Poverty in USA and Iran

USA becomes Food Stamp Nation? 15% of Americans now get food stamps. Many are employed part time and can’t live on that ” the reutres reported. “Genna Saucedo supervises cashiers at a Wal-Mart in Pico Rivera, California, but her wages aren’t enough to feed herself and her 12-year-old son. Saucedo, who earns $9.70 an hour for about 26 hours a week and lives with her mother, is one of the many Americans who survive because of government handouts in what has rapidly become a food stamp nation. Altogether, there are now almost 46 million people in the United States on food stamps, roughly 15 percent of the population. That’s an increase of 74 percent since 2007, just before the financial crisis and a deep recession led to mass job losses. While there are clearly some cases of abuse by people who claim food stamps but don’t really need them, for many Americans like Saucedo there is little current alternative if they are to put food on the table while paying rent and utility bills. “It’s kind of sad that even though I’m working that I need to have government assistance. I have asked them to please put me on full-time so I can have benefits ,” said the 32-year-old. She’s worked at Wal-Mart for nine months, and applied for food stamps as soon as her probation ended. She said plenty of her colleagues are in the same situation. About forty percent of food stamp recipients are, like Saucedo, in households in which at least one member of the family earns wages. Many more could be eligible: the government estimates one in three who could be on the program are not. “If they’re working, they often think they can’t get help. But people can’t support their families on $10, $11, $12 an hour jobs, especially when you add transport, clothes, rent .” said a social services organization in New York. The maximum amount a family of four can receive in food stamps is $668 a month. They can only be used to buy food – though not hot food- and for plants and seeds to grow food”, the reuters added. It’s really tragic. It’s really a tragedy for USA. But when we compared US situation with Iran, the American situation seem very good ! As we said before, when you compare the incomes and prices in Iran and Canada , you are shocked. The prices in Iran and North American, are almost equal, but the incomes are really different. When the minimum wages in the US are about $10, $11, $12 for an hour jobs, the minimum wages in Iran are about $1, $2, $3 for an hour jobs. It’s really awful. When Americans, a family of four, can get about $700 food stamps in a month, Iranians, a family of four, only get about $200 financial aid in a month. It’s really tragic and awful. You should not forget that the price in North America is cheaper than or equal to the price in Iran !! So, you easily can guess how Iranians live in Iran, with such difficulty.

The reuters added: “In some parts of the country, shoppers using food stamps have almost become the norm. In May 2011, a third of all people in Alabama were on food stamps – though part of that was because of emergency assistance after communities were destroyed by a series of destructive tornadoes. Washington D.C., Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon and Tennessee all had about a fifth of their population on food stamps that month. Over the past 20 years, the characteristics of the program’s recipients have changed. In 1989, a higher percentage were on benefits than working, but as of 2009 a higher percentage had earned income. Until a couple of weeks ago Tashawna Green, 21, from Queens Village, New York, worked 25 hours a week at an $8.08 hourly rate at retailer Target. She is on food stamps, and says a good number of her former colleagues are too. “It’s a good thing that the government helps, but if employers paid enough and gave enough hours, then we wouldn’t need to be on food stamps,” said Green, who has a six-year-old daughter [!!]. Of course, with an unemployment rate over 9 percent, some argue that those with any job at all are lucky. Millions of Americans whose unemployment benefits have expired have to exist only on food stamps and other government aid, such as Medicaid healthcare support. And even with unemployment benefits, said Jessica King, 25, from Portland, Oregon, her family juggles bills to ensure the electricity stays on. They are also selling some belongings on Craigslist to raise funds.” It’s really tragic. Some American liberals say: “Many companies prefer to hire more part-time employees just so as not to pay them benefits such as health care. A national health system would eliminate this perverse incentive”. It’s true. But the situation in Iran is really a great and unbelievable tragedy. The unemployment rate in Iran is over 20 percent. Many experts even say it’s more than 30%. But unlike USA, in Iran there is no unemployment benefits. If you lose your job and have not any saving, you should almost die ! Many families in Iran live in poverty. As we said before, official reports confirm that half Iranian urban population are under poverty line . But Iran is not a poor country. Iran is a very rich country. Iran’s oil and natural gas resource are almost equal to Saudi Arabia. Iran’s mineral and natural resources are much more than Saudi Arabia. Iran’s human resources and Iranian experts are much more than Saudi Arabia, and is not comparable to Saudi’s. But Iranians’ money are in the Mullahs’ pockets. The widespread and systematical corruptions in the Mullah regime, are really unbelievable. Many Iranian journalists, economists, or activists are in the Mullah prison, because they protested against the Mullah corruptions. Iranians need the freedom and democracy to be able to protest against the dreadful widespread and systematical state corruptions. Iranians need to topple the Mullahs, if they want to get rid of their dreadful economic situations.

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