About Fanatics’ Logic & Islamists’ Logic

August 9, 2011

In the recent weeks, we have received some comments from the fanatics and the Islamists, from Iranians and non-Iranians, who think that they have some sort of logic, but we don’t understand them. This sort of comments are not like the stupid or threatening comments. They try to be logical and argue about the matters, so we decide to discuss them here. It can be helpful in understanding the fanatics’ logic and the Islamists’ Logic. If their logic was not the logic of killing, arresting, torturing, raping, etc, like the Mullahs’ logic or (Norwegian) Breivik’s logic, it would be discussable. The Mullah logic in Iran is something like this: “When you write or talk about something, first they arrest you for expressing your views or your thoughts, then they torture you to accept their views/thoughts or what they want, and then they call it “free discussion about important issues in the prison !” It’s the Mullah logic; It’s what they call “Islamic logic”. It’s our greatest tragic joke in Iran. Unfortunately there is a lot of tragic stories about the Mullah logic and their “free discussions in the prison !”. But if the Islamists or the fanatics think that they have a logic that can be acceptable for non-prisoners ! If they think their logic has no need of torturing others, and others can accept it without being tortured !, i.e. if their logic is not like the Mullahs’ logic or Breivik’s logic, we can discuss it here. If you are a fanatic or Islamist, Iranian or non-Iranian, and think that you can defend your logic and your views without killing others, without threatening others, without arresting and torturing others, we would be happy to hear about your logic or discuss about it .

An Islamist said: “The history has proved that people like you, that think the society should be exactly as they like are nothing more than disastrous illusionary criminals who end up f-u-c-king up the society much more than what it would have been without them” Yes, It’s true, but it’s exactly what you, the Islamists, and your friends, the Mullahs, did in Iran. You, the Islamists, are so shameless. It’s you, the Islamists that dictate and force the society to be exactly as you like. From forced Hejab and forced Ramadan to the election fraud and killing and torturing protesters, you have shown your true color in the past 30 years . You are like Breivik, who thought that he is not a supporter of
hate-ideologies, while he killed others and proved that he is a human monster and a real supporter of hate-ideologies. Please don’t bullshit us about your belief in democracy. If you believe in democracy, why are you frightened to death of a free election or a free referendum in Iran? why do you kill the people in the streets? who do you break the pens and intimidate the people? why do you arrest the journalists? why do you arrest the bloggers? why do you arrest the protesters? Is it not clear that the Islamists in Iran only want to stay in power, at any price, and by any means, even by raping men and women ? They clearly proved it in 2009. If they were sure of themselves, they would try their best to show that they have the majority support. If they were sure of themselves, they would not be frightened to death of free referendum and free election . But even for staying in power, you need the people. You can not kill, torture, and arrest the people, and then expect to stay in power. Yes, the ordinary people are stupid, but finally they will rebel against the tyranny and the oppressor. It’s a historical law. There is always a payback time. And the payback time in Iran, is near.

A Christian said: “You are attempting to align real Christians to the deranged sick in both the mind and heart crazy man to Christianity”. No, it’s wrong. When did we try to do this? We only said and repeatedly say that the Christian fanatics are as dangerous as Muslim fanatics. As we said before, and as it’s so obvious, all Christians are not Christian fanatics, as all Muslims are not Muslim fanatics . There are some religious people, Muslim or Christian, who are nice and decent citizens. They are ordinary people who have their own religion, often care about other people and support a number of charities, tolerate other religions and other people, etc. They are good guys. But the story of fanatics is different. The Christian added: “Was Breivik a CHRISTIAN? I think not.” You deny the facts, and it’s some sort of self-defense. But Breivik was a Christian, a very serious Christian. Breivik thought that he had to be a real Christian. If you deny the problems, you can not solve them. At first, you should try to not deny the problem: ‘Breivik is a Christian; and the Christian fanatics are as dangerous as Muslim fanatics’. He added: “Evangelicals are definitely a strange breed. But why you feel the need to drag in the Roman Catholics on what this nut case carried out in Norway” It’s so obvious that the Roman Catholics have their own fanatics. But we don’t say that all Roman Catholics are fanatics. Many of them are ordinary religious people who have their own faith, and are not like the Pope and the Church in the Middle Age. But we should not forget that the European Middle Age was a very very dark age, at least as dark as the Islamic Middle Age . He added: “You are in-fact doing the same thing ignorant people did after 9-11, blaming people that do not share these fanatical views”, We only blame fanatics. When did we blame the whole Christians? But you should not forget that after 9-11, the media blamed all Muslims, fanatics or non-fanatics. It was a big mistake. The Christian fanatics and the Jew fanatics are as dangerous as Muslim fanatics.

