short visit from our mother. We had to go on hunger strikes repeatedly just to receive letters from our loved ones”. And it’s the reality of our dreadful conditions in Iran, and the true meaning of the Mullah regime, that the hypocrite western politicians support it. But it’s not the whole story, and the two hikers tried to help the American politicians who shamefully try to make secret deals with the Mullahs. Joshua Fattal stupidly said: “Releasing us is a good gesture and no positive step should go unnoticed [!!]. We applaud the Iranian authorities for finally making the right decision regarding our case [!]”. And Bauer said: “If the Iranian government wants to change its image in the world [!!!!] , and ease international pressure, it should release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience immediately”. It’s really shameful. It’s what the Iranian Baboons say. It’s so obvious that the Mullah government is not the Iranian government. The Mullah government is a pro-Arab and anti-Iranian government, and is the main enemy of Iranians. The savage Mullahs should be toppled, but the American (hikers and politicians) want to allow them to change their image in the world !! You should be ashamed of yourself, American hikers. It’s really shameful that the two hikers, who experienced a taste of the Iranian regime’s brutality , talked nonsense about the Mullah government and try to help the American bastards in Washington, who are the main supporter of the savage Mullahs. I hope the two hikers, who know that Iranians are the main victim of the Mullahs’ brutality, shut their mouths and don’t repeat the US authorities’ bullshits. I hope they will be honest and tell the truth about the political pressure on them. I hope they have the balls to tell the world that the political pressure inside the US, don’t allow them to tell the whole truth.

Neutrino, Speed of Light, Einstein, & Mathematics

September 25, 2011

In recent days, scientists around the world reacted with shock to results from an Italian laboratory that seemed to show certain particles can travel faster than light. If true, it’s the biggest scientific revolution in the last 100 years or more, and the finding raises bizarre possibilities including time travel and shortcuts via hidden extra dimensions. “Scientists at the Opera (Oscillation Project with Emulsion-tRacking Apparatus) experiment in Gran Sasso, Italy, found that neutrinos sent through the Earth to its detectors from Cern, 450 miles (730km) away in Geneva, arrived earlier than they should have. The journey would take a beam of light around 2.4 milliseconds to complete, but after running the Opera experiment for three years and timing the arrival of 15,000 “Neutrinos”, the scientists have calculated the particles arrived at Gran Sasso 60 billionths of a second earlier, with an error margin of plus or minus 10 billionths of a second. The speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 metres per second, so the neutrinos were apparently traveling at 299,798,454 metres per second”, the media reported. A professor of particle physics said: “If you’ve got something traveling faster than light, then it’s the most profound discovery of the last 100 years or more in physics. It’s a very, very big deal. It requires a complete rewriting of our understanding of the universe”. The media also added: “Physicists said they would be skeptical of the finding until other laboratories confirmed the result. The coordinator of the Opera collaboration, said: “We are very much astonished by this result, but a result is never a discovery until other people confirm it . When you get such a result you want to make sure you made no mistakes, that there are no nasty things going on you didn’t think of. We spent months and months doing checks and we have not been able to find any errors. If there is a problem, it must be a tough, nasty effect, because trivial things we are clever enough to rule out.” The Opera group said it hoped the physics community would scrutinize the result and help uncover any flaws in the measurement, or verify it with their own experiments “. Now many physicists say: “It’s such a dramatic result it would be difficult to accept without others replicating it, but there will be enormous interest in this”


The media also added: “some experts believe: “It might be possible for neutrinos to move through hidden extra dimensions of space and effectively take shortcuts through space-time . The extra dimension is warped in a way that particles moving through it can travel faster than particles that go through the known three dimensions of space. It’s like a shortcut through this extra dimension. So it looks like particles are going faster than light, but actually they don’t.” In fact, some physicists have developed a theory that could explain the result. The neutrinos may be taking a shortcut through space-time, by traveling from Cern to Gran Sasso through extra dimensions. “That can make it look like a particle has gone faster than the speed of light when it hasn’t,” experts said. Teams at two experiments known as T2K in Japan and MINOS near Chicago in the US will now attempt to replicate the finding. The MINOS experiment saw hints of neutrinos moving at faster than the speed of light in 2007 but has yet to confirm them.” Now, many people asks: “Are there any theories that might explain the result? ” and some experts say: “Special relativity only holds in flat space, so if there is a warped fifth dimension, it is possible that on other slices of it, the speed of light is different.” In fact, the most important and most controversial theory of our time is “M-Theory” or “Mother Theory (Theory of Everything)”. M-theory is an extension of ‘String Theory’ in which 11 dimensions are identified (string theory is limited to 10 dimensions). M-theory attempts to unify the five String theories. Thus each of the five string theories becomes a special case of M-theory. Now, many should take M-theory and its extra dimensions more serious. In fact, like Newton’s theory that was a special case of a bigger theory (Einstein’s theory), Einstein’s theory also is a special case of a bigger and more general theory (maybe M-Theory). Some experts say: “Many have believed in this, even since the birth of Einstein’s theory. It doesn’t mean that Einstein’s theory or Newton’s theory are wrong, but it means that they are just special case or small part of a bigger theory. For example, lets think we have a small flashlight, and after a while we buy a bigger flashlight that is heavier and much more powerful. We still can use the small flashlight, when we don’t need a powerful light, and don’t want to have a heavy backpack; But the big flashlight has a powerful light and illuminates much more space .” If what is said about speed of Neutrino is true, it’s a big scientific revolution in the first years of 21st century, like the revolution that was begun by Einstein in the the first years of 20th century. Stephan Hawking says: “What often happens is that a new theory is devised that is really an extension of the previous theory . For example, very accurate observations of the planet Mercury revealed a small difference between its motion and the predictions of Newtons theory of gravity (like the current case of small difference between speed of light and speed of neutrinos). Einsteins general theory of relativity predicted a slightly different motion from Newtons theory . The fact that Einsteins predictions matched what was seen, while Newtons did not, was one of the crucial confirmations of the new theory. However, we still use Newtons theory for all practical purposes because the difference between its predictions and those of general relativity is very small in the situations that we normally deal with . (Newtons theory also has the great advantage that it is much simpler to work with than Einsteins!)”. Hawking also adds: “Matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory. On the other hand, you can disprove a theory by finding even a single observation that disagrees with the predictions of the theory. Each time new experiments are observed to agree with the predictions, our confidence in it is increased; but if ever a new observation is found to disagree, we have to modify the theory.”


The theories that have mathematical base are not like the experimental theories (such as Darwin’s theory, Genetics theory, and many other biological or medical theories, etc). The Newton’s theory and the Einstein’s theory both are mathematical theories, and unlike the ancient theories, for example Aristotle’s theory, they are not stupid imaginary illusions. Aristotle believed that everything was made out of four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. But it did not make any definite predictions. It also was not a mathematical theory . On the other hand, Newtons theory was a mathematical theory based on three simple axioms, and it predicted the motions of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the satellites to a high degree of accuracy. The Newton’s theory was the first mathematical theory about the universe, and what it said and predicted was not like the old dreadful illusions. It was a mathematical theory, and many experiments confirmed its predictions. In 18th and 19th centuries, many smart guys predicted the orbits of planets and comets, by using Newton’s theory, and gained wealth and reputation. In Newton’s theory, like any other mathematical theory, only the axioms were hypothetical facts. It means when you accept Newton’s axioms (three Newton’s rules), Newton’s theory becomes a great mathematical theory. The same is true for Einstein’s theory. One of the axioms of Einstein’s theory was about the speed of light (the principle of the invariance of the speed of light, that the speed of light in a vacuum is a universal constant). And from his axioms, Einstein reached to the famous equation, E = mc2, indicating that mass and energy are equivalent . In fact, when you accept the axioms of Einstein’s theory, as a special case or a general rule, then Einstein’s theory becomes a valuable theory, and the current experiments have not any effect on it. In fact, the current experiments only have effect on Einstein’s axioms. It says that we can reject Einstein’s axioms and build a new and stronger theory based on new axioms. The new extended theory will explain and predict more facts, like the example of the powerful flashlight that can illuminate more space. In fact, Einstein’s theory still is true, as a special case of the bigger theory. And it’s the miracle of mathematics. The great Newton, for the first time in the history, created a Mathematical theory for describing the world. And that’s why many believe ‘Newton is the greatest scientist of the human history’. In the 20th century, we could see that what the ancient mathematicians said seemed really true. They said: “Mathematics is of the language of God” ! And after Newton, especially in 20th century, we saw that Mathematics is really like the language of the universe.The scientists can sit in their rooms and work on the mathematical equations and the consistent mathematical theories, and then after some years, decades, or centuries, some one can observe what they have predicted by mathematics. It’s really an unbelievable miracle . Almost all important facts in the modern physics are mathematical facts -the facts like Black Holes, Big Bang, Age of Universe, the evolution of stars and galaxies, Dark matter, fundamental particles, extra dimensions (maybe 11 dimensions), etc. These mathematical facts have been confirmed by observations or will be confirmed by observation in the future. It’s really the greatest possible miracle in the human history. A little species (human), in a little plant (Earth), of a little star (Sun), in a little Galaxy (Milky Way), can see the universal facts and accurately predicts the future of the whole universe or the origin and the structure of the universe. It’s really a miracle. It’s “The Miracle of Mathematics” !

Aboriginal Australians left Africa 70,000 years ago

September 24, 2011

“A 90-year-old tuft of hair has yielded the first complete genome of Aboriginal Australians. In 1921, the hair was donated to British anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon when he was traveling through Golden Ridge in Western Australia. Two new genomics studies have shed light on the earliest migrations of humans by showing that the ancestors of present-day Aboriginal Australians left Africa around 70,000 years ago, which is at least 24,000 years before the migration that gave rise to present-day Europeans and Asians . The first of the studies, led by Rasmussen from the University of Copenhagen and published in Science, was conducted by sequencing the DNA from the lock of hair. While the DNA had degraded somewhat, researchers were still able to sequence and assemble most of it and compare it to the genomes of other populations around the world. The DNA showed no traces of the signature genetic fingerprints of modern European and Asian, suggesting Aboriginal Australians left Africa in the first great human migration from the cradle of humanity . Aboriginal Australians therefore descend directly from the earliest modern explorers, people who migrated into Asia before finally reaching Australia about 50,000 years ago. In showing this, the study establishes Aboriginal Australians as the population with the longest association with the land on which they live today. The history of Aboriginal Australians plays a key role in understanding the dispersal of the first humans to leave Africa. Archaeological evidence establishes modern human presence in Australia by about 50,000 years ago, but this study re-writes the story of their journey there”, the media reported yesterday.


“Previously, the most widely accepted theory was that all modern humans derive from a single out-of-Africa migration wave into Europe, Asia, and Australia. In that model, the first Australians would have branched off from an Asian population, already separated from the ancestors of Europeans. However, this study shows that when ancestral Aboriginal Australians begun their private journey, the ancestors of Asians and Europeans had not yet differentiated from each other . Once they did, some 24,000 years after the first Australians had begun their explorations, Asians and remnants of the ancestral Australians intermixed for a period of time. The second study, led by David Reich, Professor of Genetics at the Harvard Medical School and published in the American Journal of Human Genetics, found that the forebears of Aboriginal Australians interbred with another archaic human population called Denisovans, who ranged from Siberia to Southeast Asia. Aboriginal Australians, Near Oceanians, Polynesians, Fijians, east Indonesians, and Mamanwa (a Negrito group from the Philippines) have all inherited genetic material from Denisovans, but mainland East Asians, etc have not. These results suggest that relatives of present-day East Asians were not in Southeast Asia when the Denisova gene flow occurred “, the media added. This new discovery just adds another new fact to the incomplete story of Human Evolution .

Why WordPress activates new Features by default ?

September 24, 2011

Recently, WordPress.com has added some new features to its Blog Services, and has activated these new features for all WordPress blogs. Many of these features are about the widgets (left-side boxes), the look of blogs, etc. Now, some Iranians say: ” We don’t need and like these “ZalamZimbo !! [these stupid luxuries (new features)]. Why don’t they ask us if we like these ZalamZimbo or not? In our terrible situation in Iran, it’s hard to inactivate each of these new features one by one. They should let us know about their new features and ask us if we want to activate the new features or not”. It’s really true. It’s not good that WordPress.com, like other big corporations of cyberspace, activates its new features by default. It’s not good that every now and then you see some unwanted new features have been added to your website. WordPress.com, Please don’t activate the new features by default . Please let users decide about activating the new features. You can let them know about your new features and ask them if they want to activate the new features or not. It’s a better policy . Much more better.

