Norwegian Massacre, Norwegian Reaction

August 4, 2011

The Norwegian massacre was shocking. It shocked Norwegians more than any other nation. The Norwegians still are shocked. Norway mourned on Sunday about 80 people killed in a shooting spree and car bombing by the Christian fanatic. Among the victims were a Muslim girl, a 14-year-old Christian girl, and many Norwegian or immigrant boys and girls. Police say some people remain missing. About 100 people were wounded, that some of them died. As we said before, the first reaction to the Norwegian massacre was really unbelievable. Until now, there is no widespread and heavy pressure on the far right fanatics. The far rights in Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, France, and almost all European countries, are like Breivik. The far rights in the US, especially the Christian fanatics, are like Berivik. But the hypocrite mass media and the charlatans, i.e. the politicians, have closed their damn eyes and say nothing about the far rights. Unlike 9/11, and the stupid propaganda after that, now the majority of the western mass media have closed their eyes. They pretend ignorance, and show their true colors again. Norway still is shocked. Norwegians still talk about the massacre. The media reported: “Rashid, a Kurdish immigrant, a Muslim and a Labour Party youth activist among the 69 killed while attending a summer camp on the island of Utoya, had written frequently about the evils of racism and discrimination. Her younger sister escaped the massacre on the island, and her mother told NTB: The answer must not be hatred, but even more love. In the past week, hundreds of thousands people filled the streets of Oslo, laying roses feet deep in the street as they mourned the massacre.” But many Norwegians are really angry now.


The survivors’ reactions are understandable. For example, Emma, a young Norwegian girl, a survivor and a serious political activist, has created a blog, Utoyahelvette (In Norwegian language), and in one of her posts, “my opinion on the monster”, writes: “Many people ask me why not I say that I want to kill you [Breivik], I’ll answer, because it is too easy. You do not deserve to be killed once, you deserve torture. You deserve a penalty. Actually, you deserve not only crap, you deserve not even to breathe the same air as us . You are a monster, you have a cold & evil monster … I have talked with my best friend who told me so mad a lot to torture someone, and I wish I could do this [!!] … I know that hate is a very big word, and I have never hated anyone, just frowned upon. but YOU? I hate you. I hate you with all my heart… I will never forget your eyes, your laugh and your face … These are strong words and opinions, and I understand that not everyone agrees with this. But this is something I personally believe, this is something that I write from my heart”. And in other post she writes about her emotional trauma: “Quite honestly, it was terrible to be in Oslo again, I heard gunshots all the time, and I was so scared. I often took hold of my arm to my best friend and had to assure me that I did not go alone, I often said to my dad how happy I was with him … I have never been so scared when I sat on the plane and knew I was going back to town, I felt I was flying closer and closer Utoya”. In fact, the majority of Norwegians are still angry and full of hate, like Emma. As we said before, the 21 years prison sentence for the Norwegian mass murderer , is really unacceptable, especially for the ordinary Norwegians and the survivors. The serial killers and mass murderers should get a life sentence. It’s so ridiculous that Breivik would be freed after 2 decades, that means he only gets about 2 to 3 months for each person that he has killed ! But killing or torturing the savage killers like Breibik is not appropriate and can not solve anything. Time is a great healer. Time heals all wounds. Norwegian need more time. And after that, we, all, should try to find and treat the roots of these kind of horrible disasters.


The Norwegian reactions in the streets of Oslo and other cities of Norway were modern. But the far right reaction was as stupid as it should be. Jonathan Birdwell in Far-right reactions to the Norway attacks writes: “We are conducting the largest ever survey of far-right activists and sympathisers. Weve taken a cursory look at how far-right groups in Denmark have reacted to the tragic attacks in Norway … Far-right extremism -and formal political parties – has been on the rise in Scandinavia in the past ten years . In Denmark, we found a far-right scene that was fragmented and in flux. All of the groups were quite small, and they ranged from Nazi football hooligan groups to nationalist groups, from lobbying organisations to formal political parties … There is no doubt that the Norway attacks have shaken these groups to the core. Suddenly they are under a glaring spotlight, and we were keen to know how they would react … Yesterday my Danish colleague spent the day trawling through their discussion forums and comparing the reactions. The results are fascinating … There has been expressions of support among the Nazi groups like DNSB and Danish National Front. Some comments from a Nazi forum praised him, saying that finally someone has taken real action, also claiming it would be better if it had been a mosque or something, but it’s still something. Comments on the forum of DNSB offer their condolences, but essentially dismiss whether Breivik is in fact a far-right extremist, rather claiming that he is a Christian Fundamentalist Freemason [!!]” The far rights and the religious fanatics are really so shameless


Norwegians are really angry, but they should try to control themselves. They need time. Some Norwegian comments in the Utoyahelvette blog, about the author’s anger, are interesting: ” I totally agree with you. EVERYTHING you have written here, it’s unbelievable, but true. He is a disgrace to the whole of Norway and a shame he will be freed … You write so deep, everything you write, I know in my heart. I can feel your hatred above him, and it makes me actually a little happy [!]. He deserves everything bad … I get so bloody sour. Is there no one tells him what idiotic psychopath he is?? Does he sit only in a cell?? Someone must do something … My second cousin he’s another Breivik, and I hate him as a fan … if there ever should be allowed to use the word hate, I think that it is in the situation you are now. For those who experienced the nightmare of Utoya, it can not possibly be easy to feel nothing but hatred for this pathetic loser … It’s hard to go around to hate. He does not deserve better, but you deserve to be happy again … When a disaster happens, no response is “error” or “cold” . All reactions are natural. I wish you good luck with the processing of the experiences and grief … I have no sympathy for the bastard. I think you will get a better life without spending so much of your energy on him … What Does not Kill You, only Makes you stronger. Be strong”


And some westerners’ comments in the mass media are interesting, too: “Breiviks actions have opened up a European Pandoras box … Users of the 4Freedoms website have posted articles by a far-right blogger known as Fjordman who was extensively cited by Breivik in the 1,500-page manifesto he issued shortly after the mass killings. On a separate far right website, Gates of Vienna, Breivik is believed to have posted a tribute to Fjordman , under the internet pseudonym year2183. Keep up the good work mate,” Breivik writes in response to a Fjordman posting. “You are a true hero of Europe, although most people won’t realize this for a very long time” … In his manifesto, Breivik says he met “a Serbian crusader and war hero who had killed many Muslims in battle” but Serbs massacred ten thousands Bosnian Muslims in 1995, is not mentioned … Breivik’s “mentor” was “Richard Lionheart”. In reality, this might be Briton Paul Ray, 35, who lives in Malta and is author of the anti-Muslim Richard the Lionhearted blog … Most of Al Qaeda’s victims worldwide have been Muslim, but this is never mentioned … People of any or no faith who see others’ lives as expendable are no better than one another … He has grown up entirely in the information age, TV, Internet, etc, why he is so fanatic? … The whole world – not just Europe – is threatened by extremism, and Islam does not have a monopoly on extremism