Norwegian Massacre, Dreadful Response

The first European reaction to the Norwegian massacre is very ridiculous. Some nations in Europe are calling for increased Internet surveillance ! . The report says: “Days after the bombing and shootings in Oslo, politicians and police around Europe say they want increased Internet monitoring. Officials from Finland, Estonia and Germany have all called for expanded monitoring powers ” In fact, the hypocrite western politicians try to ignore the main causes, i.e. far right fanaticism, chauvinism, Religious fanaticism etc, and instead, try to deceive the people by focusing on false causes. The report adds: “This week, politicians from Germany, Finland and Estonia have all called for more extensive online monitoring, which, they argue, could in the future possibly prevent these types of attacks”. It’s really ridiculous. It’s nothing, except Charlatanism. It’s really unacceptable. Some liberals say: “That would be folly – governments are potentially far more dangerous terrorists than an isolated person “. It’s the fanatics, not the internet, that are very dangerous. They have polluted the western media, from TVs to newspapers. But the stupid western politicians don’t pay any attention to them, and instead, want to implement their dreadful plans for censoring and controlling the internet in Europe . “In Germany, conservative politicians have used the Norway attacks as an occasion to revive their plan to bring back previously overturned data retention laws. These laws were originally written to comply with the 2006 EU data retention directive, which required that all telecommunications and Internet companies record and store six months worth of traffic, correspondence and location data . However, in March 2010, the German constitutional court declared those laws unconstitutional in Germany, a decision that was later followed by national courts in Romania and the Czech Republic. On Monday, domestic policy spokesperson for the [German] conservative Christian Democrats, said that the Norway attacks proved that Germany needed to bring back its data retention laws [!] . And Erkii Koort, the undersecretary for internal security at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, said that in today’s world, a computer’s IP address should be identifiable without any official procedures [!!], as it saves significantly on time when a crime is committed and makes it easier to prevent crimes [!!]”, the report adds. What can you call this dreadful response ? maybe, European Charlatanism.

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