A Letter to 50,000 years later

August 11, 2011

Dear Reader (in 50,000 years later),

It’s a letter from the ancient times (2011 CE) to 50,000 years later. I know this letter is a cuneiform inscription for you, so I hope you can find a way for translating and reading the cuneiform that is called “English language”. Some think 50,000 years is a very long time, but as you know the dinosaurs lived at least 150 million years before their extinction, so 50,000 years is really small . Anyway, how are you doing ? Haven’t you become extinct? In our time, we think you become extinct, because of global warming, Ice age, asteroids, Earth’s problems, Cosmic problems, Apocalypse or Armageddon, Human stupidities like Atomic wars, etc. If you read this letter, it would mean that you are among the survivors, so I congratulate you for surviving. I don’t want to be pessimistic about your conditions and the future. I prefer to think about the natural human progress.

Like other cuneiform writing, at first I should try to write about my time. I live in 21st century CE. Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ? It’s 21 century after his birth. I know, it’s ridiculous, but in our time we count our years based on somebody’s birthday. If you don’t know him, I should say that I live in the age of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein . Of course, Isaac Newton lived 400 years before us, but for you, he is a man of our time. Probably you only know Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein and two or three other great men from our time. But you should know that billions of people wanted to be among these four or five immortal humans. As you know, it’s a quest for immortality, and all people in all ages want to be immortal. But from billions of billions, only a few people succeeded.

I live in the time that computer, Internet, Genetics and space travels were born. Have you heard of computer or Internet? If you read the ancient history, you can find something about them. Anyway, we think that we are modern, but often we forget to mention “compared to what”. We have many useful technologies, but we are modern compared to the past. When you read this letter, you think we lived in the Stone Age. But please don’t use the term “Stone Age”, it’s both bothering (us) and incorrect. You can use the term “Computer Age”, instead of “Stone Age”. I know that for you both “Computer Age” and “Stone Age” means “Primeval”, but for us “Computer Age” is a high class thing ! If you try to read the ancient history, i.e. the history of our time, you will find how stupidly we lived in the age of computer and internet, so, I don’t bother you with these matters.

Have you been able to find any other civilization in other planets? Have you been able to find another Earth? In our age, the space travels are a dream for ordinary people, and even travel to the moon, is a very very luxury thing ! I know it looks like “Stone Age”, but you know, many think it’s not enough for killing ourselves and committing suicide. Have you ever seen a film of our era, especially a science-fiction one from Hollywood? I hope you can find some of them in the museum of “Ancient Times”. The films can show you our stupid dreams and how stupid were we. In fact, If you want to know us better, you should try to find some movies or some books of our time. Please try to find some serious and non-Hollywood movies, especially documentary movies; Many Hollywood movies seems stupid, even in our time ! We can not imagine your time. It’s impossible for us . I know you laugh at our science-fiction shits, but it shows our fears and our dreams. We hope that you have been able to find a way for living with robots, intelligence machines, and other intelligence creators in peace.

Do you have any politicians? Do you have any dictator or dictatorship? In our time we have a group of corrupt politicians who try to control and exploit the people in the name of preventing chaos. I hope you can find a better solution for yourself. In our time we have creatures that are called the clergy. These dangerous creatures, i.e. the Mullah and the priest, try to f-u-c-k the people in the name of religion and God. I know that they have become extinct in you time, but please build a museum for them, inside your Jurassic Park for the dinosaurs, because they are “Human Dinosaurs” or “Human Monsters”. They have killed and tortured billions of people since some thousands years ago . Even now, in part of the world, the Mullahs have made our life pure hell. The Mullahs and other dictators kill, torture and rape the people, but others, especially politicians and selfish or racist people, don’t care about this matter, and even help the killers. I’m sure that you have not this sort of problems in your time.

Have you been able to find a solution for the death? Have you been able to find a cure for all fatal diseases? In our time the life expectancy is about 70 to 80 years. Has the life expectancy reached to 1000 years in your time? In our time, we know nothing about many things, including our body, our genes, our galaxy, the black holes, the dark matter, the universe, the cosmos, etc. We only have some primeval satellites and travel inside the solar system. In fact, even our knowledge about the solar system is very limited. And our knowledge about our genes is very limited, too. Genetics and Genetic Engineering are a new science in our time, but in your time they are ancient sciences . At our time, children are born with random genes, and the people are very unhappy about their genes. They constantly complain about for example how fat they are, how bald they are, how ugly they are, how short or tall they are, etc. The people die from heart failure, brain failure, etc. We can not replace any part of our body. We can not add any new functionality to our body or brain. Yes, you are right, we lived in the stupid ancient times , but when I write this letter, some think that the End of the world is near, because we have become so modern ! I can guess that even in your time, some talk about the End of the world. It’s a historical disease, and even in 10,000 years ago, some talked about the End of the world.

Do you live in Earth, space stations, or other planets? Are you satisfied with your life? I’m sure you are not ! Are you satisfied with the service you receive? I’m sure you are not ! In fact, satisfaction is the biggest impossible miracle! Some say it’s impossible because we progress constantly . We progress, because we are not satisfied with our life. I think this sort of issues, aka “Philosophical Problems”, still are unsolved problems in your time. The existential issues, the God, the meaning of life, and many other things still are unsolved problem, aren’t they?. Have you been able to solve the problem of “Depression” and “Mental disorders”? Have you been able to create happier human beings ? 50,000 years is long enough to bring some natural evolutionary changes. Have you changed naturally? Have you been able to find a way for accelerating or controlling the evolutionary changes? It’s one of our dreams

I wish I were you. Living in 50,000 years later, is much more better than living in this shitty era, i.e. the age of ignorance. Now, we have a stupid world full of stupid politicians, stupid countries, stupid borders, stupid wars, stupid passports, stupid diseases, stupid selfish or racist people, stupid fanatics and chauvinists, stupid clergies, etc. I’m sure that you have not any political border or division in your time. I wish you did not have any class divisions in your time. I wish you did not need to any stupid politician, or any stupid mass media. I wish each of you could be the master of your own life . I wish you did not have our problems, and I wish you did not have any other medieval problems. Please read the history and the ancient history more, and don’t forget how we lived in the age of ignorance and stupidity. Please don’t laugh at us. Please try to live on behalf of me. I badly want to live in your time , but I am a prisoner of this shitty time and this shitty world; I am a prisoner in one of the shittiest prisons (countries) of this shitty world.

Best Regards,

A human from the ancient times, 2011 CE