Greek Movement & unbelievable Censorship

The western mass media still ignores and censors Greeks and the Greek news, but it is one month since Greece was paralyzed by a general strike over harsh austerity measures, with mass street demonstrations and running battles between police and protesters in Syntagma Square, Athens. Greeks are more distrustful than ever of their political class. Polls show growing contempt for all parties and the discredited political system. Unemployment is at a record high of 16% – far higher for young people. Now the Popular Assembly of Syntagma square says: “The beginning of fall will be a spring for our struggles “. But the mass media ignore them and what they say. “The Greek Government celebrates the results of the Summit, during which it simply signed, following the Troika orders (IMF, EU, ECB), the new rescue package, to a country which is devastated already by the Memorandum. So, what exactly does the government celebrate? The failure of the Memorandum that has been applied with a gun in the head of the Greek people? The declaration of economic war to society for the next 30 years? The rolling over the next 30 years of the biggest part of the cost at the expense of future generations? The default that still casts its shadow over the country? And if this is indeed a success, which measures will the government take back after this great success? The 158 billion euro program that is supposed to save the Greek economy, in reality, will save the banks and the bill will go again to the Greek people. Is that the real reason of the governments celebrations?” they adds.


Greece’s long-running “civil disobedience” movement, where ordinary citizens refuse to pay for anything from road tolls and bus tickets to extra doctors’ charges, has not fizzled out in the summer holidays. The “We Won’t Pay” slogan is championed as the purest form of “people’s power”. “It is the beginning of August and the people are still in the squares. Despite the summer indolence, the slander through the media, despite the plans of the central or municipal authorities for us to go home. They seem to ignore the fact that the movement of the squares is an answer to the societys need for defense. What has happened till today is nothing more than a start, a legacy for the upcoming struggles. We had the will, we conquered fear, we obtained solidarity “, the Popular Assembly of Syntagma square says. “This September will not signal a return to routine. It will mark a return to the struggle, a return to the attempt to overthrow the policies and forces that are making the Greek people sink into poverty and misery. The beginning of fall will be a spring for our struggles. Therefore, we call, on the 3rd of September, for a new big mobilization in order to link the current struggle with others of our people, against tyranny and despotism, since on September 3rd we won our first ConstitutionWe will stay in the squares of Greece, for as long as it takes, adamant in our objectives, unmediated and truthful, implementing direct democracy. We are determined to succeed. The fight goes on and will go on till the victory”, they adds .

A report says: “A waitress, divorced with an 11-year-old daughter, earning about 6.50 an hour. “I’m owed about 3,000 in unpaid wages .This protest is all we can do”, she said. An IT manager from the Athens area, has avoided paying road tolls for two years, simply stepping out of his car and pushing open the barrier at toll booths. His group stages toll-booth ambushes for two to three hours several times a week, waving drivers through without charge. He says: “We go to the hospital and close the cashier’s room, telling people, ‘Don’t pay, we’re here.’ This isn’t our crisis, it’s the government’s crisis. They steal our money; they’re stealing our lives . Now they want us to believe even our savings aren’t safe in the bank. This movement will grow in this autumn because things are so bad now that people genuinely don’t have the money to pay.” And a Greek write says: “It’s the beginning of a divorce between the Greeks and their politicians . That’s what all these movements have in common: they are all about a loathing and abhorring of the political class.” The Greeks with no links to parties or any history of protest are now joining the protests. A Greek history teacher says: “Political history is being made in Greece. Now Greece has woken up” It’s the ‘we won’t pay’ anti-austerity revolt We won’t pay – for other peoples’ mismanagement, corruption and greed”. Some say: “The mass media censor the ‘we won’t pay’ anti-austerity revolt and the Popular Assembly of Syntagma square, because they are dangerous! They are very dangerous for the corrupt politicians and the corrupt media. Other people, especially Europeans, should not learn form them. It’s very dangerous for the corrupt systems. So, they should be censored in a very shameful and a very unbelievable way”.

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