Christian Fanatics, Christian Jihad !

July 27, 2011

The Norwegian killer was a Christian fanatic, and the Norway massacre can show us how dangerous are the Christian Fanatics. Frank Schaeffer, in Christian Jihad? Why We Should Worry About Right-Wing Terror Attacks Like Norway’s in the US writes about the religious fanatics, especially Christian fanatics in the US. It has some important and good points (beside some weak points). Here are excerpts of the good points of his article:

“A Far Right Roman Catholic ideologue even wrote a book calling on Christians, Jews, and Muslims to join together in a jihad against the secular West [!]. In “Ecumenical Jihad: Ecumenism and the Culture War” a former friend of mine, Peter Kreeft (a professor of philosophy at Boston College), called for “ecumenical jihad” … His book was based on the fact that many believers in Roman Catholicism, Evangelical Protestantism, and Islam rejected the s-e-x-u-al revolution of the 1960s. Hom-o-s-e-x-u-a-lity is out, s-e-x education is evil, and so on . Kreeft called on all believers to unite to overthrow “secularism” in the same anti-secular spirit that Robert George channeled a few years later when trying to undermine the Obama administration through his brainchild, the “Manhattan Declaration.” Kreeft called for an “alliance” of fundamentalist Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Muslims to prosecute a culture war against what he viewed as the Western cultural elite . Ecumenical Jihad was dedicated to Richard John Neuhaus, the late Roman Catholic convert priest, and to Charles Colson (who later teamed up with George to author the “Manhattan Declaration”). The groups Kreeft, Colson, and Neuhaus had in mind to “bring together” in an ecumenical jihad were alienated Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, and conservative Roman Catholics, to which Kreeft added Muslims. These groups did not share each other’s theology, but they had a deeper link: anger at the “victimhood” imposed on them by modernity. Kreeft and Neuhaus were calling abortion murder. Thus, the logic of their argument was that of my father’s, too: The U.S. government was enabling murder and was thus disparaged as a “regime,” even a “counterfeit state,” that needed to be overthrown. George and Colson and the others who wrote and then signed the “Manhattan Declaration” also called for fundamentalists to unite if need be for civil disobedience to stop the U.S. government from passing laws that did not comply with their religious “values” and/or to undermine those laws if they were enacted. So if the U.S. government legalized gay marriage and thus “compelled” all Americans to recognize gay men and women’s civil rights, the government need no longer be obeyed when those laws affected religious people who disagreed with them. … What we fear most from Islamist terrorists will be unleashed here as it was in Norway. Terror is on the way on the way from our very own Christian and/or Libertarian “Tea Party” type activists inspired by right wing “Christian” intellectuals and political leaders like Bachmann.”


“In my book, I predicted such an action [Norwegian Massacre]. I predicted that right wing Christians will unleash terror here in America too. I predict that they will copy Islamic extremists, and may eventually even make common cause with them. There is a growing movement in America that equates godliness with hatred of our government in fact hatred of our country as fallen and evil because we allow women choice, gays to marry, have a social safety net, and allow immigration from other cultures and non-white races … The Norwegian killer wrote: “Today’s Protestant church is a joke … Priests in jeans who march for Palestine and churches that look like minimalist shopping centres. I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic.” It seems Breivik longed for a “pure” and ultra conservative religion. He was a man of religious conviction, no liberals with their jeans need apply! Liberals beware. Norway is just a first taste of what will happen here on a larger scale . There is a history to the far right, religious right extremism on the rise today, extremism so extreme that in its congressional manifestation it is risking the good faith and credit of the US in the debt calling fiasco. The Tea Party activists also want purity of doctrine. … Call this the ultimate “Tea Party” type “answer” to secularism, modernity, and above all our hated government. Call this the Christian Brotherhood. From far right congress people, to far right gun-toting terror in Norway and here at home, our own Western version of the Taliban is on the rise Foreigners, visitors from another planet and Americans living in a bubble of reasonable or educated people might not know this but the reality is that the debt ceiling confrontation is by, for and the result of America’s evangelical Christian control of the Republican Party


“The Republican Party is now the party of religious fanatics and that these fanatics -people like Michele Bachmann- don’t want to work within our system, they want to bring it down along the lines of so-called Christian “Reconstruction.” The Religious Right/Far Right et al. favored private “facts,” too. They claimed that global warming wasn’t real . They asserted this because scientists (those same agents of Satan who insisted that evolution was real ) were the ones who said human actions were changing the climate. Worse, the government said so, too! “Global warming is a left-wing plot to take away our freedom!” … the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party is about to do to us in forcing a default on our loans, and thus destroying the US economy in a way bin Laden could only have dreamed of doing. … Non-Evangelicals with far right agendas like Robert George have cashed in on the Evangelicals’ like Bachmann’s willingness to lend their numbers and influence to one “moral” anti-American crusade after another, or rather I should say, to one political crusade after another masquerading as moral crusades. For instance, conservative Roman Catholic Princeton University Professor of Jurisprudence Robert George is an antiabortion, anti-Obama, anti-gay-rights, and anti-stem-cell-research “pro-family” activist, and he has found ways to effectively carry on the far right Reconstructionist agenda while denying any formal connection to it and taking the intellectual high road. Take George’s brainchild: the “Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience .” This was published in 2009 as an anti-Obama manifesto, and many far right Evangelical leaders signed on. The “Manhattan Declaration” reads: “We will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act … nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral s-e-x-u-al partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent , or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family.”


