Water Fights against Iranian Baboons

In these days, Iranians inside Iran are really angry or disappointed at the Iranian Baboons, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists, who are very very disgraced inside Iran. The people say: “All Iranian Baboons should be thrown into the trash can of the history; but no, the history’s WC is the best place for them !” In the recent weeks, about 50 stupid Islamist-Reformists had a meeting in Paris and called themselves “the Green Ambassadors” ! But the people only laughed at them and their stupidity, and said: “These bastards are only a few disgraced Baboons who should be called “The Mullah ambassadors”. In the recent weeks, the Iranians tried to ignore the Iranian bastards, and tried to be happy in Tehran and other cities of Iran. It has angered the Mullahs and Iranian Baboons so badly. Earlier this month, a number of young people were arrested in Tehran after taking part in a water fight in public. They were accused of violating the Mullah norms, by being happy ! It’s horrible; a horrible tragicomedy.


After Tehran, dozens people were arrested in the city of Bandar Abbas for splashing water at each other ! The young people in Tehran and Bandar Abbas used water guns and bottles. Some shop owners in Tehran say that they have been ordered not to sell water guns !! They say: “We don’t want our shop to be closed for selling a water pistol. The Mullah police have got the number of these pistols we have in stock and we are not allowed to take a single one for any of our relatives. They said they would check us every now and then.” It’s really funny. Even the water pistols are so dangerous for the Mullah regime !! Of course, the Mullahs should be angry. In these days, the main website of Iranian Baboons, Balatarin.com, that now has only 500 to 1000 active members, is so disgraced and has not any serious visitor in Iran. Iranians inside Iran have boycotted this stupid website, and the real jerks like Ebrahim Nabavi, the congenital bastard , Mohammad Ali Abtahi and Khatami, or other Iranian baboons who have talked nonsense and defended the regime recently, can not deceive the people anymore. Now the stupid Iranian Baboons are so helpless. The ordinary Iranians try to live their own ordinary life, and shit on the head of all Iranian Baboons by ignoring them.


The mixed group of young boys and girls who play with water in Abbas Abads Ab-o-Atash Park (“Water and Fire” Park), doing water fights and tossing water balloons, is good example of the ordinary life in Iran. Iranians inside Iran shit on the head of Khatami, Nabavi, , Abbas Abdi Boozineh , Ezatollah Sahabi and the stupid Islamist-Nationalists and Masoud Benhoud, and all the Mullah’s men, from Islamists to Monarchists, who are the Ashoura Day’s traitors “. In fact, all stupid Iranian expats and their stupid media are so disgraced in Iran, and the Iranians inside Iran have boycotted these bastards. The regime clearly confesses that they can not stop the immoral behaviors against Mullah norms!, even with the help of Iranians Baboons.


The young Iranians had gathered in a Tehran park, named the Garden of Water and Fire, and splashed water at each other. It’s not crime; it’s part of normal and ordinary life. But the Mullahs arrested those who organized and participated in the water pistol fight in Tehran !! Is it a sign of victory or legitimacy ? No, it’s a clear sign of Mullah bankruptcy and Iranian Baboon’s bankruptcy in Iran. Iranians have been tired of the Iranian Baboons who have called themselves “opposition leaders”, i.e. some one like Khatami and Pahlavi, “the Dumb and Dumber” . Iranians inside Iran hate Iranian Baboons, from the stupid Monarchists to the stupid
Islamist-Reformists. Some funny Iranians say: “They are the main responsible for the current shitty situation in Iran. The regime’s responsibility is less than these bastards!” Iranians try to be happy and ignore and boycott all Iranian Baboons. Iranians are brave and modern, and despite all restrictions, manage to find ways to breathe a bit of fresh air and be happy.


Ignoring and boycotting the Iranian Baboons, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists, is what Iranians do in these days. Of course, some Iranians are disappointed. Some are angry. Some are hopeless. Some are tired of the stupid world and all stupid events in the recent months. Some are tried of everything. But all of them hate the Iranian Baboons as much as they hate the Mullahs. As we said before, the Iranian Baboons and their media should be boycotted, but its not enough. The alternative groups and alternative media should be created . But even if nothing happens, the ordinary Iranian youths would defeat the Iranian Baboons by living their own ordinary life. As we said before, It’s a very efficient struggle. Recently, the Mullah state TV broadcasted a program showing some of the arrested people confessing to have played with water and using plastic pistols !! “It was very intimate; it was much more intimate than it should have been [!!!]”, an arrested boy said. Being intimate or being happy, is a serious crime in the Mullah era !!


In the current shitty situation, in the current shitty world, when the majority of Iranian expats are as stupid as the Mullah regime, when the western powers support the Mullahs or Iranian Baboons without any shame, when the western countries show the depth of their stupidity and their dreadful problems, when Iranians inside Iran have no voice and no media, etc Iranians should try to be happy as much as possible and focus on fighting against the Iranian Baboons by ignoring and boycotting them. The Iranian Baboons should be threw into the toilet of the history. They are the number one enemy of Iranians inside Iran. Some Iranian comments are interesting: “For toppling the Mullahs, Iranians can use “Water Pistol”; it’s much more efficient than real pistol ! … Iranian youths will defy the Mullahs and Iranian Baboons with their water guns !… Iran is where even A Water Fight Can Land You In Prison ! … The laws and norms that don’t allow you to live a normal and ordinary life, not only are barbaric and uncivilized, but it f-u-c-k itself so badly … Officials have also recently banned swimming in the sea [!!] during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, go to hell bastards, you will be in hell in the near future”

You can find more pictures about playing with water in Tehran’s Park, here

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