UK Riots 2011 and The Plague

August 10, 2011

“The worst UK urban violence in living memory” has become a tragicomedy. Riots and looting spread widely across England. “Central Manchester and Salford saw serious looting and disorder as gangs waged running battles with police, ransacking dozens of shops. Similar, trouble flared in Birmingham and elsewhere in the West Midlands”, the media reported. The ordinary Britons are angry at the government, at the police, and at the mob, after some nights of rioting left looted stores, torched cars and blackened buildings across London and several other U.K. cities. “The riots and looting caused heartache for Londoners whose businesses and homes were torched or looted”, the media reported. When you look at footage of riots, unfortunately many of the young British rioters seem stupid and ignorant. They are not like the last year student protesters. Some say: “When you see the current British war between the stupid rioters and the stupid police, you think it’s a war between two evils. But you are not sure who is the lesser evil“. The Mullahs and their reactions are other part of this tragicomedy. The Mullahs called on their friends in British government to stop violence and start dialogue with rioters and listen to their demands !!! It’s the funniest case of the pot calling the kettle black. It’s a case of “crocodile tears”. The Mullahs say that they are ready to send a human rights delegation to Britain to investigate human rights abuses !!! In fact, the Mullahs flirt with and joke with their beloved British supporters ! The Khamenie’s TV, from morning to night shows the footage of looters, and say that they are British protesters !! The Mullahs defend this kind of British protesters, while they kill, torture and rape the educated peaceful protesters in Iran. It’s the greatest possible hypocrisy. The stupid Mullahs think that they can use the crocodile tears tactic for deceiving the people, like what the British politicians do. But Iranians know the truth. They condemn the British politicians, the British looters, and the Mullahs.


The Mullahs desperately try to tell Iranians: “Look at the British crackdown; Look how Britain and the West suppress the protesters; They are like us”. But the ordinary Iranians are not as stupid as the Mullahs. They know the difference between the Iranian protesters and British protesters. And they know that the British politicians are bastard – a close friend and a strong supporter of the Mullahs. Now they say: “Shame on them all; Shame on the British politicians; and shame their police; Shame on the mob who loot the people’s houses and shops in the UK. And shame on the Mullahs, who are the greatest bastards“. In the UK, the media don’t pay attention to Duggan’s case. “Mark Duggan did not shoot at police”, says IPCC. But who cares? The stupid looters and thieves, have disgraced the whole protesters. Some British intellects say: “When people stand up and make for revolution, they stand for freedom, democracy and the right for freedom of speech. Today we stand at risk and in the midst of a huge clean up at the hands of thugs“. But we should not forget the root of the problems. Some wise Britons say: “Greater inequality leads to a rise in crime. Cause and effect. It’s not rocket science . When people have nothing, and have no prospect of having anything, this is inevitable. The majority of us refuse to accept the wanton destruction the financial sector has wrought”. The UK needs a non-violent but strong protest against injustice. The looters only disgrace the protesters and their legitimate protests . “When a corner shop is destroyed, the lawlessness has a victim, and we feel disgusted. That’s what drags these events into focus: not the stuff that was stolen, but the people behind the stuff”, same say. The looters are not only the poor youths. “Many shops targeted by looters had goods that youths would want anyway – sneakers, bikes, electronics, leather goods- while other buildings were torched apparently just for the fun of seeing something burn“, the media reported. If they loot the banks or the big corporations, it can be a bit understandable, but why they loot the ordinary people’s shops? It’s a blind riot, a blind and stupid anger. It only helps the corrupt politicians.


Now the people try to defend themselves. “When the rioters came to attack the premises of Kurdish and Turkish businesses in Hackney’s Stoke Newington High Street and Kingsland Road on Monday night, the owners were waiting for them”, the media reported. “There were a lot of them. We came out of our shops but the police asked us to do nothing. But the police did not do anything so, as more came, we chased them off ourselves“, locals said. “Locals in Clapham Junction, Dalston and Whitechapel took to the streets and faced down the mob after realizing that police were too over-stretched to help”, the media reported. “Most of the residents are reallyrelieved that the Turkish community has been protecting the area. It’s thanks to these guys that Kingsland High Street wasn’t attacked“, a man who lives nearby, said. It reminds us of an old dirty British tactic: “Divide and Rule“. If the British politicians wanted to use the divide and rule policy, they would use the looters for disgracing the whole protesters. And now the stupid youths do exactly what the politicians want. And the ordinary people not only leave them alone, but start to fight against them. But the people should not forget that even the blind riots have deep root. “These people belong to a generation of disenfranchised UK youngsters who have nothing; have no hope, or chance of ever having anything within their lifetime, nor their childrens lifetime and who are finally demonstrating to the UK Authorities that they really have nothing left to lose “, some Britons said. “The police were clearly psyched up and frustrated that they couldnt break more heads. One man, who happened to be both young and black, but in the area to monitor policing for the network for police monitoring, was arrested for obstructing police after he refused to give a name and address. In the back of the police van he was then repeatedly punched in the face leaving him with cuts, bruises and a bleeding lip. If this is a typical example of how the police treat local black and working class youths and there is every reason to think that it is then it isnt difficult to understand the anger and rage that exists.”, they added. Where is the civil society of the UK ? Where is the civil activists?


