Gaddafi, Assad, Mullahs, and Turks

August 31, 2011

The Mullahs warned NATO on Sunday against any temptation to intervene in Syria [!!]“, the media reported. All Iranians just laugh at the Mullahs and their stupid warning ! They say: “Farting and Flooding inside a tea cup ! We wish Nato attacked Syria and f-u-c-ked Assad. What are the Mullahs going to do after the attack ? The coward bastards only can f-u-c-k themselves ! The Mullahs’ ass is burned, because their turn is next !” In fact, the Mullahs are angry now, while Iranians are happy ! “With the fall of Gaddafi, aided by NATO bombings, Mullahs are concerned at prospect of something similar happening in Syria, and then in Iran”, the media added. It’s really true. The Mullahs are frightened to death of Gaddafi’s fall. Bastard Assad and the Mullahs know that they should say hello to the end very soon, if the world was serious. Now, even the Turks can understand the reality ! “Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul said Ankara had “lost confidence” in Assad’s regime. The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet quoted Gul saying: “In today’s world, there is no place for single-party governments, for authoritarian administrations. The leaders of these countries will take the initiative or they will be changed by force . Clearly we have reached a point in Syria where anything would be too little, too late. We have lost our confidence. “, the media reported. The Turk politicians and especially Islamist Turks, are not liberal or pro-democracy, but when they don’t support the Syrian dictator, it can show us that Bastard Assad nears the end. Some funny Iranians say: “Even Turks have understood the truth, but the stupid lefts still are ignorant. The stupid lefts are real Turk, not the Turks !”

The Algerian ambassador to the UN said his country granted entrance to Gaddafi’s wife, Safia, his daughter, Aisha, sons Hannibal and Mohamed and their children on “humanitarian grounds “!!!. The bastards of Africa showed their true colors again. NTC quickly called for all members of the Gaddafi family to be returned home to face Libyan courts. The children who fled into Algeria, played significant roles in the regime. The whole family must face justice, said a NTC’s official. We will find them no matter where they hide, Algeria or anywhere else. Algeria is a military dictatorship, and one of the most stupid country in Africa. The wise and liberals Algerians want to topple both the stupid military government and the stupid Islamists. Some wise analysts said: “there is similarities between Libya under Gaddafi and Algeria, with a largely oil-driven economy and strong central government under Abdelaziz Bouteflika that is concerned with popular uprisings . Algeria is supportive, in part, because they worked out a modus vivendi (or, practical compromise) with Gaddafi and they fear the contagion of mass popular unrest in Algeria and the region ” But the stupid lefts are still blind and stupid. The stupid Robert Fisk said: “Arabs were not surprised that so many of Gaddafi’s family turned up in Algeria this week. For years, the Algerians have supported Gaddafi’s independent [!!] albeit crazed policies because their own history has taught them to never accept orders from abroad [!!]”

The stupid Fisk added: “Indeed, it was typical of the Algerian foreign ministry to announce the presence of the Gaddafi family on Algerian soil. Algerians like to show the West – especially the French – their freedom [!!!], the sacred trust of Algerian nationhood is not going to be traded for Western favors [!!!] … Algeria does not intend to be a second Libya … It believes that the Libyan revolution gathered Western support because Gaddafi’s land is so rich in oil [!!!]”. Shame on the stupid lefts, who defend the dictatorship in the name of independence. We have not forgotten that after Tunisia’s Revolution, the Algerians came into the streets and protested against the military dictatorship of Bouteflika, but they were brutally suppressed. The NTC think that Gaddafi is probably in the Bani Walid area, where pro-Gaddafi broadcasts are still being made on the local radio. “He probably thought Bani Walid was a stronger place to be [than Sirte], as it belongs to the Warfallah, the largest tribe in Libya,” a revolutionary said. “Bani Walid rose up in the mid-1990s after 55 officers from the area were arrested and accused of spying for the US. Some officers were executed, leaving a lasting legacy of bitterness towards Gaddafi. That history suggests that Bani Walid may not prove an enduring haven for Gaddafi and his sons . The military situation in and around the town was described on Tuesday as mixed and fluid”, the media reported.

“Gaddafi’s forces were using civilians as human shields to block revolutionaries’ advance. NTC’s spokesman said that while Gaddafi’s key aides and fighters would be prosecuted, his civilian supporters would face no punishment”, the media added. It’s a good strategy. The stupid ordinary supporters of Gaddafi, who have not killed or tortured the people in the past, could be part of new Libya. They should stop fighting against the people and their will. The savage Gaddafi is a dead rat. They should know that they have no future with Gaddafi and his savage group. “Five women who were part of Gaddafis elite team of female bodyguards say they were raped and abused by Gaddafi“, the media reported. “The former bodyguards said Gaddafi and his sons raped and abused them and then discarded the women once the men became bored with them. The women would be first raped by the dictator and then passed on, like used objects, to one of his sons and eventually to high-ranking officials for more abuse before eventually being let go . In one case, a girl, around 18 or so, said she was raped in front of her father. She kept telling him not to look at her”, the media added. It’s the reality of the savage Gaddafi and his regime. The stupid lefts who support Gaddafi, should be ashamed. They deserve to be raped and tortured by Gaddafi ! Maybe after that they realize the meaning of their bullshits about Gaddafi . Shame on them all.

Mullahs Hack Google Gmail !

August 31, 2011

The official blog of Google reports: “ Mullahs attempted ‘Man in the middle” attacks against Google users . They add: “Today we received reports of attempted SSL man-in-the-middle attacks against Google users, whereby someone tried to get between them and encrypted Google services. The people affected were primarily located in Iran. The attacker used a fraudulent SSL certificate issued by DigiNotar, a root certificate authority that should not issue certificates for Google (and has since revoked it [!]) … To help deter unwanted surveillance, we recommend that users, especially those in Iran, keep their web browsers and operating systems up to date and pay attention to web browser security warnings”. Some experts say: “The stupid Google and other security providers for Internet users, are stupid bastard, and after two months declare what has happened !! What Google says today, is about 2 months ago ! The use of fraudulent SSL certificates is very serious threat in Iran. The main victims of this attack, are VPN users. Iranians who use VPN should be very very careful. The majority of them don’t know or care about fraudulent SSL certificates. Many of VPNs in Iran are not encrypted at all ! And many of them use fraudulent or revoked SSL certificates !! Don’t trust any SSL connection, VPN connection, etc until you are sure of its SSL certificate”. And EFF truly said: “ Mullah Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against Google Demonstrates Dangerous Weakness of Certificate Authorities “. The report added: “Whats worse than discovering that someone has launched a man-in-the-middle attack against Iranian Google users, silently intercepting everything from email to search results and possibly putting Iranian activists in danger? Discovering that this attack has been active for two months !! … Google enables encrypted connections to these services in order to protect users from spying by those who control the network, such as ISPs and governments. Today, the security of this encryption relies entirely on certificates issued by certificate authorities (CAs), which continue to prove vulnerable to attack. When an attacker obtains a fraudulent certificate, he can use it to eavesdrop on the traffic between a user and a website even while the user believes that the connection is secure . The certificate authority system was created decades ago in an era when the biggest on-line security concern was thought to be protecting users from having their credit card numbers intercepted by petty criminals. Today Internet users rely on this system to protect their privacy against nation-states. We doubt it can bear this burden”

The EFF added: “Certificate authorities have been caught issuing fraudulent certificates in at least half a dozen high-profile cases in the past two years and EFF has voiced concerns that the problem may be even more widespread. But this is the first time that a fake certificate is known to have been successfully used in the wild. Even worse, the certificate in this attack was issued on July 10th 2011, almost two months ago, and may well have been used to spy on an unknown number of Internet users in Iran from the moment of its issuance until it was revoked earlier today . To be effective, fraudulent certificates do not need to have been issued by the same authority that issued the legitimate certificates. For example, the certificate in question here was issued by a Dutch certificate authority with which Google had no business relationship at all; that didn’t make it any less acceptable to web browsers … The good news is that the computer security community is now taking this threat very seriously. Unfortunately, the bad news is spectacularly bad: users in Iran may have been vulnerable for two months … There may well be other certificates like this out there that we don’t know about. That means almost all Internet users are still vulnerable to this sort of attack”. It’s really true. As we said before, it’s not the first time that the Mullahs used fraudulent SSL certificate. In March 2011, the stupid Comodo confirmed that Basijis have hacked their SSL certificates . Iranians and non-Iranians should take this threat very serious. “Always check the validity of SSL certificates in any connection”, the experts advise. As we said before, Tor users should be very careful in Iran. The Mullahs used DPI and other techniques for attacking the internet users in Iran . The experts say:” The Iranian Tor users should be aware that many Tor nodes and Tor bridges that they have access them from inside Iran, are Mullah nodes. The Mullahs have focused on Tor. They make fake nodes, and watch the ordinary Tor users who used the classic Tor. Iranians don’t need Tor and its random routing feature. Iranians need tools and techniques that protect them from the Mullahs and Mullah surveillance. The Iranian first priority is that their connection to the outside world should be safe. Tor is very weak in this regard . If you are Iranians, don’t trust (classic) Tor. Also don’t trust any VPN, any HTTPS connection, etc, until you are sure of the validity of its SSL certificate.” The life in Iran is so hard and so dangerous, especially for the ordinary people and the internet users.

The Incomplete Story of Human Evolution

August 30, 2011

Human evolution is the history of the genus Homo, including the emergence of our ancestors, Homo sapiens, as a distinct species and as a unique category of hominids (“great apes”) and mammals. Human evolution is the history our origin. Human evolution is the history of a struggle for survival. Human evolution is the history of conflict between scientists and clergymen since 200 years ago. Human evolution is the history of conflict between myth and truth. Human evolution is the history of the conflict between myths and facts. Human evolution is the history of conflict between fanatics and intellects. Charles Darwin wrote in his autobiography: “My ‘Descent of Man’ was published in February, 1871. As soon as I had become, in the year 1837 or 1838, convinced that species were mutable productions, I could not avoid the belief that man must come under the same law. Although in the ‘Origin of Species’ the derivation of any particular species is never discussed, yet I thought it best, in order that no honorable man should accuse me of concealing my views, to add that by the work “light would be thrown on the origin of man and his history.” But when I found that many naturalists fully accepted the doctrine of the evolution of species, it seemed to me advisable to work up such notes as I possessed, and to publish a special treatise on the origin of man.” Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ was the first attempt to discovering the story of Human Evolution. The fanatics attacked Darwin, but he said : “Disbelief crept over me at a very slow rate, but was at last complete. The rate was so slow that I felt no distress, and have never since doubted even for a single second that my conclusion was correct. I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother and almost all my best friends [that were good guys], will be everlastingly punished. And this is a damnable doctrine ” . Since that time, many fanatics and orthodox have fought against Darwin and the story of human evolution. Many of them think that the story of humans is a 5 thousand years story !, and call it “Biblical truth”. Even now, many fanatics and orthodox believe in this imaginary truth, this stupid myth. The story of human evolution is still incomplete, but we are sure that the old myths are certainly false. We know that the evolutionary history of the primates can be traced back 65 million years, as one of the oldest of all surviving placental mammal groups. Now lets take a look at the incomplete story of Human Evolution.


Homo was evolved from a common ancestor somewhere in the past that served to separate them from the apes. Human origin is based on dated fossil remains of the various hominid existence. “Each bit of fossil evidence is like a piece to a complex puzzle. As more pieces fit into place, however, the picture becomes more complex and more questions are generated. We are still at the stage where new evidence generates more questions than answers, and we have no idea how complex the final picture that emerges will be”, the experts say. Species close to the last common ancestor of gorillas, chimpanzees and humans may be represented by fossils found in Kenya and Greece. Molecular evidence suggests that between 10 and 5 million years ago, first the gorillas, and then the chimpanzees (genus Pan) split off from the line leading to the humans; human DNA is approximately 98% identical to that of chimpanzees when comparing single nucleotide polymorphisms . The hominid lineage probably evolved 10 and 5 million years ago. The first point to make is that the earliest known species is “Australopithecus afarensis” have been dated between 4 and 3 million years ago. All other hominid species are dated later than 3 million years ago. The fossil gap between 4 and 5 to 8 million years ago has caused serious problems in determining the earliest ancestors of the modern African apes. Australopithecus afarensis fossils were discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia named Lucy. Australopithecine afarensis was adapted to bipedalism, appear apelike above the neck and humanlike below the neck and dated 3 to 3.5 million years ago . In 1959 the Leakeys found a 1.75 million year old, well preserved Australopithecine skull. Also Mary Leakey discovered the famous Laetoli footprints of 3 hominid dated 3.5 million years ago and was bipedal. A. afarensis still retained the ability to climb trees. Brain size was between 300-500cc. They were primarily vegetarian. Homo habilis was called the handy man because tools were found with his fossil remains. This species existed between 2.5 and 1.5 million years ago. The brain size in earlier fossil specimens was about 500cc to 800cc . Richard Leakey in Kenya uncovered many hominid fossils. One find was the most complete Homo habilis skull. The species brain shape shows evidence that some speech had developed. Habilis was about 5′ tall and weighed about 100 pounds. In Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Homo habilis remains were found to be contemporary with Australopithecus finds.


Homo erectus lived between 1.8 million and 300,000 years ago. It was a successful species for a million and a half years. Brain size was between 900cc to 1200cc. The species definitely had speech. Erectus developed tools, weapons and fire and learned to cook his food . He traveled out of Africa into China and Southeast Asia and developed clothing for northern climates. He turned to hunting for his food. Only his head and face differed from modern man. Like habilis, the face had massive jaws with huge molars, no chin, thick brow ridges, and a long low skull. Though proportioned the same, he was sturdier in build and much stronger than the modern human. In 1894, the first Homo erectus called Java Man was dug from the banks of an Indonesian river, his discoverer Eugene Dubois triumphantly declared him the missing link between apes and humans. There was much resistance to accepting Neandertal and Homo erectus as human ancestors. In 1925, Raymond Dart found the skull of a young child in South Africa, Australopithecus africanus, with both human and apelike characteristics. Much older than anything yet found, it was eventually placed at the beginning of the line of human ancestors, so that the theoretical sequence was Australopithecus, living a few million years ago; Homo erectus, about half a million years old; Neandertals, living between 100,000 and 30,000 years ago; and Cro-Magnon, about 40,000 years ago. In 1972, Richard Leakey at Lake Turkana discovered the almost complete skeleton of a juvenile Homo erectus- like being about 1.5 million years old, much older than those that had been found in Asia. Then the simple picture was beginning to blur. Another important find was Don Johanson’s discovery in Ethiopia in 1974 of Australopithecus afarensis, better known as Lucy, estimated to be between 3 and 4 million years old. More and more hominid bones have also surfaced in Asia. Between 1985 and 1988 excavations in the Lunggupo Cave in Sechuan, China, produced Homo erectus-like remains dated by Chinese scientists as old as 1.9 million years, but some think they compare better with Homo habilis-like beings. Choukoutien cave in Dragon Bone Hill, China, has provided us with numerous Homo erectus remains as well as many interesting artifacts. The tools have been manufactured from quartz using a flake process. Examination of the site has revealed that the people who used this site were part of a hunter-gatherer society.In the 1990s discoveries of new types of hominids continued to make news, such as Ardipithecus ramidus in Ethiopia, estimated to be 4.4 million years old, and Australopithecus anamensis in Kenya, 4.2 million years old .


There are two main theories about the descent of modern man, both with staunch supporters. The Multiregional Model holds that modern man evolved out of Homo erectus in different regions of the world more or less simultaneously. It involves little population migration, and transitional fossils should be found everywhere. The other theory holds that modern man evolved somewhere in Africa, and from there spread all over the world, replacing existing archaic hominid populations. This Out of Africa Model implies that extensive migration took place. According to the Out-of-Africa model, developed by Chris Stringer and Peter Andrews, modern Homo sapiens evolved in Africa 200,000 years ago. Homo sapiens began migrating from Africa between 70,000 – 50,000 years ago and eventually replaced existing hominid species in Europe and Asia. According to the Toba catastrophe theory, the super-eruption of Lake Toba on Sumatra island in Indonesia roughly 70,000 years ago had global consequences, killing most humans then alive and creating a population bottleneck that affected the genetic inheritance of all humans today. That time was the best time for the religious fanatics to say: “It’s the end of the times” ! But we know that all serious disasters in the past, were not a sign of the end of times. Sometimes many species became extinct, or even 99% of human beings were killed, but the life continued. It’s really stupid that with an earthquake or a hurricane many stupid fanatics talk about the end of times. In the past 3 billion years, since the first life was born in earth, there was many giant catastrophic events and many mass extinctions, in which more than 90% of all animate objects became extinct, but now with each natural disaster the stupid people talk about the end of times. Anyway, If the Multiregional Model is correct, early examples of modern humans should appear simultaneously throughout the Old World, which is not yet seen in the fossil record. But the Out of Africa Model gained support from research using female mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and the male Y chromosome. In the 1980s, the mitochondrial DNA research was used to show that all living humans could trace part of their genetic inheritance to a single female -a Mitochondrial Eve- who lived in Africa between 150,000 and 100,000 years ago. These results have been severely criticized, however, as too ambiguous and as supposing too fast a molecular clock rate. The researchers assumed it to be 2-4%, while others are of the opinion that 0.7% is more accurate, which would make the ancestral Eve 800,000 years old . The experts say: “Mitochondrial Eve was not the first female human. Homo sapiens evolved in Africa around 300,000 years ago, and the first hominids characterized by their unique bipedal stature appeared nearly two million years before that. Yet despite humans having been around for almost 30,000 years, Eve is exceptional because hers is the only lineage from that distant time to survive to the present day. Simply put, Eve was a survivor “. A maternal line can become extinct for a number of reasons. A woman may not have children, or she may bear only sons (who do not pass her mtDNA to the next generation). She may fall victim to a catastrophic event such as a volcanic eruption, flood, or famine, all of which have plagued humans since the dawn of our species.