Best Movies: “Stranger Than Fiction” (2006)

September 24, 2011

Some movies are made only once in a decade. And “Stranger Than Fiction” (2006) is one of them. I think “Stranger Than Fiction” is a 8+/10 movie. The story is extraordinary and unique, and the whole cast is quite good, from Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal to Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. In fact, “Stranger Than Fiction” is the best movie of Ferrell and Gyllenhaal. They are both great in this movie. Ferrell is exceptional as Harold Crick, an IRS-agent whose lonely life is only soothed by his regular cataloguing of the mundane details of his existence. The main story and the main themes of the movie are really good. One day, Harold Crick’s world is upset by the introduction of a voice in his head. The voice is narrating everything he does (the doctors think it’s a schizophrenia). But when the voice informs Harold that his demise is imminent, he enlists literature professor Jules Hilbert (Dustin Hoffman) to try to get to the bottom of what is happening to him. Together they try to figure out what kind of story Harold’s life is turning into, be it a comedy or a tragedy, and if the plot is something he can take control of or is out of his hands . Harold’s life is an example of our life. Like Harold, we, all, should try to test our life, to see if it’s a comedy or tragedy !! or we can take control of it or it’s out of our hands. What Harold does for testing his life and the genre of his story, is really interesting. It’s what we should do about our own real life !!


Harold’s life is a comedy, but unfortunately or fortunately the real life is not comedy. Some say: “It’s a tragedy, or in the best case, is a tragicomedy”. But like Harold we should try to learn how we can face the tragedy, how we can avoid living a stupid nonsense life, and how we can live our life. One of the main things Harold pursues is his crush on Ana Pascal, the rebel baker who has left the Harvard for baking cookies. Ana says: “I wanted to change the world; so I went to the Harvard. I was gonna make the world a better place with my degree … But finally I understood that I can change the world by bakery, too”. Ana Pascal, she’s played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, is a lovely girl; a lovely revolutionary who refuses to pay her taxes, based on intellectual reasons. She is sarcastic, witty, and a smart alike. When Harold showed up to do her audit, her rejection and her reactions are very interesting. Of course, Harold’s life is an imaginary life and finally becomes a cliché, but it still can be a good example of our real life. Harold’s life that is written by an author, and is out of his control, has some meaningful similarities with the real life. Sometimes our life is out of our control, and sometimes we think our life, or part of it, is written by others or by an unknown author. Harold, like all of us, doesn’t want to die, too. But the literature professor (Dustin Hoffman) asks him to accept his death, and says: “You will die. [We can not run away from death]. Even if you avoid this death, another will find you. And I guarantee you, it won’t be nearly as poetic or meaningful as this one”. But Harold challenges him. Harold’s challenges are common challenges, i.e. the human challenges with the tragedy of life. And Harold’s final decision is a common choice, too.


Stranger Than Fiction is written by a relative newcomer, Zach Helm, and directed by Marc Foster, who is the director of ”Finding Neverland” and ”Monster’s Ball’. Zach and Foster, both did a great job in Stranger Than Fiction. An American critic, who has watched the film in the cinema, said: “When I first walked out of the movie theatre on a Friday night after seeing Stranger Than Fiction, I couldn’t believe what a good time I had. As soon as we were done, my friend and I knew why some people hated it (they wanted a silly movie) and others loved it (they were open to something more unique). We both fell in the latter category. For the next several days, every time my friend and I were in contact, we talked about it. Stranger Than Fiction stuck with us, and it just got better with age”. We have watched the DVD of Stranger Than Fiction, and had the same experience. I think some Iranians have watched it in the state TV. Recently, the Iran’s state TV showed it again, of course with many stupid censorship. “Stranger Than Fiction” has not any censorable scene, but the stupid Mullahs only try to f-u-c-k everything as much as they can! (the movie is about 105 min, and when the Mullahs showed it in 2007, they showed 95 min of it, and now in 2011 they showed 80 min of it !!) Anyway, if you want to see a good comedy and think about human life, you can see Stranger Than Fiction’s DVD (without Mullah censorship).

Mr. shit goes to New York

September 23, 2011

Mr. shit (Ahmadinejad) has gone to New York, again. The shitty story of Mr. shit’s travels to the US has become very boring, but Iranians still are angry at the US, especially when they see how American jerks treat the chief of thugs and thieves like Iran’s President. After 2009, Iranians knew the true color of the American jerks in the American mass media and in Washington. Iranians truly believe: “The Americans jerks are the main supporter of the Mullahs. The American media, form VOA to NBC, the ex-CIA agents, the American polling agencies, the stupid bastard Obama, etc have showed us their true colors. We never ever forget what happened in 2009. Even if we forget the CIA coup of 1953 in Iran, we will never forget what they did in 2009.” It’s really true. We will never forget. The stupid Obama has said in his UN Speech: “In Iran, we’ve seen a government that refuses to recognize the rights of its own people. The Syrian people have shown dignity and courage in their pursuit of justice, dying for the same values that this institution is supposed to stand for. And the question for us is clear: Will we stand with the Syrian people, or with their oppressors? ” And the answer is clear, too: “Until now, you have stood with the Syrian dictator.” But the main question is: “In 2009, did you stand with the Iranian people, or with their oppressors, the Mullahs? ” And the answer is very clear. You stood with the Mullahs, sent them secret letters, and made dirty secret deals with Khamenei. Shame on you, American jerks.


As we said before, in the recent days the American jerks and the American ass-kissers welcomed Mr. shit warmly . The western ass-kissers and American jerks in the western media, from the NBC to the New York Times support Mr. shit, the coup President. The stupid Guardian said: “All UN eyes on Friday will be fixed on Ahmadinejad”! and the stupid New York Times said: “Mr. President, welcome to New York. Thank you very much for taking the time” !! The jerks and assholes in the western media love Mr. shit and his bullshits. They call him “Iran’s President”, while Mr. shit is “Western Media’s President” and “Mullah’s President”, not Iran’s President. This little piece of shit is just a coup President, a fake President of a hated regime, that Iranians hate them very much. But the western media and the western jerks love him and support him. Shame on them all.


The ordinary Americans know nothing about secret talks and secret deals between the Mullah agents and American agents , but small groups try to protest against the coup President of the Mullahs. The ordinary Americans don’t know that the American hikers have been freed as a part of a secret dirty deal between the Mullahs and the US. The NBC scandal can show us a small part of this dirty shameful deal. Now, the American hikers have left Iran, and a new groups of Mullah agents have arrived in the US, to join the other members of Mullah Mafia in the US, and to join the Mullah TV’s office in Washington. Shame on the American jerks, who are the main supporter of the Mullahs. As we said before, In 2011, the stupid Obama allowed the Mullahs to have a TV’s studio in Washington. Shame on you Obama. Shame on you, man.


Mr. shit’s speech in the UN is nothing except a pile of boring shit. Only the stupid lefts can love his nonsense shitty speech. The little piece of shit, is the biggest lair among the other liars in the UN. All politicians in the UN tell lies, but the biggest possible lair is Mr. shit. The second place is for Chavez, Bastard Assad, and the dead bastard Gaddafi. Iranians only laugh at the stupid jerks in the western media, who cover Mr. shit’s speech or care about him and his bullshit. Mr. shit is a straw hero for the western media, but in Iran and for Iranians, he is nothing except a little piece of shit and a big thief whose embezzlements are the largest embezzlements in Iran’s history .


The stupid jerks in the American media love Mr. shit, and their interviews with him are so disgusting, much more disgusting than the Mullah media’s interviews’ with him . In these days, the New York Times’ interview with Mr. shit, on September 20, 2011, is as shitty as NBC’s interview or ABC’s interview with him. The New York Times’ reporter, Nicholas Kristof, that is like the American bitch of the NBC, ask Mr shit these shitty questions: “You said on Sept. 13 that the American hikers would be free in a couple of days. Are you not speaking for the complete Iranian government? Are there other forces trying to block them? On another aspect of Iranian/US relations, you have raised the possibility that if the US were willing to provide low enriched uranium, 20 percent grade, that Iran would stop enriching to that level. Is that offer still on the table? In terms of opportunities for a dialogue between Iran and the US [i.e. between the Mullahs and the US], do you see any difference between President Obama and his administration and that of George W. Bush? [!!!!] when you saw the photo of Neda Soltan, what did you think?!! [the American jerks only know Neda, and pretend ignorance about other hundreds martyrs] As you look ahead to another 20 years, say, from now, what kind of a country do you foresee? Do you foresee it becoming closer to the West? [!]”


The American jerks in the American mass media are like the American Baboon, the ex-CIA agent, who supports the Mullahs and Mr. shit . Now, Iranians say: “The American jerks are like the British bastards, who are the Mullah makers. We hate the American jerks and the British bastards as much as we hate the Mullahs, and as much as the Europeans of 1940s hated the Nazis and the Fascists. The American jerks and the British bastards are the main supporters of the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. The stupid lefts who are the main supporter of all savage tyrants in the world, support these stupid bastards too. Shame on them all.” It’s really shameful that while all Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime, the western jerks and the western media make love with the Mullahs and Mullah agents. The history will not forget these shameful hypocrisy. Now Iranians say: “Hey, American jerks, We will not Forget. We watch you, and we never forget”.

Albert Camus’s “The Plague”, 1

September 23, 2011

Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a real intellect, and his “The Plague” is the story of our time. Camus was one of the wise guys in 1940s and 1950s. In 1957, he received the Nobel Prize for literature, but it’s not as important as Camus’s open mind. His attack on Stalinist Communism in “The Rebel” (1951) ended his friendship with (stupid) Sartre, who at that time still supported Stalin. . Albert Camus was not a lunatic left, like the other stupid western intellects of his time. Camus was briefly a member of the Communist Party, but very soon saw the depth of their stupidity. In 1940, he became involved in the Resistance movement against the occupying Nazis, and he began writing for the underground newspaper Combat in 1943. He also published his first major works. The Plague (1947) is one of them. ‘The Plague’ is Albert Camus’s most successful novel. It was published in 1947, when Camus was 33, and was an immediate triumph . Within a year it had been translated into nine languages. It has never been out of print and was established as a classic of world literature even before its author’s untimely death in a car accident in January 1960. The Plague is the book by which Camus is known to millions of readers. In “The Plague”, Camus wrote about the plague of his own time, i.e. “Nazism and Fascism” and its roots. The Plague is an allegorical story. The Plague is the story of our time in 2010s, too. As Camus said” The plague bacillus never dies or vanishes entirely; it can remain dormant for dozens of years in furniture or clothing; it waits patiently in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, handkerchiefs and old papers, and perhaps the day will come when, for the instruction or misfortune of mankind, the plague will rouse its rats and send them to die in some well-contented city .” Now let’s take a look at excerpts of “The Plague”, that is an allegorical story of our current world. Our excerpts are a very compact version of “The Plague”, and will be published in four parts. Here are the first part:

