Iranian Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre !

Iranians are everywhere !, even in Norway’s Utoya island, where the Norwegian massacre happened !! Ali Esbati, is an Iranian-Norwegian that was there ! AMY GOODMAN, DemocracyNow, had an interview with Ali Esbati, and here are excerpts of the interview:

“Ali Esbati was on Norways Utoya Island on Saturday, where he was an eyewitness to the alleged attack by Anders Breivik. It happened Friday. Esbati was there to give a workshop. Hes an economist with the Manifest Center for Social Analysis, a Norwegian think tank ” … ALI ESBATI: “when there were some noises starting, I thought, like many others, that people were overreacting, perhaps, to them, and it took a while before we understood that there was real shooting going on. So people came running from other parts of that building, where Breivik apparently had entered, and screamed that we should leave the building. So, I ran out of the building. And just after that, when I was heading down a slope, I looked back and saw two bodies lying down on a field just outside the building. So, at that point, I understood that this was a real shooting going on … this is an annual event with a very long, long tradition with the Social Democratic Party. Lots of other youth organizations also have summer camps, but this is like an iconic summer camp being held at the same island for many decades. And basically, young people gather. They have a lot of fun, but they also listen to political workshops. They hang around. They discuss if theres an upcoming election campaign and so on … I saw, for instance, people with gunshot wounds, so that was very, I mean, emotionally very hard. I saw a young girl, for instance, 18 or 19, who had been shot, and she kept repeating that “If I die here, please remember that youre all fantastic, and keep up your struggle,” and so on. … But after that, I mean, most of the time I kept laying low just in the terrain, just in the woods with the other people, trying to listen to see if the shooting was approaching and move accordingly. But after a long time – I mean, it was more than 90 minutes – when I thought the whole ordeal might be over, because we heard the police helicopters and so on, this man suddenly showed up like 15 meters from the location where I was. I was standing close to the water, together with some other people. And he showed up, like above us, wearing a police uniform and carrying a large rifle. And he shouted something like -like calming, saying that either its the police or its OK. But immediately, he started -he started firing his rifle.


ALI ESBATI added: ” So at that point, I just turned around and jumped into the water, and I ran or crawled by the waterside on some rocks and just tried to hide by the waterside a few meters away from there . Of course, if he had wanted to turn in our direction, I think we would have very small chances of surviving. But now he didnt. He shot in another direction, I think killing at least one person. I saw that later on, because I thought it was a life vest in the water, but I realized that it was probably a dead body. But he was apprehended shortly after that. So thats -but I did see him. He looked very, very calm, very, you know, not emotional, very conscious of what he was doing. So it was a chilling moment. I thought really that, well, this might be the end. But I was lucky to survive; many others werent … I was talking about the economic policies of the right-wing government in Sweden and how to learn from them in Norway, not to repeat the failure of the left in Sweden. But what really is striking is that -I mean, even though this is a particularly mad person, of course, his acts need to be understood in a social and political context, and that context is rising Islamophobia in the Western world and in the Nordic countries, as well, and – because these are ideas that he carries. They are not, absolutely not, unique to him. Theyre rather widespread in certainly milieux , where theyre seeing Islam and regular Muslims as sort of occupation force and those enabling that occupation as traitors. And, of course, traitors in a war situation, you might legitimize doing very drastic things to them. And this is the kind of worldview that has pushed him over new limits. But if we want to not have these kind of things happen in the future, I think thats the point to start, I mean, understanding the political context in which he has been and he has acted, even before the shootings”

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