Syrian Massacre, Global Silence

August 2, 2011

The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, followed in his father’s footsteps and sent in tanks to crush protests in the city of Hama, killing up to 100 people, the poor Syrian men, women and children. The media reported: “The National Organisation for Human Rights said that in total 136 people had been killed in Hama and three other towns. Bodies lay scattered on the streets, residents reported. “They started shooting with heavy machine guns at civilians, at the young men protecting the barricades ,” a local activist said. Syria, with a population of 23 million, is experiencing the bloodiest days yet of the Arab spring. Hama has a special resonance in Syria as the scene of a notorious massacre in 1982 when Hafez al-Assad killed 10,000 people there. Hama residents told Reuters that army snipers had climbed on to the roofs of the state-owned electricity company and the main prison, while tank shells were falling at the rate of four a minute in and around the north of the city. Electricity and water supplies to the main neighbourhoods had been cut off, a tactic used regularly by the Syrian military when storming towns to crush protests ” The media added: “Habal described people walking towards tanks armed only with wooden bats, steel bars or stones. “It’s a massacre. They want to break Hama before the month of Ramadan,” an eyewitness told the AP by telephone. Precise casualty figures were unclear but they rose throughout the day. The LCC (local co-ordination committee), which organizes and monitors anti-government protests, said it had the names of 49 civilians who had died in the onslaught on Hama. By nightfall the numbers were nudging 100 for Hama alone.” An activist group, Avaaz, said last week Syrian forces had killed about 1,700 people in the course of their crackdown during four and a half months of protest, while at least 3000 had disappeared. A further 26,000 had been arrested, many of them beaten and tortured, and 13,000 remained in detention, it said. The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, is a great killer, much more greater than the Norwegian killer, Breivik. The global community should not remain silent and only watch the Syrian massacre, like the stupid deaf and blind bastards. The global bastards in the UN should be forced to react to the Syrian massacre, immediately.


LCC (Local Co-ordination Committee) said: “Protesters had promised Syrian authorities to intensify protests in Ramadan and make it the regimes last month … What is going one now in Syria is a regime clinging to its power in madness, and not a planned course of action. This is evident by the random killings targeting children, infants and arrests of whole families” LCC is not as stupid as Iranian Baboons and has called for a general strike. Yesterday, they said: “The criminal nature of the regime to those that are still unsure about it, and makes it their first duty to get rid of it, sooner than later. The killing apparatus of the Syrian regime began an armed aggression against our beloved cities and towns, in Hama, Deir Ezzor, and Bokamal, Moadhamieh, Hirak and others … To the squares of freedom, oh Syrians. The toll of changing the regime is lower than that of keeping the current one. They will shed the blood of your most productive citizens, they will waste your honor The Shabiha, the criminals and the thieves will govern you and order you around. You will see black days, for long years, if the upper hand remains with the regime in this great national confrontation. The blood of your brothers and sisters in Hama and Homs and Daraa and Idlib and Damascus and Deir Ezzor is crying out for you to rise for to save your homeland from the rule of murderers. … It is your duty today to rise up and defend your brothers and the future of your children and the unity of your nation. If you do not free yourselves and save your country now, you will be ruled like slaves for years and decades, and you will pay a very high price, higher than what you might have to pay today to participate in the glorious national revolution. The local coordination committee invite the Syrian people to hold a general strike all over Syria starting today, in support of our brothers at all the Syrian cities, and as a means of protesting against the extreme voilence and killing by the murderous regime all over the bleeding Syria.
To the squares of freedom o free Syrians. To the brave, peaceful revolution to get rid of the Shabeeha that is ruling us! Glory is for martyrs. And shame is on the murderous rulers” What can we say, except what the ordinary Iranians say in these days: “The west has ignored the Syrians; It’s like our story in the past 2 years. The west has closed its eyes on Iran’s regime and Syria’s regime, i.e. its fake enemies. But the LCC and Syrian oppositions are not as stupid as the Iranian Baboons. Shame on the Iranian Baboons who betray the people blood; They should be threw to the toilet of the history. Shame on Khatamists and Rafsanjani”s mercenaries. Shame on all stupid Iranian expats, who are reactionary and bastard. Shame on all Iranian Baboons””