“Oran is an ordinary town … It has to be said that the town itself is ugly. Its appearance is calm and it takes some time to appreciate what makes it different from so many other trading ports all over the world … A convenient way of getting to know a town is to find out how people work there, how they love and how they die … That is to say that people are bored and that they make an effort to adopt certain habits. Our fellow-citizens work a good deal, but always in order to make money. They are especially interested in trade and first of all, as they say, they are engaged in doing business. Naturally, they also enjoy simple pleasures: they love women, the cinema and sea bathing . But they very sensibly keep these activities for Saturday evening and Sunday, while trying on other days of the week to earn a lot of money. In the evenings, when they leave their offices, they gather at a set time in cafes, they walk along the same boulevard or else they come out on their balconies. The desires of the youngest among them are short and violent, while the lives of their elders are limited to clubs for players of boules, dinners of friendly associations or groups where they bet heavily on the turn of a card … Something more distinctive about our town is how difficult it can be to die there. ‘Difficult’ is not actually the right word; it is more a question of discomfort. It is never pleasant being ill, but there are towns and countries which support you in sickness and where one can, as it were, let oneself go . A sick person needs tenderness, he quite naturally likes to lean on something. But in Oran, the extreme climate, the amount of business going on, the insignificance of the surroundings, the speed with which night falls and the quality of pleasure, all demand good health. A sick person is very lonely here … You will understand what could be disagreeable about death, even a modern one, when it happens in such a dry place. Even so this meager information may give a sufficient idea of our town. In any event, one should not exaggerate. It is important to stress the ordinariness of the town and its life. But one easily passes the time away when one has a routine. To the very extent that our town encourages routine, one might say that all is for the best. Admittedly, seen like that, life is not too exciting. At least disorder is unknown among us. And our people, open, likeable and energetic, have always elicited a fair degree of respect from travelers … By now, it will be easy to accept that nothing could lead the people of our town to expect the events that took place in the spring of that year and which, as we later understood, were like the forerunners of the series of grave happenings that this history intends to describe. To some people these facts will seem quite natural; to others, on the contrary, improbable. … On the morning of April 16, Dr Bernard Rieux emerged from his consulting-room and came across a dead rat in the middle of the landing. At the time he pushed the animal aside without paying attention to it and went down the stairs . But once he was in the street it occurred to him that the rat should not have been there and he turned back to inform the concierge. The concierge’s, Old Michel, reaction made him still more aware of the incongruity of his discovery. To him the presence of this dead rat had seemed merely odd, while for the concierge it was an outrage. In fact, the man was adamant: there were no rats in the house. However much the doctor assured him that there was one on the first-floor landing, probably dead, Michel’s conviction was firm. There were no rats in the house, so this one must have been brought in from outside. In short, it was a practical joke . That same evening Rieux was standing in the corridor of the building, looking for his keys before going up to his flat, when he saw a large rat emerge hesitantly from the dark depths of the corridor, its fur damp. The creature stopped, seemed to be trying to get its balance, stopped again, spun round and round with a faint cry and eventually fell, blood spurting from its half-open lips. The doctor looked at it for a moment, then went upstairs. “The next day, April 17, at 8 o’clock, the concierge stopped the doctor as he went past and accused some jokers of having put three dead rats in the middle of the corridor. They must have been caught with large traps because they were covered in blood. … Rieux was intrigued and decided to start his rounds in the outer districts where the poorest of his patients lived . Here the rubbish was collected much later in the dayand his car, driving along the straight, dusty roads of this area, brushed against boxes of rubbish lying on the edge of the pavement. In one street he drove down in this way the doctor counted a dozen rats, tipped out on the dirty rags and vegetable peelings … Rieux was soon to find that the whole district was talking about the rats .”

“When he had finished his visits he went home … The telegram was to tell Rieux that his mother was arriving the next day. She would be looking after her son’s house while his sick wife was away … Rambert came straight to the point. He was doing an investigation for a large Parisian newspaper about the living conditions of the Arabs and wanted information about their state of health. Dr. Rieux told him that their health was not good … The doctor told him that there was an intriguing report to be written about the number of dead rats that were turning up in the town at the moment. … The next morning, April 18, the doctor was bringing his mother home from the station and found Michel looking even more poorly: from the cellar to the attic, there were a dozen rats lying on the stairs. The dustbins in the neighboring houses were full of them. The doctor’s mother was not surprised when he told her. ‘Things like that happen.’ … Rieux phoned the district rodent control service, where he knew the director. Had he heard about these rats which were emerging in large numbers and dying in the open? Yes, he had been informed; they had even discovered more than fifty of them in his own offices, which were not far from the port … His cleaner had just told him that they had picked up several hundred dead rats in the large factory where her husband worked. In any event, it was around this time that our townspeople started to become concerned. Indeed, from the 18th onwards, factories and warehouses began to produce hundreds of bodies of dead rats … That was the day the evening papers picked up the matter, asking if the civic authorities intended to do something, or not, and what emergency measures had they planned to protect the public from this disgusting infestation. The authorities had not considered or planned anything at all, but started by holding a council meeting to discuss it. An order was given to the rodent control service to collect the dead rats every morning at dawn. When the collection was over, two of the service’s vans should take the animals to the waste incineration plant to have them burnt. Despite this, in the days that followed the situation got worse. The number of rodents picked up continued to increase and the harvest was greater morning by morning. After the fourth day the rats started to emerge in groups to die. They came up from basements and cubby-holes, cellars and drains, in long swaying lines; they staggered in the light, collapsed and died, right next to people. At night, in corridors and side-streets, one could clearly hear the tiny squeaks as they expired. In the morning, on the outskirts of town, you would find them stretched out in the gutter with a little floret of blood on their pointed muzzles, some blown up and rotting, others stiff, with their whiskers still standing up. In the town itself you found them in small heaps, on landings or in the courtyards of houses. They also came to die, one by one, in council offices, in schoolyards, sometimes on the terraces of cafes. Our fellow-citizens were amazed to come across them in the busiest parts of town . The parade-ground, the boulevards and the sea-front promenade were contaminated by them at intervals. Cleared of its dead animals at dawn, the town got them back through the day in increasing numbers. More than one person walking at night along the pavement would experience the feeling of the elastic bulk of a still fresh corpse under his feet … Things got to the point where Infodoc (the agency for information and documentation, ‘all you need to know on any subject’) announced in its free radio news program that 6,231 rats had been collected and burned in a single day, the 25th . This figure, which gave a clear meaning to the daily spectacle that everyone in town had in front of their eyes, disconcerted them even more. Up to then people had merely complained about a rather disgusting accident. Now they saw that there was something threatening in this phenomenon , the extent and origin of which was not yet clear to them … However, on April 28 Infodoc announced a collection of around eight thousand rats and anxiety reached its peak in the town. People called for radical measures, accusing the authorities of inaction, and some families who had seaside homes were already talking about escaping to them. But the following day the agency announced that the phenomenon had abruptly stopped and that the rodent control service had gathered only an insignificant number of dead rats. The town heaved a sigh of relief. Yet it was on that same day, at twelve, that Dr Rieux, pulling up in his car in front of his block of flats, saw the concierge at the end of the street, walking along painfully, his head bent forward, his arms and legs akimbo, like a puppet. … Rieux looked into the dark corners of the corridors and asked Grand, the civil servant, if the rats had entirely vanished from the area. Grand had no idea. Certainly people had spoken a good deal about the business, but he paid very little attention to rumors in the neighborhood …The vendors of the evening papers were shouting that the invasion of rats had ended

Iranian Stupid Bastard: Reza Pahlavi

September 22, 2011

Reza Pahlavi is the stupid leader of the ultra-stupid Monarchists, who live in the US, i.e. in an old Republic system ! These stupid bastards are like stupid sheep, who want to have “Big Brother”, or as Iranians say “Sare Khar” (Donkey’s head) and desperately try to restore the monarchy in the 21st century. Many Iranians say: “The Monarchy and the Mullah regime are two side of the same coin, and both are dead for us. “Taj” (crown), Amameh (Mullah’s hat), the religious tyranny (Mullah regime) and the secular tyranny (Monarchy) are so disgraced and hateful in Iran”


The Monarchists call Reza Pahlavi “Shah-Zadeh” (Prince), while the ordinary Iranians call him “Shazdeh” that is a funny term for referring to the hated a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s. In the recent years, “Shazdeh” and “Mullah” have become funny insulting words for calling the stupid jerks. Iranians say: “Shazdeh wish he seized the throne form Mullah (Khamenei). Shazdeh wish he wore the crown again. But it’s an impossible dream. Shazdeh can not put the crown on his head, he must put it into his ass”. In Iran, Shazdeh is as hateful as Mullah, and Iranians truly believe they are the same shit.


The stupid Monarchists say: “Shah (Pahlavi)is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Shah (Pahlavi) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. And the stupid Islamists say: “Vali Faqih (Khamenei) is the father of Iran. Iran is the land of many ethnicities and only Vali Faqih (Khamenei) can keep all ethnic groups united!”. The Monarchists and the Islamists have the same vocabulary, too. For example, “Big Brother” for the Monarchists is “Shah” and for the Islamists is “Vali Faqih”; “Gestapo” for the Monarchists is “Savak” and for the Islamists is “Sepah”; “State thugs” for the Monarchists is “Jan Nesar”, and for the Islamists is “Fadaii (Basiji)”; “Your Majesty” for the Monarchists is “Alahazrat” and for the Islamists is “Ozma (Moazam)”; “The Hitler Salute” for the Monarchists is “Javid Shah”, and for the Islamists is “Payande Rahbar”.


So, Iranians truly say: “the Islamists = the Monarchists = the stupid sheep”. The vast majority of Iranians inside Iran believe: “This is 21st century, this is not the 1800s. This is 2010s, this is not 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi tries to be another Khomeini, but it’s impossible. The stupid Pahlavi and his stupid fans have eaten “Maghze Khar” (Donkey’s brain) and think others have eaten it too ! But the educated Iranians in 21st century, are not as stupid as these stupid bastards; They are not the stupid sheep of 1970s. The stupid Pahlavi thinks that he can use Khomeini’s tactics and deceive the people; But it’s an impossible dream. Iranians inside Iran, are not like the stupid sheep in LA, who still live in 1970s”


“The stupid Pahlavi and the stupid Monarchists still think that the US can help them to restore the monarchy. These stupid bastards don’t know that even God can not restore the monarchy in the 21st century !! The Reza Pahlavi and stupid Monarchists want to establish a secular “Thugocracy” in Iran, that is an “Idiocracy” or a “Sheepocracy”. But Iranians say: “Both the monarchy and the Islamic regime, i.e. the secular Thugocracy or religious Thugocracy, belong to history. Those who want to restore the Monarchy or the Islamic regime, i.e. the Idiocracy or the Sheepocracy, in Iran in 21st century, only have one solution: ‘They can go and f-u-c-k themselves in the US and the UK”.


“No nation swallows its own vomit”, some say. In fact, no man and no nation eat its own shit. The Iranian bastards in the US who want to eat shit and restore the Monarchy in 21st century, are a bunch of psychotic bastards who belong to the Stone Age. The Iranian youths ask: “Why these stupid cavemen, i.e. stupid Monarchists, can live in the US ?? Does the US have place for the cavemen and the Stone Age’ people?” But as we said before, when groups who believe in the flat earth ! or those who believe that the Sun orbits the earth !!, can live in the US, then the stupid Monarchists can live there, too. There is not any significant difference between them !

Serious Threat: a Warning to Internet Users

September 22, 2011

“The Iranian Internet users should be very very careful about their VPN connections, and also about all circumvention tools that they use for bypassing the Mullah censorship and the Mullah surveillance. Iranians should be aware that the majority of VPN connections are unsafe; many of them connect to the machines that have invalid IP addresses: “10.x.x.x”. These Invalid IP addresses, that are address of local networks, are the address of the Mullah Surveillance Machines”, some Iranian experts say. “This a new plan; a new dreadful proxy system. Now, Iran has become like a big private company and the internet in Iran has become like a local network of that company !! It’s the first step in unplugging the internet in Iran and imposing dreadful Orwellian surveillance on Iranian internet users. By this new system they can do many horrible attacks and surveillance”, some experts add. “The Mullahs could implement this ambitious plan and system, that is still incomplete, by the help of the western companies, like Siemens-Nokia“, they add. The new plan and new system is very very dangerous, and the Diginotar debacle was only a small part of it. The experts advise: “You always should check the IP address of your connections, especially your VPN connection, and make sure that it has a trustworthy IP. In any case, your IP should not be ’10.x.x.x’ (for example: 10.10.68.x, or, etc) or a Chinese or Mullah IP”. The experts also add: “In Iran, many VPN connections, don’t connect to their servers, but they connect to the Mullah machines (mostly with ’10.x.x.x’ IPs) ! In some cases after eavesdropping, your data will send to VPN servers, and in some cases the Mullah machines become your VPN servers !! It’s what the Mullahs do about many VPN connections in Iran . The Mullahs don’t block VPN connections, but instead they eavesdrop on VPN connections !! And the same is true for almost all other circumvention tools. All Iranians should be very careful about the Chinese and Taiwanese IP addresses, as well as the Mullah IP addresses, that are used as servers’ IP for many circumvention tools in Iran, especially for UltraSufr !” It’s really horrible. Iranians really live in the Orwellian Society of 1984.

