Libya and Last Days of Gaddafi

Finally Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. “Mile by mile, he is being encircled. Road by road, his supply routes are being cut. And one by one, some of his closest aides are defecting“, the media reported. The capture of the refinery in Zawiyah means the gasoline supply to Tripoli is now cut. “After hard-fought battles for a week in Zawiya, the rebels finally wrested the city’s oil refinery, central square and hospital from Gaddafi’s forces and drove them out in a major victory on Saturday. Last night, the Libyan capital Tripoli was awash with gunfire and explosions. The rumors say that Gaddafi had fled with two of his sons across the border into Tunisia”. The fighters in Tripoli are rising up in two places – some are in the Tajoura neighborhood and the other is near the Matiga [international] airport,” Col Fadlallah Haroun, a rebel military commander told Al Jazeera. Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, vice-chairman of the NTC, said: “The rebels in Tripoli have risen up. This was a pre-set plan. They’ve been preparing for a while. There’s coordination with the rebels approaching from the east, west and south. The next hours [or days] are crucial. Many of their [pro-Gaddafi] brigades and their commanders have fled “, the media reported. NBC, citing US administration sources, says Gaddafi and his family may go to Tunisia. But this will still keep them within the reach of International Criminal Court warrants . Some wise guys say: “Now, after killing about 15,000 to 30,000 people, and after a long bloody war, Gaddafi has just one acceptable option: a fate like Hitler’s fate. It’s the best option for Gaddafi and his savage family. They must not be allowed to escape justice. Now, the Gaddafi dogs and troops have lost heart, and have no reason to fight more. It’s the last days of the savage Gaddafi. The Gaddafi troops should stop killing people; they should not share the fate of Gaddafi . The savage Gaddafi is a little piece of shit, and will be wiped from our planet very very soon. The NTC should announce some sort of general amnesty for the rank and file members of Gaddafi troops , or allow them to leave Libya.”

“Residents inside Tripoli reported scenes of defiance and violence, with demonstrations taking place in the streets while gun battles erupted at government ministries. Some of the most prolonged clashes took place at the buildings of the Interior and Security ministries . Mohammed Daoud Rahimi [It’s exactly like an Iranian name !!!], a revolutionary commander who had taken part in the capture of Zawiyah, 30 miles west of the capital, said last night: “Our main aim is to get to a position where we can help our brothers in Tripoli. There are Gaddafi troops on the main roads. But we can engage them while at the same time use other routes to go around them”. And, early today, Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry recognized the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people. The move represents a major shift in policy for Libya’s neighbor to the west, which has remained neutral until now . A caller from Tripoli also told Libya’s opposition Al-Ahrar TV channel that anti-Gaddafi locals had closed off the city’s main Alsika Street, close to the French embassy and leading from Tripoli university to the former King’s palace. Al-Ahrar said that, according to sources in Tripoli, Gaddafi and his sons Mu’tasm and Hannibal had all fled. But the roads out of the capital have been cut by rebel forces and it would have been impossible for them to take the route out to Tunisia without opposition approval.” The mass media reported: “A couple hours after the rebels said they had attacked Tripoli, state television ran what appeared to be a live audio message by Gaddafi. He did not appear on television but sounded like he was calling the message in on a poor phone line which crackled at times. He announced the time and date twice to prove that he was speaking live “. Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. It’s really like the last days of Hitler, but of course Gaddafi is not as brave as Hitler. Some say: “Gaddafi has three options: (1) Hitler’s fate (2) Saddam’s fate (3) a very special tragic fate that should be called Gaddafi’s fate”.

“The Libyans are happy now. “The city is ruined. No problem. We will rebuild it,” a young Libyan said. Next to him a group of excited locals were stamping on a green flag – the symbol of Gaddafi’s hated regime – and tearing up the dictator’s photo. They offered handshakes and thumbs-ups. “I’m so happy,” one said. “We want to be like a European country. We don’t want an Arab king ,” he said. Around him, dazed locals poured into the central square, which echoed with celebrations. “Gaddafi was a dictator without humanity. He was worse than an animal. You get nice animals,” said another Libyan. “My brain can’t take this in. I need new software.” And for large swathes of the country now outside of Gaddafi’s control, life is slowly reverting to normal. More than two thirds of Libya is now in the hands of NTC. Gaddafi’s regime is clinging to power by its fingertips. But the battle for Tripoli could be long and bloody ,” the media reported. Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. But Khamenei and his dogs should take a look at Gaddafi’s fate, and learn from it. Taxi talks in Iran are very important and meaningful. Now many Taxi talks in Iran, are like this one: “The Mullahs and their dogs are like Gaddafi. But they should know If they resist the people’s will more, or want to destroy Iran, like what Gaddafi did in Libya, they can be sure that all of them -all Islamists in Iran- will become a historical example of what a fate of a religious tyranny should be. The lampposts of the streets are ready for entertaining these bastards [by hanging them]”. Taxi talks can show us the depth of people feelings. The Mullahs and all Islamists in Iran, should know that there is always a payback time, a judgment day, and the Iranian Judgment Day is near.

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