Inside Gaddafi’s Compound

With the search for the dictator and his sons continuing, the Egyptian news agency Mena, reported that six armored Mercedes sedans had crossed the border into Algeria. The report said that the cars could be carrying top figures from the Gaddafi regime, or even the dictator himself. But some think that Gaddafi is in a rat’s hole in the city of Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace. “The fighters will get him very soon, but now, many ordinary Libyans want to see the Gaddafi’s Compound, especially Aisha Gaddafi’s house”, a Libyan said. Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha Gaddafi, is a exact copy of his father. In her palace, you can see a large gold chaise in the shape of a mermaid with Aishas own face.


“The day we broke into the compound was a day of intense fighting, so loud you couldn’t hear each other’s names. When it was finished we looked around: the houses of his children, his own house, they had everything BMWs, Mercedes and guns everywhere. Upstairs they had boxes and boxes of sunglasses, maybe 100 pairs, still in their shop wrappers. They are all altered to correct Gaddafi’s vision. So I took a few pairs as presents [!]”, a Libyan revolutionary said. All revolutions have such scenes. In all around the world, the average people hate the dictators and their families. And one day they show their anger. But the dictator’s properties belong to all people, not to specific group or person.


‘The other things I took were shampoo and a toothbrush, because I needed them [!], and I took some of his underpants [!] and some of his wife’s [!]. All their underwear is black. I took them outside and wrapped them on that statue of the clenched fist. It felt good. Then we went back to a school building where we were staying and we all cried. There must have been 200 guys and I think everyone was crying because in this war we have all lost someone, a brother, a friend or a cousin”, he added.


“I lost my best friend two weeks ago. He was 31, he got married the week before Ramadan. I run a construction business and every year Gaddafi would have celebration on 1 September, always in a different part of the country. I would build the stage. After the war what I really want to do is repair my mother’s house and paint it. Under Gaddafi we had to paint it white [!]. If you wanted to make it another color you have to take a signature from the government [!!!] , and blah, blah, blah. I’d like to paint it sand-colored. Beige”, the fighter added. All dictators are alike. They ban everything. They dictate everything. But one day the people rebel and f-u-c-k the dictator. If you want to understand the meaning of tyranny, you should read George Orwell’s novels: “Animal Farm” and “1984”.


“In Tripoli, neighborhoods have been without running water for several days and the electricity station is no longer coping with demand. “We don’t know the electricity problem, we don’t know the water problem, we don’t know the communication problem,” NTC officials said. “In the next few days we will have answers.” With all the city’s petrol filling stations remaining closed, drivers are paying black-market rates of around $80 for 20 litres of petrol”, the media reported. It’s so obvious that the savage Gaddafi is responsible for this great mess. But Libyans need more time. They want to be happy now, but at the same time they should work hard for a better future.


“We have 30,000 metric tones of gasoline and will start distributing to the public today. Diesel fuel will arrive the day after tomorrow, which is essential to the city to support the power and water supply”, NTC officials said. They said they did not yet know how many people were affected by power and water shortages and would try to issue an assessment on Sunday,” the media reported. In the next weeks and the next months, the whole world would see what NTC and the ordinary Libyans do for a free election and for building a better country. We hope they could succeed.


The NTC fighters are reported to have taken Bin Jawad, a town about 140 km from Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace and a key stronghold. They should take all remaining cities and then focus on building the ruined cities and country. Gaddafi’s legacy for Libya is poverty, pain, and ignorance. But the stupid lefts support Gaddafi and his legacy. The stupid lefts support the dictatorship in Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. They are really bastard, who support the great bastards. The average people in all around the world should know these bastards. Shame on them all.

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