There is many unanswered questions about human evolution. One major issue is why and how did bigger brained, tool-using Homo evolve from a group of apelike beings such as Australopithecus? One popular hypothesis is the impact of environment and climate. Between 2 and 3 million years ago the drier African climate shrank the rainforest-like areas in which these early creatures lived, partly on the ground and partly in the trees. Open savanna land was increasingly dangerous to the relatively defenseless Australopithecus, who consequently died out. But a small group, under tremendous pressure for increase of intelligence, adapted and survived by their wits, a process reflected in the increasing brain size found in Homo habilis. Some defenders of the Out of Africa Model, admit that the exact cause and timing of the evolutionary split of those apes who elected to remain in trees (the ancestors of modern gorillas and chimpanzees) from those who chose life on the plains and evolved into hominids remains a mystery. That environment and changing climate can force species to move to different areas or cause their extinction is one thing. That this change might induce species to become more intelligent and then turn into another species may be too big a step. It’s one of the main unanswered questions. But the hypothesis of a common ancestor is very strong. Molecular research in the 1960s claimed that humans and chimpanzees diverged from each other some 5 to 7 million years ago, and gorillas and orangutans diverged earlier. “Humans in general are biologically highly homogeneous, and the interpretation is that mankind only recently evolved from one tight little group and as such is a very young species. The mitochondrial DNA of an Eskimo and an Australian Aborigine are more genetically alike than that of two unrelated gorillas from the same forest. Alan Templeton has warned against the assumption that a gene tree is the same as a population tree. The former reflects the evolutionary history of a particular piece of DNA, while the latter indicates the movements of individuals and all the genes these groups carry”, the experts say.


Finds of prehistoric humans have been recorded for only the last 150 years. Before this the creation myths were relied on, so that remains of extinct animals and men were not recognized or acknowledged for what they were. Now, the story of Human Evolution is not a complete stroy. We don’t know many things about the past, its species, its environment, its environmental changes and disasters, etc. We don’t know why almost all groups of Homo extinct, and just Homo sapiens remain. We know that they were not the smarter or the stronger species ! Neanderthalensis lived in Europe and the Mideast between 150,000 and 35,000 years ago. Neanderthals coexisted with the Homo sapiens . His jaw was massive and he had a receding forehead, like erectus. Brain sizes averaged larger than modern man at about 1450cc but the head was shaped differently, being longer and lower than modern man. He was a massive man at about 5’6″ tall with an extremely heavy skeleton that showed attachments for massive muscles. He was far stronger than modern man . Homo sapiens first appeared about 120,000 years ago. Modern humans have an average brain size of about 1350cc. The earlier Homo sapiens provides the bridge between erectus and the later Homo sapiens during the period 200,000 to 500,000 years ago. Many skulls have been found with features intermediate between the two. Brain averaged about 1200cc and speech was indicated. It still is a mystery that why a smarter and stronger species became extinct, but our ancestors, Homo sapiens, survived. It is not known whether he was of the same species and disappeared into the Homo sapiens gene pool or he may have been crowded out of existence by the Homo sapiens. Some experts say: “Studies on Neanderthal body structures show that they needed more energy to survive than any other species. Their energy needs were up to 100-350 calories more per day comparing to projected anatomically modern human males weighing 68 kg and females 60 kg. When food became scarce, this difference may have played a major role in the Neanderthals’ extinction “. It’s not a complete or totally acceptable explanation. In the recent days, the media reported: “Our ancestors, Homo sapiens, were so horny and had s-e-x with Neanderthals ! They carry immune genes that originated in Neanderthals and a related species. The Neanderthals contributed up to 4% of modern Eurasian genomes. But these genes may have come at a price”. We would write more about it later.


Now, most of what makes us human is invisible. We don’t know many things about the past, and about our ancestors. We don’t know many thing about the history of earth and the life on earth. We don’t know many things about the universe and the history of universe. Compared to what we don’t know, what we know is like a drop in the ocean. But we can be sure that the stupid myths about the past and the origin of human is crap and nonsense. Some say: “The truth and knowing the truth can be scary and chilling. But accepting the stupid myths, only because they are less scary is very stupid. The people at the age of Galileo, thought that earth is center of the whole universe, and the sun and the universe orbited earth. For them the truth was very very scary. It was very very scary for them, If earth was just one of planets of the Solar system; if earth was a planet like other planets, one of billions of billions planets in the universe They run away from the reality, because it was too scary. Now, we know the truth about our planet, but it’s not too scary. We want to know the truth about ourselves, our ancestors, and the universe even if it seems too scary for fanatics. We want to know the truth, even if it’s too scary”.

For more information, you can check here,, and find one of the best resource and learning software about Human Evolution.

Gaddafi is a Coward Rat

August 29, 2011

The savage coward Gaddafi has said: “I’m ready for negotiating ! I want to talk about ‘transfer of power’ !!”. The media reported: “Musa Ibrahim, a spokesman for Gaddafi’s toppled government, called the AP to offer talks on a “transfer of power,” saying Gaddafi’s son Saadi would conduct the negotiations !!” The savage Gaddafi clearly showed that he is a coward bastard, and even daren’t kill himself, like what Hitler did. All his stupid chants, “Dir or victory”, “We will fight to the last drop of blood. We will never give up”, etc were meaningless bullshit. Gaddafi is nothing, except a coward rat. Almost all savage dictators are like him; They are straw dogs, straw hero. Gaddafi, Bastard Assad, Khamenei, etc are like Saddam. They are coward rats, and If they lost their foreign supporters, especially their western supporters, they would show their true color very soon . If the world was serious about punishing and boycotting them, then the oppressed nations would topple these coward rats very easily. But the main problem is that the western politicians are so hypocrite and bastard. “Let’s be clear, France will not intervene [in Syria] without an international mandate,” Nicolas Sarkozy said on Wednesday. It’s the exact opposite of what France and UK did about Libya . Syrians, like Iranians, are really angry at the UN and the global community. “On the first Friday protests since Libyan oppositions reached Tripoli, Syrian protesters have called for international intervention in their struggle against the regime of Bastard Assad. Video footage showed protesters carrying signs telling the UN its silence was killing them, as they expressed their anger at failed attempts to pass a security council resolution. The lack of a UN resolution has been the target of online activists too, with Twitter users trying to make the term #WakeUpUNSC trend popular”, the media reported. “A growing number of Syrian opposition activists are now calling for a no-fly zone or an international protection force”, the media added. But the stupid western politicians are so hypocrite and bastard. Even a strong political support, not military support, can help Syrians a lot. But until now, the stupid politicians have refused to help the poor Syrians. Almost all Western embassies still open and work inside Syria, and western diplomats still try to pretend that Bastard Assad can be a Reformist ! The real strong political pressure on the coward rats have not any cost for the west, but they don’t want to lose their favorite fake enemies very easily. That’s the main problem. The Syrians should fight in two fronts, one with their savage coward dictator, and one with the western supporters of the dictator, i.e. the western media, the stupid lefts, the western politicians, etc. The Iranians have had the same problem since 2009.

In these days, the whole world can see how much the Libyans hate Gaddafi. The Libyans deeply hate their hated dictator, and the coward rat, Gaddafi, is so helpless now. The stupid lefts can not help him any longer, and he desperately tries to fool the world, by talking about negotiation. But the Libyans are not stupid and want to finish their job. “I would like to state very clearly, we don’t recognize Gaddafi and his thugs. We are looking at them as criminals. We are going to arrest them very soon,” a NTC official said. “Talking about negotiations is a daydream for what remains of the dictatorship“, he added. It’s really true. In the past 6 months, Gaddafi could talk about “transfer of power”, but he refused and wanted to fight to the last drop of blood ! that meant “killing all Libyan protesters”. But now after killing ten thousands of poor Libyans and destroying Libya, the coward rat want to negotiate ! “Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch issued reports in recent days about mass graves and prisoners summarily executed by Gaddafi. About half a dozen mass graves have been discovered so far in Tripoli and reporters noticed many more bodies lying beside the road”, the media reported. “There has been no water in our hotel or most other places in Tripoli since last Friday. Pro-Gaddafi forces have seized the water wells and turned off the pumps”, a western journalist said. Pro-Gaddafi forces just lose their last opportunity, and show that they don’t deserve any mercy. “Gaddafi was the enemy of every decent person in the world. He was one of the worst tyrants in recent memory. He was a ruthless dictator, surrounded by corrupt relatives and cronies, squandering the great wealth of Libya. This was obvious to anyone who wanted to see. Unfortunately, there were quite a few who chose to close their eyes. How could decent, well-meaning leftists embrace such a person? My only explanation was that their hatred of the USA and of NATO was so strong, so fervent, that anyone attacked by them must surely be a benefactor of humanity, and all accusations against them pure fabrications. The same happened with Pol Pot. But the 21st century humanity cannot tolerate acts of genocide and mass-murder, wherever they occur. It cannot look on while dictators butcher their own peoples. The doctrine of non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states belongs to the past. This would include a democratically elected world executive that would have military forces at its disposal and that could intervene, if a world parliament so decides. For this to happen, the UN must be revamped entirely. The veto power must be abolished . Gaddafi is finished, but Assad is not; Khamenei is not. They are butchering their people, and the world is looking on helplessly”, a wise western left said. The wise guys of all countries should try to unit.

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

August 29, 2011

“New York breathed a sigh of relief after hurricane Irene passed over without major damage to the city, but the storm still caused deaths, serious floods and power blackouts affecting more than a million people as it swept up the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada. The biggest impact was felt on Sunday night in upstate New York and New England where many communities suffered devastating floods after rivers burst their banks and Irene’s torrential rains fell on ground already saturated by unusually high downpours earlier this month. A nuclear reactor in Maryland was shut down after it was damaged by wind. The storm hit Washington just days after an earthquake damaged some of the capitals most famous structures, including the Washington Monument. Fortunately, the storm damage was mainly limited to fallen trees and power lines”, the media reported. After an earthquake and a hurricane, it’s the best time for the religious fanatics in the US to say: “It’s a sign for the end of times !”


The media added: “ More than 4 million homes and businesses lost power as the storm passed up the east coast. The winds were strong enough to rip trees out of the ground and tear off branches, which in turn tore down power lines . Two million people were warned or ordered to flee its path. The storm also spawned tornadoes in parts of Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware. A twister destroyed 15 buildings in the popular holiday town of Lewes in Delaware. New York’s public transport system is likely to be disrupted next week. On Sunday, transport workers waited for winds to die down before they were able to inspect train and subway lines. “Power might be out in some places but not here in Lower Manhattan, not yet at least. Can still watch 24/7 coverage of the ‘disaster’ but other than some flooding right on the coast not very much is happening, it is wet outside but not much rain and precious little wind now”, a local said”. In Tehran, even after a little rain, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets, like what you can see in New York’s pictures after hurricane Irene.


“Director of the National Hurricane Center, said “This is not just a coastal event. In coastal areas, the warnings were repeated by television stations. Get out of your house, this is worse than you imagine, don’t expect us to come and rescue you if you don’t . Many of the vacationers and residents do not want to leave until they are certain they have to. But the longer they wait, the harder it is to get out. The mood was not helped by last week’s unusual earthquake which rocked buildings along the east coast, from Virginia to New York . No matter what plan you have in effect, if everybody decides to leave at the last minute, youre going to have a traffic jam, said an official. The thing about storms is, they are so unpredictable you dont want to stay until the last minute to see if the storm is going to turn., the media reported.


“In New York, in a city where many people dont own cars, the population stayed indoors. The entire transit system was shut down because of weather for the first time ever. All of the citys airports were closed, with more than 9,000 flights cancelled. The number of airline passengers affected by the storm could easily be in the millions.”, the media added. “The people who had to stay indoors, had problem with the empty supermarkets. Now, water and electric power shortages can worsen the situation”, some locals said. A lot of trees down, a lot of power lines down. The more common problems come from falling trees and flooding. The most common experience is loss of electric power for most of a week. Extensive damage from inland flooding can also be a major problem”, the locals added.


“At least 20 people died, severe flooding was widespread and 4 million homes and businesses lost power. Director of the Canadian Hurricane Centre said Irene was expected to push into the Maritime provinces and eastern Quebec late Sunday and warned the storm will still have the potential to cause flooding and wind damage. He said the heaviest rainfall was expected in Quebec while high winds and pounding surf were more of a concern in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. As of Sunday afternoon, 180,000 customers in Quebec had already lost power “, the media reported. In these days, we have some sort of heavy rain in Iran. Of course, compared to hurricane Irene, it’s nothing, but it has killed a dozen, and f-u-c-ked the life in Tehran and many other cities. Some say: “With a little rain in Tehran, we can see a stupid flooding in almost all streets of Tehran. If it rains for two hour, you should stay indoor, because the stupid flood and the stupid traffic in almost all streets is really unbelievable. It’s one of the Mullah miracles.”

US East Coast and Hurricane Irene

August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene hit the US east coast early on Saturday with driving rain and winds of 85mph. “As it began its journey towards New York City and New England, more than 2 million people were told to evacuate. Millions more were preparing for days of hurricane-force winds, rain, power cuts and disruption in its wake. NewYorkers brace themselves as hurricane Irene hits US coast. Suddenly residents paid attention to the emergency maps put out by City Hall. “Are you in zone A, B or C?” became a question as people consulted the map, which showed which parts of the city Irene could put underwater. Roads out of the city filled with traffic. Broadway shut down as no less than 23 plays and musicals closed their doors. It marked the first time the Great White Way had closed since the terror attacks of 11 September 2001. In effect, New York was being forced to stay indoors. Zoos closed, concerts were cancelled and even the city aquarium whose denizens might welcome a flood shut up shop. Airports shut down as Irene approached, canceling hundreds of flights. Possible rising seawater levels from storm surge and a predicted high tide led to a complete shutdown of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the nation’s largest mass transit system; this included all subways, buses, and commuter rails. The MTA shut down all its services at noon on August 27“, the media reported. “Now, approximately 1 million Americans in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC are without electricity . and the mayor of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania has warned citizens that outages could last for days”, the media added. As Irene heads north, that number is likely to grow


“Hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate coastal and low-lying areas along the eastern seaboard. As many as 1 million people have left the Jersey shore. In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has warned that “we are going to break down doors if we have to enforce the evacuation [in Zone A, near the rivers and ocean]”. According to the National Hurricane Center, Irene has re-emerged over the Atlantic. It is warning that waters are rising in the Virginia tidewater region”, the media added. CNN reports that eight people have now lost their lives. Some locals said: “Central Park is closed. Never seen NY so quiet. All local news reports talking about what ‘might happen’. Seems to me TV stations are just exaggerating to make it all seem more exciting and dramatic than it is! … The queue outside the Trader Joe’s supermarket on 14th Street stretched all the way down the block , filled with a cross section of East Village life from suited-up young office workers to people clad in gym gear to smartly dressed nighthawks … I’m in Central Jersey where, much like the rest of the US, all our power cables are overland and intertwined with trees. Chances of trees falling and the power going off? High. Will the water be turned off? Unlikely … Many love that their life would be like what they see in the movies; But the real life and the movie are two different thing … The past few days in the city have felt a little like a disaster movie. No wonder most people were just waiting nervously for it all to be over.”


“With Irene’s projected path fixed over much the US East Coast, over 65 million people from the Carolinas to Cape Cod were estimated to be at risk . Due to the threat, state officials, as well as ports, industries, oil refineries and nuclear plants, promptly prepared to activate emergency plans; residents in the areas stocked up on food supplies and worked to secure homes, vehicles and boats. States of emergency and hurricane warnings were declared for much of the upper East Coast, including North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts . In advance of the storm, hundreds of thousands of people evacuated near coastal areas, and hundreds of shelters were prepared. Many gasoline stations in the region reported shortages due to the preparations for Irene . Six Major League Baseball games and one National Football League game were postponed. Despite Irene losing force, downgraded to category 1, storm surges and heavy rains are creating danger of widespread flooding. New York state governor declared a state of emergency on August 26. Obama issued a state of emergency declaration for the New York metropolitan area”, the media reported.


The experts say: “Hurricane Irene is a North Atlantic tropical cyclone. A Hurricane or tropical cyclone is a storm system characterized by a large low-pressure center and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. The characteristic that separates tropical cyclones from other cyclonic systems is that at any height in the atmosphere, the center of a tropical cyclone will be warmer than its surroundings; a phenomenon called “warm core” storm systems. To be classified as a hurricane, a tropical cyclone must have maximum sustained winds of at least 74 mph (33 m/s; 119 km/h). The SaffirSimpson Hurricane Scale, divides hurricanes into five categories distinguished by the intensities of their sustained winds . Category 1 storms (119153 km/h; 7495 mph) usually cause no significant structural damage to building structures; however, they uproot or snap trees. Storms of Category 2 (154177 km/h; 96110 mph) are strong enough that they can lift a house, and inflict damage upon poorly constructed doors and windows. Category 3 storms (178209 km/h; 111130 mph) cause some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings. Storms of Category 4 (210249 km/h; 131155 mph) produce Heavy, irreparable damage. Total and long-lived electrical and water losses are to be expected, possibly for many weeks.”


“Category 5 storms (≥ 250 km/h; ≥ 156 mph) cause complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings, and some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. According to Robert Simpson, If the wind speed of the hurricane is above 155 mph (250 km/h), then the damage to a building will be “serious no matter how well it’s engineered”, the experts add. In Iran, we don’t have any cyclone or tornado, and in Tehran, the maximum wind speed is about 70 km/h, that causes many dreadful problems ! So, many Iranians can not understand the meaning of a hurricane, a 140km/h wind, like Hurricane Irene. If we had some thing like Hurricane Irene in Iran, the Mullahs would say: “Oh, the Mahdi’s coming; It’s a sign of the second coming of Mahdi” ! and then the whole country and the whole life would be f-u-c-k-ed and paralyzed for years !

