Mousavi Khoeiniha and Iranian Pleasure !

These days are historical days: “Libyans topple Gaddafi, and Iranian Baboons show their true colors very clearly”. In the recent days, Mousavi Khoeiniha, one of the stupid leaders of Islamist-Reformists in Iran, has open his mouth again, and said: “We, the Islamist-Reformists, are opposed to anti-regime and anti-Khamenei slogans ! . Some say: “‘Base Baba, Dige Hame Khar Fahm Shodand !’, that means “It’s enough stupid; now even the stupidest people know the truth completely”. Now, all ordinary Iranians, without any exception, spit on the Iranian Baboons, especially the Islamist-Reformists. In these days, I can not find any one, even one person in the cyber space or real space, who support Khoeiniha’s crap ! Some say: “Khoeiniha’s crap and bullshit show the real plan of Islamist-Reformists. But when we see the people backlash, it gives us a great pleasure ! It’s the first step in toppling the Mullahs.” As we said before, Khoeiniha, the great Baboon, clearly confessed what is the main goal and plan of Islamist-Reformists , and now he repeats his bullshits again. But who is Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, the great Baboon? He was the spiritual leader of the “Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line” (Khomeini’s line) who led the hostage taking of American embassy staff on 4 November 1979. He is a very stupid left-wing Mullah and was a very stupid hardliner in 1980s. Some say: ‘Khoeniha remains a staunch defender of the embassy takeover, and still keeps ‘a four-drawer metal filing cabinet with a plate saying `Property of the General Services Administration,’ in his office, a souvenir taken from the embassy !’


What Khoeiniha said in the recent days, was very interesting. He said: “We, the Islamist-Reformists, believe in Velayate Faqih (theocracy), and the Islamic leadership in Iran. We are opposed to [people] chant of ‘Iranian Republic’. Our chant is ‘Islamic Republic’ [It’s the official chant of the Mullahs in the past 30 years. But since 2009, one of the main people chants is ‘Iranian Republic, not Islamic Republic’. The difference is very clear and meaningful]. We defend the Islamic regime, the Islamic Republic. We oppose the Iranian protesters, who set Khomeini’s pictures on fire, or chanted against Islamic Regime. We believe in the Islamic regime . We have not forgotten that more than 98% of Iranians voted for the Islamic regime in 1979 [!!!!!]. Our main chant is Khomeini’s chant : ‘Islamic Republic, not less, not more’ ” We are really happy that these bastards clearly show their true color. Now the people, without any exception, shit and spit on these bastards. It’s a great pleasure for us. The stupid Khoeiniha has forgotten what his beloved leader, Khomeini said in 1979: “Even if our parents voted for Pahlavi regime in the past; Even if the majority supported Pahlavis in 50 years ago, they only decided for themselves. They could not decide for us. Now, we, the majority of Iranians, hate the Pahlavi regime. Hold a free referendum and see what is the people vote !” Now the young Iranians only repeat Khomeini’s words, but instead of “Pahlavi”, they use “The Mullahs” !! The stupid Islamist-Reformists are frightened to death of a free referendum, because they know that the vast majority of Iranians hate them and their beloved regime.


Khoeiniha was prosecutor general of Mullahs after revolution. He is accused of execution of many political activists without any trial during his term. Khoeiniha and many leftist-Islamists, like Abbas Abdi Boozineh are really criminal and should be tried. Mousavi Khoeiniha and his stupid friends are the main responsible for Iran-Iraq war. In the recent days, the stupid friends of Khoeiniha, Khatami, and Mousavi in France and UK, who called themselves “Green Coordination Council”, said: “Iranians’ chant is not “No Gaza, No Lebanon” [!!]. We are followers of Khomeini, and support both Gaza and Lebanon [!!]. Please go to the streets or on your roof tops and chant for us ! Please support us !!” These Iranian Baboons have become a very stupid joke. Now, Iranians only laugh at these bastards and spit on them. Now many say: ” These bastards f-u-c-ked our green movement in 2009. And in 2000s, these bastards lost the best opportunities, one by one. These bastards deceived us in 2000s, but now we know their true colors, and these bastards are badly bankrupted in Iran”. It’s really true. In 2000s, the ordinary people, even many young students, were fooled by these bastards. In 1990s and 2000s, only the real intellectuals or open-minded people knew these bastards, but now even the most stupid people know them, and it’s a very good news for Iran and the future of Iran.


Khoeiniha is a stupid unknown jerk for the ordinary people, and many don’t know him. But the politically aware people know that he is one of the leader of Islamist-Reformists, who works behind the scene, and what he says is what the Islamist-Reformists say. Some say : “These bastards want to save Khatami. In the recent months, the people shitted and spitted on Khatami and his crap. These bastards know that their first and last acceptable figure is Khatami, and If they lose Khatami, all of them should go to hell and fuck themselves. So, they asked Khatami to shut his f-u-c-k-ing mouth, and didn’t disgrace himself more . And instead, Khoeiniha, who is an unknown leader of these bastards, and the average people don’t know him, repeat Khatami’s bullshits. But the people reactions are very clear and meaningful. The Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami to Khoeiniha, are really dead in Iran. They are dead rats now ! When we see the people reactions to them, it gives us a great pleasure . It clearly shows us that finally all Iranians know these bastards and their true color, and it’s the best news for the Iranian movement.”


Some say: “Khoeiniha or Abbas Abdi, and many other Iranian baboons who were hardliner members of Mullah regime in 1980s, should be tried and answer to many questions. These bastards are really criminal, and that’s why they support the Mullah regime, and are frightened to death of the toppling the Mullahs .” Yes, it’s really true. Khoeiniha or Abbas Abdi and many others should be tried for their shameful acts in 1980s and 2010s.

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