“Here’s how the New York Times introduced him to its readers: “[Robert George] has parlayed a 13th-century Catholic philosophy [the natural law theory] into real political influence. Glenn Beck, the Fox News talker and a big George fan, likes to introduce him as “one of the biggest brains in America,” or, on one broadcast, “Superman of the Earth.” Karl Rove told me he considers George a rising star on the right and a leading voice in persuading President George W. Bush to restrict embryonic stem-cell research. … Newt Gingrich called him “an important and growing influence” on the conservative movement, especially on matters like abortion and marriage . “If there really is a vast right-wing conspiracy,” the conservative Catholic journal Crisis concluded a few years ago, “its leaders probably meet in George’s kitchen.”” … In other words, when the Right lost in the democratic process, “other means” to undermine the law were encouraged. This is the language of revolution, not democracy. … The extreme language of Evangelical/”pro-life” rebellion has now been repackaged in the debt ceiling showdown … In March 2010 the so-called Hutaree Militia, a right-wing, biblically inspired fundamentalist group, was alleged to have hatched a plot to kill police officers. Members of this outfit had planned attacks on police officers as a way of acting out their hatred for the government as well as a way to launch the civil chaos “predicted” in so-called End Times biblical prophecies . The day the plotters were arrested, I checked their online homepage. Here’s what I found as their mission statement : “As Christians we all are a part of the Souls of the Body of Christ, the one true church of Christ … This is the belief of the Hutaree soldier, as should the belief of all followers in Christ be.” Following the election of our first black president, the “politics” of the Evangelical, Jewish, Roman Catholic, and Mormon Far Right was not the politics of a loyal opposition, but rather the instigation of revolution

Iranian Eyewitness to Norwegian Massacre !

July 27, 2011

Iranians are everywhere !, even in Norway’s Utoya island, where the Norwegian massacre happened !! Ali Esbati, is an Iranian-Norwegian that was there ! AMY GOODMAN, DemocracyNow, had an interview with Ali Esbati, and here are excerpts of the interview:

“Ali Esbati was on Norways Utoya Island on Saturday, where he was an eyewitness to the alleged attack by Anders Breivik. It happened Friday. Esbati was there to give a workshop. Hes an economist with the Manifest Center for Social Analysis, a Norwegian think tank ” … ALI ESBATI: “when there were some noises starting, I thought, like many others, that people were overreacting, perhaps, to them, and it took a while before we understood that there was real shooting going on. So people came running from other parts of that building, where Breivik apparently had entered, and screamed that we should leave the building. So, I ran out of the building. And just after that, when I was heading down a slope, I looked back and saw two bodies lying down on a field just outside the building. So, at that point, I understood that this was a real shooting going on … this is an annual event with a very long, long tradition with the Social Democratic Party. Lots of other youth organizations also have summer camps, but this is like an iconic summer camp being held at the same island for many decades. And basically, young people gather. They have a lot of fun, but they also listen to political workshops. They hang around. They discuss if theres an upcoming election campaign and so on … I saw, for instance, people with gunshot wounds, so that was very, I mean, emotionally very hard. I saw a young girl, for instance, 18 or 19, who had been shot, and she kept repeating that “If I die here, please remember that youre all fantastic, and keep up your struggle,” and so on. … But after that, I mean, most of the time I kept laying low just in the terrain, just in the woods with the other people, trying to listen to see if the shooting was approaching and move accordingly. But after a long time – I mean, it was more than 90 minutes – when I thought the whole ordeal might be over, because we heard the police helicopters and so on, this man suddenly showed up like 15 meters from the location where I was. I was standing close to the water, together with some other people. And he showed up, like above us, wearing a police uniform and carrying a large rifle. And he shouted something like -like calming, saying that either its the police or its OK. But immediately, he started -he started firing his rifle.


ALI ESBATI added: ” So at that point, I just turned around and jumped into the water, and I ran or crawled by the waterside on some rocks and just tried to hide by the waterside a few meters away from there . Of course, if he had wanted to turn in our direction, I think we would have very small chances of surviving. But now he didnt. He shot in another direction, I think killing at least one person. I saw that later on, because I thought it was a life vest in the water, but I realized that it was probably a dead body. But he was apprehended shortly after that. So thats -but I did see him. He looked very, very calm, very, you know, not emotional, very conscious of what he was doing. So it was a chilling moment. I thought really that, well, this might be the end. But I was lucky to survive; many others werent … I was talking about the economic policies of the right-wing government in Sweden and how to learn from them in Norway, not to repeat the failure of the left in Sweden. But what really is striking is that -I mean, even though this is a particularly mad person, of course, his acts need to be understood in a social and political context, and that context is rising Islamophobia in the Western world and in the Nordic countries, as well, and – because these are ideas that he carries. They are not, absolutely not, unique to him. Theyre rather widespread in certainly milieux , where theyre seeing Islam and regular Muslims as sort of occupation force and those enabling that occupation as traitors. And, of course, traitors in a war situation, you might legitimize doing very drastic things to them. And this is the kind of worldview that has pushed him over new limits. But if we want to not have these kind of things happen in the future, I think thats the point to start, I mean, understanding the political context in which he has been and he has acted, even before the shootings”