Inside Gaddafi’s Compound

August 28, 2011

With the search for the dictator and his sons continuing, the Egyptian news agency Mena, reported that six armored Mercedes sedans had crossed the border into Algeria. The report said that the cars could be carrying top figures from the Gaddafi regime, or even the dictator himself. But some think that Gaddafi is in a rat’s hole in the city of Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace. “The fighters will get him very soon, but now, many ordinary Libyans want to see the Gaddafi’s Compound, especially Aisha Gaddafi’s house”, a Libyan said. Gaddafi’s daughter, Aisha Gaddafi, is a exact copy of his father. In her palace, you can see a large gold chaise in the shape of a mermaid with Aishas own face.


“The day we broke into the compound was a day of intense fighting, so loud you couldn’t hear each other’s names. When it was finished we looked around: the houses of his children, his own house, they had everything BMWs, Mercedes and guns everywhere. Upstairs they had boxes and boxes of sunglasses, maybe 100 pairs, still in their shop wrappers. They are all altered to correct Gaddafi’s vision. So I took a few pairs as presents [!]”, a Libyan revolutionary said. All revolutions have such scenes. In all around the world, the average people hate the dictators and their families. And one day they show their anger. But the dictator’s properties belong to all people, not to specific group or person.


‘The other things I took were shampoo and a toothbrush, because I needed them [!], and I took some of his underpants [!] and some of his wife’s [!]. All their underwear is black. I took them outside and wrapped them on that statue of the clenched fist. It felt good. Then we went back to a school building where we were staying and we all cried. There must have been 200 guys and I think everyone was crying because in this war we have all lost someone, a brother, a friend or a cousin”, he added.


“I lost my best friend two weeks ago. He was 31, he got married the week before Ramadan. I run a construction business and every year Gaddafi would have celebration on 1 September, always in a different part of the country. I would build the stage. After the war what I really want to do is repair my mother’s house and paint it. Under Gaddafi we had to paint it white [!]. If you wanted to make it another color you have to take a signature from the government [!!!] , and blah, blah, blah. I’d like to paint it sand-colored. Beige”, the fighter added. All dictators are alike. They ban everything. They dictate everything. But one day the people rebel and f-u-c-k the dictator. If you want to understand the meaning of tyranny, you should read George Orwell’s novels: “Animal Farm” and “1984”.


“In Tripoli, neighborhoods have been without running water for several days and the electricity station is no longer coping with demand. “We don’t know the electricity problem, we don’t know the water problem, we don’t know the communication problem,” NTC officials said. “In the next few days we will have answers.” With all the city’s petrol filling stations remaining closed, drivers are paying black-market rates of around $80 for 20 litres of petrol”, the media reported. It’s so obvious that the savage Gaddafi is responsible for this great mess. But Libyans need more time. They want to be happy now, but at the same time they should work hard for a better future.


“We have 30,000 metric tones of gasoline and will start distributing to the public today. Diesel fuel will arrive the day after tomorrow, which is essential to the city to support the power and water supply”, NTC officials said. They said they did not yet know how many people were affected by power and water shortages and would try to issue an assessment on Sunday,” the media reported. In the next weeks and the next months, the whole world would see what NTC and the ordinary Libyans do for a free election and for building a better country. We hope they could succeed.


The NTC fighters are reported to have taken Bin Jawad, a town about 140 km from Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace and a key stronghold. They should take all remaining cities and then focus on building the ruined cities and country. Gaddafi’s legacy for Libya is poverty, pain, and ignorance. But the stupid lefts support Gaddafi and his legacy. The stupid lefts support the dictatorship in Libya, Syria, Iran, etc. They are really bastard, who support the great bastards. The average people in all around the world should know these bastards. Shame on them all.

Gaddafi, Love, and Condoleezza Rice

August 27, 2011

Gaddafi’s ‘darling black African woman’ was Condoleezza Rice ! Gaddafi had said: “I support my darling black African woman … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. … I love her very much. I admire her, and I’m proud of her, because she’s a black woman of African origin.” The pair met in Tripoli in September 2008. Apparently the savage Gaddafi badly had lost his control !


A bizarre photograph album filled page to page with pictures of Condoleezza Rice has been found at the compound of Gaddafi. Rice did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the discovery of the photos. But maybe she knew that she had many rivals in Gaddafi’s house, which was full of female slaves. So, she met him and his house, just for once.


“In 2008, Gaddafi welcomed Rice in his home. He repeatedly addressed Rice – known as ‘Condi’ to her friends – as ‘Leezza’. During the visit, he presented Rice with a diamond ring, a lute, a locket with an engraved likeness of himself inside and an inscribed edition of his stupid book’. Together, the haul was worth $212,000 [!!]”, the media reported. Maybe that night Rice had second thoughts !


It’s not clear what happened in Gaddafi’s house at that night. Did Rice accept both the gift and the offer, or only take the gift and run ?! It’s not very clear; Gaddafi’s house had many secret tunnels and secret rooms. But it’s clear that the stupid savage Gaddafi spent more than $200,000 for one night ! Apparently, they never saw each other again. Some say: “Maybe Gaddafi had found new stupid girls for himself “.


In Washington, State Department spokeswoman said : “Bizarre and creepy are good adjectives to describe much of Gaddafi’s behavior ! So it [the album] doesn’t surprise me. It’s deeply bizarre and deeply creepy !!” But Gaddafi’s son travel to the US, and his living and studying in the US, was more bizarre and creepy, wasn’t it ?!


Anyway, the love story of Gaddafi and Rice was shitty and creepy. The savage Gaddafi exploited the women. He was a psychopath. Maybe in the next months, we would hear more stories about Gaddafi’s women, and the girls who were his maid and bodyguard. The savage Gaddafi tried to rewrite the new version of “1001 nights”, but now he has reached the 1002nd night !

African Union = African Baboons

August 27, 2011

“The African Union refused to recognized the National Transitional Council (NTC) in Libya at a meeting in Ethiopia. It called for an inclusive government that involved officials from Gaddafi’s side [!!] . Many African nations have long ties with Gaddafi, including South Africa, and the AU has had difficulty taking a unanimous stand. The AU’s snub highlights the influence ousted Gaddafi had on the AU, given that he was one of the continental group’s main bankrollers and had provided lavish sums to several African leaders”, the media reported. South African shit, Jacob Zuma is a real bastard, a real African Baboon. “Fighting is still going on. That is the reality,” said Zuma, who chairs the AU committee on Libya. “We can’t say this is a legitimate (government) now.” The AU and all bastard leaders of Africa, show their true colors again. As we said before, they have supported all savage dictators of Africa, and Gaddafi is not the first case. They have worked with all savage African tyrants from Omar Al-Bashir and Sese Seko to Gaddafi and Idi Amin. The story of the savage Idi Amin, a close friend of Gaddafi, whose brutality and disregard for the rule of law led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Uganda, is very interesting. Ugandans who criticized Amin or whom the government considered potentially dangerous to the regime were seized by roving squads of soldiers and summarily killed; their bodies were often found dismembered and horribly mutilated. The number of civilians unlawfully killed by the Amin regime is estimated at 300,000 and may have been as high as 500,000 . Idi Amin praised Adolf Hitler for killing Jewish people during World War II. Gaddafi and AU strongly supported Idi Amin, while the international community condemned his brutality.The bastard leaders of AU, the rulers of other African states, elected Idi Amin chair of the AU for a one-year term in 1975 !! The savage Idi Amin seized power in 1971 in a military coup, but finally after more than eight years of bloody dictatorship, he was overthrown in early 1979. Amin fled to Libya where he was offered asylum, and finally he accepted asylum in Saudi Arabia. Idi Amin was friend of Gaddafi, and as savage as him. And the AU supported both of them, and almost all other African dictators. The stupid African Union has about 53 member nations. Its headquarters is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The organization was founded in Addis Ababa in 1963, as the Organization of African Unity. It retained that name until 2002 when it formally became the African Union (AU). The South Africans should be ashamed of the stupid Jacob Zuma, who is a close friend and supporter of the savage Gaddafi. They should kick him out.


Fighting between pro- and anti-Gaddafi forces continue. The media reported: “The fight continued in at least one area of Tripoli, with fighters loyal to Gaddafi bombarding the capital’s airport, damaging a plane. British warplanes struck a large bunker in Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, his largest remaining stronghold, on Friday as NATO turned its attention to loyalist forces battling advancing revolutionaries in the area. NATO also bombed surface-to-air missile facilities near Tripoli, a statement said. Officials say Gaddafi’s forces are trying to reconstitute their anti-aircraft weapons to pose a threat to humanitarian and civilian flights into Tripoli airport.” The ordinary Libyans are happy and try to be positive about the future. The media reported: “Libyans are enthusiastic about Mahmoud Jibril, the head of the NTC and front-runner to be Libya’s new leader. “He’s a good man. A lot of people like Jibril” But there was also a recognition that it could be a hard task to introduce democratic ideas to many ordinary Libyans. “People are ready for democracy. But we don’t have money. We don’t speak English very well. Gaddafi deliberately kept us ignorant “. The internet still is down in Tripoli, and the people voice can not reach the outside world directly. The life in Tripoli still is not normal, but there is hopeful signs. The media reported: “A degree of normality has returned to Tripoli, with more people and traffic on the streets. However, most of the capital city’s services are still not functioning. Rubbish is piled everywhere, there is no running water, and a treacherously erratic power supply . Electricity returned to the capital two days ago only to conk out again on Friday afternoon. No one seems to know when it might be turned back on. A few shops have reopened; it’s possible to buy soft drinks and a few dry supplies. But there are no markets, and certainly no meat. There is no petrol on sale in Tripoli hence the lack of traffic, but it is available in other parts of the country such as the western mountains, and imported from Tunisia. The local mobile phone network Libyana, works only sometimes. In areas away from the fighting the security situation remains stable, with citizens’ checkpoints made up of local rebels set up every few hundred metres. The first traffic policemen were spotted on Tripoli’s streets on Friday -a hopeful sign”.

Gaddafi Love Story and African Union

August 26, 2011

An album full of pictures of the former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was found in Gaddafi’s compound [!!]“, the media reported. It’s a sign of a love story. But at first, lets take a look at another love story, between Gaddafi and AU. ” South Africa is stalling attempts by the US to release $1.5bn of frozen Libyan assets for use by the National Transitional Council. South Africa’s UN ambassador said the NTC had not yet been recognized by the African Union [!!]. South Africa has been preventing the release of $1.5bn of the funds in the UN security council committee that monitors the sanctions against Libya. All 15 nations on the committee must agree, so the US is tonight putting the matter to the full security council, which does not need a unanimous vote.”They wanted the world at one point to stand with them against apartheid. I think they now need to stand with the Libyan people, help unfreeze their assets and allow their authorities to get access to the capital they need to rebuild the country and it’s disappointing the stance they have taken so far, I hope that even now they will change their minds”, said British defence secretary”, the media reported. As we said before, Dennis Kucinich and the stupid lefts talk nonsense about AU and Gaddafi , and now we can see how stupid and bastard the stupid lefts are. “Secret documents in Tripoli seen by the Guardian reveal the desperate attempts made by the Libyan government in its final months to influence US and world opinion . It approached key international opinion formers from the Obama downwards. The regime tried to persuade the Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich !! – who voted against Nato military action in Libya, to visit Tripoli as part of a hastily arranged “peace mission” [!!!]. The Libyan government offered to pay all Kucinich’s costs related to the trip [!], including “travel expenses and accommodation. On 22 June a letter sent to Gaddafi’s prime minister, by a US-based lobbyist for the regime , Sufyan Omeish, noted that Kucinich was “concerned that his personal safety in Tripoli could not be guaranteed [!!]”. He preferred to conduct meetings with regime officials outside Libya [!!]. The plan was for Kucinich to meet “senior Libyan officials, including Gaddafi”. The proposed trip never took place. Kucinich visited Syria instead [!!!] . He confirmed the invitation and said he had discussed it directly with the Libyan prime minister. He said that on one occasion he held an hour-long telephone conversation with the prime minister. He also confirmed Omeish had been in touch, acting as an intermediary for and supporter of the regime,” the Guardian reported. Dennis Kucinich is really a great American Baboon, who loves the dictators.


Gaddafi’s furtive global lobbying took place as the increasingly paranoid regime believed the US was planning to invade. On 28 June, Omeish, a US-based film maker, warned that the US Senate’s decision to extend US involvement in Libya for another year paved the way for a ground assault [!!!] . The letter to Baghdadi is marked “highly important and strictly confidential”. It says: “We have obtained a new confirmation from a high-profile Princeton professor to join our delegation.” Omeish boasted that he was also working with “award-winning/Oscar-nominated filmmakers [probably Oliver Stone !] to help document the truth about Libya [!!!!] to ensure maximum world-wide exposure [!!].””, the Guardian added. Dennis Kucinich loves the global bastards. He wanted to save the savage Gaddafi, and now he wants to save the savage Bastard Assad. “ Kucinich visited Syria. And with Libyan state television now in rebels hands, Gaddafi has turned to Syria to air his propaganda“, Bloomberg reports. Kucinich is really a jerk like Gaddafi. And both of them have some sort of weird love and love stories. “A group of rebels accompanied by an AP photographer found an album full of pictures of the former US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in Gaddafi’s compound [!!]. Gaddafi had spoken of his fondness for Rice that it seems likely the album came from his personal collection. “I support my darling black African woman [!!] … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza I love her very much [!!] . I admire her and I’m proud of her because she’s a black woman of African origin”, Gaddafi told al-Jazeera in 2007. In the home of his daughter Aisha, now also fled, rebels discovered in an enormous marble hall at the entry to her palace a large gold chaise in the shape of a mermaid with Aisha’s own face”, the media reported. It’s really so weird. The love story of Gaddafi and Rice can be a best seller tragicomedy book or movie ! Anyway, finally Nato change its mind and now tries to track down Gaddafi. Maybe Rice wants to get rid of his savage lover ! “Nato is using intelligence resources and electronic tracking devices to try to track down Gaddafi, as NTC offers a $2 million reward and amnesty for the capture or killing of the Libyan leader.” the media reported. Nato wants that $2 million reward ?! Before that, they refused to try to track down Gaddafi !! Anyway, now the savage Gaddafi desperately tries to escape justice, the ordinary Libyans are really happy, the stupid lefts are really sad and angry, and Rice thinks about her incomplete love story with her savage lover ! That’s what you can see in these days.

Poverty in USA and Iran

August 26, 2011

USA becomes Food Stamp Nation? 15% of Americans now get food stamps. Many are employed part time and can’t live on that ” the reutres reported. “Genna Saucedo supervises cashiers at a Wal-Mart in Pico Rivera, California, but her wages aren’t enough to feed herself and her 12-year-old son. Saucedo, who earns $9.70 an hour for about 26 hours a week and lives with her mother, is one of the many Americans who survive because of government handouts in what has rapidly become a food stamp nation. Altogether, there are now almost 46 million people in the United States on food stamps, roughly 15 percent of the population. That’s an increase of 74 percent since 2007, just before the financial crisis and a deep recession led to mass job losses. While there are clearly some cases of abuse by people who claim food stamps but don’t really need them, for many Americans like Saucedo there is little current alternative if they are to put food on the table while paying rent and utility bills. “It’s kind of sad that even though I’m working that I need to have government assistance. I have asked them to please put me on full-time so I can have benefits ,” said the 32-year-old. She’s worked at Wal-Mart for nine months, and applied for food stamps as soon as her probation ended. She said plenty of her colleagues are in the same situation. About forty percent of food stamp recipients are, like Saucedo, in households in which at least one member of the family earns wages. Many more could be eligible: the government estimates one in three who could be on the program are not. “If they’re working, they often think they can’t get help. But people can’t support their families on $10, $11, $12 an hour jobs, especially when you add transport, clothes, rent .” said a social services organization in New York. The maximum amount a family of four can receive in food stamps is $668 a month. They can only be used to buy food – though not hot food- and for plants and seeds to grow food”, the reuters added. It’s really tragic. It’s really a tragedy for USA. But when we compared US situation with Iran, the American situation seem very good ! As we said before, when you compare the incomes and prices in Iran and Canada , you are shocked. The prices in Iran and North American, are almost equal, but the incomes are really different. When the minimum wages in the US are about $10, $11, $12 for an hour jobs, the minimum wages in Iran are about $1, $2, $3 for an hour jobs. It’s really awful. When Americans, a family of four, can get about $700 food stamps in a month, Iranians, a family of four, only get about $200 financial aid in a month. It’s really tragic and awful. You should not forget that the price in North America is cheaper than or equal to the price in Iran !! So, you easily can guess how Iranians live in Iran, with such difficulty.

The reuters added: “In some parts of the country, shoppers using food stamps have almost become the norm. In May 2011, a third of all people in Alabama were on food stamps – though part of that was because of emergency assistance after communities were destroyed by a series of destructive tornadoes. Washington D.C., Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon and Tennessee all had about a fifth of their population on food stamps that month. Over the past 20 years, the characteristics of the program’s recipients have changed. In 1989, a higher percentage were on benefits than working, but as of 2009 a higher percentage had earned income. Until a couple of weeks ago Tashawna Green, 21, from Queens Village, New York, worked 25 hours a week at an $8.08 hourly rate at retailer Target. She is on food stamps, and says a good number of her former colleagues are too. “It’s a good thing that the government helps, but if employers paid enough and gave enough hours, then we wouldn’t need to be on food stamps,” said Green, who has a six-year-old daughter [!!]. Of course, with an unemployment rate over 9 percent, some argue that those with any job at all are lucky. Millions of Americans whose unemployment benefits have expired have to exist only on food stamps and other government aid, such as Medicaid healthcare support. And even with unemployment benefits, said Jessica King, 25, from Portland, Oregon, her family juggles bills to ensure the electricity stays on. They are also selling some belongings on Craigslist to raise funds.” It’s really tragic. Some American liberals say: “Many companies prefer to hire more part-time employees just so as not to pay them benefits such as health care. A national health system would eliminate this perverse incentive”. It’s true. But the situation in Iran is really a great and unbelievable tragedy. The unemployment rate in Iran is over 20 percent. Many experts even say it’s more than 30%. But unlike USA, in Iran there is no unemployment benefits. If you lose your job and have not any saving, you should almost die ! Many families in Iran live in poverty. As we said before, official reports confirm that half Iranian urban population are under poverty line . But Iran is not a poor country. Iran is a very rich country. Iran’s oil and natural gas resource are almost equal to Saudi Arabia. Iran’s mineral and natural resources are much more than Saudi Arabia. Iran’s human resources and Iranian experts are much more than Saudi Arabia, and is not comparable to Saudi’s. But Iranians’ money are in the Mullahs’ pockets. The widespread and systematical corruptions in the Mullah regime, are really unbelievable. Many Iranian journalists, economists, or activists are in the Mullah prison, because they protested against the Mullah corruptions. Iranians need the freedom and democracy to be able to protest against the dreadful widespread and systematical state corruptions. Iranians need to topple the Mullahs, if they want to get rid of their dreadful economic situations.