An Islamist said: “Who are you to dictate to a whole population how to manage their judicial system and social justice. If “eye for eye” system is abolished then all families would take the law in their own hands! then half the people in each family would end up blind or dead [!!!]” We don’t dictate anything to anyone. We are not like the Mullahs. We only talk about our views. That’s all. But who are you to dictate to a whole population how to live ? Who are you to dictate to a whole population how to dress, how to eat, how to be happy, etc? Who are you to dictate to a whole population how they should think and what they should believe in? It’s you, the Islamists, and your friends, the Mullahs, who dictate everything to everyone. In Iran, we should dress what you dictate, we should think what you dictate, we should eat what you dictate, we should write what you dictate, we should talk what you dictate, etc . You are so shameless. You think the people are as stupid as you, but they are not. Of course, 30 years ago they were like you, but now Iran has changed completely. Do you really believe in your bullshits? Are you blind and can not see the situation in Norway and other western countries? Are half the people blind or dead there? If you really believe in democracy, why are you frightened to death of a free election and a free referendum in Iran? Just hold a free referendum in Iran, and if less than 80% of Iranians vote against your system and your laws, then we would promise that all Iranians would accept your Islamic system for the next 30 years, without any protest. Even if 70% of Iranians vote against you and your system, we would accept your truthfulness. You are frightened to death of free referendum/election in Iran, because you are sure that, in the best case, you only have about 10% public support in Iran . But can you solve your legitimacy problem by killing, torturing and arresting the people? No. You only disgrace your religion more. The Mullahs use Taqiyya and pretend that they believe in democracy and freedom. Of course, using Taqiyya for saving your life can be justifiable or understandable, but using Taqiyya for deceiving the people, like what the Mullahs do, is really shameful; It’s “Holy Charlatanism”. When you use any dirty tricks, form killing and torturing to Taqiyya, for gaining power, staying in power, deceiving the people, etc it only shows that you are totally bankrupted and you know that the people hate your views and thoughts.

We don’t dictate anything to any one. We don’t want to direct anyone to the right direction. It’s what the Mullahs and the fanatics do. We only talk about our views; you can accept it or reject it. Every one can talk and should talk. It’s a basic human right. We talk, You talk, and others talk, instead of killing or eating each other, and then the people decide. The most stupid thing in the world is what an Iranian fanatic said: “where are your credentials to have the ability to talk about great leader (Khamenei)?” It’s the real meaning of religious tyranny. Talking about anything and anyone doesn’t need any credentials. If talking needs credentials, then the Mullahs and the fanatics should shut their mouths and remain silent for ever ! Everyone, even you, can talk about physics, mathematics, etc, without any credentials. No one torture you or kill you or arrest you because of that. But If you were ignorant and talked nonsense, the people ignore you and don’t care about your bullshits. That’s all. If you have a strong logic or some thing to say, you don’t need to ban others form talking. The others talk, and then you talk or defend yourself, and then the people decide. But if you ban others from talking, it only means that you are a barbarian. It shows that you have nothing to say, no logic, no reason, nothing. We don’t force anyone to accept any thing, including our views. Maybe in the future we change our mind and even strongly criticize our current views. The real intellectuals say: ‘We should progress and learn new things, so it’s obvious that we can change our views at any time, by seeing new facts or learning new things. We do not commit ourselves to anything, except truth. ‘ But the Mullahs and the Islamists force others to accept their views. They arrest, torture, or kill the protesters and the people who don’t want to accept their bullshits. They say: “Don’t talk about the leader, Don’t talk about the religion, don’t talk about the regime, don’t talk about the government, don’t talk about the Mullahs, don’t talk about the economic, etc and if you don’t obey us, we would arrest you, torture you, or kill you “. But is it logic or Islamic logic ? You can talk about anything, and the people decide who is stupid and who is not. It’s the logic of freedom. If you ban others form talking, it proves that you have nothing to say, and you are a stupid barbarian.

