Gaddafi, Assad, Mullahs, and Turks

August 31, 2011

The Mullahs warned NATO on Sunday against any temptation to intervene in Syria [!!]“, the media reported. All Iranians just laugh at the Mullahs and their stupid warning ! They say: “Farting and Flooding inside a tea cup ! We wish Nato attacked Syria and f-u-c-ked Assad. What are the Mullahs going to do after the attack ? The coward bastards only can f-u-c-k themselves ! The Mullahs’ ass is burned, because their turn is next !” In fact, the Mullahs are angry now, while Iranians are happy ! “With the fall of Gaddafi, aided by NATO bombings, Mullahs are concerned at prospect of something similar happening in Syria, and then in Iran”, the media added. It’s really true. The Mullahs are frightened to death of Gaddafi’s fall. Bastard Assad and the Mullahs know that they should say hello to the end very soon, if the world was serious. Now, even the Turks can understand the reality ! “Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul said Ankara had “lost confidence” in Assad’s regime. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted Gul saying: “In today’s world, there is no place for single-party governments, for authoritarian administrations. The leaders of these countries will take the initiative or they will be changed by force . Clearly we have reached a point in Syria where anything would be too little, too late. We have lost our confidence. “, the media reported. The Turk politicians and especially Islamist Turks, are not liberal or pro-democracy, but when they don’t support the Syrian dictator, it can show us that Bastard Assad nears the end. Some funny Iranians say: “Even Turks have understood the truth, but the stupid lefts still are ignorant. The stupid lefts are real Turk, not the Turks !”

The Algerian ambassador to the UN said his country granted entrance to Gaddafi’s wife, Safia, his daughter, Aisha, sons Hannibal and Mohamed and their children on “humanitarian grounds “!!!. The bastards of Africa showed their true colors again. NTC quickly called for all members of the Gaddafi family to be returned home to face Libyan courts. The children who fled into Algeria, played significant roles in the regime. The whole family must face justice, said a NTC’s official. We will find them no matter where they hide, Algeria or anywhere else. Algeria is a military dictatorship, and one of the most stupid country in Africa. The wise and liberals Algerians want to topple both the stupid military government and the stupid Islamists. Some wise analysts said: “there is similarities between Libya under Gaddafi and Algeria, with a largely oil-driven economy and strong central government under Abdelaziz Bouteflika that is concerned with popular uprisings . Algeria is supportive, in part, because they worked out a modus vivendi (or, practical compromise) with Gaddafi and they fear the contagion of mass popular unrest in Algeria and the region ” But the stupid lefts are still blind and stupid. The stupid Robert Fisk said: “Arabs were not surprised that so many of Gaddafi’s family turned up in Algeria this week. For years, the Algerians have supported Gaddafi’s independent [!!] albeit crazed policies because their own history has taught them to never accept orders from abroad [!!]”

The stupid Fisk added: “Indeed, it was typical of the Algerian foreign ministry to announce the presence of the Gaddafi family on Algerian soil. Algerians like to show the West – especially the French – their freedom [!!!], the sacred trust of Algerian nationhood is not going to be traded for Western favors [!!!] … Algeria does not intend to be a second Libya … It believes that the Libyan revolution gathered Western support because Gaddafi’s land is so rich in oil [!!!]”. Shame on the stupid lefts, who defend the dictatorship in the name of independence. We have not forgotten that after Tunisia’s Revolution, the Algerians came into the streets and protested against the military dictatorship of Bouteflika, but they were brutally suppressed. The NTC think that Gaddafi is probably in the Bani Walid area, where pro-Gaddafi broadcasts are still being made on the local radio. “He probably thought Bani Walid was a stronger place to be [than Sirte], as it belongs to the Warfallah, the largest tribe in Libya,” a revolutionary said. “Bani Walid rose up in the mid-1990s after 55 officers from the area were arrested and accused of spying for the US. Some officers were executed, leaving a lasting legacy of bitterness towards Gaddafi. That history suggests that Bani Walid may not prove an enduring haven for Gaddafi and his sons . The military situation in and around the town was described on Tuesday as mixed and fluid”, the media reported.

“Gaddafi’s forces were using civilians as human shields to block revolutionaries’ advance. NTC’s spokesman said that while Gaddafi’s key aides and fighters would be prosecuted, his civilian supporters would face no punishment”, the media added. It’s a good strategy. The stupid ordinary supporters of Gaddafi, who have not killed or tortured the people in the past, could be part of new Libya. They should stop fighting against the people and their will. The savage Gaddafi is a dead rat. They should know that they have no future with Gaddafi and his savage group. “Five women who were part of Gaddafis elite team of female bodyguards say they were raped and abused by Gaddafi“, the media reported. “The former bodyguards said Gaddafi and his sons raped and abused them and then discarded the women once the men became bored with them. The women would be first raped by the dictator and then passed on, like used objects, to one of his sons and eventually to high-ranking officials for more abuse before eventually being let go . In one case, a girl, around 18 or so, said she was raped in front of her father. She kept telling him not to look at her”, the media added. It’s the reality of the savage Gaddafi and his regime. The stupid lefts who support Gaddafi, should be ashamed. They deserve to be raped and tortured by Gaddafi ! Maybe after that they realize the meaning of their bullshits about Gaddafi . Shame on them all.