Mousavi Khoeiniha and Iranian Pleasure !

August 25, 2011

These days are historical days: “Libyans topple Gaddafi, and Iranian Baboons show their true colors very clearly”. In the recent days, Mousavi Khoeiniha, one of the stupid leaders of Islamist-Reformists in Iran, has open his mouth again, and said: “We, the Islamist-Reformists, are opposed to anti-regime and anti-Khamenei slogans ! . Some say: “‘Base Baba, Dige Hame Khar Fahm Shodand !’, that means “It’s enough stupid; now even the stupidest people know the truth completely”. Now, all ordinary Iranians, without any exception, spit on the Iranian Baboons, especially the Islamist-Reformists. In these days, I can not find any one, even one person in the cyber space or real space, who support Khoeiniha’s crap ! Some say: “Khoeiniha’s crap and bullshit show the real plan of Islamist-Reformists. But when we see the people backlash, it gives us a great pleasure ! It’s the first step in toppling the Mullahs.” As we said before, Khoeiniha, the great Baboon, clearly confessed what is the main goal and plan of Islamist-Reformists , and now he repeats his bullshits again. But who is Ayatollah Mohammad Mousavi Khoeiniha, the great Baboon? He was the spiritual leader of the “Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line” (Khomeini’s line) who led the hostage taking of American embassy staff on 4 November 1979. He is a very stupid left-wing Mullah and was a very stupid hardliner in 1980s. Some say: ‘Khoeniha remains a staunch defender of the embassy takeover, and still keeps ‘a four-drawer metal filing cabinet with a plate saying `Property of the General Services Administration,’ in his office, a souvenir taken from the embassy !’


What Khoeiniha said in the recent days, was very interesting. He said: “We, the Islamist-Reformists, believe in Velayate Faqih (theocracy), and the Islamic leadership in Iran. We are opposed to [people] chant of ‘Iranian Republic’. Our chant is ‘Islamic Republic’ [It’s the official chant of the Mullahs in the past 30 years. But since 2009, one of the main people chants is ‘Iranian Republic, not Islamic Republic’. The difference is very clear and meaningful]. We defend the Islamic regime, the Islamic Republic. We oppose the Iranian protesters, who set Khomeini’s pictures on fire, or chanted against Islamic Regime. We believe in the Islamic regime . We have not forgotten that more than 98% of Iranians voted for the Islamic regime in 1979 [!!!!!]. Our main chant is Khomeini’s chant : ‘Islamic Republic, not less, not more’ ” We are really happy that these bastards clearly show their true color. Now the people, without any exception, shit and spit on these bastards. It’s a great pleasure for us. The stupid Khoeiniha has forgotten what his beloved leader, Khomeini said in 1979: “Even if our parents voted for Pahlavi regime in the past; Even if the majority supported Pahlavis in 50 years ago, they only decided for themselves. They could not decide for us. Now, we, the majority of Iranians, hate the Pahlavi regime. Hold a free referendum and see what is the people vote !” Now the young Iranians only repeat Khomeini’s words, but instead of “Pahlavi”, they use “The Mullahs” !! The stupid Islamist-Reformists are frightened to death of a free referendum, because they know that the vast majority of Iranians hate them and their beloved regime.


Khoeiniha was prosecutor general of Mullahs after revolution. He is accused of execution of many political activists without any trial during his term. Khoeiniha and many leftist-Islamists, like Abbas Abdi Boozineh are really criminal and should be tried. Mousavi Khoeiniha and his stupid friends are the main responsible for Iran-Iraq war. In the recent days, the stupid friends of Khoeiniha, Khatami, and Mousavi in France and UK, who called themselves “Green Coordination Council”, said: “Iranians’ chant is not “No Gaza, No Lebanon” [!!]. We are followers of Khomeini, and support both Gaza and Lebanon [!!]. Please go to the streets or on your roof tops and chant for us ! Please support us !!” These Iranian Baboons have become a very stupid joke. Now, Iranians only laugh at these bastards and spit on them. Now many say: ” These bastards f-u-c-ked our green movement in 2009. And in 2000s, these bastards lost the best opportunities, one by one. These bastards deceived us in 2000s, but now we know their true colors, and these bastards are badly bankrupted in Iran”. It’s really true. In 2000s, the ordinary people, even many young students, were fooled by these bastards. In 1990s and 2000s, only the real intellectuals or open-minded people knew these bastards, but now even the most stupid people know them, and it’s a very good news for Iran and the future of Iran.


Khoeiniha is a stupid unknown jerk for the ordinary people, and many don’t know him. But the politically aware people know that he is one of the leader of Islamist-Reformists, who works behind the scene, and what he says is what the Islamist-Reformists say. Some say : “These bastards want to save Khatami. In the recent months, the people shitted and spitted on Khatami and his crap. These bastards know that their first and last acceptable figure is Khatami, and If they lose Khatami, all of them should go to hell and fuck themselves. So, they asked Khatami to shut his f-u-c-k-ing mouth, and didn’t disgrace himself more . And instead, Khoeiniha, who is an unknown leader of these bastards, and the average people don’t know him, repeat Khatami’s bullshits. But the people reactions are very clear and meaningful. The Islamist-Reformists, from Khatami to Khoeiniha, are really dead in Iran. They are dead rats now ! When we see the people reactions to them, it gives us a great pleasure . It clearly shows us that finally all Iranians know these bastards and their true color, and it’s the best news for the Iranian movement.”


Some say: “Khoeiniha or Abbas Abdi, and many other Iranian baboons who were hardliner members of Mullah regime in 1980s, should be tried and answer to many questions. These bastards are really criminal, and that’s why they support the Mullah regime, and are frightened to death of the toppling the Mullahs .” Yes, it’s really true. Khoeiniha or Abbas Abdi and many others should be tried for their shameful acts in 1980s and 2010s.

Gaddafi wanted dead or alive

August 25, 2011

Jalil, the head of the opposition National Transitional Council (NTC), announced a reward for Gaddafi’s capture of 2m Libyan dinars (£1m), funded by a businessman in Benghazi, and an amnesty for past crimes for anyone in his entourage who killed or detained Gaddafi . It’s a very good strategy for finding the savage Gaddafi. “There are so many rat holes in Tripoli. We are searching for Gaffadi in the holes ,” NTC military spokesman, told AP. The media reported: “Despite mass defections in Tripoli and around the world, the dictator was also still being supported by a handful of others outside his immediate family, most vocally by Moussa Ibrahim, the smooth-talking information minister. On Wednesday Ibrahim was not giving speeches from a podium in the Rixos hotel but down a crackling phone line to Syrian TV [!!!] , insisting the regime could continue fighting for the capital “not only for months but for years”. He added: “Tripoli is not all of Libya. We still have tens of cities under our control.” Asked by British Channel 4 if a negotiated settlement or safe passage for Gaddafi from Libya were still possible, one of opposition leader said: “It looks like things have passed this kind of solution.” “We will invite everyone carrying weapons to join the army or the police force,” he said. “There are (also) the unemployed, and they will be invited to join the standing army.” One theory swirling around Tripoli said that many top Gaddafi people were hiding at the Rixos hotel. The Rixos is surrounded. “There are ministers inside from the Gaddafi regime. They have taken the TV people prisoner,” a young fighter said. Osama Mohamad, a marine scientist, said he had been disappointed by Britain’s close relationship with Gaddafi, and by the invitation to Libya’s ambassador -subsequently withdrawn- to attend Prince William’s wedding. ‘Gaddafi’s been a dictator for 42 years. I don’t accept it. I accept it from Italy but not from Britain,’ he said.”. The media added: ” Poverty is one of the key factors behind Libya’s “February 17” revolution, in a country with the largest oil reserves on the African continent. At one rebel checkpoint yesterday a group of militia volunteers were sitting on a superior black leather sofa. They had get it from a nearby flat and parked it on the pavement. They had also helped themselves to a coffee table. “In our home we didn’t have anything like this,” Nadami, 30, explained, pointing to his new suite. “Gaddafi has many expensive things. He spent our money on parties and buying guns.” Nadami said he worked as a dentist and lab technician; he showed off a 10mm revolver he had seized on Tuesday from Gaddafi’s compound. “I was there. We found many, many guns,” he said”


Around 35 journalists and diplomats have been freed from the Rixos hotel . The media reported: “Their release was negotiated by the International Committee of the Red Cross, who ferried the journalists to another hotel elsewhere in the city. “It’s a new Tripoli, a happy Tripoli, very different than the one I saw a week ago,” said a CNN producer who was among the journalists held captive at the hotel. “It has been an absolute nightmare for all of us,” said Matthew Chance, a CNN reporter after the group reached the relative safety of another hotel in an
opposition-controlled area of the city. “Emotions are running very high. We had all sorts of paranoid scenarios running around our minds. Awful worst case scenarios that we were going to be used as human shields; that we were going to be executed by some lunatic hardliners”, said Chance. The captives were sleeping together on the floor of one wing of the hotel for safety. Chance explained how they created a safe-room in a windowless prayer room that they hoped would be safe from shooting and blasts. “All this, while we were absolutely terrified that the mood was going to change and we would be shot,” he said. “[The gunmen] blamed the international media. One of them shouted up to me yesterday: ‘Hey I hope you are happy now Libyans are killing Libyans.’ My room was smashed into the door was kicked in, my stuff was rifled through by Kalashnikov-wielding hoodlums. There was a ferocius battle I spent at least 36 hours on and off lying on my belly in a dark room.” He said snipers were shooting through the hotel. “Reality slowly dawned on these people and today they capitulated to the 36 journalists in the hotel,” added Chance. “They handed over the weapons and they were put out of use and they said there’s no problem, we are going to let you go.” The five cars sent to collect the captives sped away through a series of rebel check points, some packed with seven or eight people in each. “The feeling of the weight, this pressure lifting off us as we drove further and further away from the Rixos hotel was great,” said Chance.” The media also added: “At the UN, US, British and French diplomats were drafting a resolution ordering the unblocking of $1.5bn (£900m) in frozen Libyan funds at the beginning of the war. The NTC’s priority is to secure a speedy release of funds frozen abroad, which would help to strengthen its legitimacy in the eyes of ordinary Libyans. The NTC sent a stream of text messages today through the mobile phone network to police officers and civil servants, urging them to carrying on working as normal. Of the total funds frozen than $130bn

Gaddafi and Stupid Lefts

August 24, 2011

The stupidity of stupid lefts is a real tragedy. Their stupidity is not a personal matter. Some Iranians say: “These stupid bastards are free and talk nonsense, while we are prisoner and should pay the price of their craps and bullshits. It’s really unfair.” The stupid lefts are friends of the savage tyrants, form Gaddafi and Chavez to Khamenei and Assad. They support the tyrants, in the name of independence. They support the tyrants in the name of fighting against imperialism and capitalism. But they are not a bunch of stupid bastards that their craps are harmless. They are a bunch of stupid activists who want to help the tyrants and f-u-c-k the oppressed people who are the victims of the tyranny. They are the enemy of the oppressed people who want to fight against the tyranny and the savage tyrants. They are the friend of the oppressor and the savage tyrants. It’s an undeniable facts. Just take a look at their positions on, for example, the revolution of Libyans. Even for one minute they did not support the poor Libyans. They had not any plan for supporting the poor Libyans. They only wanted to save the savage Gaddafi. They live in the free world, and support the tyranny and the savage tyrants. It’s really unfair. It’s really ridiculous. It’s really unfair that the oppressed people should pay the price of their hypocrisy and stupidity. All liberal people in the world should protest against these stupid bastards . One of the stupid lefts, Dennis Kucinich, can show us how stupid and bastard the stupid lefts are. He wrote an article on 21 August 2011, “Time to end Nato’s war in Libya”. Here are excerpts of his article (our comments are in parenthesis):

“Nato launched military operations in Libya under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”. Nato is assisting rebels who are blocking food, water and medical supplies from coming into the capital city [!]. Nato is bombing power stations, creating blackouts, and using Apache helicopters to attack Libyan police checkpoints to clear roads for rebels to advance [!!!!]. The war against Libya has seen countless violations of UN security council resolutions Nato and UN member states. The use of military force on behalf of the rebels [!!![, in an attempt to impose regime change [!!!], has undermined international law and damaged the credibility of the UN !!!! (Motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, slaughtering people by Gaddafi didn’t damage the credibility of the UN ?!! The use of military force for suppressing the people was legal ? Your beloved friend, Gaddafi, was a great murderer who slaughtered his own people. The Libyans, like Iranians and Syrians, want the regime change, but you, the stupid bastards, say that regime change is illegal !! You deserve to live under tyranny. You don’t deserve to live in the free world). Countless innocent civilians have been killed, and Nato air strikes continue to place many at great risk [!!] (Countless innocent civilians killed by Gaddafi, not Nato; the stupid motherf-u-c-k-er bastard). The people of Libya cannot take another month of such humanitarian intervention [!!] (Shut up motherf-u-c-k-er; The Libyans hate you, who supports Gaddafi). The US share of the war against Libya has probably exceeded the $1bn mark. This extraordinary amount of money for an intervention that Americans were told would last “days not weeks” could only be explained by looking at the war as an investment, and at control over Libya’s wealth as an opportunity to make a return on that investment. (Bastards, you only care about economy, while you pretend that you care about humanity. But there is two vital matters: (1) Helping the oppressed nations is a matter of morality, not economy. It’s a global duty. What’s your plan -alternative plan- for helping the oppressed nations? You always support the savage tyrants. It’s your main plan or solution ! and that’s why the oppressed nations and liberal people hate you, the stupid lefts (2) Libyans, like any other nations, have paid the price of the inevitable war. More than $130 billions of the Libyan assets were blocked by western countries. It’s so obvious that the western countries have not spent even $1 for Libyan war. So, don’t bullshit us about economy, idiot bastard. Iranians and Libyans are ready to pay all price of toppling their savage tyrants. Compared to the price of the medieval tyranny, the price of revolutionary wars are really cheaper)”


Viable peace proposals, such as the one put forward by the African Union (AU), have been quickly and summarily rejected (F-u-c-k you man, that viable shit for saving the savage Gaddafi, was only acceptable for stupid people like you). If there is going to be a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the US must work with and empower the AU to ensure regional security [!!!] (ha ha, regional security ! who care about humanity, and who care about the oppressed people. you show your true colors). The AU has proposed a peace plan that would facilitate an immediate ceasefire, the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid, a dialogue between the Transitional National Council and the Gaddafi government, and the suspension of Nato strikes (Ha ha ha ha, dialogue with Gaddafi? Like all previous dialogue with him in the past 42 years ?!! Motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, the stupid African Union (AU) were friend of savage Gaddafi, and all savage African dictators. What did they for the poor Libyans in the past 42 years? They were friend of Gaddafi, and it’s obvious that all Libyans hate them. You are really stupid) It is time for the US president and secretary of state to clean up the mess they’ve created with this needless military intervention [!!!], and to work to seriously to bring about a negotiated end to this war [!!!] (Oh, motherf-u-c-k-er bastard, your are a great stupid. Some Iranians think that the dumbest people live in Iran, but if they know you, and your stupid friends in the west, they would kiss the ass of the Iranian bastards, because compared to you, they are really wise and open-minded !!) There are viable solutions to peacefully end the conflict, if there is a desire to do so [!!!] (Oh, yah, viable solutions, like saving savage Gaddafi! What was your viable solutions in the past 42 years, when Gaddafi was f-u-c-king the poor Libyans ?! What was your viable solutions when Gaddafi slaughtered the poor Libyans ? If Nato did not help Libyans, Gaddafi would brutally suppressed them, and you stupid bastards, would congratulate to Gaddafi ! and would say: ‘The majority support Gaddafi, that’s why the revolutionaries failed !!’ You, the idiot lefts, must be forced to go and live in Iran or Libya under Gaddafi. It’s the viable solution ! You are too stupid to understand the meaning of tyranny. The tyrants should f-u-c-k you from morning to night, and then maybe you understand the meaning of your bullshits. You don’t deserve to live in the west. If the world was not as stupid as it is now, you would be forced to leave the west and live in where that you deserve, and many liberal Iranians and non-Iranians who are not as stupid as you, would be able to go and live where they deserve. )

Some comments about Dennis Kucinich’s bullshits are very interesting: “Gaddafi and his cronies slaughter thousands of men, women and children, and you talk about … Negotiate with Gaddafi and his spawn? … Really Mr Kucinich? You cannot negotiate with Gaddafi anymore than you could have negotiated with Hitler or with any other mass murderer in history. These types only know the language of force until they are eliminated by it … How many people do you think will die if NATO stops and the rebels are left to face Gaddafi alone ” And some comments of Dennis Kucinich’s fans and friends can show us the depth of their stupidity: “This is the kind of articles that shows there’s still independent thinking and voice in the western media [!!!!] … It’s the same old depressing story, the capitalist-militarist countries using brute force to rob other countries of their natural resources [!!!]” The stupid lefts are as important as and as dangerous as the savage tyrants. For building a better world, the human beings should know the depth of stupidity of stupid lefts and stupid rights, and then do something about it, like what our ancestors do about the slaveholders, the fascists, and the Stalinists.

