UK Riots: Lessons and Reactions

2011 is the year of riots and revolutions. The UK riots, and all other European events in 2011, from Greek and Spanish protests to Norwegian massacre, can reveal many hidden facts or problems. They can prove many things, including two things that can be important for Iranians: (1) Many fundamental problems are global problems (2) the younger generation of Iranians have not any difference with their western counterparts (even you can say the young Iranians are really more modern than their western counterparts). When you compare the Iranian protests with the British or European protests, you easily can see that the young Iranians are not as ignorant as the British youths. It’s very important and has deep roots : – The majority of young Iranians are university-educated and politically aware, more than their western counterparts –Unfortunately, the UK riots can show us that the number of ignorant or stupid youths in the west is really large, and it’s really disappointing . As you know, it’s very dangerous that many people are ignorant; It’s the best situation for the corrupt politicians, corporations and media – Unfortunately, many ordinary Europeans are brainwashed by their mass media, while many Iranians know their mass media and hate them. Unfortunately, many ordinary Europeans can not see the roots of the problems, and are brainwashed by their media, politicians, or fake intellects. Comparing Iran with the west is important, because some Iranian bastards, aka Iranian fake but known intellectuals, have serious delusions about the current situation in Iran and the west, and try to deceive or misinform the people. Anyway, now lets take a look at the British and non-British reactions to the UK riots. It can show us and learn us many things.


Mark Duggan’s case in really embarrassing for the UK. “They allowed people to believe that Mark Duggan had a weapon and that he shot that weapon at police officers. Thats absolutely untrue. The IPCC, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, has confirmed that the bullet that was fired and lodged in a police radio was a police bullet. So, it would be an interesting question, who fired that bullet and why? So, they lied. So, generally speaking, there was a backlash, a reaction against the police, as a result of this”, Richard Seymour told DemocracyNow. But not both the British media and the British people have forgotten this matter. The Police reactions to the protests was really embarrassing. “According to eyewitnesses, when a 16-year-old girl, who was shouting at the police, lines of riot police, demanding answers from them, was assaulted. She was beaten by several of them with batons and riot shields. Some of you may have seen the footage. Shes getting a few hefty kicks, as well. So, I would say that the police have done more than enough to provoke this situation, which obviously raises the question of why anybody thinks that the police, having provoked it, have any solutions to resolving it”, he added. Unfortunately many ignorant Britons defended the police. The British politicians’ reactions to the riots were really dreadful. “David Cameron has allowed the police to use water cannon against rioters for the first time in this country”, the media reported. “Cameron also said, according to a Guardian tweet, that he would look at asking online services to take down offending photos . Cameron wants police to have the authority “in certain circumstances” to require face masks to be removed : instead of a burqa ban, a hoodie ban. It’s about tactics to restrict anonymity in public”, the media added. “Banning or restricting the use of social media networks is a tool of dictatorial regimes, and now David Cameron wants to use it . Free flow of information can be used for good, Cameron told Parliament. But it can also be used for ill [!!] It belongs in the authoritarian world. The free flow of information is a democracys lifeblood, and it needs protection, too”, the media reported. Cameron and Tories are really stupid and bastard. Some intellects said: “Beware, my friends. When anyone’s speech is not free, no one’s speech is free . Censorship is not the path to civility. What government does on the streets it could do on the internet, and vice versa. Each is a form of a public. Be careful about enabling your government to impose restrictions on the public“, it’s very important. But many Britons don’t care about it.


Some wise Britons said: “One of our main problems is the lack of visible resistance against the attack of the rich to the people’s rights and economy during the last three years . This adds to the desperation of those who have been hit hard. 5 million unemployed, many young, how do they live? What is their future [and the UK future] when even education opportunities have been taken away from them? This government does not have any plan for helping them; they are left completely deprived and feeling hopeless. Judging the riots from a neat and tidy political stand point cannot answer the question”. But the right-wingers and conservative Britons said: “The riots in the UK are NOT political. They are vile, opportunistic crimes which need to be dealt with swiftly and decisively. They are just looting and rioting, they don’t have any motive other than that. These are not protests, there isn’t any political motive, just lawlessness. The situation in Greece is entirely different: Greeks have legitimate grievances and have protested against them. The Greek riots had a very definite and proximate political and economic cause. The UK riots are about free sportswear and consumer electronics. To draw an equivalence between the two is totally inaccurate”. It’s a superficial analysis. Some wiser Britons said: “The gap between rich and the poor in the UK is really large. The rich are 100 times richer than the poor. It’s really important”. yes, but it’s very funny that in Iran the rich are at least 1000 times richer than the poor ! “I am reminded by my French friend who told me sometime after moving to New York that in America she is definitely left wing, but in France she feels she needs to be a little more to the right”, a Briton said. It’s true that where you live can determine how you think, but we all should try to be wise and think independently of where or when we live. Many problems in the UK, the US, Iran, Greece, Spain, etc are alike and have the same roots. We, all, should try to see these roots, independent of where we live. Many problems are historical problems, and we should try to see their roots, independent of when we live. “I neither support or understand the rioters, the politicians, the bankers nor the police. This country is f-u-c-ked and it will not recover unless we manage to get some politics and politicians who represent the people (all of us)“, a wise Briton said. It’s really one of the main global problems. In Iran, Middle East, Africa, etc this problem is very very serious, but in the UK and the West, this problem still exists and has not been resolved completely.