“The fatal shooting of Mark Duggan last Thursday, where it appears, contrary to initial accounts, that only police bullets were fired, is another tragic event in a longer history of the Metropolitan police’s treatment of ordinary Londoners, especially those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and the singling out of specific areas and individuals for monitoring, stop and search and daily harassment “, the media reported. The police is really stupid. Some say: “If they had given proper answer to Duggan’s murder, and arrested the killer officer, or at least apologized the family and friends of Duggan, we did not have the riot”. But the root of the riots is deeper. The police should be much more responsible. Their last year reactions to the student protesters were not acceptable at all. The police and the politicians are really stupid. They should be tried. They should bring to court and answer the questions. The looters and the stupid youths should stop helping them. The ignorant youths are stupid, but not more than the stupid police and the stupid politicians. “Decades of individualism, competition and state-encouraged selfishness -combined with a systematic crushing of unions and the ever-increasing criminalization of dissent- have made Britain one of the most unequal countries in the developed world“, some British intellects say. It’s a very serious problem, and on one should ignore it. It’s a kind of plague. If you ignore the plague and its root, finally it would kill all people, both the poor and the rich.


“These people are not in the midst of fighting a political battle or for the right to freedom, but simply to destroy”, some Britons say. But others say: “Many of the people involved are likely to have been from low-income, high-unemployment estates, and many, if not most, do not have much of a legitimate future. There is a social question to be asked about young people with nothing to lose .” It’s very important. The rich and the politicians can not f-u-c-k the ordinary people’s life, and then expect that all of them remain silent for ever. When you have nothing to lose, when you live in poverty, when you have no job, no feature, and no money, you lose your patience and rebel against everything. Of course, many British youths are ignorant or naive. Apparently the number of ignorant and stupid youths in the UK is very larger than Iran. Many of the British youths are brainwashed by the stupid far lefts or rights, and the stupid state media. Many of them are supporter of the racist groups. Many of them think that the war against the savage Gaddafi in Libya is wrong. They say :”It’s none of our business. Gaddafi can kill his own people, and we should spend our money on our own problems, and for our own people.” They are so stupid and so ignorant. They don’t know that their government has blocked 12 billion GBP Libyan assets. They don’t know what it means. They don’t know that their indifference and stupidity, is like their parents’ stupidity in 1930s, when they ignored the danger of Fascism and Nazism. They live in a very stupid world: “There is a tang of surreality around it all, with the rioters calling the police “feds”, as though they think they are in The Wire, and sending each other melodramatic texts saying: “So if you see a brother … SALUTE! If you see a fed … SHOOT!”, the media reported.


Some stupid British youths, who are followers of stupid lefts and someone like Noam Chomsky, don’t know that if they don’t care about Gaddafi’s massacre or Assad’s massacre, then others will not care about them and their tragic situation in the UK, as well. “The foreign secretary, William Hague, admitted last week there was not much more Britain could do to halt the Syrian crackdown, while his US counterpart, Hillary Clinton, has been reduced to counting the dead “, the media reported. And some stupid British youths support this policy and say: “Hague should have said that its not our problem and we don’t want to get involved over Libya and Syria ” They are really stupid, and don’t know that with this strategy, the British politicians and the British rich would exploit them, and then no one would support them. They are indifference and insensitive, but they don’t know that it’s exactly the root of 1930s’ Plague. Albert Camus in “The Plague”(1947) said how the plague spread and become a global disaster. Plague begins in the poor neighborhoods. At first, the rats start to die, but no one cares about it. Then the people start to die, but no one cares about it, too. The rich think that the death and the plague is only for the rats or for the poor. They don’t know that when plague begins and spreads, it will kill all people, both the rich and the poor. They don’t know that even for their own safety and their own benefits, they should care about the plague and try to do something about it. They don’t know that when they ignore the poor and their problems, and say: “it’s non of our business; it’s their own problem”, they only start to f-u-c-k their own fate. And finally all of them would be killed by the plague” It’s the story of 2011. It was the story of 1930s. It was the story of Fascism and Nazism. It was the story of the European stupidity, indifference, and insensitivity in 1930s. We should not allow the history to repeat itself.