Iran: Islamist-Reformists clearly Confess

The goal of the Islamist-Reformists is :”Keeping the Islamic regime safe“. But it’s not what we say, it’s what Mousavi Khoeini said last week. “Mohammad Mousavi Khoeini” is one of the leader of the Islamist-Reformists, and his new bullshits is a good confession. Mousavi Khoeini is a close friend of Khatami and Mousavi, and a stupid Mullah who was the clerical leader of the Islamist students that attacked the US embassy in Tehran in 1979. He and his friends, like Abbas Abdi, were the main responsible for Hostage Crisis in 1979, and other disasters in 1980s. After 1997, these Islamist bastards become Islamist-Reformists and deceive Iranians for a while. And now after their betrayals in 2009, Khoeini clearly confesses: “We don’t need any serious solution. Our goal is very clear. We want to keep the Islamic regime safe “. This craps has been published in Mousavi Khoeini’s website,, and no one can deny it. Khoeini, the stupid Islamist bastard, added: “We don’t want to topple our beloved Islamic regime. We want to keep the Islamic regime safe. We want to work inside the Islamic system. “. It’s a true and good confession. The Iranian Baboons have shown their true color since 1999, but this new and clear confession is important. Now even the most stupid Iranians and non-Iranians know how bastard are the Iranian Baboons. They are 2009 traitors, Ashoura Day’s traitors. The Iranian Baboons and their leaders, politicians, journalists, etc, like Khatami, Masoud Behnoud, Ebrahim Nabavi, Abbas Abdi, RajabAli Mazrouei, Amir-Arjmand, Reza Pahlavi, etc are among the greatest Iranian bastards in the modern history. Some say: “The toilet of the history is the best place for these Iranian bastards . In the recent days, their bullshits, from Khatami’s bullshits to Nabavi’s bullshits, again prove that they are the number one enemy of Iranians inside Iran. These Iranian bastards and the western supporters of the Islamic regime are more important than Khamenei and his regime that have reached the end of the line. Now almost all Iranians know that for having the freedom and democracy, at first they should get rid of the Iranian Baboons and threw them into the trash can of the history.”


From now on, we would try to focus only on the Iranian Baboons. Now, Khamenei, his dogs and his regime are not important at all. Sooner or later, they will say hello to the end. The real Iranian intellectual say: “The Iranian Baboons are the main enemy of the ordinary Iranians and what they want.” They are right, if the young Iranian intellects want to do something at the present time, they should try to throw the Iranian Baboons into the toilet of the history.

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