Pray for Rain in USA !

This summer is a very hot summer in the US. Some say: “Oklahoma is ground zero for extreme heat, with most of the state averaging more than 6°F above normal temperatures for the first three weeks of July”. But it’s not the whole story. The ordinary Iranians will be shocked to hear that in the US, like Iran under the Islamic regime and the Mullahs, Oklahoma Governor Tells Residents to Pray for Rain ! . The report says: “Last week, Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK) called for a statewide day of prayer to pray for rain !!”. It’s not a joke, it’s a true story. It shows us that the religious fanatics in Iran and the US are exactly the same. The Iranian fanatics and the American fanatics both believe in Apocalypse and the End of the World by an Armageddon and a second coming. Both of them believe in apocalyptic politics, religious politics, religious social laws, calling for ecumenical jihad, uniting to overthrow secularism, a culture war against the perverted western culture, the victimhood imposed on them by modernity, praying for global warming, praying for rain, etc. Reading about this sort of news is very shocking for the ordinary Iranians. These days some funny American liberals say: “It might work if they pray to the Green Party” And some add: “They should pray for the national debt and the economic crisis, too. Maybe God forgive their sins and solve the problem by a miracle” Amen.

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