“The Mullahs can block many VPN connections and many circumvention tools, but they don’t. But why ? The Mullahs don’t block them, because now they can eavesdrop on you and your connections !!”, some experts say. It’s really true. Now, many ISPs are part of this new dreadful plan. “In some ISPs, you even can not do ‘Traceroute’ by common tools (common ‘Traceroute’ has been blocked), because all your connections, not just your VPN connection, pass through the new ’10.x.x.x’ Mullah surveillance machines “, some experts say. And some experts truly believe : “the Mullahs want to eavesdrop on our communications, and that’s why they don’t block many circumvention tools. We already knew that Tor and UltraSurf are not safe and secure, and many Mullah nodes and many Chinese fake servers have f-u-c-ked these tools, but now we can say that many VPN connections are not safe and secure, too”. Under these dreadful Orwellian conditions, the Iranian internet users should be very careful about their communications. The naive people and those who are not aware of the problem, are the main victim of the new Mullah plan. Now many Iranian activists say: “The foreign countries should not leave Iranians and the Iranian activists alone. The Mullahs have spent billion dollars on their Orwellian plan, and the stupid projects like Tor, Ultrasurf, etc can not compete with the expensive western technologies that have been sold to the Mullahs. Public opinion, in all around the world, should be aware of our dreadful conditions in Iran, and should do something for helping us, before it’s too late. Don’t leave us alone“. And don’t forget Albert Camus’s “the Plague”. The plague threatens all of us, in all around the world. What has begun in Iran, threatens the freedom and the privacy of all Internet users.

9/11 and Mr. Stupid (Noam Chomsky)

September 21, 2011

In the recent days, Noam Chomsky had some interviews with the western media and again talked nonsense about 9/11 and the Arab world. Democracy Now had an interview with him on September 13, 2011. Noam Chomsky, or “Mr. stupid” as we call him here, is full of shit and shitty contradictions. He says: “Right at this moment, Obama has succeeded in descending even below George W. Bush in approval in the Arab world .” It’s really stupid. The Arab world is a very stupid reactionary world, and can not show us anything about the goodness or badness of anything. Some funny Iranians say: “F-u-c-k you and the Arab world, man. Why the Arab world should be important, while we know it’s a very stupid and reactionary world. Sometimes Mr. stupid criticize Saudi Arabia’s government, but he doesn’t say that the main problem is the Saudi society, i.e. the main part of his beloved Arab world. Mr. stupid talks nonsense about Iran and Saudi Arabia, while he pretends ignorance about the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia . Mr. stupid is really so shameless. He talks nonsense about Iran’s regime and Saudi regime, while he know nothing about the difference between Iranian society and Saudi society .” As we said before, Mr. stupid clearly says that the Arab world love the Mullah regime and the Mullahs ! , while Iranians hate the Mullahs and the Mullah regime. It’s like we say Neo-Nazi groups in Germany supported the Bush regime in the US, so the Bush regime was a very good regime and very popular. Mr. stupid tries to use this sort of stupid arguments to say that the Mullah regime is popular !! Yes, the Mullah regime is popular, but for non-Iranians !! i.e. some one like Mr. stupid and the ultra-stupid Arabs in the Arab world . As we said before, Mr. stupid, who love the Mullah regime, must be forced to live in Iran. He doesn’t deserve to live in the free world. Mr. stupid also adds: “Theres a perception in the Arab world that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships and that the U.S. blocks democracy and development and that we do it because we want to keep control over their energy resources”. But it’s very funny that Mr stupid and his stupid fans support harsh, oppressive dictatorships in the name of independence. They support Chavez, Gaddafi, Khamenei, Assad, and other savage tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism. They blocks democracy and development and that they do it because they want to fight against the imperialism ! It’s really stupid. Mr. stupid doesn’t say that the US supports harsh, oppressive dictatorships in Iran and Syria, too. He and his stupid friends try to pretend ignorance about this important matter.

Mr. stupid, Noam Chomsky, adds: “the 9/11 attack was pretty harshly criticized throughout the Muslim world, but particularly in the jihadi movement, you know, fatwas from leading clerics, harsh condemnation [!]… We did not pursue the options for diplomatic, peaceful, negotiated settlements …There were tentative offers from the Taliban to allow a trial of bin Laden [!!] It was not pursued [!!!] “. Chomsky really deserves to be called “Mr. stupid”. He calls his shitty idea “An Alternative Solution for 9/11” !! It’s really shameful. He pretends ignorance that the Taliban and the Islamists are Orwellian evil and what they say are Orwellian concepts (for them, ‘Justice’ means “injustice”, ‘peace’ means “war”, ‘love’ means “hate”, etc). They are exactly like the Mullahs. The only thing that is totally meaningless in their system is “Justice” and a fair trial ! Iranians can understand the depth of the stupidity of Noam Chomsky and the stupid lefts easily. Mr. stupid and his fans think that Iran or Afghanistan are like the US !, where they can publish their bullshits whiteout any serious outcome. These bastards don’t know that if you ask a very simple question about “Justice”, “Fair trial”, “Free speech”, “Free election”, etc in Iran or Taliban regime, you will send to the prison and will be raped and tortured there. These stupid bastards don’t know that in a medieval dictatorship system, like the Mullah regime and Taliban regime, you have not any right and you should obey the Big Brother without asking any question. Chomsky and the stupid lefts pretend ignorance about the Taliban and Afghanistan. But we, i.e. Iranians inside Iran, know Afghans and Afghanistan. Before 2001, Afghanistan was a total disaster for all Afghans. They had a very dreadful civil war for about 25 years, and many of them lived in Iran or Pakistan. The stupid Afghan Islamists killed each other and the civilians, and had ruined Afghanistan. In 2001, when the US and Nato attacked Afghanistan, almost all ordinary Afghans were very very happy. The savage Taliban and 25 years civil war had sickened all Afghans. Their main wish was that a foreign country or the UN comes and solves their dreadful problems. In 2001, they want to kiss the US’s hands. We have seen how happy were Afghans and how happy they are now. Of course, in the recent years they have had many stupid problems there, but compared to the pre-2001 era, their current situation is like heaven. In 2001, many Afghans said: “the attack on the Taliban regime and Afghanistan is a gift form God“. In 2001, Afghans did not have anything, absolutely nothing. But now, they have a country, a future, etc. They also enjoy rebuilding, freedom and free media (much more than Iran), etc. But the stupid lefts pretend that Afghanistan is Vietnam. And it’s a big lie. The stupid lefts are big liars and big jerks . It’s so obvious that there are many problems in Afghanistan, but the stupid lefts who loved Taliban and civil war in Afghanistan, have not any right to talk about these problems. These bastards, themselves are part of the problem. These bastards pretend ignorance about Afghan conditions before 2001, and how many of Afghans were killed, raped, and tortured. The number is really much more than the number of victims after 2001. As we said before, Mr. stupid and other stupid lefts had the same solution for Libya and about the savage Gaddafi. In fact, they wanted to save the savage Gaddafi and his medieval regime, that was their close friend . These stupid bastards don’t deserve to live in the free world; they must be forced to live in Iran to understand the true meaning of Taliban or Mullah justice, and also the true meaning of their shameful and ridiculous alternative solution !

The stupid lefts defend all stupid reactionary things in the world, including the Arab world. In the recent months, the media reported: “ Hundreds of thousands of ultra-religious Egyptian Islamists packed Tahrir Square (of Egypt) in an unprecedented show of support for the creation of an Islamic republic</strong". "The Islamists showed their true colors today, said a liberal Egyptian. From this day on, everyone will know these guys cant tolerate others views. Theyve been pretending they can work with others, he added. The report said: "the prospect of something like Iran was very much on the minds of remnants of the secular youth movement that led Egypts popular uprising in the spring, who were in Tahrir Square Friday. It was the largest protest in Egypt since the February departure of Mubarak and, overwhelmed by the Islamists numbers and by the Islamists stark religious agenda, the secularists walked out of the square and complained to the press that they had been deceived and would have no part of further joint protests with the Islamist groups. Banners put in place in the wee hours of Friday morning proclaimed, 'Islamic law is above the constitution [!!]‘ while chants used throughout the day in the square insisted ‘the people want to implement Sharia [!!]‘.’We can live in an Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood in government,’ said a Christian Egyptian, but not if they govern by Sharia. This is not the Egypt we want. The spokesman for the fundamentalist Salafists , dismissed the complaints of the secularists. There was no agreement, he said, referring to the concord said to have been reached between the two sides to avoid confrontation. If they [the secularists] dont want an Islamic state, theyre free to go [!!!!!]. He challenged them: If theyre so sure they represent the people, let them see if they can fill a square with three- or four-million people. Show us … We are the people. This is an Islamic country. And this is the Arab world that the stupid lefts defend it ! In the recent days, Turkey’s prime minister was in Egypt and said: “To Egyptians who view secularism as removing religion from the state, or as an infidel state, I say you are mistaken. It means respect to all religions. If this is implemented, the entire society will live in safety. Turkish secularism respects atheists. Do not be wary of secularism. I hope there will be a secular state in Egypt”. But the stupid Egyptian Islamists said: “In Turkey, when a man finds a woman in bed with another man, he can’t kill her because it is not permitted there [!]. In Turkey, when you find a non-believer man in the media, you can’t fire him or arrest him because it is not permitted there. It means that Turkey violates Islamic Shariah law” [!!] And this is the Arab world. This is the stupid Arab World that the stupid lefts defend it. The stupid pro-Islamist people in Egypt need some one like Khamenei, and they really deserve to be raped and killed by the Islamists, and only after that they will understand the true meaning of what they want now. Some Iranians say: “ Such kind of foolishness in 21st century, only proves that many Egyptians and many Arabs of the Arab World are like blind sheep ! ” It’s really true. The Arab world is very stupid, but Iran is not like the Arab world. Iran is much more modern that the Arab world. The majority of ordinary people in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and even in Turkey are pro-Islamists. But the majority of Iranians hate all Islamists very much. It’s very important. In fact, Iran is really much more than all countries of the Middle East and Africa. Their societies and their people are at least 50 years more backward than Iran. Of course, Iran’s regime, i.e. the Mullahs who are anti-Iranians and pro-Arabs, is the stupidest regime of the Middle East. But the stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, defend both the Arab world and the Mullah regime, i.e. the most reactionary things in the world. They are the real enemy of the ordinary Iranians and all free and liberal people in the world.

Humor: Only in Iran !

September 21, 2011

The Mullahs are really bankrupted in Iran. They desperately try to show that the ordinary Iranians still care about them.


But in the most cases, the ordinary Iranians make fool of the Mullahs, and make fun of them.


So, the Mullahs use the prostitutes and pretend that they are the ordinary people who love the Mullahs ! Some groups of these prostitutes are called “Zendeh 5-Zari” (cheap and nasty prostitute). The majority of them are the Monarchists. The people also call them “Bastard Khayemals” (bastard ass-lickers).


And the other groups of these stupid prostitutes are called “Zendeh 2-Zari” (very cheap and nasty prostitute). Iranians hate all of these stupid prostitutes, but when the Mullahs use the prostitutes to show that they still have some supporters in Iran, it really gives Iranians great pleasure.


The Mullahs support the prostitutes and vice versa, while the Mullahs arrest and rape the ordinary people for violating the Mullah Moral Values !! But what happen in the Mullah prisons is really beyond hypocrisy.


It’s what Iranians call it “the Mullah logic; The logic of
Islamist-Rapists”. The Mullahs are the most hypocrite people in our planet. The second ones are the Monarchists and the Rajavists.