Some fanatics said: “As you yourself say, Western Democracy has many problems, so why do you (Iranians) fight for democracy” The reason is very clear. As the great Howard Zinn said : “We in USA, think it requires a lot of courage just to speak your mind. Im not going to be executed. Im not even going to be given a long jail sentence. I may be thrown into jail for a day or two. I may be fired, I may get a salary decrease, but these are pitiful things compared to what happens to people in the world.” That’s why we should fight for democracy: “for freedom of press, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression; for speaking our mind without any fear of being killed, tortured, or jailed for a long time “. It’s totally wrong that we think democracy solve all problems, and automatically bring justice, equality, transparency, etc. In fact, many important issues remain unsolved and you should fight for them in a democratic system. What democracy brings is just a basic minimum freedom, that is absolutely vital. Iranians fight for this minimum freedom. They fight for the right to talk and write about anything; for criticizing and protesting everything, without fear of being executed, tortured, or jailed. The history, especially the Shah’s regime and the Mullah regime, i.e. the secular tyranny and the religious tyranny, shows us the importance of this minimum freedom, and the fact that with a lifelong dictator, Shah or Leader, we can not have it. As you can see in our website, we criticize everything, western or eastern, left or right, religious or irreligious, etc. We are not member or supporter of any group or party. We don’t want to seize power after the Mullahs. Even if Iran become like the US, and as democratic as the US, we still would criticize everything. We are not political activist. We only speak our minds. We hate politics, telling lie, being hypocrite, deceiving ourselves and others, pretending ignorance, etc . We only speak our minds; you can accept it or reject it, but if you think that our writing or any critical writing or talking is dangerous for you, your group, and your ideology; if you think that only if the people were illiterate or ignorant, they would support you, your group, and your ideology, then you, your group, and your ideology are among the most stupid and most dangerous things in the world. You can be sure that your logic is the logic of the barbarians. And your ideology is a kind of Barbarianism .


And finally we should say it’s very interesting that the Islamists who live in for example, Britain or Canada, bullshit us about the Islamic regime, and say that the situation in Iran is very good and very democratic. They should go to Iran and live here, and let Iranians go there and live there. It’s a very serious matter, and can solve many problems and many delusions. The people should live in where they want or they deserve. Why the fanatics should live in the West, while liberal Iranians can not leave Iran? Why you have to live in Europe and the US, and bullshit Iranians from there, while Iran is a big prison for Iranians, and they can not leave Iran and its dreadful conditions? If you are an Iranian Islamist who lives in the west, you are a bastard and you should go back to Iran, in a hell that you have created for others. Why you flee form the hell that you created it ? The Islamists are so shameless; They must be banned from leaving Iran or living in the West. Living in a hell that they have created for others is what they must do. They have taken somebody else’ place in the West. We, all, know that the resources are limited. If they leave there, the liberals who hate the Islamists and want to live there, can go there and take their place. The Islamists must go back to Iran, and the liberal people who have waited in the long queue for immigration should go there and take their place. The bastards who have converted Iran into a big prison and pure hell, to a country with no international respect, must be banned form leaving Iran. But the tragic point is that they can easily go to the west or live there, while the ordinary Iranians can not. It’s the meaning of the fake war between fake enemies .