Libya: Gaddafi Compound & Rixos Hotel

August 24, 2011

The revolutionary forces enter and occupy Gaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound. The media reported: “It’s a residence/fortress that comprises no less than 20 miles of underground tunnels leading to various parts of the city. It is likely that one of these tunnels would lead to the Rixos Hotel, which, at times, has served as an informal command or communications center, with state-run TV broadcasting from its studio there or members of the Qaddafi family occasionally holing up . “It’s a symbolic victory. Gaddafi is still free. He hasn’t been captured. That means the game isn’t over yet,” one Tripoli resident, said.” The media added: “Voltaire’s founder, Thierry Meyssan, who is also imprisoned at the hotel, was able to release another message to his home base at 11:45pm on August 22, which read as follows: “We are currently in a shelter in the hotel Rixos with international journalists, which is surrounded by special forces of NATO. I say: the special forces of NATO, as it is clear that the rebels are only to be placed in front of cameras to give the illusion of an inner conflict. Officials loyal to Gaddafi joined the hotel, presumably to escape the bombings and targeted use of journalists as human shields . We hear gunfire around the hotel and we think it’s going to be attacked in the night, or perhaps even partially bombed.” According to Meyssan, who is alive in the hotel, NATO forces are on the ground and around the hotel; he relates that loyalists are using the journalists as human shields.” Now dozens journalists are imprisoned at Rixos hotel, and I hope when you read this post, they would be safe and freed. The savage Gaddafi clearly shows the whole world how savage he and his regime are. When they used the foreign journalists, the famous journalists, as human shields, what they had done with the poor Libyans in the past 42 years.


“Dario Lopez-Mills of the AP that is in Rixos hotel, describes the hotel as a “$400-a-night prison, with a spa but no power or air conditioning, with candlelight but no romance. He adds: “The Rixos has been so cut off that we often haven’t even been able to tell who was in control of the streets outside. Government Information Minister Musa Ibhrahim departed soon after his German wife and infant. For awhile we were alone. Then the pro-government gunmen returned, surrounding the hotel with heavy weaponry even as rebels reportedly took Gaddafi’s compound a few blocks away. We don’t know for sure. Fighting intensified Tuesday and the smell of gunpowder hangs in the thick heat, along with sweat and a little fear. When the shooting is most intense, we take refuge in hotel’s basement conference rooms. Two satellite telephones set up on a balcony were destroyed by gunfire, so we’ve stopped transmitting our material. We wait and worry the gunmen could turn hostile at any moment. There is no power and no running water. On Monday we ate bread and butter. On Tuesday, the cook made french fries. Bottled water is running low. We don’t know when it’s going to end, and we see little of what happens. We weren’t there when the Bab al-Aziziyah was captured less than 24 hours after Saif al-Islam [Gaddafi] took us there. He hasn’t been seen publicly since then. ” Sean Smith, who was one of the first journalists to enter Gaddafi’s compound, said: “When I got to the compound there was chaos and confusion. Lots of people were running in, others were running out. There was a group of rebels at the entrance trying to stop people going in but they didn’t have much success. They certainly hadn’t fought to the last man. There weren’t the bodies of Gaddafi supporters”


“The rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) will move its headquarters to the capital Tripoli from it eastern stronghold of Benghazi within two days, a military spokesman, Ahmed Bani, has told al Jazeera. But the manhunt for Gaddafi went on. Abdel-Salam Jalloud, one of the ousted leader’s closest lieutenants until he defected earlier this month, told al-Jazeera that he thought Gaddafi was moving around the outskirts of Tripoli, taking shelter at private homes, small hotels and mosques. Others thought he might be in Sirte or in Sabha ; most observers, including the Pentagon, believed Gaddafi was still somewhere in Libya. One thing Nato could not help with was Gaddafi’s whereabouts [!]. “I haven’t a clue,” Nato spokesman Roland Lavoie said. He added: “Our mission is not over until the regime’s forces return to their barracks.” Late last night, Reuters reported that Gaddafi had told ul-Urubah television that withdrawal from his Tripoli compound was a tactical move. He was also reported as saying the Bab al-Aziziya base was levelled to the ground by 64 Nato air strikes, and vowed death or victory in the fight against “aggression” [!]. Despite the revolutionary takeover of his compound, Gaddafi remained at large last night amid speculation that he has disappeared down a warren of secret tunnels. The compound is believed to be riddled with a network of underground bunkers and tunnels, big enough to hold vehicles. “There was a network of labyrinthine passageways, fully functioning generators and up-to-standard living quarters, possibly for several hundreds of men,” an Irish engineer who worked in Tripoli told Channel 4 News. An underground escape route running 26kms to the airport had been planned, he said. Similar subterranean networks have been found in Benghazi and other cities after rebels wrested control. “Wasn’t he the one who called us rats? Now he is the rat underground ,” a young Libyan said”


I think all people in the world are happy for Libyans and what happened to Gaddafi, except Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez, the stupid lefts, and the savage tyrants. Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez again has said: “Getting the dogs to fight. Arming here, arming there, and later bombing it and we take that country. They loot it and they take the international reserves and the oil. This destroys international law and takes the world back to the Stone Age.” Hugo motherf-u-c-k-er Chavez is angry, but he should be angry. He has shitted in his pants, because he is exactly like Gaddafi, and I hope his fate will be like Gaddafi. The stupid motherfucker lefts who love the tyranny and the savage tyrants have taken the world back to the Stone Age. Their great political leader is Stalin, not this little Venezuelan monkey. And their great spiritual leader is Noam Chomsky. They love the tyranny, and support the savage tyrants. They are the real enemy of the oppressed people who desperately fight against the tyranny and the savage tyrants with bare hands. They are the enemy of the freedom. They are the enemy of the democracy. Shame on them all.

Libya: Manhunt for Gaddafi

August 23, 2011

The battle for Tripoli turned into a manhunt for Gaddafi. “By nightfall, the battle was focused on the wreckage of Gaddafi’s central stronghold, Bab al-Aziziya. The compound has already been nearly flattened by earlier Nato sorties but it is believed to sit atop a network of reinforced tunnels and underground bunkers. Last night, Nato said pro-Gaddafi forces fired at least three Scud missiles from the city of Sirte, Gaddafi’s birthplace. Libyan state television, the vehicle for relentless government propaganda throughout the Gaddafi years, went off the air as rebels seized its transmitters . Government troops kept up resistance in some areas of the city but were pummelled by Nato warplanes. Al-Warfali, whose family home is next to the Gaddafi compound, said there appeared to be only a few tanks belonging to the remaining Gaddafi forces who have not fled or surrendered. “When I climb the stairs and look from the roof, I see nothing at Bab al-Aziziyah. It is totally deserted except for the house which was raided by U.S. in 1986. Nothing else is there. Gaddafi can’t be there,” he said. “NATO has demolished it all and nothing remained.” The head of the opposition National Transitional Council (NTC), Jalil, cautioned journalists at the rebel headquarters in Benghazi: “The real moment of victory is when Gaddafi is captured .” It is a matter for the new authorities in Libya to do what they believe is right with Gaddafi,” Britain PM said, but he added: “First, obviously, they have to find him”. Where is Gaddafi? Now it’s the main question,” the media reported.


The media added: “Gaddafi’s sons, Saif al-Islam, who they said had been captured during the advance into Tripoli, appeared at Tripoli’s Rixos hotel and told supporters that the rebel advance had been broken . But his father’s whereabouts were unknown on Monday night. Gaddafi has not been seen in public for months and his recent addresses to his people have been made using a poor-quality telephone line. A Pentagon spokesman said American officials still believe he was in Libya. “We do not have any information that he has left the country”. The Rixos hotel where foreign journalists are staying also remained under the control of Gadhafi forces, with two trucks loaded with anti-aircraft machine guns and pro-regime fighters and snipers posted behind trees. About 30 journalists remained in the hotel where armed pro-Gadhafi youths kept a close eye on them and did not allow to them to exit the building. Journalists began to worry that food, water and fuel that powers the hotel’s generator were running low. Some of the journalists attempted to walk out of the hotel but were met with hostility by the armed guards, who said they were put there to “protect” them. Journalists said they felt like they were being held hostage ” It’s really shameful that the son of the bitch, Saif al-Islam, is still free, or allowed to be free. ICC had confirmed his arrest, but now they deny it ! Is it a secret deal between Nato and Gaddafi? The new footage of Saif al-Islam around Rixos hotel, when he talked nonsense about the Libyans and the city, can raise doubts about the credibility of ICC, Nato and other western or global organizations. Gaddafi family should sent to hell, very soon. Iranians have an old sayings that is very meaningful: “Tarahom bar Palang tiz Dandan, Setamkari Bovad bar Goosfandan” that means “The mercy on the fierce leopard, is a cruelty to the sheep”


“In a defiant audio broadcast Gaddafi had denounced his enemies who began their uprising against him on 17 February as “rats”. “He’s the rat,” Margani said. “We have not seen him on the TV for more than 4 months. He’s been hiding like a rat underground. We don’t want to hear his name any more. We want him to be judged and to disappear,” Ahmed, 45, said. Another local said he was out collecting spent bullets as souvenirs for his nephew in the US !”, the media reported. As you know, in the past months the internet have been blocked in Tripoli and some other parts of Libya. “But yesterday something very strange was going on with Tripoli residents’ Internet access. Service was restored suddenly in Tripoli, flickered on and off for a couple of hours, and then died. Average people in Tripoli still haven’t much access to the Internet, because DSL services have been largely blocked for the last three to five months , depending on where you live. Early Sunday morning, the Twitterstream suddenly began reporting the Internet had been turned back on. Bandwidth was scarce, but DSL service was back. And then, as suddenly as it had come, Tripoli’s Internet access stopped working again. For a total of perhaps an hour and a half of uptime, spread out in bursts between the hours of 2:00am and 4:30am, the Internet had been functional again. Now the people without Internet access in Libya have a lot of questions,” the media reported. And that’s why the number of pictures about Libya is very limited. The NTC should do something about the internet access for the ordinary people, very soon. It’s very important.


Gaddafi’s fate has made many Iranians and Syrians happy. The ordinary Iranians are very happy and say: “Khamenei, now it’s your turn”. But they add: “Shame on all Iranian bastards who live outside Iran. We have more than 4 million Iranians outside Iran, but the majority of them are bastard and stupid. The stupid Monarchists, Rajavists, Islamist-Reformists, Communist, etc are very stupid and bastard. They are exactly like the Mullahs. They deserve to die in exile . We should get rid of these bastards soon.” They are really right. The Iranian baboons are the main responsible of the current situation in Iran. Yesterday, a young Iranian set himself on fire in central Tehran (Enqelab Sq.). And some stupid bastards tried to discourage Iranians; But Iran, that its mass protests has begun at 2009, is not Tunisia, and Iranians need organization and media, not spark. If the normal Iranian expats care about Iran or freedom and democracy, they should shit on the head of Iranian baboons, and try to create some alternative media and groups for the silent majority in Iran. Anyway, Iranians are happy for Libyans. Iranians and Syrians wish they got rid of their dictators in the near future. The media reported: “Syrian activists say it is Assad’s turn next. But in Syria, Bastard Assad may reasonably conclude he is safe so long as Nato or the global community do not intervene . Syrians took to the streets after Assad made a television address repeating promises of reform. They chanted: “Gaddafi is gone, now it’s your turn Bashar”. But Assad has deployed tanks, artillery and snipers against protesters. “As of today, over 2,200 people have been killed since mass protests began in mid-March, with more than 350 people reportedly killed across Syria since the beginning of Ramadan,” Navi Pillay, the human rights chief, told”


Gaddafi reached the end of the line. And now all the stupid lefts should open their eyes and see how happy are the poor Libyans. The stupid lefts should open their damn eyes and see how happy are the ordinary Libyans. The stupid lefts should be ashamed of themselves, their positions in the past months, and their beloved politicians, some one like Hugo motherf-u-k-c-e-r Chavez who still defends Gaddafi and his regime. The stupid lefts are like the Iranian Baboons, so stupid and so bastard. We can be sure that their stupid positions about Libya and Gaddafi would be repeated in the case of Iran and Syria. The stupid lefts are the enemy of the ordinary people in Iran and Syria, who want to be free and enjoy freedom and democracy. The stupid lefts and their stupid leader, Noam Chomsky, are among the greatest stupid bastards. These stupid bastards are the main enemy of freedom and democracy in the world. They support all tyrants, especially the savage tyrants who are the fake enemy of the West. Shame on them all.

Canada Opposition Leader Died

August 23, 2011

“Jack Layton, a folksy and charismatic political leader who guided his party to become the dominant opposition group in Canada’s Parliament while battling severe health problems, died Monday of cancer. He was 61. Layton hobbled through the campaign earlier this year as he recovered from a broken hip and prostate cancer. Under his upbeat leadership the leftist New Democrats outpolled the Liberals and became the official opposition party for the first time in their 50-year history”, the media reported. Some say: “He and his party could change Canada and its history. He died soon.” The media added: “Only weeks ago, a gaunt Layton shocked Canadians when he held a news conference to announce he was fighting a second bout of cancer . Layton’s cheerful message, his strong performance in the debates, and his popularity in the French-speaking province of Quebec went over well with voters. He once was voted the politician Canadians would most want to have a beer with. He was a native of Montreal, and a photo of him wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey and pouring a beer during the hockey playoffs went viral in Quebec. Canadians left flowers and cards at the eternal flame on Parliament Hill, where the flag on the peace tower was lowered to half-staff. Anne McGrath, Layton’s chief of staff, said the government will hold a state funeral for Layton in Toronto on Saturday. Layton announced in February 2010 that he had been battling prostate cancer but he continued a crowded schedule while getting treatment. He lost a considerable amount of weight and his voice was very weak when he said last month that his battle with prostate cancer was going well but that recent tests showed he had a new form of cancer . He not did elaborate on what type of cancer was discovered. Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae said the public Layton and the private Layton were one and the same.”


In a touching letter written Saturday and released hours after his death, Layton called for a Canada that shares its benefits more fairly and asked Canadians to give his party a chance in the years to come . Here are excerpts of his last letter: “Tens of thousands of Canadians have written to me in recent weeks to wish me well. I want to thank each and every one of you. Unfortunately my treatment has not worked out as I hoped. So I am giving this letter to my partner Olivia to share with you in the circumstance in which I cannot continue … To other Canadians who are on journeys to defeat cancer and to live their lives, I say this: please dont be discouraged that my own journey hasnt gone as well as I had hoped. You must not lose your own hope. Treatments and therapies have never been better in the face of this disease. You have every reason to be optimistic, determined, and focused on the future. My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer … To the members of our parliamentary caucus: … It has been my role to ask a great deal from you. And now I am going to do so again. Canadians will be closely watching you in the months to come … To my fellow Quebecers: On May 2nd, you made an historic decision. You decided that the way to replace Canadas Conservative federal government with something better was by working together in partnership with progressive-minded Canadians across the country … To young Canadians: All my life I have worked to make things better. Hope and optimism have defined my political career, and I continue to be hopeful and optimistic about Canada. Young people have been a great source of inspiration for me … Many of you have placed your trust in our party. As my time in political life draws to a close I want to share with you my belief in your power to change this country and this world. There are great challenges before you, from the overwhelming nature of climate change to the unfairness of an economy that excludes so many from our collective wealth, and the changes necessary to build a more inclusive and generous Canada. I believe in you. Your energy, your vision, your passion for justice are exactly what this country needs today. You need to be at the heart of our economy, our political life, and our plans for the present and the future … And finally, to all Canadians: Canada is a great country, one of the hopes of the world. We can be a better one a country of greater equality, justice, and opportunity . We can build a prosperous economy and a society that shares its benefits more fairly. We can look after our seniors. We can offer better futures for our children. We can do our part to save the worlds environment. We can restore our good name in the world. We can do all of these things because we finally have a party system at the national level where there are real choices; where your vote matters; where working for change can actually bring about change . In the months and years to come, New Democrats will put a compelling new alternative to you. My colleagues in our party are an impressive, committed team. Give them a careful hearing; consider the alternatives; and consider that we can be a better, fairer, more equal country by working together. Dont let them tell you it cant be done. My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And well change the world “. Such a great letter; Such a great man. The world needs this kind of politicians. A Canadian blogger wrote: “Good man gone. Jack Layton performed a political miracle as leader of Canadas long-lagging New Democratic Party, but he couldnt beat cancer a second time. Good man gone. Layton came from a political family. He was the son of a former federal Progressive Conservative cabinet minister and the grandson of a prominent provincial politician in Quebec. He had said that although his father was a conservative, he truly cared about those less well off.” Canada lost a good man, a rare good politician.