WikiLeaks revealed: Mullah Coup + Mullah Mafia

September 20, 2011

WikiLeaks has revealed one of the most important documents about Khamenei Coup in 2009, and the fake and phony war between the Mullah and the West, i.e. between the fake enemies. A London Embassy’s cable in 2009 says: “xxxx says Election precluded by ‘POLITICAL COUP’ and Khamenei’s office ordered engineering of the election and of attempted suppression which has followed”. It’s what Wikileaks had leaked about Iran’s giant election fraud in 2009 . But now, after revealing the name of secret agents, we know who is this “xxxx”. The ‘xxxx’ is Seyed Salman Safavi, brother of ex-IRGC commander and Khamenei’s military advisor Rahim Safavi !!! . It’s very meaningful. Rahim Safavi was the head of IRGC (Sepah) for about 10 years !! and IRGC (Sepah) is the military organization that planed and launched the 2009 military coup, and killed, raped and tortured the Iranian protesters in 2009. The cable says: “Rahim Safavi’s brother, Salman Safavi, on June 16, 2009 told London Iran Watcher, Poloff, and a small group of [European] diplomats that a person he cannot name, very close to Khamenei, and ‘working in the Khamenei’s office’ [i.e. Khamenei’s son, Mojtaba] conceived and ordered engineering of the election and of attempted suppression which has followed . On the margins of the meeting afterwards, speaking to Poloff and to German Political Counselor Hans Best, Safavi said IRGC commander Jafari has been a principal planner and instigator of election manipulations . Asked about the possible role of Mojtaba Khamenei, Safavi said that ‘yes, we have serious division.’ He said he could not name who in Khamenei’s Office was involved, but emphasized ‘the large majority’ of IRGC rank and file oppose what has happened . After warning the group against any leaks of his remarks, Safavi characterized events in Iran since June 12, 2009 as a ‘political coup,’ and said ‘the Islamic Republic has never faced such a situation. Asked for an explanation of events since June 12, Safavi gave a tense, extended narrative that closely resembled reformist narratives. Safavi said ruling circles on June 12 had fully expected that, due to the political chemistry and excitement generated by the Moussavi-AN debate, Moussavi would emerge a clear winner . The indicia of fraud he listed were similar to what Western observers have cited, but centered on implausible proportions of the vote for AN uniformly throughout Iran and an implausibly fast announcement. Safavi said the deliberate interruption of SMS services [that Khamenei ordered it] had been a key factor in inhibiting opposition candidates’ supporters from effectively monitoring vote compilation at polling centers. Safavi said the television debates were a very new factor and that the atmosphere, and insiders’ sense of control … changed completely overnight’ after the Moussavi-AN debate; ‘Green appeared everywhere.’ He also said the debates produced ‘an explosion’ among the clergy, directed against AN . Safavi said the ultimate denouement will be determined by Khamenei. He said the ballots as cast June 12 are too tainted for a recount now to have value. He said the US must not recognize AN. He said [those who were behind the electoral manipulations in 2005] are behind the current manipulation of election results . Safavi said Rafsanjani had chosen not to respond to the electoral manipulations which had undercut him in the previous (2005) presidential elections and the 2007 Majles elections, but now he and ‘those whom this figure represents … do not accept a third provocation’. Safavi repeated the phrase at several points in the evening’. It’s really a very important confession. It’s a historical document that can show us many things, not just the secrets behind the Mullah Military Coup of 2009; a notorious coup against the people and the people’s votes.


Another important fact the leaked cable revealed is that Safavi’s brother and his family live in London !!! like many other Mullahs and Mullah families !!. Can you believe that the brother of Safavi, the head of IRGC (Sepah), and the brother of Rezai, the ex-head of IRGC (Sepah), both live in London, with their families ?? !! “if Britons had known that in 1940s, Nazi authorities for example the head of Gestapo or SS, or their brothers and their families lived in the US, what they would have done or thought about the US ?? Shame on British bastards who make love with the Mullah Gestapo and the Mullah SS”, some Iranians say. They also add: “The Mullahs and their relatives who live in London, are Mullah agent and British Spy; They are double-agent and work for both the Mullah regime and the UK, but there is no difference between these two mercenary jobs ! Because all the Mullahs, especially Khamenei and IRGC thugs are the UK’s agents and British mercenaries . Almost all Iranians know that the UK is the Mullah Maker.” It’s really shameful that Safavi’s brother live in London. Shame on you the British Mullah Makers; and shame on all hypocrite British politicians. It’s so obvious that these Mullahs are member of the Mullah Mafia in the West. They work for both the western countries and the Mullah regime. The leaked cable adds: “Savafi emphasized the coup was ‘not a military coup,’ [!!!!!] since, according to Safavi, there was for the most part no involvement by the great majority of IRGC officers [!!!!!!] at the same time, Safavi drew a clear line between the IRGC and the Basij [!!!!!!], emphasizing the Basijis’ central role in suppression of protestors [!!!!]”. It’s a very big stupid lie. IRGC and Basij are a same thing. In fact, Basiji is (officially) part of IRGC and what Savafi said is a very huge lie for deceiving the naive people in USA. The IRGC is the main responsible for the barbarian suppression, and killing and raping the Iranian protesters. The Basiji thugs are IRGC’s members and IRGC manage them and paid their mercenary wage. The leaked cable also revealed some other important facts. “Safavi appeared at the invitation of the Next Century Foundation (NCF), a small UK policy forum NGO enjoying occasional Embassy support; Safavi had just arrived in the UK from Tehran late that same day, June 16. The venue was the residence of the German Political Counselor; besides NCF staff, attendees included Mrs. Safavi, the Norwegian, Spanish, and Japanese embassies and a mid-level Whitehall (UK) diplomat”. Can you see how the Mullah Mafia agents work with the European and Western agents. It’s really shameful and it’s another clear sign of the fake and phony war between the fake enemies. Safavi, and other Mullah agents, try to keep the Mullah regime safe, and seek the western countries’ help and support. The leaked cable also adds: “Safavi also said that ‘a majority’ of leaders within the government of Iran and the IRGC [!!!] [i.e. the Mullah thugs, and the Mullah mercenaries (Khatamists and Rafsanjani agents)] want the US, continuing to avoid interference in Iran [!!!] … Safavi said ‘a majority’ of the IRGC have split from the Basij and from IRGC commander Jafari over the manipulation and aftermath of the June 12 elections [!!!] [Now, we know that it was a very big lie for deceiving some naive Westerners].” Safavi, like other Mullah agents, has been an old friend of the Western agent ! The leaked cable adds: “Safavi, whom Poloff has observed in a series of similar small group sessions since 2006 , projected his usual smoothly self-confident, but seemed more ill at ease than in previous meetings. As the dinner broke up, his manner with Poloff on the margins in requesting USG public rhetorical support [!!!] for demonstrators was almost pleading in tone, and far more urgent than anything Poloff had previously heard from him [!!!]”. Another Wikileaks’ cable about 2007 meetingsshows how Safavi, a member of Mullah Mafia in the West, tried to broker secret deals between the US and the Mullahs. The cable says: “Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Chief’s brother, Salman Safavi, told London Iran Watcher that Mullahs’ cooperation on security in Iraq would be forthcoming , but in the same breath argued that a U.S. terrorist designation of the IRGC would prevent any such cooperation [!] He admitted the IRGC’s presence and role in Iraq and Afghanistan, [and talked about] Mullahs’ desire for cooperation with the US [!!!]. Safavi stated that the USG would soon see evidence of Iranian security cooperation in the form of diminished attacks. Safavi went on to argue, however, that a USG designation of IRGC as a terrorist organization would effectively end all interest, or political ability, of IRGC to cooperate with the USG on Iraqi or Afghan security .” Now, many Iranians say: “What Safavi said about IRGC, and what he did for the secret deals between the Mullahs and the US, is exactly like what Trita Parsi and NIAC said and did in the past years. The stupid bastard, Trita Paris, exactly had repeated Safavi’s bullshits”.


The leaked cable about 2009 coup, has more interesting facts. “In response to points Poloff made, in NSC’s June 16 public guidance, on the unchanging nature of international security concerns [!!], and USG respect and noninterference in Iranian affairs [!!!!] Safavi immediately and in front of the group [!] asked that USG be very careful not to de-emphasize human rights in its public comments on Iran in the coming days [!!!!]“. Shame on you American Bastards. Shame on you American Jerks. The Mullahs have been worry that the US should not to de-emphasize human rights in its public comments on Iran !!! It’s a clear sign that the American Bastards -Obama and his administration- did not care about the coup and the suppression, and supported the Mullahs and the Mullah coup. The leaked cable also adds: “There was then a lengthy segue, not without irony, into the role human rights should play in U.S. foreign policy in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc, followed by Safavi’s return to a request that the USG keep the human rights at the center of the USG message’ . Safavi praised USG public statements on the elections to date, and agreed the principle of noninterference needs to be constantly repeated [!!!!] , but said the human rights component needed to go ‘somewhat farther’. He argued that a failure to establish a strong and clear signal on human rights would legitimate, and thereby empower, security forces to slowly and quietly crush the current resistance “. Oh, yah ! and it’s exactly what the American Bastards did for their Mullah allies in 2009. They did not support the Iranian protesters and the ordinary Iranians, and sent a very clear green signal to the Mullahs to crush the people resistance by killing, raping, and torturing ten thousands of Iranians . Shame on you, the American Bastards. The cable adds: “Poloff informed Safavi that, further to Safavi’s earlier expressions of interest at traveling to Washington to brief senior U.S. experts and officials , USG officials were aware of his interest in traveling to the US. As before Poloff offered to support and expedite the application but noted sharp limitations on Poloff’s ability to assist; Safavi was visibly disappointed, remarking ruefully he would have to tell people “my Washington connection [!!!] cannot produce as I wished .” Safavi politely noted Poloff’s pending departure from post and asked for an introduction to the incoming London Iran Watcher -Poloff made tentative arrangements for introductions to be made in person on June 30, shortly before Dr. and Mrs Safavi are due to return from the UK to Iran”. Shame on you, the American Jerks. It clearly shows how the fake enemies work with each other. And how the American politicians work with the Mullahs and the Mullah Mafia in the US. The leaked cable also had another funny fact. “Poloff, seated next to Safavi during dinner, offered Dr. and Mrs. Safavi one set apiece of Farsi language versions of Obama’s Cairo speech … Safavi hesitated and then said he preferred the blue folder, jestingly remarking that blue is candidate Rezai’s color, and handing the green folder to his wife with the comment that ‘she and all my daughters are green – for Moussavi’ [!!!!] . Safavi shortly afterwards repeated the jest for the benefit of other guests, this time ostentatiously picking the green folder back from his wife, and remarking loudly ‘actually everyone now is a Moussavi supporter ‘[!!!]”. Almost all Iranians know this, and only the stupid lefts and the American jerks denied it !!!. But it’s very interesting that even the wives of the Mullah agents, work as a spy in the secret meetings between the secret agents !! There is a lot of funny stories about the Mullah Mafia and Mullah agents in the west, and in the near future you would hear more about them.

Iranian Daily Life and Western Misconceptions

September 19, 2011

The world knows nothing about Iranians and the Iranian life. Many have dreadful delusions about Iran. Many think that Iran is an Arab state !! Many think that Iranians are pro-Islamists !! and Many think that Iranians are like the Mullahs. Iran is not part of the global community, because the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians don’t allow it. But Iran is one of the oldest member of the global community and is the most modern country in the Middle East. The western media often has dreadful articles about Iran, but an article by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail in 2007 , that had its own weak points, was a rare good and acceptable article about Iran. I like it because it has many good and true points about the ordinary Iranians and the daily life in Iran. On the other hand, it also has written by a non-Iranian and it’s impossible to accuse him of something like being chauvinist or nationalist. Hitchens said: “The last thing the Mullahs need is for the peoples of Europe and America to know much about their country and its people, or to realize the truth – that Iran is our natural ally in the Middle East, a European civilization trapped by history and geography in the midst of Arabia. It does not belong there, culturally or religiously. We treat Turkey like a brother, when it is a militant Islamic state kept secular only by a disguised military dictatorship. And we treat Iran like a pariah, when it’s a largely secular nation kept Islamic only by an ageing and discredited, but open, despotism. ” It’s really true. Iran or Persia is really much more modern than all nations in the Middle East and Africa, from the Arab states to Turkey and Egypt. For more than 3000 years, at least since Zoroaster’s time to Muhammad, Arabs were just the barbarian tribes inside or outside the deserts of the southern borders of Iran (Persia). Even now in 21st century and in what the media call it “the Arab Spring”, you can see that the majority of Turks and Arabs are Islamists or pro-Islamists, while the majority of Iranians hate Islamists and pro-Islamists. It’s very important and meaningful. Iranians and many Europeans are “Arian” and the Arians immigrated to Europe form Iran (Persia). Of course, it’s so obvious that there is no difference between the human beings. All of us are African, and have immigrated from there. And there is no difference between young and modern Arabs or Turks and Iranians. Indeed, the facts about Iran and Iranians are not racist facts. But the people should know about these facts, because many have dreadful misconceptions about Iran and Iranians.


Hitchens said: “In the past ten days I have traveled across beautiful, hospitable Persia and talked to many of its people. I have been inside private homes and found out what Iranian people think and why. I have tried to understand the sweet, sad mystery of Iran’s unique brand of Islam, quite unlike the hard, aggressive faith found in the Arab lands .” It’s really true. Even Iranian Islam is not like Arab Islam. Hitchens added: “Now some think they have found something to be afraid of in Iran. This is the land of the glowering Mullahs, the book-burning mobs, the Fatwas of death and the black chador. When I told my friends and family I was going to Tehran, they looked at me as if I were taking a short break in Mordor. But the people of Iran are probably the most pro-Western in the world. By bringing this information back to you I expect to annoy the frowning Mullahs, who want their people to fear us as much as Bush and Blair want us to fear Iran. They long for our rage and threats “. It’s really true. Both the Mullahs and the stupid western politicians have a lot of interests in their phony war with each other, so they distort the facts and try to deceive public opinion. Hitchens also added: “I am under no illusions about how barbaric the government can be to those who challenge it openly in the Press or other public forums. But I think its power is waning, and can be kept alive only if we are fool enough to fall for the propaganda of the people who brought us the Iraq War”. It’s really true. We know for example, many British people hate Blair or Cameron, while the vast majority of Iranians deeply hate the Mullahs. Hitchens added: “I have also talked to those who enjoy the illicit thrill of drinking whisky in an Islamic republic whose soldiers still spend hours smashing smuggled cargoes of alcohol. I have observed the cunning efforts of Iran’s women to subvert and mock the ridiculous dress codes forced on them by silly old men. I have seen how many others choose to follow rules of modesty they personally believe in ” It’s really true. It’s the reality of Iran and Iranian life. It’s the true meaning of Iranian daily life in 21st century.


