Iranian Little Kids Speak the Truth

Farnoud, a 5 years old boy has become a symbol in Iran: Farnood the Truthful. He told the truth in the Iran’s state TV, i.e. Khamenei’s TV. The reports say: “During a childrens show [Rangin Kaman (Rainbow)] recently aired live on Irans state television, a group of young participants were asked what kind of activities they perform on their own. Little Farnood was especially eager to answer the question. When I go to the bathroom, I wash my Shooshool !! (p-e-n-i-s) on my own, he said. What do you do?! You turn on the washing machine yourself? No, no, no, said the stupid presenter, trying to shift the conversation [!!]. Clearly taken by surprise by the honest and taboo-breaking answer. Iranian state TV is heavily censored of all issues, political and non-political, considered sensitive. A video of the incident posted on Youtube became an instant hit in Iranian cyberspace.”


Farnoud has become popular among Iranians because of his truthfulness. “The kids always tell the truth” and it’s an Iranian old sayings. Farnoud’s story can show how ordinary Iranians live in Iran; How they hate the Mullahs, their state TV, their systematic censorship, etc. But Farnoud is not the first kid who told the truth in the Mullah TV. Some years ago, another Iranian kid during another childrens show, Pourang show, was asked about his favorite toy and she said: “I have a doll, a big monkey, I love it”, then she was asked what is the doll’s name, and she said: “Me and my parents call my monkey “Ahmadinejad” (Mr shit) !!


A Facebook page, Farnood the Truthful, launched to celebrate the little taboo-breaker, has already attracted more than 23,000 fans and counting. Farnoud talked about his Shooshool or Choochool !! (a childish funny term for polite referring to p-e-n-i-s) and became popular; it’s very meaningful. It shows many thing like : “The majority of Iranians are pissing and shitting on the Mullahs, the Mullah norms, and the Mullah laws. The ordinary Iranians hate all the Islamists. In fact, the Islamist-Reformists, the Islamist-Monarchists, the Islamist-Nationalists, etc all are the same, and the ordinary Iranians hate them as much as they hate the secular Monarchists.” But the main message is :

In Iran, and for the ordinary Iranians inside Iran, the Iranian Baboons (from the Islamists to the Monarchists) even are not as important as Farnoud’s Shooshool !!

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