Ramadan and Mullah Logic in Iran

August 22, 2011

Today is a public religious holiday in Iran, and this week is a special week of mourning in “Ramadan”. In Iran, the ordinary life changes in Radaman, and the Mullahs force all Iranians to be like them; Eating and drinking in public places, even in personal cars, in the restaurants or in the streets are banned; The Mullahs change the state TV programs; Their shitty programs become much more shittier and you can only see the f-u-c-k-ing faces of Mullahs in all seven channels of the state TV. Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, lying, intercourse, etc. But in the recent years, especially after the 2009 Mullah coup, Ramadan has changed in Iran. First, lets take a look at the past and the traditional Ramadan in Iran. In Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink, through fasting, from dawn to sunset. At sunset, the family will gather the fast-breaking meal known as Iftar or Eftar. In Iran, it’s a meal of Aash, Naan (bread), Panir (white cheese), Sabzi (herbs), Polo (Pilaff), Stews, date, Zulbia, etc. The first pre-dawn meal (before the sunrise) is called “Sahari”, and is eaten at about 4 a.m. In Iran, it’s a meal like Eftar, but a bit lighter. The dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards by about eleven days each year depending on the moon; thus, a person will have fasted every day of the calendar year in 34 years’ time . Now, Muslim fast during the hottest month of year, for about 16 hours par day, i.e. form 4.30 a.m. to 20.30 p.m. They should not drink any water in this hot weather, 40C+. Some say: “it’s not healthy; it’s wrong”; but others say: “Hot weather or cold weather is not the main issue. To Fast or not to Fast, it’s not the main question or problem. Fasting is a matter of faith, not health. You can fast and think it’s very healthy, like many Muslims. But the problem is that you can not force others to fast; You can not force others to think or live like you . It’s the main problem.” Now, in 2010s, Ramadan in Iran is not like the past, and not like the Arab world. Some old Iranians say: “30 years ago, Raman was in the summer, like the recent years, but at that time the majority of Iranians fasted, unlike the current situation. Now, the majority of young Iranians prefer to not bother themselves with fasting.” They are right. But why and how this change happened? Now, in 2011, when you look at the people in the streets and the work places, you find that the number of the ordinary people who don’t fast during Ramadan, is very larger. You can say that they are the majority. They hate the Mullahs and all things that are related to the Mullahs, including Ramadan and fasting. Some of them say: “We hate the Mullahs and don’t want to be like them. In addition, we don’t want to become ill in this hot summer, by avoiding drinking water”. And some of them add: “The Mullahs say Ramadan teaches them to practice patience, self-control, and empathy for others, etc. But we have not forgotten 2009. Ramadan teaches the Mullahs and Islamists to kill, torture, and rape the people. In the recent years, Islam means fraud, kill, torture, lie, rape, oppress, and mass arrest for us. It’s what Ramadan teaches the Islamists in Iran .” In fact, the Iranians are really angry at the Mullahs and Islamists, and after 2009 crackdowns, many ordinary people have lost their religious faith. It’s an undeniable fact. But it’s not the whole story.


The Mullah behaviors, the Mullah norms, and the Mullah laws are very ridiculous. In Islam, the elderly, the chronically ill, women during the period of their menstruation, those traveling, etc are exempt from fasting. In Islam, as Iranians knew it, you can not force others to fast. In fact, Hijab, fast, pray, etc should not be forced. But the Mullahs say: “In Ramada, eating public is forbidden according to Sharia law and is an example of an obvious crime and is prosecutable. It is obvious that excuses like illnesses and trips do not justify eating in public ” They arrest the people, Muslim or non-Muslim, who want to drink or eat something during the daylight hours in Raman. But many people fight against this stupid law, and in fact, for Iranians “fight against fasting” have become a fight against the Mullahs ! Now, the Mullahs and their dogs are so desperate and helpless, because the majority have chosen this way of fighting. In the work places or the streets, you can see many people who eat or drink inside their cars, in the parks, etc. But all restaurants are closed. It’s so ridiculous. Iranians did not have this sort of Islam in the past decades. Muslims and non-Muslims lived in peace with each other, and no one force others to fast. This sort of stupid bans are the Mullah invention, that can only disgrace the religion more and more. In fact, what the Mullahs did in these years, had a direct impact on the number of Iranian Muslims, and the Iranian views on Islam. It’s so obvious that after 2009, what has happened to the Islam’s image in Iran. The number of Iranians who fast during Ramadan, has decreased significantly. Of course, it’s not very important. Being religious or being irreligious is not important. I knew many people who were religious, but were real human. And I knew many people who were irreligious, but were really bastard . The Iranian Muslims have not been like Arab Muslims. Iranians created an Islamic cult called “Sufism (Islamic mysticism)” in 12th century. Many great Persian poets, like Hafiz, Rumi, Attar, etc were Sufi. They were open-minded. The Sufis believed that all humans should love each other, and should live in peace with each other. They thought that all humans are a symbol of God . The Mullahs and Arabs were the enemy of Sufis, and said that they are Mortad (apostate). The Muslim fanatics killed many Sufis. For example, they killed Mansur Hallaj, because he said: “There is no external God. We all are God.” Attar, Rumi, Hafiz, and almost all other Sufis believed in what Hallaj said. Attar (1119-1220 CE) most well known masterpiece of “Mantiq at-Tayr” known as “The Conference of the Birds”, is the story of a journey by a group of 30 birds, led by a hoopoe for finding “Simorgh” (God). Hoopoe is an allegory of a Sufi sheikh or master leading his pupils to enlightenment. There is a clever word play between the words Simorgh – a mysterious bird in Iranian mythology- and “Si morgh” meaning “thirty birds” in Persian. The birds must cross seven valleys in order to find the Simorgh: Talab (Yearning), Eshq (Love), Marifat (Gnosis), Istighnah (Detachment), Tawheed (Unity of God), Hayrat (Bewilderment) and, finally, Fuqur and Fana (Selflessness and Oblivion in God). These represent the stations that a Sufi must pass through to realize the true nature of God. When the 30 birds finally arrive in the land of Simorgh, all they see there are each other and the reflection of the 30 birds in a lake -not the mythical Simorgh. It is the Sufi doctrine that God is not external or separate from the universe, rather is the totality of existence. The 30 birds seeking the Simorgh realize that Simorgh is nothing more than their transcendent totality. The idea of God within is an idea intrinsic to most interpretations of Sufism. It’s very interesting that the majority of religious Iranians think that Sufis, i.e. some one like Attar, Rumi, or Hafiz, are the real Muslim, not the Mullahs. The Hafiz’s Divan (Hafiz’s book of poems) is a holly book for Iranians. Islam for Iranians is more like the Sufi Islam, the Hafiz’s Islam or Attar’s Islam, not the Mullah Islam. The Mullah logic is so disgusting, and in the recent years, Iranians try to show that they hate the Mullah logic


In Raman, the Mullahs and their dogs do their best to ensure that the fast was observed Restaurants and snack bars closed during the daylight hours . It’s really disgusting. An Iranian girl wrote in her blog what is the story of many Iranians in Ramadan: “My friends and I were not fasting, hiding in our car in a quiet neighborhood close to our university and having our lunch before going to an afternoon class . Suddenly somebody started banging the car’s window – it was a huge, scary Mullah Police officer who had caught us eating. We knew how to deal with this unpleasant accident – some money all he needs. We drive away while kept calling him a jerk. Of course, not everyone is so lucky to escape misery so easily in Iran where you can easily get lashed for not following Islamic law.” And she added: “Relationships between people and their God (if ones believes) is a part of private life and not publicly enforced; where there is respect for the dignity of human beings and personal choices; where nobody has permission to force anybody else to heaven or coerce religious observance. So enjoy being a Muslim. But don’t force it on me, and respect the rights of others to practice what they believe ” It’s what the majority of Iranians believe. But what the Mullahs do is forcing others to accept their thoughts. It’s what we call “The Mullah Logic”. These days are the anniversary of 1988 massacre in the Mullah prisons. The survivors’ memories can show us the real meaning of the Mullah logic. One of them say: “We were among the first group of leftists that was summoned to go in front of the Gohar Dasht Death Committee. I was summoned into the room a little before noon. They asked me questions regarding my religious beliefs, such as “Are you Muslim?” I said, “Yes, I am Muslim.” Then they asked, “Do you pray?” I said, “No.” They asked, “Why don’t you pray?” I said, “I did not pray before I was imprisoned, and I think if I pray in prison then that means I am pretending and not really praying. I don’t want to pretend that I am what I was not outside of prison. I don’t want to pray because I am in prison. This type of praying by force has no value before God.” Then they asked: “Do you believe in God?” I said, “Yes.” They finally said: “Take him out of the room and beat him until he prays .” It was late evening. There, they again asked us whether we would pray. Some agreed to pray. I and those who refused to pray were then taken to a few beds and ordered to lie down. They tied us to the bed posts. Next, they began whipping us. Ten lashes for every prayer session missed . Me and my friend, Jalil, decided to tell them to take us to the Committee again. Once I was in front of the Death Committee, I showed them my feet and said, “If this is your Islam, I am not a Muslim.” I told him that forced prayer was meaningless. I told him that I would continue to refuse prayer because I was being forced to do it. The guards then escorted me out of the room and placed me in a queue of prisoners who were to be sent to their deaths. But that night, I finally told them that I would pray. One of the guards went up to the front and began praying. The guards asked us to follow his lead. This was the beginning of the end of our resistance in prison. After so much killing and torture, after so many shattered lives, we could not continue on any longer. After they took us back to our rooms and closed the door, I burst into tears.”


Iranians and non-Iranians can see the current serious change in Iranian Ramadan. A foreign tourist writes in her blog: “It’s Ramadan. I’m in the metro, with some teenagers sitting in front of me. After a few minutes, they take biscuits and cakes from their bags and start eating. They are laughing out loud (it’s kind of protest). People are looking at them, some with a big smile, but many stay indifferent. Some say: “now, statesmen annoy people under the name of religion and Islam, and it’s obvious that young people hate all the things that have the label of religion on them” Some others say: “Everything that has the pressure of compulsion and force behind it is ruined in advance. When sometimes they arrest people because of eating in Ramadan, it’s clear that young people do exactly these things out of spite.” Some, who are still Muslim, say: “Sometimes we ask ourselves: this is the same thing that the Mullahs, these evil people, do and they are proud of it, so what is the difference between us and the Mullahs?! ” It’s the main question of many Iranians. Many can not find a proper answer for it. When they read history, and learn more about the Mullah era, their doubts increase. The Mullah logic is really horrible. They force others to accept their thoughts and think they can save their religion in this way. It’s not a joke or unreal thing. It’s exactly what the Mullahs have done in the past 30 years. Another survivor of 1988 massacre, say: “I was a high-rank member of the Tudeh Party. In July 1988, we learned about the UN-brokered cease-fire with Iraq. I remember very clearly the prison environment during those days. Many thought that any day, the prison gates would be torn down and we would walk out as heroes [!!!] . Around that time, some vague news reached us from the men’s wards of Gohar Dasht that they had begun executing male prisoners. I must confess that when I heard the news, I was in complete disbelief. On August 25, 1988, they began whipping leftist prisoners. I was summoned to go in front of the Death Commission on August 26. On the day they took me there, I had no idea where I was going. There were lots of prisoners sitting in the hallway and waiting. They asked me : “Do you pray?” I said, “No.” He asked, “How about your parents?” I said, “My father doesn’t pray.” He said: “Take her. Until she prays and comes to Islam, whip her “. When it was time for our first prayer session, they took us to the torture chamber for a whipping. They tied our hands and feet to the bed, threw a blanket on our heads, and shoved a dirty piece of cloth in our mouths. They wanted to shut us up. Then they whipped us. They lashed me for five days, five times a day. Finally I acknowledged that I can no longer bear torture and I accepted to pray. I was completely broken and disheveled. The day I finally said that I believed in Islam was a very painful day for me “. Can you believe this? It’s really horrible. It’s the real meaning of the Mullah logic and the Islamic Middle Age.


In the past decades, Raman was the month of “Nazri”. This is an Iranian Muslim tradition of Nazr. Nazr occurs when you ask something of God, and promise to make and distribute some kind of food to others, in return. “Nazri” in Persian means the food cooked in honor of God and is given to the poor, family and friends. It’s an ancient and good tradition. But the Mullahs have shitted on beliefs, and now Nazri is fading way. An old Iranian says: “I remember when I was a child, my grandmother who was the eldest in her family would make an Aash for the health and well being of all our big family throughout the year. All the family came over and one or two truly huge pots were heated up on a massive stove made for the purpose, in the middle of the yard. The pans were so huge one could fit into them ! We were told that if we made a wish while we were stirring the Aash then it had a good chance of coming true. As children we loved those nights when the elders were busy talking and we were free to stay up very late and play. I still remember those nights with great nostalgia “. It’s what the religious Iranians did in the past. But the Mullahs shitted on everything, and called it “Islamic logic”, that is more like the evil logic. The Mullah era is a horrible nightmare in the Iran’s history. Another survivor of 1988 massacre says: “It was the summer of 1988 that we heard some news about the mass execution. We did not hear anything about those leftists who were summoned away, until one night we noticed several prisoners entering our ward. I sat beside the wall and sent our Morse code. A friend answered : “We all accepted that we are Muslim and we agreed to write against our beliefs. We accepted to pray and become Muslim.” I was truly shocked. They had resisted for all years. Then one day, they summoned me. He asked: “Are you a Muslim?” I responded: “This information is personal.” He again asked: “Do you pray?” I responded: “This information is also personal.” He then asked: “What about your parents?” I said: “My parents are Muslim.” He said: “so, you are a Mortad (apostate). The Quran state that an apostate man must be executed. An apostate woman must be whipped until she accepts to say that she is a Muslim or dies . Take her out, brother.” The guard escorted me to a solitary cell. He asked me if I was going to pray. I said no. He directed me to a wooden chair and ordered me to lie down. I did. Then he began whipping me as he recited verses related to treatment of apostate women. They beat us five times a day. They summoned us during prayer hours: at 12 a.m., 4 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. There were two prisoners who managed to resist. The rest gave up after some days. I told them that I had begun menstruating. They gave me three days of rest. Finally I found that I can no longer bear torture and I accepted to pray .” Can you call it logic ? Can you call it religious logic? The Mullahs and their logic only disgrace the religion more and more, like what the church and the pope did in the European Middle Age. But what happened in Europe? One day the ordinary religious people, not intellects or elites, rose up and f-u-c-ked the church, the pope, and the religion . Some wise Iranians say: “If the Iranian Islamists really care about their religion, they should read about what happened in the European Middle Age. You can not force others to accept the religion. Even the prophets knew this fact. You can not whip others to become Muslim. You can not whip others or kill others, because they don’t want to be Muslim. It’s only disgrace Islam. The fate of this logic, the Mullah logic, is very clear. Now what we see in these years, is a direct result of the Mullah logic. And in the near future, we can see more serious results of the Mullah logic. The Mullahs’ fate in Iran, will be worse than the church and the pope’s fate in Europe . Wake up before it’s too late.”

Libya: Gaddafi Defenses Collapse

August 22, 2011

August 2011 has become a historical month. The Libyan oppositions’ rapid advances of the past week have surprised many people. “The rebels’ speedy leap forward, after 6 months of largely deadlocked civil war, was packed into just a few dramatic hours. By nightfall, they had advanced more than 20 miles to Tripoli”, the media reported. It’s very interesting that exactly when Abdel-Fattah Younis, the Libyan rebels’ military commander, who was Gaddafi’s right hand man, was murdered by his rebel comrades after being arrested on suspicion of having remaining ties to Gaddafi’s regime , the stalemate in Libya was broken ! The story of Younis is very interesting. Some say that NTC was under pressure from the West to appoint him as the Libyan rebels’ military commander. And as you know, he was killed exactly one day after the end of the secret talks between Gaddafi and Britain in London ! Timing is very interesting. On 25 July 2011, William Hague said: “Gaddafi could stay in Libya”. On 26 July 2011, ICC said that Gaddafi can’t be left in Libya. On 27 July 2011, all Gaddafi regime’s diplomats leave London. And on 28 July 2011, Younis, the head of the rebels & Gaddafi’s right-hand was killed !! As we said before: “Younis was a controversial figure, having defected after quitting his post as Gaddafis interior minister at the start of the revolution. The media reported: Many in the rebel camp did not trust a man who had been a close confidant of Gaddafi for 40 years . The 67-year-old was among the military officers who joined Gaddafi in overthrowing Libyas king, Idris, in a coup in 1969. He then became one of Gaddafis closest advisers, training his special forces and being appointed interior minister, responsible for the Gaddafis internal security . Many Libyans were unhappy that a key member of the Gaddafi regime should have been appointed commander of opposition forces”. Anyway, Younis was killed, and the stalemate was broken ! And know Libyans are really happy. “It’s a great feeling. For all these years, we wanted freedom and Gaddafi kept it from us. Now we’re going to get rid of Gaddafi and get our freedom,” a young Libyan said. “I feel good but I can’t believe it yet,” said a rebel fighter. “Right now I don’t want to celebrate, I’m thinking of my friends, Mohammed and Alaa, they died for this. I don’t want to celebrate until I see the G-dog [Gaddafi] his head separated from his body .”


Now rebel flags were raised over many buildings in Tripoli, witnesses said. Yesterday, many people took cover inside their homes. “We are scared and staying in our houses, but the younger boys are going out to protect our homes,” said a woman in Tripoli. “we started hearing that Gaddafi had gone. People came out on the streets and some of the boys took their guns towards the ministries. But then the government started shooting”, said a man in Tripoli. “Some of the rebel fighters entering Tripoli from the western side of the city were greeted by cheering crowds, with some people tearing up portraits of Gaddafi . An engineer, one of those celebrating, declared: “This is the birth of new Libya. We are seeing our country coming out of a dark and frightening time. We welcome our young men who are bringing us freedom.” His friend added: “We now want to see justice catch up with Gaddafi and his family.” “Tripoli residents reported that many districts are in the hands of the opposition with the Shabab, youth volunteers , setting up road blocks of burning tyres and debris.”, the media reported. But the best news was what the ICC confirmed yesterday.”The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s spokeswoman says it has been confirmed that Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam has been detained . Hours after Gaddafi congratulated his forces for standing firm, his son Saif al Islam was arrested by the opposition, the International Criminal Court confirmed.”, the media reported. Yesterday, Asharq Al-Awsat reported: “Gaddafi was preparing to move his family abroad after earlier transferring massive amounts of money . An official in the Libyan Government told us that Gaddafi does not intend to leave Libya at all and prefers to die resisting the attempt to break into or “invade” the Libyan capital instead of fleeing from it. The official said: “Gaddafi’s plan for escape is to remain. He will die if necessary or if the situation requires it. But under no circumstances he will flee. He will not leave.” An African source in Tripoli told us that “Gaddafi recently informed several African leaders that his enemies would be unable to reach him alive at the worst circumstances and that he would fight to the last breath.” A TNC official has told us that “our main option is to arrest Gaddafi alive if possible so as to try him and let the world see that the Libyans have principles and are not bloodthirsty. The second option is certainly killing him if his arrest is impossible.” Asharq Al-Awsat also added: “Gaddafi’s base in the fortified Bab al-Aziziya barracks at the center of Tripoli is under a heavy attack. Gaddafi is believed to live in secret underground tunnels under Bab al-Aziziya. According to Libyan officials, he secretly built several years ago a fully-equipped small town that enables him to live for a long period of time underground without anyone being able to locate him ” It can be a stupid myth about Gaddafi. If it’s true, why didn’t his sons go with him in that mysterious tunnels? It’s not clear where is Gaddafi. Is he in Bab al-Aziziya or in other part of Tripoli or Libya ? Next days will show us the truth.