Hitchens said: “I have been told unprintably rude jokes about Khomeini [and the Mullahs]. Let me begin in Tehran, Iran’s colossal, ugly and charming capital city. This is a very young city in a very youthful country. About 40 per cent of Iran’s 70million people are 15 years old or younger, and in Tehran the concentration of the young is even greater. On the walls of the long-deserted US Embassy, site of the kidnap of dozens of diplomats, slogans in English and Persian still promise to inflict a great defeat on America. But these things are old, flaking, faded and largely ignored by the people. They have other things on their minds – mainly private life” It’s really true. The Iranian private life, and what Iranians have on their minds, are totally different from the Mullah propaganda or the western media propaganda. Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Mullah values, and the Mullahs norms. Each person who goes to Iran, can realize the truth soon. Hitchens also added: “In a bustling restaurant in north Tehran, where Iran’s wealthy middle classes live, it is obvious that Islamic dress has been forced on the many women present and that they are determined to let everyone know it is not their choice“. It’s really true, but it’s not only about Tehran or north Tehran. Almost in all parts of Tehran, and in all cities of Iran, you can see the same thing. Hitchens added: “Personally, I found Tehran much less oppressively Islamic than Kensington High Street in London, where an ever-growing number of women voluntarily go about in black shrouds, masks and veils. This is not some medieval theocracy where females are hidden away or forced to do the will of their menfolk. Men and women sit in animated mixed groups at the lunch tables, conversing as equals. Headscarves are worn. It is still the absolute law. But they are worn in such a way as to make a fool of that law. They are pushed back as far as they can go without actually falling off, held in place by no more than a blast of hairspray, revealing the front parts of elaborate and often vertical hairstyles – frequently blonde “, It’s really true. It’s really a funny fact (specially about Kensington street!). And It’s the reality of daily life in Iran, in almost all parts of Iran and all parts of Tehran.


Hitchens said: “In a park by a lake, some teenage girls are splashing each other. Incredibly, several of them have illegally taken off their headscarves. Even more incredibly, their teachers pretend not to notice. On the streets the women walk and stand like Parisians. Somehow, with a belt here and an adjustment there, they manage to make the modest ‘Manteau’ jackets look chic. They laugh and chatter . The days when public laughter was a criminal offence are long gone. About one in 50 seems to have had recent plastic surgery on her nose. They wear their bandages with pride and some even stick plaster on their faces to pretend that they have undergone this subversive surgery. The desire among lovely Persian women to look like Snow White is strange but it is a direct reaction to authority’s attempts to make them look like bats and crows . The fashionable cafes are full of painted, un-Islamic butterflies, sipping milkshakes or coffee. The upstairs rooms are reserved -by common consent- for couples to meet away from the intrusive eyes of their families [and the Mullah Police]”. It’s really true. The people who have gone to Iran, and the people who live in Iran, know that what Hitchens says is the reality of Iran and Iranian life. Even in the recent years, after 2007 and Hitchens’ trip, many things have changed in Iran and Iran has become more unbelievable for the foreign tourists. As we said before, the majority of Iranians are young, and Iran changes constantly and dramatically , and that’s why many, can not understand Iran and Iranians inside Iran. Hitchens added: “There is plenty of extramarital and illicit s-e-x in Iran. Among the rich, operations for ‘revirginisation’ are quite common before marriage, and contraceptives, once prohibited, are now freely on sale. Prostitutes patrol the night streets. I point this out not because I am specially glad about it, but to show how morals enforced from on high will fail if they do not have real popular support “. It’s really true. And we would write more about it later. Hitchens also added: “In the evenings, cinemas are popular places for some mild canoodling, though it is unlikely to go further than a Fifties-style kiss”. It’s really funny for many Iranians and some of them say: “Apparently the cinemas in the west are popular places for the kissing couples and French Kiss, too !! Until now, we think that it’s only true for Iran and Italy !!!”. Apparently Hitchens has not gone inside a cinema in Iran and has not seen the Iranian kissing couples in cinemas ! Some funny Iranians say: “It’s so obvious that the Iranian youths don’t go to cinemas to see the f-u-c-k-ing Mullah movies. After 2009 coup, the number of cinema goers have decreased dramatically. But those who went or still go to cinemas, go there to kiss and fondle each other, in the dark auditoriums of cinemas !”


Hitchens said: “The more the Islamic Republic tells them to loathe America, the more they yearn to to live in America. In this country, America is probably more popular, even now, than in any other country on the planet ” It’s really true. And it’s one of the most important fact, and of course the funniest fact about Iran and Iranians. While many think that Iranians are like other people of the Middle East, who are the enemy of the West and western people (especially the US and Americans), but Iranians hate the Islamists and the stupid Arabs as much as they hate the Mullahs, and they love the West and western people (especially the US and Americans) as much as they love their own country and people. The majority of Iranians yearn to live in American, Canada, or even Europe. Of course the stupid western politicians have imposed many stupid restrictions on Iranians. The western embassies in Tehran don’t respect Iranians and treat them very very badly. We would write more about this important matter later, but you should know that Iranians have to wait in the long stupid immigration queue, for about 6 to 8 years !! [or even more] Can you believe it ?! In fact, Iranians are the main victim of the fake and phony war between the Mullahs and the hypocrite western politicians. While the ordinary Iranians cannot get work visa, student visa, and tourist visa from almost all western embassies in Tehran, but the Mullahs can get their visa very easily. The hypocrite Mullahs and their families go to Europe (especially UK, Germany, and France) or Canada and Australia, and spend the stolen money there !! while the stupid sanctions are only for the ordinary Iranians ! It’s really shameful, and many Iranians are really angry about this matter. Hitchens added: “I took the clean, comfortable sleeper train 500 miles east to the shrine city of Mashhad, near the Afghan border, where I met many devout but open-minded and tolerant Iranians . In some houses, the women stayed covered at all times and I could not even shake hands with them, bowing instead. In others, they dressed and acted like Westerners”, It’s really true. Even in the religious cities of Iran, i.e. Qom and Mashhad, the majority of the people hate the Mullahs and don’t want to be like them. It’s not just Tehran or other big cities of Iran, like Esfehan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Yazd, etc (that have about 50% of Iranian population), that have tolerant and normal people, but almost all cities of Iran, even the holy religious cities, have the majority of normal and tolerant people who hate the Mullahs and the Mullah norms.


We should note that Hitchens had some misunderstanding about some things. For example, he talks nonsense about the poor people or the Mr shit’s votes in 2005. But about Mashhad, the most religious city of Iran, Hitchens said: “I have never been anywhere with such a sense of generous hospitality and consideration to strangers. The austere brand of Islam favored in Saudi Arabia is specially displeased by the Shia love of relics and glitter. When Iranian Shias go to Mecca, they are said to be treated with cold hostility. The only Shia beloved in the Sunni world is Mr. shit”. It’s really true. But Hitchens added: “It is the poor who have largely benefited from the revolution, which gave them state jobs and good schools“, it’s really wrong. The poor is the main victim of the Islamic revolution. They are the main victim of the widespread corruption and the dreadful economic situation. The poor really hates the Mullahs. The majority of Iranians, more than 70%, are the middle Class families who live around the poverty line, but they have proper education and have access to the latest technologies of 21st century. Of course, Hitchens tried to correct himself and added: “Even here [In Southern Tehran], things are not quite what they seem. My guide in this part of the city was Reza, who is now unemployed thanks to the mullahs’ mismanagement of what ought to be a fabulously rich oil and gas economy. In his part of town, there is often more fervor for football than for Islam .” It’s really true. In Southern Tehran, and in the rural areas, the people really hate the Mullahs, and suffer from the Mullah corruption and the Mullah mismanagement. As we said before, about 50% of Iranians live under poverty line, but these middle class families or the poor are the main enemy of the Mullahs. Who can love the corrupt greedy Mullahs who destroy the economics, the environment, the ordinary life and everything ?? The poor people have not enough money, but they are not blind and brainless. They can see the obvious things and can understand who is the main responsible for their dreadful situation. Hitchens also added: “There is a general belief that British spies are behind everything in Iran. It sounds funny, but it isn’t. It dates partly from the 19th Century when, with guile and bribes, British agents controlled the south of the country, hoping to keep the western borders of the Indian Empire safe”. It’s really true, but the truth is more than what Hitchens says. The history of relationship between Iran and the UK can tell the truth.

Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History: 30000 Billion !

September 18, 2011

The Mullahs and the Mullah regime are the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history. Recently, the Biggest case of embezzlement in Iran’s history has been revealed: Mr. shit’s friends have embezzled more than 30000 Billion Rials ! (more than $3 billion) only from one bank. Mr. shit is part of the Mullah corrupt system, but some stupid lefts in the west think that Mr. shit or the Mullahs are friend of the poor people ! The Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just one of the of the Islamic miracle of the corrupt Mullahs. Some experts say: “In the past 5 years, Iran has had more than $600 billion earning, but about $400 billion of it has been lost !!” Mr. shit and Khamenei call their coup government “the cleanest, most corruption-free government in Iran’s history” !!! And it’s really the biggest possible joke in Iran’s history. Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Mr shit’s first vice president, is officially accused of being a leader of a group that embezzled about 20000 billion Rials [$2 billion] through insurance fraud and other irregularities! “The Mullah bank accounts in the western countries are full of the people money, the stolen money. The Mullahs are the biggest liars, the biggest thieves, and the most hypocrite charlatans in Iran’s history. The Mullah regime is the most corrupt regime in Iran’s history “, many Iranians say in these days. “In the recent days, Abdol Reza Rahmani Fazli, head of the Calculation Tribunal, reported that Mr. shit has not deposited 120 trillion Rials !! [$12 billion] of the nation’s earnings from oil exports into the national treasury “, the media reported. Now many Iranians say: “The old thieves, i.e. the stupid Shah and the stupid Pahlavi family had wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Billions’ over 50 years, but these new thieves, the Mullahs, have wasted, stolen, and plundered ‘Trillions’ over 30 years “. Some also say: “It’s interesting how privacy of a person who’s accused of stealing billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while a petty thief would be publicly humiliated for stealing less than 0.000001% of that amount ! It’s interesting how privacy of a big thief who has stolen billions of dollars is protected by the Mullahs, while the protesters and ordinary people are tortured, raped, and killed for protesting against the corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt regime.” Now, it’s easy to understand why the economic situation in Iran is so dreadful; Why the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, while the Iranian incomes are 4 to 10 times less than the Canadian incomes. . Now some say: “When institutionalized injustice assumes hold of a justice system, systematic corruption would be an inevitable outcome”. And some add: “Do you know what the Islamic regime means? It means: “Lack of any kind of freedom, violation of every basic human rights, and widespread and systematic financial corruption “. It’s very interesting that Tehran-e Emrooz, the Mullah newspaper close to Ghalibaf, reported that of the $3 billion embezzled, about $2.8 billion has already been transferred abroad !! to Europe and North America. In fact, all the Mullahs, not just Mr shit and his friends, transfer their stolen money to Europe and North America. Some say: “The stupid western politicians in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, the US, etc make secret deals with the Mullahs and they invest the stolen money there”. It’s really shameful. As you know, Gaddafi and Assad, and almost all other savage tyrants are like the Mullahs, and invest the stolen money in the west.


