Humor: Only in USA !

Each country has its own problems. As you know, some American problems are unique.


The American laziness is really unique, like the American priests. The fat and lazy people should learn from their American counterparts, but the priests should not !


But as you know, the danger of U.S. modernism & U.S. cultural imperialism is as serious as the danger of the U.S. priests.



As you know, the US priest is so dangerous for the young women, but the US cultural imperialism is so dangerous for the old women. Now, all damn old bitches want to be hot, like their American counterparts, or like that son of a bitch with 80 wives.


As you know, many Americans love the U.S. modernism, especially the kids (and of course, the priests !)


The US is the greatest democracy and the land of many great men. But it’s the land of the funniest paradoxes, too. It’s the land of uncle Tom, and uncle Noam (Chomsky). It’s the land of the priests with 80 wives.

One Response to Humor: Only in USA !

  1. 80 wives? When does he sleep?

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