In his second voice message, Gaddafi has pledged once again to remain in Tripoli until the end. “Speaking on state television via audiolink, for the second time on Sunday, the dictator sounded more measured than in previous, emotionally charged speeches. He said : “There are criminals, they are coming to destroy Tripoli. They are coming to steal our oil. “Now it [Tripoli] is in ruins. They are coming, they are destroying it. Come out of your houses and fight these betrayers[!] . Hurry up, hurry up, families and tribes, go to Tripoli [!!]. Call the tribes to go to Tripoli,” He added: “We will fight to the last drop of blood [!]. We will never give up“, the media reported. “Gaddafi has spent much of the past five months sleeping in Tripoli hospitals, or in rooms in the city’s largely empty five-star hotels. His other military forces have been severely weakened. Gaddafi’s eldest son, Mohammad, has told Al Jazeera he has been detained by rebels and was being kept under house arrest in Tripoli. The interview was cut off abruptly after he said gunfire had reached the house,” the media added. Rebel spokesman said the rebels want to see Gaddafi stand trial in Libya. “We want to see him be tried in Libya and not in any other place in the world”, he said. “It’s very hard to control the people and this emotion but we’re asking them not to take revenge. We’re doing every possible thing but after 42 years of dictatorship, people have the right to carry out their emotion. ” he added. Nato says in a statement that the Gaddafi regime is “clearly crumbling”. “The sooner Gaddafi realises that he cannot win the battle against his own people, the better -so that the Libyan people can be spared further bloodshed and suffering. Now is the time to create a new Libya – a state based on freedom, not fear; democracy, not dictatorship; the will of the many, not the whims of a few “, they said. Finally after all Nato’s secret talks and deals with Gaddafi and after all western secret talks and deals with Gaddafi , the politicians could not deceive public opinion in the 21st century, the age of Internet and information, and Gaddafi reached the end of the line. Now only Hugo motherf-u-c-k-e-r Chavez, and a handful of other stupid bastards defend Gaddafi. Yesterday, Hugo motherf-u-c-k-e-r Chavez who has been a staunch defender of the Gaddafi regime, condemned attacks, saying the aim is to seize control of the country’s oil wealth ! I hope this little Venezuelan monkey and all other savage tyrants, especially Khamenei and Assad, meet their friend Gaddafi in hell, very very soon. I think after Libyans, the Syrians and Iranians are the second happiest people in the world. They wish they saw the end of Khamenei regime and Assad regime in the near future.

Libya and Last Days of Gaddafi

August 21, 2011

Finally Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. “Mile by mile, he is being encircled. Road by road, his supply routes are being cut. And one by one, some of his closest aides are defecting“, the media reported. The capture of the refinery in Zawiyah means the gasoline supply to Tripoli is now cut. “After hard-fought battles for a week in Zawiya, the rebels finally wrested the city’s oil refinery, central square and hospital from Gaddafi’s forces and drove them out in a major victory on Saturday. Last night, the Libyan capital Tripoli was awash with gunfire and explosions. The rumors say that Gaddafi had fled with two of his sons across the border into Tunisia”. The fighters in Tripoli are rising up in two places – some are in the Tajoura neighborhood and the other is near the Matiga [international] airport,” Col Fadlallah Haroun, a rebel military commander told Al Jazeera. Abdel Hafiz Ghoga, vice-chairman of the NTC, said: “The rebels in Tripoli have risen up. This was a pre-set plan. They’ve been preparing for a while. There’s coordination with the rebels approaching from the east, west and south. The next hours [or days] are crucial. Many of their [pro-Gaddafi] brigades and their commanders have fled “, the media reported. NBC, citing US administration sources, says Gaddafi and his family may go to Tunisia. But this will still keep them within the reach of International Criminal Court warrants . Some wise guys say: “Now, after killing about 15,000 to 30,000 people, and after a long bloody war, Gaddafi has just one acceptable option: a fate like Hitler’s fate. It’s the best option for Gaddafi and his savage family. They must not be allowed to escape justice. Now, the Gaddafi dogs and troops have lost heart, and have no reason to fight more. It’s the last days of the savage Gaddafi. The Gaddafi troops should stop killing people; they should not share the fate of Gaddafi . The savage Gaddafi is a little piece of shit, and will be wiped from our planet very very soon. The NTC should announce some sort of general amnesty for the rank and file members of Gaddafi troops , or allow them to leave Libya.”

“Residents inside Tripoli reported scenes of defiance and violence, with demonstrations taking place in the streets while gun battles erupted at government ministries. Some of the most prolonged clashes took place at the buildings of the Interior and Security ministries . Mohammed Daoud Rahimi [It’s exactly like an Iranian name !!!], a revolutionary commander who had taken part in the capture of Zawiyah, 30 miles west of the capital, said last night: “Our main aim is to get to a position where we can help our brothers in Tripoli. There are Gaddafi troops on the main roads. But we can engage them while at the same time use other routes to go around them”. And, early today, Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry recognized the National Transitional Council (NTC) as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people. The move represents a major shift in policy for Libya’s neighbor to the west, which has remained neutral until now . A caller from Tripoli also told Libya’s opposition Al-Ahrar TV channel that anti-Gaddafi locals had closed off the city’s main Alsika Street, close to the French embassy and leading from Tripoli university to the former King’s palace. Al-Ahrar said that, according to sources in Tripoli, Gaddafi and his sons Mu’tasm and Hannibal had all fled. But the roads out of the capital have been cut by rebel forces and it would have been impossible for them to take the route out to Tunisia without opposition approval.” The mass media reported: “A couple hours after the rebels said they had attacked Tripoli, state television ran what appeared to be a live audio message by Gaddafi. He did not appear on television but sounded like he was calling the message in on a poor phone line which crackled at times. He announced the time and date twice to prove that he was speaking live “. Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. It’s really like the last days of Hitler, but of course Gaddafi is not as brave as Hitler. Some say: “Gaddafi has three options: (1) Hitler’s fate (2) Saddam’s fate (3) a very special tragic fate that should be called Gaddafi’s fate”.

“The Libyans are happy now. “The city is ruined. No problem. We will rebuild it,” a young Libyan said. Next to him a group of excited locals were stamping on a green flag – the symbol of Gaddafi’s hated regime – and tearing up the dictator’s photo. They offered handshakes and thumbs-ups. “I’m so happy,” one said. “We want to be like a European country. We don’t want an Arab king ,” he said. Around him, dazed locals poured into the central square, which echoed with celebrations. “Gaddafi was a dictator without humanity. He was worse than an animal. You get nice animals,” said another Libyan. “My brain can’t take this in. I need new software.” And for large swathes of the country now outside of Gaddafi’s control, life is slowly reverting to normal. More than two thirds of Libya is now in the hands of NTC. Gaddafi’s regime is clinging to power by its fingertips. But the battle for Tripoli could be long and bloody ,” the media reported. Gaddafi has reached the end of the line. But Khamenei and his dogs should take a look at Gaddafi’s fate, and learn from it. Taxi talks in Iran are very important and meaningful. Now many Taxi talks in Iran, are like this one: “The Mullahs and their dogs are like Gaddafi. But they should know If they resist the people’s will more, or want to destroy Iran, like what Gaddafi did in Libya, they can be sure that all of them -all Islamists in Iran- will become a historical example of what a fate of a religious tyranny should be. The lampposts of the streets are ready for entertaining these bastards [by hanging them]”. Taxi talks can show us the depth of people feelings. The Mullahs and all Islamists in Iran, should know that there is always a payback time, a judgment day, and the Iranian Judgment Day is near.

Mullahs, Censorship, & Love Stories

August 21, 2011

In the recent says, the Mullahs have ordered the censoring of one of the most famous epic love stories in Persian literature. The media reported: “The Mullahs refused a publishing house permission to reprint an edition of one of the best-known classical epic poems. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance decided that some parts of the epic poem “Khosrow and Shirin” by Nezami Ganjavi needed reworking [!!], despite the fact that the book-length masterpiece has been a classic of Iranian literature for more than 830 years “. As you know, Iran or Persia is the land of poetry and great poets. The Iranian love stories are among the most ancient love stories in the world. Some say: “Even Arabs could not destroy all Iranian love stories, and after Islam new versions of some ancient Persian love stories were rewritten by great Persian poets. But now, the stupid Mullahs think that they can finish the unfinished job of Arabs and destroy all Iranian love stories, but these bastards only disgrace themselves more than before.” Now, all people around the world can understand why Iranians hate the Mullahs. “This poem existed for nine centuries and Iranians were Muslims during those centuries,” says Iran’s famouse female poet, Simin Behbahani. “No one [during that time] had any objections to ‘Khosrow and Shirin’ poem and didn’t think of censoring parts of the poem. Nothing would be left [of the poem] by now, if they had . Those who talk about censoring the poem should be ashamed.” Faraj Sarkouhi, who was a famous victim of the Mullah dogs in 1990s and finally fled to Germany, says that Iran’s censors are obsessed with the idea that romance can be a corruptive force in society. They make Iran a hell for literature, without regard to whether it is contemporary or classical . “It is very harmful for literature, because in stories you write about the life of the people; and in the life of the people there is love, there is sleeping together, kissing, drinking, good things and bad things, because the human being has very different aspects,” Sarkouhi says. Sarkouhi also notes that the dialogue in a recent Iranian version of one of the novels of German-Swiss author Hermann Hesse was altered so that a reference to wine instead became a reference to coffee ! Similarly, if a man and a woman who are not married are in love, the censors feel no compunctions about adding a paragraph to marry them and legalize their situation ! It’s what the Mullah censors do about all films and books ! They call it “Islamization” !


The people reporters say: “After Khosrow and Shirin, now Bijan and Manijeh is announced as not fit for publication. The Director of Peydayesh Publications, Fariba Nabati, reported that the childrens book Bijan and Manijeh that is in its eighth publication will be banned. “After these kind of decisions you feel fed up as far as any cultural work in this country is concerned,” said Fariba Nabati, which publishes the Khosrow and Shirin book. According to Nabati, after her company had published the book for many years, it decided to change the layout for the eighth edition and sent it to the ministry for approval. The publisher was shocked when the ministry informed her that parts of the work had to be censored, including phrases such as ‘left nothing of the wine while drunk,’ or ‘going somewhere where we can be alone,’ or ‘holding hands’ or where Shirin embracing a male body, that is her murdered husband’s body !“. She added: Unfortunately the problem is that the Ministry of Culture and Guidance is not clear about the reasons or the words that cause them to censor books [!]. If there were a guidance provided to publication companies, they would be followed in order to prevent these situations [!!] Due to this ambiguity, out of 10 books that we sent for licensing to the Ministry of Culture, 7 of them were censored [!!] The RFERL reports: “To defy the censors and still describe the reality of their characters’ lives accurately, some contemporary authors turn to coded language. Thus, a phrase such as “they kissed and that night slept together for the first time” becomes “they looked at each other and then told one another it’s better to have some more time.” The phrase “have some more time” has become a synonym in Iran for going to bed. But classical authors, long dead, are unable to play such games. If the author is someone like Nezami, whose “Khosrow and Shirin” and another epic poem, “Layla and Majnoun,” are pillars of both Persian and world literature, the public’s feeling of indignation is still stronger. Poet Behbahani, who is 84 and a cultural pillar in her own right, says she finds it incomprehensible that officials are concerned with the morality of a woman embracing a dead body when people who protested against the 2009 coup were widely reported to have been raped in detention. “In this country, they take a young, poor boy to prison and rape him. We have heard about it many times … Is it possible that those able to rape such an innocent and fragile creature can also think one would derive pleasure from embracing a dead body? “. It’s really a great tragicomedy. It’s one of the greatest ridiculous tragicomedy. The people reporters add: “The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance regularly bans the republication of up to 70 percent of previously published books. Books are a very sensitive problem in Iran”. It’s really true. The Mullahs are frightened to death of public awareness, and that’s why they censor everything, from books and newspaper to the internet and the ancient poems.

Some Iranian comments about these shameful acts are interesting: “Raping is okay for the Mullahs and their dogs, lying is okay for the Mullahs and their dogs, stealing is okay for the Mullahs and their dogs, But love is forbidden for all, What a system of thought … The Mullah’s logic and reasoning is getting worse and worse or I should better say darker and darker. But “It is always darkest before the dawn” … This is what happen when village goat-boys and those taught to read without understanding or logic gain power. Fear not people, ancient Persia will outlive and recover from these pitiable people. … These people in the government of Iran, the Mullahs, represent nothing more than their own selfish interests and have no legitimacy or represent nothing of Iran or its people … the story of censorship in contemporary Iran proves to be a very long and complicated one, the Pahlavi monarchy also imposed a great degree of censorship on the Iranian cultural and political sphere; which is what the Mullahs have taken up after the Revolution of 1979, setting an extremely larger foot in the footprints of its defunct predecessor … Whenever an author wants to publish a book, first, he or she has to submit his or her manuscript to a specific section of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. Event the ancient authors should submit their manuscript to the Mullah Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance !! It’s the Mullah freedom of press ! … Freedom, Democracy, Humanity, and Love are among the meaningless words for the Mullahs”

Environmental Disaster: Lake Orumieh’s Tragedy

August 20, 2011

In the recent days, the Mullah parliament rejected a plan for transferring water and saving Lake Orumieh, while the Mullahs has a stupid plan for transferring water to the Mullah city of Qom. The Mullahs have destroyed Lake Orumieh, the largest lake of Iran, but refuse to save it. Lake Orumieh (that also spells as Orumiyeh, Orumyeh, Oroumyeh, Uroumyeh, Urmia, etc !) lies in north-west Iran and is the only Iranian lake large enough to appear on general maps of the world. It’s the largest lake in the Middle East, and the third largest salt water lake on earth , with a surface area of approximately 5,200 km2 (2,000 mile2) , 140km (87 miles) length, 55km (34 miles) width, and 16m (52 ft) depth. Lake Orumieh is an ancient lake. One of the early mentioning of Lake Orumieh is from the Assyrian records from 9th century BCE. But now more than two-third of Lake Orumieh, which is registered as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, is dried up. As local experts say, Lake Orumieh will dry up completely within 2 years. Now the deepest part of the lake is only 2 meters deep and the lake has shrunk by 75 percent. It’s one of the greatest miracle of Mullah’s regime.


Lake Orumiyeh was home to some 212 species of birds such as flamingos, pelicans, spoonbills, 41 reptiles, 7 amphibians, and 27 species of mammals, including the Iranian yellow deer. But the construction of a dozen dams on some rivers, and on part of the lake, significantly decreased the annual amount of water Orumiyeh receives . This in turn causing the lake to lose its significance as home to thousands of migratory birds, such as flamingoes. “The lake is in such a misery because of the dams,” a professor in Tehran Azad University told The AP. In the recent years, The construction of a stupid bridge across the lake, a lake-crossing roadway, was the final nail in Lake Orumiyeh’s coffin. The environmental activists warned the stupid Islamic regime about the danger of these stupid dams and the stupid bridge, but the Mullahs finished their stupid plans. It’s very funny that now there is not any water below the Mullah stupid bridge. The Mullahs f-u-c-k-ed the whole ecosystem and environment.


The environmental activists warned that the destruction of the lake will create serious environmental problems for the regions ecological system. Even, a PM in the Mullah parliament, Zaker, warned last month that, “with the current trend, the risk of a salt tsunami is increasing.” Warning that the lake would totally dry out within three years, he added 8 to 10 billion tons of salt would jeopardize life for millions of people. “The government continued construction of 35 dams on the rivers which feed the lake; 10 more dams are on the drawing boards for the next few years “. This Mullah miracle is really a great tragedy for Iran. The lake was marked by more than a hundred small rocky islands, which were stopover points in the migrations of various kinds of wild bird life. When you see the old pictures of the lake, it becomes more painful and tragic.


Lake Orumieh’s tragedy has disastrous effects on the animals and the environment, but it’s not the whole story. The Lake Orumieh holds about 8 billion cubic metric tons of salt. And if the lake completely dries up, a vast amount of salt will be released into the region resulting in a total disaster not only in Iran but also, in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. It will force many people to abandon their villages and towns around the lake. In the recent years, especially in the recent months, many people can see the first wave of the disastrous effects on their life. The Mullahs are the greatest enemy of Iran. The story of Lake Orumieh is only one of the environmental disasters in the Mullah era. The tragic story of Lake Orumieh, like the tragic story of Lake Parishan , is a symbolic story. It can show us how the Mullahs destroyed Iran in the past 30 years.


Now some say: “THIS ENVIRONMENTAL CATASTROPHE MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE”. But others say: ” The Mullah’s regime should be toppled before it’s too late. It’s the only possible and real solution. The Mullah’s regime should be toppled, at least for the sake of environment.”