“The main figure behind the biggest embezzlement in Iran’s history is Amir Mansour Khosravi, who has a controlling interest in Irans largest railroad company, the Engineering Services and Technical Foundation for Railroads, known as Traverse, which employs 8,000 people. The shares of a large steel corporation in Khuzestan have been sold to the Amir Mansoor Aria Investment Group. In 2010, 40 percent of Khuzestan Steel was sold to the same group, which had already taken control of 95 percent of National Steel of Iran the previous year. In addition, 95 percent of the Machine Tool Corporation of Lorestan was sold to this corrupt investment group . Khosravi also had two Football clubs, one in Northern Iran (Damash Gilan) and one in Southern Iran (Aria). This year, he wanted to establish a bank, Aria Bank, for himself by the stolen money, and Mr. shit’s government had given him all the necessary permissions ! He had established many other corporations, in many fields, by the stolen money, including: ‘Damash Gilan Mineral Water, Marlic Glass, Noavaran Electronic, Gohar Lake Food Industry, Tehran Miners, etc’. From 2007 to 2009, he had stolen about $80 Million. In 2009, he stole more than $800 Million. And since 2010, he has stolen more than $2 Billion !”, the media reported. But who is Amir Mansour Khosravi, (also known as “Amir Khosravi”, and “Amir Mansour Aria”) ? He is Mr. shit’s close friend; He is the bastard who bought Mr. shit’s car last year. The Mullah media say that he lives in Germany, and is one of the Iranian expat Khayemals (ass-lickers) . “When he came back to Iran [form Germany] in the mid-2000s, he had less than $1 Million, but now after a few years, he has been able to steal at least $3 Billion !!”, the Mullah media reported. Last year he paid 20 Billion Rials ($2 million) for buying Mr shit’s car !! And of course it was less than 0.1 % of the 30000 Billion Rials stolen money !! “It so obvious that he has paid more bribe to Mr. shit and other Mullahs, maybe about 30% of the stolen money”, some say. Amir Abedini, a corrupt Football manager, and many other Iranian bastards were Khosravi’s aides, but his main aides and supporters were Mr. shit and his team. “They embezzled about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank in Khozestan Province !! Two state banks, i.e. Bank Saderat (Export Bank) and Bank Melli (National Bank !!) were the main source of the embezzlement. The close friends of Mr. shit manage this two national banks”, the media added. It’s so obvious that when they can embezzle about 28000 Rials (about $3 billion) just from one branch of Saderat Bank, you can be sure that the Mullahs have embezzled hundreds billion dollars from all national banks. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt system are a very tragic black comedy. The Mullah media reported: “Gholam Hossein Elham, one of Mr shit’s allies and his ex-spokesman, said that people pay large sums to be given important positions within the government. ‘Some time ago, a person told another person, ‘You pay $200,000 to be appointed the head of such and such division,’ Elham said as an example “, When the Mullahs confess to this level of corruption, it means that the 30000 Billion Rials embezzlement, i.e. the Largest Embezzlement in Iran’s History, is just a small part of the Mullah corruption, less than 0.01% !


“Khosravi swallowing an entire bank, and the Mullahs swallowing the entire economy, while uttering, “Holoo, boro too geloo” (Peach, go down my throat). In these days, Shariatmadari, the managing editor of Kayhan, i.e. Khamenei’s newspaper, wrote about Mr’s shit corruption, and Mr shit’s friends wrote about Shariatmadari’s corruption! They said that he have made many contacts to cover up what has happened. But almost all Iranians know the truth. They know that both sides of this phony war, i.e. all the Mullahs and the Islamists in Iran, are great thieves, and in their shameful story ‘Dozd-ha Ay Dozd Ay Dozd Mikonand’ (the thieves, for deceiving the people, point at other person and shout ‘Thief, Thief’ !)”, some Iranians say in these days. The story of the Mullah corruption is a very long story. In the recent days some media reported: “Three Iranians have been arrested by the Swiss police at the International Airport in Bern, Switzerland. The three Iranian nationals were carrying twelve suitcases full of currencies such as US dollars, euros and British pounds estimated at about one billion US dollars. The three claimed their original destination was Urmieh, Iran and they had boarded the wrong flight by mistake !! ” It’s a rumor now, but it can be a true story. The corrupt Mullahs and their corrupt Islamic system are really unique in the world. But many stupid Arabs in the Arab world are still Islamists or pro-Islamists and want to establish an Islamic regime in their countries. They really deserve to be called “The stupidest people in the world”. They deserve to be f-u-c-ked and plundered by the Mullahs and the savage tyrants.

Answers to Readers, September 18

September 18, 2011

Thank you all for your support and your kind attention. Thanks Christoper Yvon; we in Tehran, like you in London have had our tragedy with extremists. As you said it’s a global problem, and we, all, must not allow the terrorists to triumph. Thank you Terri Solstad; thanks for great sympathy for Norwegian victims. Thanks psy4mba; yes, you should not lose you faith in humanity; you are not alone. The good guys, all around the world, are a big corps; but they need to organize themselves. They need to know each others and help each other. Thanks Elisa Kertis; We hope you can make a great blog. Thanks Sara Sh., the dear mushy pacifist ! You know, we are not neutral or cruel, we are just frank; thank for your positive energy. The Optimistic Cutter, David, Gerald Turner and Ron Ringer thanks for your kind attention. John Wolmer Thanks; I think you can find your answer in our article about Iranian activists and the Internet . You and other readers who have questions about the Iranian life and the tragedy of the internet in Iran, or the online activities of Iranians, etc can find your answer there. If you have more “specific” questions or any other questions you can send us email via “Contact Page”. The only possible way for having contact with us or with any other Iranian activists in Iran is “Email”. The other ways are very dangerous for the people who live in Iran. And it’s part of our dreadful tragic story in Iran. When you live in an Orwellian society like Iran under the Mullah regime, many things become really stupid and tragic, including online life and online activities. Paul Iddon thank for your positive energy and your kind attention. As we said before, “The reason we write is to tell people [and also ourselves]: You are not alone”. Your warm and strong feedbacks and comments give us more energy; Thanks.

The WordPress policy and the unbelievable number of the spam comments -by the stupid spammers (or stupid bastards)- can create a stupid problem. Many comments go into the spam queue, and sometimes checking or reading all spam comments for finding non-spam comments become really impossible, especially under our dreadful conditions in Iran. So we are really sorry that many non-spam comments are considered as spam and finally will be deleted in the spam queue, before we can read them. If your comment has been considered as spam, you can send us a short note about this matter, or you can send or resend your comment, by using the “Contact Page”. Anyway, we apologize for this stupid problem. Recently, some readers have asked us some strange questions ! that their answer can be useful for others. Donya H., I think you should try to become an actor in Canada, because in Iran, you, as an ordinary girl, not only have to kiss guys behind the scenes, but you have to sleep with many guys ! As funny Iranians say: “If you have not “Pool & Party” (that means a lot of money and a good connection in the film industry) you should forget to become actor or become anything in Iran !!”. Many pretty and attractive girls in Iran can not become actor, because they have not “Pool & Party”, or don’t want to sleep with the bosses and kiss their ass. I also think you are too young to decide about your future. Maybe when you become 18+, or after finishing your college and university, you can decide better about your life. And a question: if you can not kiss guys, why do you want to become actor ?!! Anyway, I think you should forget Iran, and have to try to focus on the North American film industry, that is a dream for all Iranian actors. Imran, we are not expert in importing and exporting goods, but I think jeans, DVDs (films, video games), clothes, etc have good price in Pakistan and a good market in Iran. You can start your job with a small volume, and then for your next trips from Pakistan to Iran, you can test and evaluate the market and the prices. If you go to the Tehran Bazaar, in central Tehran, you can find your answers very easily.

9/11 and Michael Moore

September 17, 2011

Michael Moore is a very controversial figure. He exaggerates many things, but sometimes tells the truth. You can not be sure about him, because sometimes he looks like a stupid left, and sometimes he looks like a wise left. His movies are like himself. Part of his movies, part of their scenes or themes are really stupid, and part of them are very good. But all of these contradictions make Michael Moore, who recently has published a book about his life, especially after 9/11 and his war against Bush. Alternet.org has published an article that is an excerpt from Michael Moore’s new book, “Here Comes Trouble”. This article can show us Michael Moore’s paradoxes and contradictions, that are the left’s paradoxes and contradictions. He says he faced death threats, intimidation, and harassment, but he could have nine Navy Seals as his bodyguards; ‘Guys who had a cool head and who could take you out with a piece of dental floss in a matter of nanoseconds’. He says that some people and some studios were angry at him. “ The studio that had promised to fund my next film had called up after the Oscar speech and said that they were backing out of their signed contract with me -if I didn’t like it, I could go f-u-c-k myself “, but he could make another movie; A movie against Bush !! “The movie would go on to open at No 1 all across North America. And, to make matters worse for the White House, it opened at No 1 in all 50 states, even in the deep south. It broke the box office record long held by the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi for the largest opening weekend ever for a film that opened on 1,000 screens or less “. He certainly doesn’t know that if he lived in Iran, he could not have any of these luxury facilities ! He could not even go f-u-c-k himself, because the Mullahs f-u-c-ked him before ! He would be arrested after 9/11, and he would be raped in the prison, and then his family had to receive his dead body after some weeks or months. He says that for the two and a half years, he didn’t leave his house much. But he could “threw himself into getting Barack Obama elected, and helped toss two Republican congressmen from Michigan out of office. He set up a popular website, and he was elected to the board of governors of the same Academy Awards that had booed him. “. Michael Moore and other lefts should clearly appreciate the freedom, and of course the level of the freedom that they have there, but they don’t. They are not like the great Howard Zinn. Instead, many stupid lefts defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in all around the world ! It’s beyond hypocrisy. It’s beyond charlatanism. You can, and should, fight against the greedy Capitalists, the stupid rights, the war lovers, the Imperialists, the big corporations, etc, but you can not, and should not, defend the tyranny and the savage tyrants in the name of your battle. Many stupid lefts can not understand this simple but vital matter . Can Michael Moore make a movie about the stupidity and savageness of Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad, or Khamenei ?? or Can he make a movie about the fake war between the fake enemies, i.e. between the western politicians and the Mullahs ?? Anyway, now lets take a look at excerpts of the article, that is an excerpt from Michael Moore’s new book:

“Wishes for my early demise seemed to be everywhere. They were certainly on the mind of CNN’s Bill Hemmer one sunny July morning in 2004. Holding a microphone in front of my face on the floor of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, live on CNN, he asked me what I thought about how the American people were feeling about Michael Moore: “I’ve heard people say they wish Michael Moore were dead.” Hemmer said it like he was simply stating the obvious, like, “of course they want to kill you!” He just assumed his audience already understood this truism, as surely as they accept that the sun rises in the east and corn comes on a cob … It was the night of 23 March 2003. Four nights earlier, Bush had invaded Iraq. This was an illegal, immoral, stupid invasion – but that was not how Americans saw it. More than 70% of the public backed the war . And on the fourth night of this very popular war, my film Bowling for Columbine was up for an Academy Award. I went to the ceremony but was not allowed, along with any of the nominees, to talk to the press while walking down the red carpet into Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. There was the fear that someone might say something – and in wartime we need everyone behind the war effort and on the same page . The actress Diane Lane came on to the stage and read the list of nominees for best documentary. The envelope was opened, and she announced with unbridled glee that I had won the Oscar. The main floor, filled with the Oscar-nominated actors, directors and writers, leapt to its feet and gave me a very long standing ovation. I had asked the nominees from the other documentary films to join me on the stage in case I won, and they did. The ovation finally ended, and then I spoke: “I’ve invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us. They are here in solidarity with me because we like non-fiction. We like non-fiction, yet we live in fictitious times. We live in a time where we have fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it’s the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts: we are against this war, Mr Bush. Shame on you, Mr Bush. Shame on you! And anytime you’ve got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up! Thank you very much .” About halfway through these remarks, all hell broke loose. There were boos, very loud boos, from the upper floors and from backstage. (A few -Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep- tried to cheer me on from their seats, but they were no match.) The producer of the show ordered the orchestra to start playing to drown me out. The microphone started to descend into the floor … Champagne and breathmint are the first two words all Oscar winners hear. But, lucky me, I got to hear a third. An angry stagehand came right up to the side of my head, screaming as loud as he could in my ear: “ASSHOLE!” … That night I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and turned on the TV. For the next hour I watched the local TV stations do their Oscar night wrap-up shows and as I flipped between the channels, I listened to one pundit after another question my sanity, criticize my speech and say, over and over, in essence: “I don’t know what got into him!” … I turned off the computer and I turned off the lights and I sat there in the chair in the dark, going over and over what I had done. Good job, Mike. And good riddance.”

