Humor: Mona Lisa or Mullah Lisa ?!

In the recent days, a Mullah, Shajooni, said: “We should force the young women to wear Hejab, we should beat and hit them, like what Reza Shah did in 1930s.” In fact, Hejab (Islamic veil) is choosing between Mona Lisa and Mullah Lisa, and Iranian women are forced to choose Mullah Lisa, while they are like Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, and want to choose Mona Lisa (right picture). But Arab women prefer to choose Mullah Lisa (left picture)


Even sometimes western women choose Mullah Lisa, like what Angelina Jolie did. Of course it’s just for minutes or hours.


Sometimes western women choose Mullah Lisa in the movies, like Julia Roberts in “Charlie Wilson’s War”(2007). She chose both Mullah Lisa and Mona Lisa.


Iranian women are like Fariba Davoudi Mohajer, a pro-Mullah woman who changed her thoughts and her lifestyle after 50 years and finally chose Mona Lisa, and got rid of Mullah Lisa. But Arab women still prefer Mullah Lisa, even when they chose Mona Lisa for a while.


The Mullahs and Reza Shah both forced women to choose what they don’t want to choose. Reza Shah forced Iranian women to choose Mona Lisa, and the Mullahs force Iranian women to choose Mullah Lisa. But what the Mullahs say is really true. “Hejab changes everything”. With Hejab, Mona Lisa becomes Mullah Lisa


You can choose between Mona Lisa and Mullah Lisa. But you should know that if you choose Mullah Lisa and the Mullahs, you can not get rid of them without being beaten to death, without being raped and tortured, and without being killed .

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