For seeing more pictures of Lake Orumieh and its tragedy, check here

Syrian Dictator Lost his Western Supporters

August 19, 2011

These days are historical days. Finally, after more than 5 months hypocrisy, silence, and charlatanism, the US and Europe have increased the pressure on Bastard Assad, and asked him to surrender power. It’s too late, but it’s a Game Change for Syria. I think many Iranians have mixed feelings about it. They are happy and angry at the same time. They are happy for Syrians; They are happy for seeing the first sign of change in the fake wars between the fake enemies. But Iranians are angry at the western supporters of the Mullahs, for what they did in 2009. Iranians say: “They can do the same thing for us, but they refused”. These days, we, all, can see how desperate are the savage dictators when they lost their western supporters. Now, the Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, has shitted himself. Because, he is sure that his western supporters are changing their minds. “Yesterday, was the day when Assad finally exhausted whatever shreds of international legitimacy he had up to now managed to retain in western countries , with the US and its European allies declaring that he must step aside and the UN thought likely to refer Syria to the international criminal court. The previous position in western capitals had been that Assad should reform [!]”, the media reported. Finally after more than 5 months hypocrisy and charlatanism, the public opinion forced the US and Europe to change their stupid policy, that now has become too expensive to continue. Now Bastard Assed has shitted in his pants. He has told the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, that military operations against pro-democracy protesters have stopped !!, according to the UN . “In a telephone call with Assad on Wednesday, Ban emphasized that all military operations and mass arrests must cease immediately. And Assad said that the military and police operations had stopped [!!!]”, the media reported. Of course, what Bastard Assad said was bullshit, and more bloodshed was reported, but now Bastard Assad is so desperate with fear. It’s very important. “Bastard Assad is trying to convince Turkey that the attacks have stopped, which could also help appease the US, thinking he could once again stop Washington from calling on him to step aside,” the media reported. We should not forget that Obama’s stupidity and hypocrisy is really shameful. “The Washington Post has an editorial calling on the US to be tougher towards the Syrian regime in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defence, in an interview on Tuesday, of the Obama
administration’s refusal to call for Assad to go.
The Post said: Assad has been slaughtering Syrians for months … The US has condemned all this but with great caution. For months, as Assad gunned down his people, the administration held out the hope that he could yet become a reformer “, the media reported. It’s really true. Obama has proved that he is a stupid and weak politician. But now, finally after 5 months, he has been forced to change his stupid policy, of course is his own hypocritical way. “The future of Syria must be determined by its people, but President Assad is standing in their way. His calls for dialogue and reform have rung hollow while he is imprisoning, torturing, and slaughtering his own people. For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for Assad to step aside [not step down!] … What the US will support is an effort to bring about a Syria that is democratic, just, and inclusive for all Syrians. We will support this outcome by pressuring Assad to get out of the way of this transition, and standing up for the universal rights of the Syrian people along with others in the international community … We recognize that it will take time [!!!] for the Syrian people to achieve the justice they deserve. There will be more struggle and sacrifice “, Obama said. We can not be hopeful about Obama and the future of US policies about Syria, but it’s so obvious that their current policy is better than their previous dreadful policy.


It was the first time that the US had issued an explicit demand for Bastard Assad to leave office . “Finally, Bastard Assad’s days now seem numbered”, the poor Syrians said yesterday. These days, after all stupid silence and hypocrisy, are the days of “It’s the first time that”. Now, “Switzerland has become the first European countries to withdraw its ambassador to Syria. “Switzerland cannot tolerate the systematic human rights violations perpetrated by the Syrian security forces against the civilian population. In view of its humanitarian tradition, Switzerland wishes to send a strong signal to Damascus ,” the Swiss statement said. The move makes Switzerland the first European country to pull its representation ,” the media reported. The stupid European bastards have worked with Bastard Assad in the past 6 months, and Switzerland is the first European country that pulls its representation. It can show us the depth of European hypocrisy. “Syrian activists have been calling for countries to withdraw their ambassadors and kick out Syrian diplomats from their countries “, the media reported. It’s exactly like what Iranians wanted and called for it in 2009, but the stupid western countries rejected it , because they were the real friend and supporter of the Mullahs. Now, after the US, the EU has also urged Assad to resign. The EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement that “the EU notes the complete loss of Assad’s legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people and the necessity for him to step aside … The time has come [after 5 months slaughter !!!] for the council to take further actions to step up the pressure against those who are responsible for the violence against the citizens of Syria.” David Cameron has also issued a joint statement with Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel calling on Assad to step aside “in the best interests of Syria and the unity of its people”. Their joint statement read: “The Syrian authorities have ignored the urgent appeals made over recent days [after 5 months massacre and crackdowns !] by the UN security council … They continue to cruelly and violently repress their people and flatly refuse to fulfill their legitimate aspirations. They have ignored the voices of the Syrian people and continuously misled them and the international community with empty promises … Our three countries believe that Assad, who is resorting to brutal military force against his own people and who is responsible for the situation, has lost all legitimacy and can no longer claim to lead the country. We call on him to face the reality of the complete rejection of his regime by the Syrian people and to step aside in the best interests of Syria and the unity of its people … Violence in Syria must stop now.” Canada has joined in the calls for Assad to go, too. A statement from Stephen Harper said the “Assad regime has lost all legitimacy by killing its own people to stay in power”. Now some analysts say: “The west is finally united in its desire to see Assad out and many may argue that it happens too late. But in this case, better later than never.” Now, even UN human rights investigators have listed the names of 50 regime figures who could be prosecuted by the international criminal court (ICC) for crimes committed against civilians during the violent crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. Now, many Iranians say: “It’s what the UN, the US, and the EU did not do for Iranians, and about the violent crackdown and massacre in 2009. Shame on them all .”


Some western analysts said: “Repeatedly, Assad was told by Obama to “step aside” never “step down” and to “get out of the way”, whatever that means. Intriguingly, Clinton used the phrase ‘Step Down’ yesterday afternoon and then immediately corrected herself to ‘Step Aside’. The Great and the Good don’t use these phrases by chance. The implication still seems to be that “step aside” might allow Bashar to stay in Syria but let others take over, rather go on the run with a war crimes tribunal hanging over his head.” It’s very funny. We should wait and see what these bastards, the politicians, do in the next days. Until now they have proved that they are very hypocrite and very stupid. But today the Syrian people can be a bit more hopeful about the future. “Syrians on the street, despite adamantly opposed to foreign interference and military action, have long been saying that the international community should call on Assad to go “, the Syrian activists said. It’s exactly like our case in Iran in 2009, and also in 2011. “It is good but it came too late,” said a young Syrian from Hama. “And we still want this to come from all the other countries too and for ambassadors to be withdrawn and Syrian diplomatic staff to be kicked out”, he added. Nour, 26, from Latakia said: “Announcements like this are always due to political calculations and not to do with sympathy for people but it’s a necessary step and a good one. We hope it will put pressure on Assad.” It’s really true. What the hypocrite western politicians do, after 5 months silence and hypocrisy, is not for the Syrian people. It’s based on political calculations. But it can be helpful for Syrians, too. It’s very important. At least their case is not like our case in Iran, that even after 6 months, and after all brutal crackdowns and massacres, the stupid western bastards remained silent and supported the Mullahs. A lawyer in Damascus, said: “This is the right thing to happen after five months of killing civilians . The international community must take its role towards the Syrian regime more seriously, and this statement is the right start. I hope to see a more collective role now, which means the UN security council, and I hope to see the Syrian file referred to the International Criminal Court soon.” It’s what Iranians wanted in 2009. The Syrians, like Iranians, are really angry at the International community, but Syrians are luckier and happier than Iranians. “There have been massacres going on all around Syria. Why for six months was the world silent about him? It provided time for Assad to suppress the people .”, a Syrian said. It’s good for Syrians that finally the hypocrite western politicians have changed their policy towards Syria. But our tragedy in Iran, is really tragic.

Now many Iranians repeat their previous questions about the western and global reactions to the Iranian protests in 2009 and 2011. The Syrian case can show us that these questions are very important and meaningful :

Why didn’t the western countries wish to send a strong signal to the Mullahs? (like what they do now for Syria) – Why didn’t the western counties withdraw their ambassador to Iran? – Why didn’t the stupid Obama and the EU say : ‘Khamenei must go’ ? – Why didn’t the stupid Obama and the EU call on Khamenei to face the reality of the complete rejection of his regime by the Iranian people and to step aside in the best interests of Iran? – Why didn’t the EU, the US and the UN say : “Violence in Iran must stop now ?” – Why did the stupid Obama send secret letters to Khamenei, instead of saying that Khamenei must go ? – Why didn’t the UN refer the Mullah file to the International Criminal Court ? – Why didn’t Ban Ki-moon called Khamenei to emphasize that all military operations and mass arrests must cease immediately ? – Why didn’t we hear any must stop now or must cease immediately or must go about Iran and the Mullahs ?

These questions are very important questions, and can show us the depth of western hypocrisy. They can prove that until now, the West countries, i.e. the western politicians, have been the main supporter of the Mullahs. Shame on them all.

The Sheep and Sheepish Criteria

August 18, 2011

What we said about the people who are like sheep and use sheepish criteria, in Iran and the west , can raise questions and needs more explanation. As we said before, some people are like sheep -or Goosfand as Iranians say- and try to use Sheepish Criterion -or Meyar Goosfandi as Iranians say- for choosing their lifestyle – including how they live, how they think, what and how they wear or eat, etc. They say: We do this because the majority do it, or we choose it because the majority choose it . It’s what we call Sheepish Criterion. The people who are like sheep, can not think independently. They follow the fashions or what the majority dictate. They are brainwashed by the mass media, politicians, big corporations, the church and the clergy, fake intellectuals, stupid scholars, etc. As we said before, unfortunately the number of these people, who are like sheep and use Sheepish Criterion, is really large, both in the west and in Iran. These people are not just uneducated, religious or poor people . The people who are like sheep, can have university-degree, reputation, wealth and power, etc. In Iran, many people who are like sheep, have PhD, or are rich; They are Khayemal, and kiss the bosses’ ass; They are crook and embezzler; They are irreligious people; They are hypocrite and liar; They are fake intellects; They are shallow and suffer from shortsightedness. But it’s not the special problem of Iran. It’s a global problem. The number of these people in Iran and the west, are almost equal. They are the majority, and the real wise guys are a minority. Of course, in these conditions, the absolute number of the real wise guys becomes very important. As far as we can see, the absolute number of the real wise and open-minded guys in Iran, is less than the western countries by the order of some hundred thousands. It’s about 10 to 20 percent difference, but some hundred thousands would be a big number and a big difference, if you know how hard each of these real wise guys is generated ! It’s so obvious that for having a better world and a better future, we need that the number of the wise guys increases, and the wise guys become the majority . But when this happens? 1000 years later ? 10,000 years later? who knows, but it’s a very important matter.

As you know, the flock of sheep needs sheepdogs. And the sheepdogs in our example, are the media, the church, the journalists, the clergy, the intellectuals, the celebrities, the experts, etc. They try to control the people, and dictate how they should live, how they should think, and what should be in fashion. The stupid fashions can be a good example of how sheepdogs play with the sheep. The people who are like sheep, are slave of the fashion. They are very fashion conscious and care about what is in fashion and what is out of fashion. Whatever goes out of fashion, good or bad, becomes unacceptable for them. They only look for the latest fashions. They stupidly think that they are high class or up to date, while they are like sheep and are stupid slave of the fashion industry. The number of these people, who are really like sheep, is large in both Iran and the west. These stupid people follow the fashions in everything, even in thoughts and views. They are slave of the mass media and fake intellectuals, and their thoughts and views are not shaped by themselves. They only accept what is in fashion. If an idea or thought is not in fashion, they would reject it, and if an idea or thought is in fashion, they would accept it. They only follow the current fashion, and can not think independently . These people are one of the very serious global problems. But the stupid Iranian intellects, who are fake intellectuals, talk nonsense about the number of these people in Iran and the West. These stupid bastards, who themselves are like sheep, think that the problem of “the flock of sheep and sheepdogs” are a special problem of Iran. They either are blind and stupid or pretend ignorance. These stupid bastards pretend ignorance that the majority of Iranians, sheep or not sheep, hate the Mullahs and the Iranian Baboons. It’s very important. In fact, in 2010s the flock of sheep in Iran is exactly like the flock of sheep in the west (They are not like the flock of sheep in the Middle East, and the flock of sheep in 1970s to 1990s). It’s a very important fact. But the stupid bastards can not understand it, or pretend ignorance of it, because they are paid for it. The 2011 and 2009 events can show us that now, in 2010s, “The flock of sheep in Iran is exactly like the flock of sheep in the west “.

Water Fights against Iranian Baboons

August 18, 2011

In these days, Iranians inside Iran are really angry or disappointed at the Iranian Baboons, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists, who are very very disgraced inside Iran. The people say: “All Iranian Baboons should be thrown into the trash can of the history; but no, the history’s WC is the best place for them !” In the recent weeks, about 50 stupid Islamist-Reformists had a meeting in Paris and called themselves “the Green Ambassadors” ! But the people only laughed at them and their stupidity, and said: “These bastards are only a few disgraced Baboons who should be called “The Mullah ambassadors”. In the recent weeks, the Iranians tried to ignore the Iranian bastards, and tried to be happy in Tehran and other cities of Iran. It has angered the Mullahs and Iranian Baboons so badly. Earlier this month, a number of young people were arrested in Tehran after taking part in a water fight in public. They were accused of violating the Mullah norms, by being happy ! It’s horrible; a horrible tragicomedy.


After Tehran, dozens people were arrested in the city of Bandar Abbas for splashing water at each other ! The young people in Tehran and Bandar Abbas used water guns and bottles. Some shop owners in Tehran say that they have been ordered not to sell water guns !! They say: “We don’t want our shop to be closed for selling a water pistol. The Mullah police have got the number of these pistols we have in stock and we are not allowed to take a single one for any of our relatives. They said they would check us every now and then.” It’s really funny. Even the water pistols are so dangerous for the Mullah regime !! Of course, the Mullahs should be angry. In these days, the main website of Iranian Baboons,, that now has only 500 to 1000 active members, is so disgraced and has not any serious visitor in Iran. Iranians inside Iran have boycotted this stupid website, and the real jerks like Ebrahim Nabavi, the congenital bastard , Mohammad Ali Abtahi and Khatami, or other Iranian baboons who have talked nonsense and defended the regime recently, can not deceive the people anymore. Now the stupid Iranian Baboons are so helpless. The ordinary Iranians try to live their own ordinary life, and shit on the head of all Iranian Baboons by ignoring them.


The mixed group of young boys and girls who play with water in Abbas Abads Ab-o-Atash Park (“Water and Fire” Park), doing water fights and tossing water balloons, is good example of the ordinary life in Iran. Iranians inside Iran shit on the head of Khatami, Nabavi, , Abbas Abdi Boozineh , Ezatollah Sahabi and the stupid Islamist-Nationalists and Masoud Benhoud, and all the Mullah’s men, from Islamists to Monarchists, who are the Ashoura Day’s traitors “. In fact, all stupid Iranian expats and their stupid media are so disgraced in Iran, and the Iranians inside Iran have boycotted these bastards. The regime clearly confesses that they can not stop the immoral behaviors against Mullah norms!, even with the help of Iranians Baboons.


The young Iranians had gathered in a Tehran park, named the Garden of Water and Fire, and splashed water at each other. It’s not crime; it’s part of normal and ordinary life. But the Mullahs arrested those who organized and participated in the water pistol fight in Tehran !! Is it a sign of victory or legitimacy ? No, it’s a clear sign of Mullah bankruptcy and Iranian Baboon’s bankruptcy in Iran. Iranians have been tired of the Iranian Baboons who have called themselves “opposition leaders”, i.e. some one like Khatami and Pahlavi, “the Dumb and Dumber” . Iranians inside Iran hate Iranian Baboons, from the stupid Monarchists to the stupid
Islamist-Reformists. Some funny Iranians say: “They are the main responsible for the current shitty situation in Iran. The regime’s responsibility is less than these bastards!” Iranians try to be happy and ignore and boycott all Iranian Baboons. Iranians are brave and modern, and despite all restrictions, manage to find ways to breathe a bit of fresh air and be happy.


Ignoring and boycotting the Iranian Baboons, from the Islamist-Reformists to the Monarchists, is what Iranians do in these days. Of course, some Iranians are disappointed. Some are angry. Some are hopeless. Some are tired of the stupid world and all stupid events in the recent months. Some are tried of everything. But all of them hate the Iranian Baboons as much as they hate the Mullahs. As we said before, the Iranian Baboons and their media should be boycotted, but its not enough. The alternative groups and alternative media should be created . But even if nothing happens, the ordinary Iranian youths would defeat the Iranian Baboons by living their own ordinary life. As we said before, It’s a very efficient struggle. Recently, the Mullah state TV broadcasted a program showing some of the arrested people confessing to have played with water and using plastic pistols !! “It was very intimate; it was much more intimate than it should have been [!!!]”, an arrested boy said. Being intimate or being happy, is a serious crime in the Mullah era !!


In the current shitty situation, in the current shitty world, when the majority of Iranian expats are as stupid as the Mullah regime, when the western powers support the Mullahs or Iranian Baboons without any shame, when the western countries show the depth of their stupidity and their dreadful problems, when Iranians inside Iran have no voice and no media, etc Iranians should try to be happy as much as possible and focus on fighting against the Iranian Baboons by ignoring and boycotting them. The Iranian Baboons should be threw into the toilet of the history. They are the number one enemy of Iranians inside Iran. Some Iranian comments are interesting: “For toppling the Mullahs, Iranians can use “Water Pistol”; it’s much more efficient than real pistol ! … Iranian youths will defy the Mullahs and Iranian Baboons with their water guns !… Iran is where even A Water Fight Can Land You In Prison ! … The laws and norms that don’t allow you to live a normal and ordinary life, not only are barbaric and uncivilized, but it f-u-c-k itself so badly … Officials have also recently banned swimming in the sea [!!] during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, go to hell bastards, you will be in hell in the near future”

You can find more pictures about playing with water in Tehran’s Park, here