Gaddafi and Stupid Lefts

August 24, 2011

The stupidity of stupid lefts is a real tragedy. Their stupidity is not a personal matter. Some Iranians say: “These stupid bastards are free and talk nonsense, while we are prisoner and should pay the price of their craps and bullshits. It’s really unfair.” The stupid lefts are friends of the savage tyrants, form Gaddafi and Chavez to Khamenei and Assad. They support the tyrants, in the name of independence. They support the tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism and capitalism. But they are not a bunch of stupid bastards that their craps are harmless. They are a bunch of stupid activists who want to help the tyrants and f-u-c-k the oppressed people who are the victims of the tyranny. They are the enemy of the oppressed people who want to fight against the tyranny and the savage tyrants. They are the friend of the oppressor and the savage tyrants. It’s an undeniable facts. Just take a look at their positions on, for example, the revolution of Libyans. Even for one minute they did not support the poor Libyans. They had not any plan for supporting the poor Libyans. They only wanted to save the savage Gaddafi. They live in the free world, and support the tyranny and the savage tyrants. It’s really unfair. It’s really ridiculous. It’s really unfair that the oppressed people should pay the price of their hypocrisy and stupidity. All liberal people in the world should protest against these stupid bastards . One of the stupid lefts, Dennis Kucinich, can show us how stupid and bastard the stupid lefts are. He wrote an article on 21 August 2011, “Time to end Nato’s war in Libya”. Here are excerpts of his article (our comments are in parenthesis):

“Nato launched military operations in Libya under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”. Nato is assisting rebels who are blocking food, water and medical supplies from coming into the capital city [!]. Nato is bombing power stations, creating blackouts, and using Apache helicopters to attack Libyan police checkpoints to clear roads for rebels to advance [!!!!]. The war against Libya has seen countless violations of UN security council resolutions Nato and UN member states. The use of military force on behalf of the rebels [!!![, in an attempt to impose regime change [!!!], has undermined international law and damaged the credibility of the UN !!!! (Motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, slaughtering people by Gaddafi didn’t damage the credibility of the UN ?!! The use of military force for suppressing the people was legal ? Your beloved friend, Gaddafi, was a great murderer who slaughtered his own people. The Libyans, like Iranians and Syrians, want the regime change, but you, the stupid bastards, say that regime change is illegal !! You deserve to live under tyranny. You don’t deserve to live in the free world). Countless innocent civilians have been killed, and Nato air strikes continue to place many at great risk [!!] (Countless innocent civilians killed by Gaddafi, not Nato; the stupid motherf-u-c-k-er bastard). The people of Libya cannot take another month of such humanitarian intervention [!!] (Shut up motherf-u-c-k-er; The Libyans hate you, who supports Gaddafi). The US share of the war against Libya has probably exceeded the $1bn mark. This extraordinary amount of money for an intervention that Americans were told would last “days not weeks” could only be explained by looking at the war as an investment, and at control over Libya’s wealth as an opportunity to make a return on that investment. (Bastards, you only care about economy, while you pretend that you care about humanity. But there is two vital matters: (1) Helping the oppressed nations is a matter of morality, not economy. It’s a global duty. What’s your plan -alternative plan- for helping the oppressed nations? You always support the savage tyrants. It’s your main plan or solution ! and that’s why the oppressed nations and liberal people hate you, the stupid lefts (2) Libyans, like any other nations, have paid the price of the inevitable war. More than $130 billions of the Libyan assets were blocked by western countries. It’s so obvious that the western countries have not spent even $1 for Libyan war. So, don’t bullshit us about economy, idiot bastard. Iranians and Libyans are ready to pay all price of toppling their savage tyrants. Compared to the price of the medieval tyranny, the price of revolutionary wars are really cheaper)”


