Iranians & Syrians: “Shame on the UN”

August 6, 2011

“Shame on the UN, Shame on the global leaders, who have closed their eyes on Bastard Assad’s massacre”. It’s what Iranians and Syrians say in these days. Amnesty International protested the UN, too. They said that the UN’s response was inadequate. “After more than four months of violent crackdown on predominantly peaceful dissent in Syria, it is deeply disappointing that the best the security council can come up with is a limp statement that is not legally binding and does not refer the situation to the International Criminal Court ,” said Amnesty’s representative to the UN. Iranians say: “It’s like our case in 2009 and 2010. When the UN and the west closed their eyes, and proved that their war against the Mullahs is a phony war, a fake war.” Now the poor Syrians can understand Iranians. “Does the world know about us!” said a local man in the Syrian city of Hama who was quoted on Twitter. “We are dying here”. Unfortunately, the world knows, the politicians and the media know, but they have closed their eyes. Bastard Assad is their close friend; a favorite fake enemy, who can play the role of the enemy for them. They need a fake and weak enemy for deceiving the stupid and naive people, like Noam Chomsky and many others. They use the fake enemies for justifying their dreadful mistakes and dreadful policies. The fake enemies are very useful for the politicians. Shame on the lunatic lefts, who support these fake enemies in the name of independence. Shame on the UN. Shame on all global bastards in the UN, who have closed their eyes on Bastard Assad’s massacre.


The Syrian LCC reports about eyewitness account from Hama: “The number of martyrs have surpassed 300, most probably reached 400 already, most of which have been buried in Alqusoor park. There are those who died after even a shot in the leg, and there is no way to get to hospitals, especially after cutting electricity from hospitals which have really crippled their operations . We have no bread also, it’s been prevented from entering 3 days ago. Security forces sabotaged food supply stores in Al-Asi square in a very evil move to prevent the people from using it. Army tanks and security snipers have invaded the city in Al-Asi square. There are 15 tanks in Al-Asi square, as well as 6 others in the citadel area accompanied by 6 BMP vehicles. Snipers are on the roofs of all tall buildings with ten on top of Abdulbaqi building and 5 over the police station. Tanks and snipers are ordered to shoot anyone that moves in front of them. Even animals have been shot for fun only . Homes have been invaded brutally, and men are being insulted humiliated and always reminded of the 1982 events.” Now, the poor Syrians say: “God is with us, even if no one is supporting us “. Now, they can see that the hypocrite western powers don’t care about their fake enemy and protests against their fane enemy ! The LCC reports: “The international community has shyly sided with the Syrian regime without taking a clear and strong stance that would prevent the Syrian regime from committing more crimes and de-legitimize it. ” Shame on the UN. Again, the UN proves that the current system of the world management, need very very serious reengineering and overhaul.

Only in Latin and South America !

August 6, 2011

As you know, Latin and South America has it own traditions.


The people in Latin and South America love Football and the new arts.


Latin and South America’s culture, its carnivals and festivals like the Brazilian or Caribbean carnivals, are very famous. Some tourists say: “We go there to study these cultural events, and we only want to see the hidden facts”


Many old men – old tourists – go to Latin and South America to study about the culture and traditions, too.


But sometimes they are not as lucky as they want to be.


The people of Latin and South America are among the most happy people in the world