Libya: Manhunt for Gaddafi

The battle for Tripoli turned into a manhunt for Gaddafi. “By nightfall, the battle was focused on the wreckage of Gaddafi’s central stronghold, Bab al-Aziziya. The compound has already been nearly flattened by earlier Nato sorties but it is believed to sit atop a network of reinforced tunnels and underground bunkers. Last night, Nato said pro-Gaddafi forces fired at least three Scud missiles from the city of Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace. Libyan state television, the vehicle for relentless government propaganda throughout the Gaddafi years, went off the air as rebels seized its transmitters . Government troops kept up resistance in some areas of the city but were pummelled by Nato warplanes. Al-Warfali, whose family home is next to the Gaddafi compound, said there appeared to be only a few tanks belonging to the remaining Gaddafi forces who have not fled or surrendered. “When I climb the stairs and look from the roof, I see nothing at Bab al-Aziziyah. It is totally deserted except for the house which was raided by U.S. in 1986. Nothing else is there. Gaddafi can’t be there,” he said. “NATO has demolished it all and nothing remained.” The head of the opposition National Transitional Council (NTC), Jalil, cautioned journalists at the rebel headquarters in Benghazi: “The real moment of victory is when Gaddafi is captured .” It is a matter for the new authorities in Libya to do what they believe is right with Gaddafi,” Britain PM said, but he added: “First, obviously, they have to find him”. Where is Gaddafi? Now it’s the main question,” the media reported.


The media added: “Gaddafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam, who they said had been captured during the advance into Tripoli, appeared at Tripoli’s Rixos hotel and told supporters that the rebel advance had been broken . But his father’s whereabouts were unknown on Monday night. Gaddafi has not been seen in public for months and his recent addresses to his people have been made using a poor-quality telephone line. A Pentagon spokesman said American officials still believe he was in Libya. “We do not have any information that he has left the country”. The Rixos hotel where foreign journalists are staying also remained under the control of Gadhafi forces, with two trucks loaded with anti-aircraft machine guns and pro-regime fighters and snipers posted behind trees. About 30 journalists remained in the hotel where armed pro-Gadhafi youths kept a close eye on them and did not allow to them to exit the building. Journalists began to worry that food, water and fuel that powers the hotel’s generator were running low. Some of the journalists attempted to walk out of the hotel but were met with hostility by the armed guards, who said they were put there to “protect” them. Journalists said they felt like they were being held hostage ” It’s really shameful that the son of the bitch, Saif al-Islam, is still free, or allowed to be free. ICC had confirmed his arrest, but now they deny it ! Is it a secret deal between Nato and Gaddafi? The new footage of Saif al-Islam around Rixos hotel, when he talked nonsense about the Libyans and the city, can raise doubts about the credibility of ICC, Nato and other western or global organizations. Gaddafi family should sent to hell, very soon. Iranians have an old sayings that is very meaningful: “Tarahom bar Palang tiz Dandan, Setamkari Bovad bar Goosfandan” that means “The mercy on the fierce leopard, is a cruelty to the sheep”


“In a defiant audio broadcast Gaddafi had denounced his enemies who began their uprising against him on 17 February as “rats”. “He’s the rat,” Margani said. “We have not seen him on the TV for more than 4 months. He’s been hiding like a rat underground. We don’t want to hear his name any more. We want him to be judged and to disappear,” Ahmed, 45, said. Another local said he was out collecting spent bullets as souvenirs for his nephew in the US !”, the media reported. As you know, in the past months the internet have been blocked in Tripoli and some other parts of Libya. “But yesterday something very strange was going on with Tripoli residents’ Internet access. Service was restored suddenly in Tripoli, flickered on and off for a couple of hours, and then died. Average people in Tripoli still haven’t much access to the Internet, because DSL services have been largely blocked for the last three to five months , depending on where you live. Early Sunday morning, the Twitterstream suddenly began reporting the Internet had been turned back on. Bandwidth was scarce, but DSL service was back. And then, as suddenly as it had come, Tripoli’s Internet access stopped working again. For a total of perhaps an hour and a half of uptime, spread out in bursts between the hours of 2:00am and 4:30am, the Internet had been functional again. Now the people without Internet access in Libya have a lot of questions,” the media reported. And that’s why the number of pictures about Libya is very limited. The NTC should do something about the internet access for the ordinary people, very soon. It’s very important.


Gaddafi’s fate has made many Iranians and Syrians happy. The ordinary Iranians are very happy and say: “Khamenei, now it’s your turn”. But they add: “Shame on all Iranian bastards who live outside Iran. We have more than 4 million Iranians outside Iran, but the majority of them are bastard and stupid. The stupid Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, Communist, etc are very stupid and bastard. They are exactly like the Mullahs. They deserve to die in exile . We should get rid of these bastards soon.” They are really right. The Iranian baboons are the main responsible of the current situation in Iran. Yesterday, a young Iranian set himself on fire in central Tehran (Enqelab Sq.). And some stupid bastards tried to discourage Iranians; But Iran, that its mass protests has begun at 2009, is not Tunisia, and Iranians need organization and media, not spark. If the normal Iranian expats care about Iran or freedom and democracy, they should shit on the head of Iranian baboons, and try to create some alternative media and groups for the silent majority in Iran. Anyway, Iranians are happy for Libyans. Iranians and Syrians wish they got rid of their dictators in the near future. The media reported: “Syrian activists say it is Assad’s turn next. But in Syria, Bastard Assad may reasonably conclude he is safe so long as Nato or the global community do not intervene . Syrians took to the streets after Assad made a television address repeating promises of reform. They chanted: “Gaddafi is gone, now it’s your turn Bashar”. But Assad has deployed tanks, artillery and snipers against protesters. “As of today, over 2,200 people have been killed since mass protests began in mid-March, with more than 350 people reportedly killed across Syria since the beginning of Ramadan,” Navi Pillay, the human rights chief, told”


Gaddafi reached the end of the line. And now all the stupid lefts should open their eyes and see how happy are the poor Libyans. The stupid lefts should open their damn eyes and see how happy are the ordinary Libyans. The stupid lefts should be ashamed of themselves, their positions in the past months, and their beloved politicians, some one like Hugo motherf-u-k-c-e-r Chavez who still defends Gaddafi and his regime. The stupid lefts are like the Iranian Baboons, so stupid and so bastard. We can be sure that their stupid positions about Libya and Gaddafi would be repeated in the case of Iran and Syria. The stupid lefts are the enemy of the ordinary people in Iran and Syria, who want to be free and enjoy freedom and democracy. The stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, are among the greatest stupid bastards. These stupid bastards are the main enemy of freedom and democracy in the world. They support all tyrants, especially the savage tyrants who are the fake enemy of the West. Shame on them all.

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