Viable peace proposals, such as the one put forward by the African Union (AU), have been quickly and summarily rejected (F-u-c-k you man, that viable shit for saving the savage Gaddafi, was only acceptable for stupid people like you). If there is going to be a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the US must work with and empower the AU to ensure regional security [!!!] (ha ha, regional security ! who care about humanity, and who care about the oppressed people. you show your true colors). The AU has proposed a peace plan that would facilitate an immediate ceasefire, the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid, a dialogue between the Transitional National Council and the Gaddafi government, and the suspension of Nato strikes (Ha ha ha ha, dialogue with Gaddafi? Like all previous dialogue with him in the past 42 years ?!! Motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, the stupid African Union (AU) were friend of savage Gaddafi, and all savage African dictators. What did they for the poor Libyans in the past 42 years? They were friend of Gaddafi, and it’s obvious that all Libyans hate them. You are really stupid) It is time for the US president and secretary of state to clean up the mess they’ve created with this needless military intervention [!!!], and to work to seriously to bring about a negotiated end to this war [!!!] (Oh, motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, your are a great stupid. Some Iranians think that the dumbest people live in Iran, but if they know you, and your stupid friends in the west, they would kiss the ass of the Iranian bastards, because compared to you, they are really wise and open-minded !!) There are viable solutions to peacefully end the conflict, if there is a desire to do so [!!!] (Oh, yah, viable solutions, like saving savage Gaddafi! What was your viable solutions in the past 42 years, when Gaddafi was f-u-c-king the poor Libyans ?! What was your viable solutions when Gaddafi slaughtered the poor Libyans ? If Nato did not help Libyans, Gaddafi would brutally suppressed them, and you stupid bastards, would congratulate to Gaddafi ! and would say: ‘The majority support Gaddafi, that’s why the revolutionaries failed !!’ You, the idiot lefts, must be forced to go and live in Iran or Libya under Gaddafi. It’s the viable solution ! You are too stupid to understand the meaning of tyranny. The tyrants should f-u-c-k you from morning to night, and then maybe you understand the meaning of your bullshits. You don’t deserve to live in the west. If the world was not as stupid as it is now, you would be forced to leave the west and live in where that you deserve, and many liberal Iranians and non-Iranians who are not as stupid as you, would be able to go and live where they deserve. )

Some comments about Dennis Kucinich’s bullshits are very interesting: “Gaddafi and his cronies slaughter thousands of men, women and children, and you talk about … Negotiate with Gaddafi and his spawn? … Really Mr Kucinich? You cannot negotiate with Gaddafi anymore than you could have negotiated with Hitler or with any other mass murderer in history. These types only know the language of force until they are eliminated by it … How many people do you think will die if NATO stops and the rebels are left to face Gaddafi alone ” And some comments of Dennis Kucinich’s fans and friends can show us the depth of their stupidity: “This is the kind of articles that shows there’s still independent thinking and voice in the western media [!!!!] … It’s the same old depressing story, the capitalist-militarist countries using brute force to rob other countries of their natural resources [!!!]” The stupid lefts are as important as and as dangerous as the savage tyrants. For building a better world, the human beings should know the depth of stupidity of stupid lefts and stupid rights, and then do something about it, like what our ancestors do about the slaveholders, the fascists, and the Stalinists.

Libya: Gaddafi Compound & Rixos Hotel

August 24, 2011

The revolutionary forces enter and occupy Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound. The media reported: “It’s a residence/fortress that comprises no less than 20 miles of underground tunnels leading to various parts of the city. It is likely that one of these tunnels would lead to the Rixos Hotel, which, at times, has served as an informal command or communications center, with state-run TV broadcasting from its studio there or members of the Qaddafi family occasionally holing up . “It’s a symbolic victory. Gaddafi is still free. He hasn’t been captured. That means the game isn’t over yet,” one Tripoli resident, said.” The media added: “Voltaire’s founder, Thierry Meyssan, who is also imprisoned at the hotel, was able to release another message to his home base at 11:45pm on August 22, which read as follows: “We are currently in a shelter in the hotel Rixos with international journalists, which is surrounded by special forces of NATO. I say: the special forces of NATO, as it is clear that the rebels are only to be placed in front of cameras to give the illusion of an inner conflict. Officials loyal to Gaddafi joined the hotel, presumably to escape the bombings and targeted use of journalists as human shields . We hear gunfire around the hotel and we think it’s going to be attacked in the night, or perhaps even partially bombed.” According to Meyssan, who is alive in the hotel, NATO forces are on the ground and around the hotel; he relates that loyalists are using the journalists as human shields.” Now dozens journalists are imprisoned at Rixos hotel, and I hope when you read this post, they would be safe and freed. The savage Gaddafi clearly shows the whole world how savage he and his regime are. When they used the foreign journalists, the famous journalists, as human shields, what they had done with the poor Libyans in the past 42 years.


