Tir & 18th Tir: from 1999 to 2011

July 21, 2011

On the twelfth anniversary of 18th Tir, 1378 (July 8, 1999), the Iranian Student Protests of July 1999, a vital process finished in Iran: “Fayand Khar-Fahm Shodan” (the process of gaining donkey understanding!, i.e. when even the donkeys understand some thing). “Khar-Fahm Shodan” is a funny Persian idiom that use to speak about the most stupid people, the donkeys, and their understanding of an issue. When you say: “Khar-Fahm Shodand” that means “They (the idiots) finally understood it”. And now in Tir 1390 (July 2011), the Iranians inside Iran proved that “Khar-Fahm Shodand”. The 18th Tir 1390 (2011) was the most important and meaningful anniversary of 18th Tir. This year the people’s silence was much more meaningful that the former stupid protests in the past decade. Iranians showed that they don’t want to be stupid and follow the
Islamist-Reformists. In fact, Iranians are thinking about “revolution” and toppling the Islamic regime, and the Iranian Baboons, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, have been dead and buried in Iran.
. In Tir 1390, all Iranians saw the depth of Islamist-Reformists’ confusion and bankruptcy. The stupid coward Khatami desperately tried to eat shit. He has understood that the people hate him and his stupid plans for participating in the Mullah election and forgiving Khamenei. He tries to deceive the people again, but the Iranians say: “who cares; who cares about stupid Khatami and his new regret. Khatami, the little monkey, is dead for us.” The stupid Masoud Behnoud, one of the Mullah’s men, one of the leader of Rafsanjani’s mercenaries, and one of the main responsible for the death of Green Movement tried to pretend ignorance of their betrayals’ impact, and showed the depth of their foolishness and charlatanism. Yesterday, he said: “The people have tired of everything. They don’t care about the Islamist-Reformist’s destiny. They don’t care about the Islamist-Reformist prisoners. They don’t care about the
Islamist-Reformists’ letters and speeches [!!]. They don’t care about what we say [our bullshits] about Iran [!!]. They don’t care about the death of Sahabi, the Islamist-Nationalist. Why they don’t care about us and our advises [our bullshits] ? [!!]”


The stupid bastard, Behnoud, only describes the result of his betrayals, and says nothing about the reason, and as Iranians say: “Khodesh ro be Khariat Mizaneh”, i.e. he pretends ignorance of the reason, and tries to mislead the ignorant Iranian expats or non-Iranians. But the reason is very clear, “Iranians hate the Islamist-Reformists; They have tired of mercenaries and traitors, who betrayed the people after Ashoura Day. They have tired of Iranian Baboons and their shameful betrayals“. Khatami, Behnoud, Abdi, and all other stupid Islamist-Reformists, were one of the main obstacle in the road of fundamental change, but now these bastards have been dead and buried in Iran. Now, Iran experiences “the calm before the storm“. But as we said before, Iran and Iranians are in urgent need of : Alternative Groups and Alternative Media . It’s very very important. The corps of the unknown intellectuals should try to organize themselves and the people. It’s an urgent need. Each “Change” needs an “Idea”, and each “Idea” needs the support of the majority and organizing the majority for bringing the real change. Now “the idea” -the idea for fundamental change- has been invented by the unknown real intellectuals, and the majority of Iranians support the idea, but there is not any organization and organizer group for materializing the idea. There is not any free media, any people media, that support the idea and organize the people. All Iranian media inside Iran are the Mullah media, and all Iranian media outside Iran are the traitors’ media and reactionary media. It has been the biggest problem since 2009. The stupid jerks, i.e. the stupid Iranian expats who are reactionary or mercenary, and their media should be boycotted, but it’s not enough. The alternative groups and alternative media should be created very soon.


The Iranian movement for freedom and democracy began in 1999, not in 2009. That year, i.e. 1999, was the beginning of the Islamist-Reformists’ betrayals, too. In 1999, hundreds thousands of students took to the streets, pelting stones at security forces and setting fire to pictures of Khamenei. The forces of repression attacked student dormitories, murdered and beat up the young protesters, or threw the students through windows from their 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. In 1999, the protests were not limited to Tehran. Major Iranian cities such as Tabriz, Mashhad, Shiraz and Esfahan were scenes of violent and widespread demonstrations as well. In those days, mass pro-democracy protests occurred in near 20 cities including Tabriz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kerman, etc and it was the first time that a movement seriously threatened to overthrow the Mullah regime. In those days, the Islamist-Reformists showed their true color. The Mullah “Supreme National Security Council” met under the chairmanship of Khatami and issued the order of “National Suppression.” The result of that order was unknown number of deaths, paralyzed, maimed, and injured protesters along with thousands protesters who have been imprisoned and tortured. Instead of defending the rights of the pro-democracy movement and exposing the oppressors, the
Islamist-Reformists abandoned the protesters, and talked nonsense about the future. In those days, they claimed that the regime would try the criminals. But nothing happened and the story of 18th Massacre was like the story of the Chain Murders, i.e. a series of murders and disappearances from 1988-1998. The victims included more than 100 writers, translators, poets, political activists, and ordinary citizens. They were killed by the Khamenei’s dogs in a variety of places -Tehran, Paris, Berlin, etc -, and by variety of means -car crashes, stabbings, shootings, injections with potassium to simulate a heart attack, etc. The last murders happened in 1998, when a political leader (Dariush Forouhar), his wife and three dissident writers, were murdered in Tehran, in the span of two months. And after that the Khamenei’s dogs officially confessed that they were the killers. But what happened to the killers? Nothing. And now all of them have come back, and do their previous work, i.e. killing, torturing, raping, etc . It’s the greatest joke of the Mullah regime, and shows the depth of Khatami’s foolishness and Khatamists’ charlatanism. It shows why Iranians hate Khatami and Khatamists.