Now Syrian activists appeal to international community to increase pressure on the regime of Bastard Assad. “The international community needs to act quickly to prevent further atrocities in Syria,”, they said. The World wake up. The world wake up and see how the global bastards, the western politicians, fight a fake war against their fake enemies. They do nothing about Syria’s regime and the great massacre, and the reason is very very obvious. The world wake up

For more information check the LCC website:

Politicians’ Deal & Average Americans

August 2, 2011

Obama says a deal has been reached with Republicans. The media reported: “The deal would slice at least $2.4 trillion from federal spending over a decade, without any tax raise !!. The Treasury’s authority to borrow would be extended beyond the 2012 elections, a key objective for Obama, though Obama and Democrats gave up their insistence on raising taxes on wealthy Americans to reduce deficits !!. House Speaker John Boehner said the agreement was “All spending cuts. The White House bid to raise taxes has been shut down [!!!] .” The media added: “The cuts could come from benefit programs such as Medicare and Social Security of Medicaid !! … The deal is mainly a victory for Republicans whose mission has been to cut the huge federal spending budget. Additionally, tax increases would be off-limits unless recommended by the bipartisan committee that is expected to include six Republicans and six Democrats. Of course, Social Security, Medicaid and food stamps would be exempt from the automatic cuts, but payments to doctors, nursing homes and other Medicare providers could be trimmed. Many Democrats expressed unhappiness with the legislation, rushed through at the last minute without the normal scrutiny in order to meet the deadline, because it contains more than $2tn in spending cuts over the next decade. They fear the poor will be the main casualties and feel that Obama caved in to the Tea Party Republicans.” Some say: ” This is theater. This is political theater in which the two parties are posturing for the election coming next year, using this occasion – to put it in perspective, the number of times the government has raised the debt ceiling since 1940? Ninety, almost twice a year. This theater, is really a sign that normal life in the US has been disrupted on a scale that people havent seen before. There are two ways of cutting a deficit: raising taxes or reducing spending. Raising taxes means taking money from the rich. Cutting spending means taking money from the poor and middle. So the rich, in a nominal democracy, have a struggle on their hands. Somehow they must persuade the other 99% to vote against their own interests: to shrink the state, supporting spending cuts rather than tax rises. In the US they appear to be succeeding !”


The media reported: “The Republicans who had all the smiles, while Democratic members of Congress looked uneasy, at times shifty; and some downright were angry. “If I were a Republican, this is a night to party,” Emanuel Cleaver, a Democratic member of the House from Missouri, told MSNBC. Some Democrats describe the deal as “sugar-coated Satan sandwich“. One of the few independents in the Senate and one of the few American politicians to describe himself as a socialist, Bernie Sanders from Vermont, voted against. Expressing worry about the impact on social security, Medicare, Medicaid, community health centres, education and other programs, he said he could not support a proposal that “balances the budget on the backs of struggling Americans while not requiring one penny of sacrifice from the wealthiest people in our country“. The latest Gallup poll last week saw the president drop from 45% approval ratings to 40%.” Some say: “If you look at what happened to the American budget over the last 20 or 30 years, the culprit is obvious. We have dropped corporate taxes. We have dropped taxes on the rich. In the 50s and 60s, the top bracket, the income tax rate that the richest people had to pay, was 91 percent. Every dollar over $100,000 that a rich person earned, he or she had to give 91 cents to Washington and kept nine. And the rationale for that was, we had come out of a Great Depression, we had come out of a great war, we had to rebuild our society, we were in a crisis, and the rich had the capacity to pay, and they ought to pay. Republicans voted for that. Democrats voted for that. What do we have today?”