“Dario Lopez-Mills of the AP that is in Rixos hotel, describes the hotel as a “$400-a-night prison, with a spa but no power or air conditioning, with candlelight but no romance. He adds: “The Rixos has been so cut off that we often haven’t even been able to tell who was in control of the streets outside. Government Information Minister Musa Ibhrahim departed soon after his German wife and infant. For awhile we were alone. Then the pro-government gunmen returned, surrounding the hotel with heavy weaponry even as rebels reportedly took Gaddafi’s compound a few blocks away. We don’t know for sure. Fighting intensified Tuesday and the smell of gunpowder hangs in the thick heat, along with sweat and a little fear. When the shooting is most intense, we take refuge in hotel’s basement conference rooms. Two satellite telephones set up on a balcony were destroyed by gunfire, so we’ve stopped transmitting our material. We wait and worry the gunmen could turn hostile at any moment. There is no power and no running water. On Monday we ate bread and butter. On Tuesday, the cook made french fries. Bottled water is running low. We don’t know when it’s going to end, and we see little of what happens. We weren’t there when the Bab al-Aziziyah was captured less than 24 hours after Saif al-Islam [Gaddafi] took us there. He hasn’t been seen publicly since then. ” Sean Smith, who was one of the first journalists to enter Gaddafi’s compound, said: “When I got to the compound there was chaos and confusion. Lots of people were running in, others were running out. There was a group of rebels at the entrance trying to stop people going in but they didn’t have much success. They certainly hadn’t fought to the last man. There weren’t the bodies of Gaddafi supporters”


“The rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) will move its headquarters to the capital Tripoli from it eastern stronghold of Benghazi within two days, a military spokesman, Ahmed Bani, has told al Jazeera. But the manhunt for Gaddafi went on. Abdel-Salam Jalloud, one of the ousted leader’s closest lieutenants until he defected earlier this month, told al-Jazeera that he thought Gaddafi was moving around the outskirts of Tripoli, taking shelter at private homes, small hotels and mosques. Others thought he might be in Sirte or in Sabha ; most observers, including the Pentagon, believed Gaddafi was still somewhere in Libya. One thing Nato could not help with was Gaddafi’s whereabouts [!]. “I haven’t a clue,” Nato spokesman Roland Lavoie said. He added: “Our mission is not over until the regime’s forces return to their barracks.” Late last night, Reuters reported that Gaddafi had told ul-Urubah television that withdrawal from his Tripoli compound was a tactical move. He was also reported as saying the Bab al-Aziziya base was levelled to the ground by 64 Nato air strikes, and vowed death or victory in the fight against “aggression” [!]. Despite the revolutionary takeover of his compound, Gaddafi remained at large last night amid speculation that he has disappeared down a warren of secret tunnels. The compound is believed to be riddled with a network of underground bunkers and tunnels, big enough to hold vehicles. “There was a network of labyrinthine passageways, fully functioning generators and up-to-standard living quarters, possibly for several hundreds of men,” an Irish engineer who worked in Tripoli told Channel 4 News. An underground escape route running 26kms to the airport had been planned, he said. Similar subterranean networks have been found in Benghazi and other cities after rebels wrested control. “Wasn’t he the one who called us rats? Now he is the rat underground ,” a young Libyan said”


I think all people in the world are happy for Libyans and what happened to Gaddafi, except Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, the stupid lefts, and the savage tyrants. Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez again has said: “Getting the dogs to fight. Arming here, arming there, and later bombing it and we take that country. They loot it and they take the international reserves and the oil. This destroys international law and takes the world back to the Stone Age.” Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez is angry, but he should be angry. He has shitted in his pants, because he is exactly like Gaddafi, and I hope his fate will be like Gaddafi. The stupid motherfucker lefts who love the tyranny and the savage tyrants have taken the world back to the Stone Age. Their great political leader is Stalin, not this little Venezuelan monkey. And their great spiritual leader is Noam Chomsky. They love the tyranny, and support the savage tyrants. They are the real enemy of the oppressed people who desperately fight against the tyranny and the savage tyrants with bare hands. They are the enemy of the freedom. They are the enemy of the democracy. Shame on them all.