Hurricane Irene Aftermath

“New York breathed a sigh of relief after hurricane Irene passed over without major damage to the city, but the storm still caused deaths, serious floods and power blackouts affecting more than a million people as it swept up the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. The biggest impact was felt on Sunday night in upstate New York and New England where many communities suffered devastating floods after rivers burst their banks and Irene’s torrential rains fell on ground already saturated by unusually high downpours earlier this month. A nuclear reactor in Maryland was shut down after it was damaged by wind. The storm hit Washington just days after an earthquake damaged some of the capitals most famous structures, including the Washington Monument. Fortunately, the storm damage was mainly limited to fallen trees and power lines”, the media reported. After an earthquake and a hurricane, it’s the best time for the religious fanatics in the US to say: “It’s a sign for the end of times !”


The media added: “ More than 4 million homes and businesses lost power as the storm passed up the east coast. The winds were strong enough to rip trees out of the ground and tear off branches, which in turn tore down power lines . Two million people were warned or ordered to flee its path. The storm also spawned tornadoes in parts of Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware. A twister destroyed 15 buildings in the popular holiday town of Lewes in Delaware. New York’s public transport system is likely to be disrupted next week. On Sunday, transport workers waited for winds to die down before they were able to inspect train and subway lines. “Power might be out in some places but not here in Lower Manhattan, not yet at least. Can still watch 24/7 coverage of the ‘disaster’ but other than some flooding right on the coast not very much is happening, it is wet outside but not much rain and precious little wind now”, a local said”. In Tehran, even after a little rain, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets, like what you can see in New York’s pictures after hurricane Irene.


“Director of the National Hurricane Center, said “This is not just a coastal event. In coastal areas, the warnings were repeated by television stations. Get out of your house, this is worse than you imagine, don’t expect us to come and rescue you if you don’t . Many of the vacationers and residents do not want to leave until they are certain they have to. But the longer they wait, the harder it is to get out. The mood was not helped by last week’s unusual earthquake which rocked buildings along the east coast, from Virginia to New York . No matter what plan you have in effect, if everybody decides to leave at the last minute, youre going to have a traffic jam, said an official. The thing about storms is, they are so unpredictable you dont want to stay until the last minute to see if the storm is going to turn., the media reported.


“In New York, in a city where many people dont own cars, the population stayed indoors. The entire transit system was shut down because of weather for the first time ever. All of the citys airports were closed, with more than 9,000 flights cancelled. The number of airline passengers affected by the storm could easily be in the millions.”, the media added. “The people who had to stay indoors, had problem with the empty supermarkets. Now, water and electric power shortages can worsen the situation”, some locals said. A lot of trees down, a lot of power lines down. The more common problems come from falling trees and flooding. The most common experience is loss of electric power for most of a week. Extensive damage from inland flooding can also be a major problem”, the locals added.


“At least 20 people died, severe flooding was widespread and 4 million homes and businesses lost power. Director of the Canadian Hurricane Centre said Irene was expected to push into the Maritime provinces and eastern Quebec late Sunday and warned the storm will still have the potential to cause flooding and wind damage. He said the heaviest rainfall was expected in Quebec while high winds and pounding surf were more of a concern in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. As of Sunday afternoon, 180,000 customers in Quebec had already lost power “, the media reported. In these days, we have some sort of heavy rain in Iran. Of course, compared to hurricane Irene, it’s nothing, but it has killed a dozen, and f-u-c-ked the life in Tehran and many other cities. Some say: “With a little rain in Tehran, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets of Tehran. If it rains for two hour, you should stay indoor, because the stupid flood and the stupid traffic in almost all streets is really unbelievable. It’s one of the Mullah miracles.”

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