“When we got back to our home in northern Michigan, the local beautification committee had dumped three truckloads of horse manure waist-high in our driveway so that we wouldn’t be able to enter our property a property which, by the way, was freshly decorated with a dozen or so signs nailed to our trees: GET OUT! MOVE TO CUBA! COMMIE SCUM! TRAITOR! LEAVE NOW OR ELSE! I had no intention of leaving …The hate mail after the Oscar speech was so voluminous, it almost seemed as if Hallmark had opened a new division where greeting card writers were assigned the task of penning odes to my passing. (“For a Special Motherfucker ” “Get Well Soon from Your Mysterious Car Accident!” “Here’s to a Happy Stroke!”) The phone calls to my house were actually creepier. It’s a whole different fright machine when a human voice is attached to the madness and you think: “This person literally risked arrest to say this over a phone line!” You had to admire the balls -or insanity- of that. But the worst moments were when people came on to our property. These individuals would just walk down the driveway, always looking like rejects from the cast of Night of the Living Dead, never moving very fast, but always advancing with singleminded purposefulness. Few were actual haters; most were just crazy. We kept the sheriff’s deputies busy until they finally suggested we might want to get our own security, or perhaps our own police force. Which we did. We met with the head of the top security agency in the country, an elite outfit that did not hire ex-cops, nor any “tough guys” or bouncer-types. They preferred to use only Navy Seals and other ex-Special Forces. Guys who had a cool head and who could take you out with a piece of dental floss in a matter of nanoseconds. By the end of the year, due to the alarming increase of threats and attempts on me, I had nine ex-Seals surrounding me, round-the-clock . After the Oscar riot and the resulting persona-non-grata status I held as the most hated man in America, I decided to do what anyone in my position would do: make a movie suggesting the president of the United States is a war criminal. I mean, why take the easy road? It was already over for me, anyway. The studio that had promised to fund my next film had called up after the Oscar speech and said that they were backing out of their signed contract with me -if I didn’t like it, I could go fuck myself . Fortunately, another studio picked up the deal but cautioned that perhaps I should be careful not to piss off the ticket-buying public. The owner of the studio had backed the invasion of Iraq. I told him I had already pissed off the ticket-buying public, so why don’t we just make the best movie possible, straight from the heart – and, well, if nobody liked that, there was always straight-to-video. ”

“In the midst of all this turmoil I began shooting Fahrenheit 9/11. I told everyone on my crew to operate as if this was going to be the last job we were ever going to have in the movie business. This wasn’t meant to be an inspirational speech -I really believed that this was going to be it. And so we spent the next 11 months putting together our cinematic indictment of an administration and a country gone mad. The release of the film in 2004, just a little more than a year after the start of the war, came at a time when the vast majority of Americans still backed the war. We premiered it at the Cannes film festival, where we were awarded the top prize, the Palme d’Or, by an international jury headed by Quentin Tarantino. It was the first time in nearly 50 years a documentary had won the prize . This initial overwhelming response to Fahrenheit 9/11 spooked the Bush White House, convincing those in charge of his re-election campaign that a movie could be the tipping point that might bring them down. They hired a pollster to find out the effect the film would have on voters. After screening the movie with three different audiences in three separate cities, the news Karl Rove received was not good. The movie was not only giving a much-needed boost to the Democratic base (who were wild about the film), it was, oddly, having a distinct effect also on female Republican voters. The studio’s own polling had already confirmed that an amazing one-third of Republican voters -after watching the movie- said they would recommend the film to other people . But the White House pollster reported something even more dangerous -10% of Republican females said that after watching Fahrenheit 9/11, they had decided to either vote for John Kerry or to just stay home. In an election that could be decided by only a few percentage points, this was devastating news. The movie would go on to open at No 1 all across North America. And, to make matters worse for the White House, it opened at No 1 in all 50 states, even in the deep south … It broke the box office record long held by the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi for the largest opening weekend ever for a film that opened on 1,000 screens or less … The attacks on me that followed were like mad works of fiction, crazy, madeup stuff that I refused to respond to because I didn’t want to dignify the noise. On TV, on the radio, in op-eds, on the internet -everywhere- it was suggested that Michael Moore hates America, he’s a liar, a conspiracy nut and a croissant-eater. The campaign against me was meant to stop too many Republicans from seeing the film … The ex-Navy Seals moved in with us. When I walked down a public sidewalk they would have to form a circle around me . At night they wore night-vision goggles and other special equipment that I’m convinced few people outside CIA headquarters have ever seen. The agency protecting me had a threat assessment division. Their job was to investigate anyone who had made a credible threat against me [!!]. One day, I asked to see the file. … I could no longer go out in public without an incident happening. It started with small stuff, such as people in a restaurant asking to be moved to a different table when I was seated next to them, or a taxi driver who would stop his cab in mid-traffic to scream at me . The verbal abuse soon turned physical, and the Seals were now on high alert. For security reasons, I will not go into too much detail here [!!!], partly on the advice of the agency and partly because I don’t want to give these criminals any more of the attention they were seeking: -In Nashville, a man with a knife leapt up on the stage and started coming toward me. -In Fort Lauderdale, a man in a nice suit saw me on the sidewalk and went crazy. He took the lid off his hot, scalding coffee and threw it at my face”

“As the months wore on, even after Bush’s re-election, the constant drumbeat against me only intensified. When Glenn Beck said that he was thinking of killing me, he was neither fined by the broadcasting regulator nor arrested by the NYPD. He was, essentially, making a call to have me killed, and no one in the media at that time reported it. And then a man trespassed on our property and left something outside our bedroom window when I wasn’t home. It terrorised my wife. He even videotaped himself doing this. When the police investigated, he said he was making a ‘documentary’. He called it Shooting Michael Moore. And when you went to his website, and the words Shooting Michael Moore came on the screen, the sound of a gunshot went off … I will not share with you the impact this had, at that time, on my personal life, but suffice it to say I would not wish this on anyone. More than once I have asked myself if all this work was really worth it. And, if I had it to do over again, would I? If I could take back that Oscar speech and just walk up on the stage and thank my agent and tuxedo designer and get off without another word, would I? … For the next two and a half years, I didn’t leave the house much. From January 2005 to May 2007, I did not appear on a single TV show … And then to my rescue rode President Bush. He said something that helped snap me out of it. I had heard him say it before, but this time when I heard him, I felt like he was speaking directly to me. He said: “If we give in to the terrorists, the terrorists win.” And he was right. His terrorists were winning! Against me! What was I doing sitting inside the house? I opened up the blinds, folded up my pity party, and went back to work. I made three films in three years, threw myself into getting Barack Obama elected, and helped toss two Republican congressmen from Michigan out of office. I set up a popular website, and I was elected to the board of governors of the same Academy Awards that had booed me. Eventually I found myself back on The Tonight Show for the first time in a while. As I was leaving the stage, the guy who was operating the boom microphone approached me. “You probably don’t remember me,” he said nervously. “I never thought I would ever see you again or get the chance to talk to you. I can’t believe I get to do this.”Do what? I thought. I braced myself for the man’s soon-to-be-broken hand. “I never thought I’d get to apologise to you,” he said, as a few tears started to come into his eyes. “I’m the guy who ruined your Oscar night. I’m the guy who yelled ‘ASSHOLE’ into your ear right after you came off the stage. I thought you were attacking the president -but you were right. He did lie to us. And I’ve had to carry this with me now all these years, and I’m so sorry ” By now he was starting to fall apart, and all I could think to do was to reach out and give him a huge hug. “It’s OK, man,” I said, a big smile on my face. “I accept your apology. But you do not need to apologise to me. You believed your president! You’re supposed to believe your president! If we can’t expect that as just the minimum from whoever’s in office, then, shit, we’re doomed.” “Thank you,” he said, relieved. “Thank you for understanding.” “Understanding?” I said. “This isn’t about understanding. I’ve told this funny story for years now, about the first two words you hear when you’re an Oscar winner -and how I got to hear a bonus word! Man, don’t take that story away from me! People love it!” He laughed, and I laughed. “Yeah,” he said, “there aren’t many good stories like that”

Iranian Bastards and Iranian Expats

September 17, 2011

In the recent days, Mojtab Vahedi, an ex-member of Islamist-Reformists who has fled to the US in 2010, has talked about “the necessity of establishing a National Congress for Iranians”. He truly said that the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists who support the tyranny, secular or religious, or those who support the violence and terrorism can not be member of the National Congress. He said: “The groups who support a dictator, either Shah (king) or Vali Faqih (Islamic dictator; some one like Khamenei) [or any other Big Brother] are reactionary groups, and Iranians inside Iran hate them “. It’s really true. Of course, Vahedi is not a trustworthy politician and his resume is dark, but what he says now is much more better than what other stupid Iranian bastards say. “Vahedi should clearly declare how he thinks about the great bastards, i.e. the Khatamists and Rafsanjani mercenaries. They are friends of Vahedi, and the enemy of the ordinary Iranians. These great bastards defend the Islamic regime and Khamenei, and Vahedi should clearly denounce them”, many Iranians say in these days. Of course, Vahedi has denounced the great bastards in the recent weeks, but many Iranians believe: “It’s not enough. He should denounce them openly and clearly. He should say that these great bastards (the Islamists) are as stupid as and as unfavorable as the stupid Monarchists and the stupid Rajavists”. It’s really true. Vahedi should draw a clear line between himself and all other reactionary groups, and only after that the people can think about him and what he wants to do. What Vahedi says now is like what we repeatedly said in the past months. The alternative groups and the alternative media, that support the ordinary people and what they want, is a very very important and urgent need. And what Vahedi says now is close to what we said before. But it’s not enough, and Vahedi and his friends should clearly and openly denounce the stupid Islamist-Reformists and other Iranian baboons, too. They also should try to create an alternative media. But it’s not the whole story. In the recent days, almost all Iranian baboons have attacked Vahedi. Many of these Iranian bastards are Khatamists or Rafsanjani mercenaries that we have written about them before. But some of these stupid bastards who live in the US, Canada, or Europe and call themselves “anti-Mullah intellectual”, stupidly defend the Monarchists, the Rajavists, and other reactionary groups. One of these stupid bastards is “Esmaeel Nouri Alla”, a very little monkey who lives outside Iran for more than two decades. This stupid little monkey is one of the stupidest Iranian expats who had held a very stupid and shameful conference in Toronto .


The stupid little bastard, Nouri Alla, who defends the ultra-stupid Monarchists in the name of Secularism, is a very little unknown monkey that many Iranians even don’t know his name. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, is one of Iranian bastards who created the Islamic regime. In the late 1970s, the little monkey and other Iranian baboons and Iranian fake intellects defended Khomeini and the Islamic revolution. And now, these little bastards that are really dead for the younger generation of Iranians, have opened their dirty f-u-c-k-ing mouths again and defend the Monarchists and secular tyranny, and call themselves “Intellectual” !! “These Iranian bastards who live in the US, Canada, and Europe, are just rotten brains, but a very shameless rotten brains. These Iranian bastards have not apologized for what they did in 1970s; For defending the Mullahs and creating the Islamic regime. But now they defend another tyranny and another tyrant again. These stupid bastards defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism, and then call themselves ‘Intellectual’!“, some Iranian say. They also add: “Why these stupid bastards can live in the US or Canada, while many young Iranian intellects can not leave Iran, and should live here like a prisoner ?? Why the stupid western politicians are so stupid and support these bastards ??“. It’s really true. Iranians inside Iran just laugh at these little stupid bastards. These Iranian bastards are dead for the younger generation of Iranian intellects. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, like other Iranian bastards, suffers form many dreadful mental complexes, including inferiority complex. The little monkey has said: “What Vahedi says is our plan !! Our conference in Toronto, the Green Seculars, [that defend the Monarchists in the name of secularism !!!], is the National Congress” !! This little stupid bastard should be angry and talks nonsense, because all Iranians inside Iran shitted on his head, and also on the head of all stupid Monarchists and Rajavists, in the past months, especially after their stupid conference in Toronto. “Vahedi’s plan and any other plan for establishing a National Congress for Iranians, must not include the stupid reactionary groups who defend the stupid reactionary goals. The stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists, and the stupid Islamists are very small groups in Iran, while they are the main groups of Iranian baboons. These stupid bastards can not be member of any National Congress“, many real Iranian intellects say in these days. It’s really true. The little monkey, Nouri Alla, and all other Iranian bastards should be angry, because their stupid reactionary groups, i.e. the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavits, etc are very very hated groups in Iran. These stupid bastards will not have any role in the future of Iran. These stupid bastards should be dead in exile. The stupid Iranian expats, like Nikahang Kosar (Khodnevis.org), who defend these great bastards should know that they only disgrace themselves more than before. These stupid Iranian expats really deserve to be called “Iranian bastards”, who support the stupidest Iranian bastards. Shame on them all.