“I have seen many 13 and 14 year olds smoking heroin before school. This country is utterly f-u-c-k-ed. The f-u-c-k-i-ng situation of this country is really dreadful. It’s a choice between starving to death and stealing or dealing drugs”, a Briton said. It’s another global problem. Poverty is a very very serious problem. But it’s not the whole problem. When the kids and the youths don’t care about not being “Sheep” -or “Goosfand” as Iranians say- and try to use “Sheepish Criterion” -or “Meyar Goosfandi” as Iranians say- for choosing their lifestyle, i.e. how they live, how they think, what they eat, what and how they wear, etc; When the youths say: “We do this because the majority do it, or we want it because the majority want it“; When they don’t learn that they should try to think independently; When they are brainwashed by the mass media or fake intellectuals; And when they don’t read the history and can not learn form the history, they become “Sheep” and not only can not solve their own problems, but they allow the history to repeat itself over and over. It’s really a big global problem. The number of the people who are not Sheep or don’t use Sheepish Criterion, is really small, both in the west and in Iran. But the Iranian youths’ situation is very interesting. They are brainwashed by many forces; by the Mullah education system, by Mullah media, by Mullah systematic censorship, by BBC and VOA, by Monarchists’ media, by Iranian Baboons’ media, and by many other stupid and dreadful things, but they not only are not stupider than their western counterparts, but they are a bit wiser. It’s a very important matter. It can shows us that the brainwashers and their powers are not the main factor, and if the youths want to be wise – not sheep- they can do it, even under dreadful conditions. The main problem of the current world is that the number of sheep and the people who use Sheepish Criterion or have Foolishness Disease is really large. As you know, when many people are ignorant and stupid, and can not see the roots of their problems, and can not find real solutions for their dreadful problems, then there is not any change, and you can be sure that nothing changes. “The politicians, Banks and corporations have stolen the entire wealth of the middle and lower classes and the UK in general and as the lower class and middle class slip into poverty, expect riots way beyond what we have seen”, a Briton said. But why don’t the middle class protest? Who don’t they read the history and learn form the history? Why they prefer to be sheep ? It’s a very important question.


“Before we demand responsibility from those at the bottom of the heap, we should be demanding responsibility from those at the top. The whole story of the last 3 years has been the avoidance of responsibility for their greed and theft by some of the richest and powerful groups and individuals in the world – often with the help of government to do so”, a wise Briton said. It’s really true. Before we demand responsibility from those at the bottom of the heap, we should be demanding responsibility from those at the top . And before we protest against poverty and inequality, we should try to not be sheep. We should be wise, responsible and independent; Independent of media, politicians, fake intellectuals, etc. We should learn to think independently of brainwashers. We, all, should constantly read about the human legacies and learn form it, and try to learn new things. It’s very important, especially for the youths. If they were ignorant and stupid, the would can not change, and they would not deserve any change and any serious solution. They only allow the history to repeat itself. “Welcome to Britain 2011- a shabby country ruled by shabby thieves and hypocrites. What a pity the mass of the people are too scared to stand up against the tyranny of rampant capitalism”, a young Briton said. But has s/he read the history? has s/he read the UK history? The real problem is not ‘Fear’, it’s ‘Ignorance’ . The media and the politicians, and all the bad guys try to brainwash the people and misinform them, but the people don’t understand this matter; The majority of the people can not think independently. It’s the main problem. Ignorance is the main problem of the UK, the US, the west and the world. If the UK rioters were not too stupid and did not loot the local shops or houses, and instead, organized a widespread non-violent protests against inequality; If the British students, British workers, British pensioners, etc united and joined to the mass protest against inequality and corruption, then 2011 would be the greatest historical year in the UK history . But the politicians and the media use “Divide and Rule” tactic, and the ignorant people can not see what they should see.

The UK riots are very important for Iranians. Because it can shows that finally in 2010s, we can say that Iranians, which the majority of them are young, are at least as modern as the Europeans. Finally, the accursed and stupid generation of Iranians, who are Disaster Makers , have reached the end of the line, and the young and educated Iranians, i.e. the majority of Iranians, can be hopeful about the future. The stupid Iranian bastards, i.e. the fake intellects/journalists, try to distort the facts, but the UK riots and the current situation of the world and Iran, can show us the truth: Many problems are global problems, and we, all, should try to find solution for these dreadful problems. But we should not forget that the majority of Iranians, i.e. the young Iranians, are as modern as their western counterparts. It’s very important for the future of the Iranian movement and the whole world.

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