The Sheep and Sheepish Criteria

What we said about the people who are like sheep and use sheepish criteria, in Iran and the west , can raise questions and needs more explanation. As we said before, some people are like sheep -or Goosfand as Iranians say- and try to use Sheepish Criterion -or Meyar Goosfandi as Iranians say- for choosing their lifestyle – including how they live, how they think, what and how they wear or eat, etc. They say: We do this because the majority do it, or we choose it because the majority choose it . It’s what we call Sheepish Criterion. The people who are like sheep, can not think independently. They follow the fashions or what the majority dictate. They are brainwashed by the mass media, politicians, big corporations, the church and the clergy, fake intellectuals, stupid scholars, etc. As we said before, unfortunately the number of these people, who are like sheep and use Sheepish Criterion, is really large, both in the west and in Iran. These people are not just uneducated, religious or poor people . The people who are like sheep, can have university-degree, reputation, wealth and power, etc. In Iran, many people who are like sheep, have PhD, or are rich; They are Khayemal, and kiss the bosses’ ass; They are crook and embezzler; They are irreligious people; They are hypocrite and liar; They are fake intellects; They are shallow and suffer from shortsightedness. But it’s not the special problem of Iran. It’s a global problem. The number of these people in Iran and the west, are almost equal. They are the majority, and the real wise guys are a minority. Of course, in these conditions, the absolute number of the real wise guys becomes very important. As far as we can see, the absolute number of the real wise and open-minded guys in Iran, is less than the western countries by the order of some hundred thousands. It’s about 10 to 20 percent difference, but some hundred thousands would be a big number and a big difference, if you know how hard each of these real wise guys is generated ! It’s so obvious that for having a better world and a better future, we need that the number of the wise guys increases, and the wise guys become the majority . But when this happens? 1000 years later ? 10,000 years later? who knows, but it’s a very important matter.

As you know, the flock of sheep needs sheepdogs. And the sheepdogs in our example, are the media, the church, the journalists, the clergy, the intellectuals, the celebrities, the experts, etc. They try to control the people, and dictate how they should live, how they should think, and what should be in fashion. The stupid fashions can be a good example of how sheepdogs play with the sheep. The people who are like sheep, are slave of the fashion. They are very fashion conscious and care about what is in fashion and what is out of fashion. Whatever goes out of fashion, good or bad, becomes unacceptable for them. They only look for the latest fashions. They stupidly think that they are high class or up to date, while they are like sheep and are stupid slave of the fashion industry. The number of these people, who are really like sheep, is large in both Iran and the west. These stupid people follow the fashions in everything, even in thoughts and views. They are slave of the mass media and fake intellectuals, and their thoughts and views are not shaped by themselves. They only accept what is in fashion. If an idea or thought is not in fashion, they would reject it, and if an idea or thought is in fashion, they would accept it. They only follow the current fashion, and can not think independently . These people are one of the very serious global problems. But the stupid Iranian intellects, who are fake intellectuals, talk nonsense about the number of these people in Iran and the West. These stupid bastards, who themselves are like sheep, think that the problem of “the flock of sheep and sheepdogs” are a special problem of Iran. They either are blind and stupid or pretend ignorance. These stupid bastards pretend ignorance that the majority of Iranians, sheep or not sheep, hate the Mullahs and the Iranian Baboons. It’s very important. In fact, in 2010s the flock of sheep in Iran is exactly like the flock of sheep in the west (They are not like the flock of sheep in the Middle East, and the flock of sheep in 1970s to 1990s). It’s a very important fact. But the stupid bastards can not understand it, or pretend ignorance of it, because they are paid for it. The 2011 and 2009 events can show us that now, in 2010s, “The flock of sheep in Iran is exactly like the flock of sheep in the west “.

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