Mullahs Hack Google Gmail !

August 31, 2011

The official blog of Google reports: “ Mullahs attempted ‘Man in the middle” attacks against Google users . They add: “Today we received reports of attempted SSL man-in-the-middle attacks against Google users, whereby someone tried to get between them and encrypted Google services. The people affected were primarily located in Iran. The attacker used a fraudulent SSL certificate issued by DigiNotar, a root certificate authority that should not issue certificates for Google (and has since revoked it [!]) … To help deter unwanted surveillance, we recommend that users, especially those in Iran, keep their web browsers and operating systems up to date and pay attention to web browser security warnings”. Some experts say: “The stupid Google and other security providers for Internet users, are stupid bastard, and after two months declare what has happened !! What Google says today, is about 2 months ago ! The use of fraudulent SSL certificates is very serious threat in Iran. The main victims of this attack, are VPN users. Iranians who use VPN should be very very careful. The majority of them don’t know or care about fraudulent SSL certificates. Many of VPNs in Iran are not encrypted at all ! And many of them use fraudulent or revoked SSL certificates !! Don’t trust any SSL connection, VPN connection, etc until you are sure of its SSL certificate”. And EFF truly said: “ Mullah Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against Google Demonstrates Dangerous Weakness of Certificate Authorities “. The report added: “Whats worse than discovering that someone has launched a man-in-the-middle attack against Iranian Google users, silently intercepting everything from email to search results and possibly putting Iranian activists in danger? Discovering that this attack has been active for two months !! … Google enables encrypted connections to these services in order to protect users from spying by those who control the network, such as ISPs and governments. Today, the security of this encryption relies entirely on certificates issued by certificate authorities (CAs), which continue to prove vulnerable to attack. When an attacker obtains a fraudulent certificate, he can use it to eavesdrop on the traffic between a user and a website even while the user believes that the connection is secure . The certificate authority system was created decades ago in an era when the biggest on-line security concern was thought to be protecting users from having their credit card numbers intercepted by petty criminals. Today Internet users rely on this system to protect their privacy against nation-states. We doubt it can bear this burden”

The EFF added: “Certificate authorities have been caught issuing fraudulent certificates in at least half a dozen high-profile cases in the past two years and EFF has voiced concerns that the problem may be even more widespread. But this is the first time that a fake certificate is known to have been successfully used in the wild. Even worse, the certificate in this attack was issued on July 10th 2011, almost two months ago, and may well have been used to spy on an unknown number of Internet users in Iran from the moment of its issuance until it was revoked earlier today . To be effective, fraudulent certificates do not need to have been issued by the same authority that issued the legitimate certificates. For example, the certificate in question here was issued by a Dutch certificate authority with which Google had no business relationship at all; that didn’t make it any less acceptable to web browsers … The good news is that the computer security community is now taking this threat very seriously. Unfortunately, the bad news is spectacularly bad: users in Iran may have been vulnerable for two months … There may well be other certificates like this out there that we don’t know about. That means almost all Internet users are still vulnerable to this sort of attack”. It’s really true. As we said before, it’s not the first time that the Mullahs used fraudulent SSL certificate. In March 2011, the stupid Comodo confirmed that Basijis have hacked their SSL certificates . Iranians and non-Iranians should take this threat very serious. “Always check the validity of SSL certificates in any connection”, the experts advise. As we said before, Tor users should be very careful in Iran. The Mullahs used DPI and other techniques for attacking the internet users in Iran . The experts say:” The Iranian Tor users should be aware that many Tor nodes and Tor bridges that they have access them from inside Iran, are Mullah nodes. The Mullahs have focused on Tor. They make fake nodes, and watch the ordinary Tor users who used the classic Tor. Iranians don’t need Tor and its random routing feature. Iranians need tools and techniques that protect them from the Mullahs and Mullah surveillance. The Iranian first priority is that their connection to the outside world should be safe. Tor is very weak in this regard . If you are Iranians, don’t trust (classic) Tor. Also don’t trust any VPN, any HTTPS connection, etc, until you are sure of the validity of its SSL certificate.” The life in Iran is so hard and so dangerous, especially for the ordinary people and the internet users.