IMF and Mullahs: A Love Story

August 14, 2011

In the recent days, the top news of the Mullah state TV was about IMF and its new relationships with the Mullah regime. It’s really very funny. “Mr. shit is “being hailed as an economic reformer” in the halls of the IMF !! “, the media reported. The IMF’s bastards praise the dreadful economic plan of the Mullahs. It’s really funny and reveals the truth. From 1979 to 2005, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), perhaps the most prominent symbol of the Western capitalism, was nothing more than “Monster”, “Devil”, “Imperialism”, etc for the Mullah media and the Mullah analysts. But now, especially after 2009 big election fraud, and after all brutal massacres and crackdowns, the Mullahs clearly and publicly declared that they love the IMF and its policies. As we said before, the Mullahs pretended that they rejected all IMF’s plans. They even was rejecting any reasonable economic plan in the name of its similarity to the IMF’s plans ! But now you can be sure that the Mullahs love the IMF, that is one of the main Mullah lovers, and one of the main supporters of the Mullahs . Now, even some western analysts write about “The IMF’s Bizarre Love of Iran”, and say: “The new IMF’s report surprised Iran analysts, who said these figures didnt reflect the dire reality of Irans economy. Economists inside and outside of Iran, have questioned the accuracy of the IMFs economic data for Iran. The IMF’s report relies on figures from the Mullahs which are [ fake and] unreal data. Last month, even [one of Khamenei’s dog in the Mullah parliament] Ahmad Tavakoli blasted Mr. shits economic plan and said he was blocking the release of economic data to hide the true impact of the subsidy cuts. He said: Lack of transparency misleads both officials and the public and leads to bad decision making by the government . Iranians say prices are increasing on a daily basis on basic goods like bread, meat and vegetables. But the IMF repeats what the Mullahs say: There is no dreadful inflation, and no dreadful economic problem !” It’s very important. Now, even the most stupid westerners can see how the west and the western countries support the Mullahs. The ordinary Iranians only laugh at the western paradox, and at the naive westerners and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky.


The IMF praises the Mullahs for cutting $60 billion in subsidies of energy and food products in December while containing dreadful inflation, dreadful lack of transparency, and dreadful corruption. The stupid IMF’s report says: “The Central Bank of Iran was able to contain inflation in the aftermath of the subsidy reform [!!!]. As a result, consumer price inflation has only increased from 10 percent in December to 14 percent at end-May 2011 [!!!!]. Directors welcomed the economic recovery, the decline in inflation, and the improvement in the external and fiscal positions in 2010/11 [!!!] Directors welcomed the authorities efforts to strengthen the banking sector [!!!!] ” It’s so obvious that all IMF’s bullshits about Iran are totally wrong. Iranians who live in Iran, can see how bastard is the IMF. The stupid IMF’s report praises the Mullahs, while they say nothing about the dread systematical corruption in the Mullah regime. The IMF says nothing about the Mullah state monopoly on everything. The IMF says nothing about the dreadful situation of banking industry, the dreadful interest, et in Iran. The IMF says nothing about the fake and unreal economic date. They distort the facts and tell blatant lies about Iran. But why? because, now the Mullahs implement the exact copy of IMF’s plans, the plans that were considered as Devil’s plans and Imperialistic plans ! because the war between the west and the Mullahs is a fake war, and they are the fake enemy of each other. The IMF and the Mullahs are two side of the same coin. They are exactly like each other. “This reform is first and foremost about reducing a waste of resources [!!!]” the IMF’s lead economist on Iran, explained in an interview. “But it also creates a greater sharing of Iran’s oil wealth amongst its people [!!!]”, the stupid bastard added. Now even some western analysts ask: “What explains the IMF’s sudden fondness for Iran? It’s not clear”. But they pretend ignorance; it’s very clear. The IMF and the stupid western capitalists love the Mullahs. And it’s not a new thing. They love all dictators. They supported the Mullahs in 1979 and during the Islamic revolution. Who can deny this? Their apparent paradoxes, from the Iran Contra scandal in 1980s, to the Obama and European scandals in 2009 and 2011, during the Iranian protests , are very clear and meaningful. The IMF praises the corrupt Mullahs and their dreadful economic reform, because the Mullahs are their real friend. Shame on the IMF and all western bastards who praise their fake enemy. Shame on the stupid lefts and their leader, Noam Chomsky, who are blind and can not see the reality of the fake war between the fake enemies. Shame on them all.