The situation in 1990s, was totally different from our situation in 2010s. At that time, the idea for fundamental change had not been invented, and the majority of Iranian intellectuals were the stupid bastards who had created the Islamic regime. At that time, these fake intellectuals were able to deceive the people. At that time, the people were fooled and thought that the Islamist-Reformists are able to change the regime in a long peaceful process. At that time, the Khatamists and the Islamist-Reformists were able to deceive and mislead the people. Form 1999 to 2011, Iranians paid a very high price for their dreadful mistake, but finally they understood that the Mullah regime is unchangeable and the Khatamists and the Islamist-Reformists are a bunch of stupid mercenary and traitor. Now almost all Iranians know that the stupid coward Khatami is the greatest stupid wimp in the Iran’s history. Now, in 2011, the wise analysts can see “the calm before the storm” in Iran. The storm that will throw the Mullahs and the Islamists, from Khatami to Khamenei, into the trash can of the history.

Answer to Readers, 21 July

July 21, 2011

Thank you all. Thank lyudico; we, all, should try to write more about the young protesters in all around the world. Thank Saeed, yes the Lebanese people need to realize that Hezbollah is the evil. Thank htoon win, we would write more about Iranian history. Thank Kendall Mai for examinating out our posts. Thank Chong Pratts, we are happy that Germany has many liberal and open-minded people like you. You said: “I am from Berlin, Germany, and several persons right here are ashamed that Germany is not really fighting coupled with NATO in Libya.” But don’t be ashamed. NATO is so stupid, like German politicians. The real liberals should try to find a new global solution for helping the oppressed people, like Libyans, Syrians, etc. The world powers and the global politicians are so hypocrite and charlatan. The secret deals between NATO, France, USA, and the West with Gaddafi is really meaningful and shameful. You should not be ashamed, the stupid NATO should be ashamed. Thank Saudi girl, your comment was the more acceptable than other Saudi comments, so now I want to write more about it.

Saudi Girl writes: “well you have no idea about the real liberal Saudi girls. I wont call that Saudi blog a real open mind blog” Saudi girl, you have not read our post with patience. We said: “the majority of open-minded Saudi people, in the best case are like [her, and] the stupid Iranian Islamist-Reformists.” We are sure that each country, even Saudi Arabia, has its own real liberals, but as you know, the liberals in Saudi Arabia are a tiny minority. The Saudi girl adds: “You wont find photos of liberal Saudi girls easily, so I don’t blame you … Im Saudi and I hate Saudi government and their imaginary Islamic law they made and Im not they only Saudi who feel this way (there are many Saudi women and men feels and share this feeling)” so, you confirmed what we said, i.e. the liberal Saudis are a tiny minority. We don’t know what is this “their imaginary Islamic laws”. Do you think we have some “imaginary Islamic laws” and some “non-imaginary Islamic laws”, and the former is bad, while the later is good ? If you think in this way, you are an Islamist-Reformist. It’s the definition of the Islamist-Reformist. Anyway, we have not seen any real liberal Saudis until now, but we are sure that thousands of them live in Saudi Arabia. But thousands, ten thousands, or hundred thousands liberal or open-minded people, in a country with 25 million Muslim fanatics, is only a tiny minority. She adds: “You have wrote such interesting points about the difference of Saudi and Iranian women. I must say its true that its hard for independent Saudi women to live in Saudi and you did wrote some facts about Saudi society however I can sense such hate and grudge between the lines you wrote” so, again you confirm what we said. It’s so obvious that we can not be happy about our dreadful situation in Iran, that is a direct result of the Arabic-Islamic traditions ! All Iranians, including us, are angry. But you can check our archive and find what we have said about Arabs. We certainly defend the young educated Arabs who are open-minded and modern. They are normal human beings and our friends, like any other open-minded people in our planet earth. But the reactionary Arabs, Islamist Arabs, and racist Arabs are the enemy of all human beings, including us. Certainly we are not their friend or supporter. They have caused a lot of problems for Iranians, and non-Iranians.

Saudi girl adds: “I felt that you want just to prove that Saudi women are stupid rather than talk about how injustice their life in Saudi … you can always prove your point in a better manner” We should write more about the issue of “Politeness and Foolishness” in the near future. This “in a better manner” is a stupid legacy of the British aristocracy’s moral code, and often is an excuse for the foolish or the charlatan. Just look at what we said. The life of both Iranian and Saudi women are really injustice, but Saudi women don’t protest and fight, while the Iranian women strongly protest and fight. It’s very important and meaningful. We said that the Saudi society (i.e. the majority of Saudis) is more stupid and more reactionary than the Iranian society. It’s an undeniable fact. It’s so obvious that there are liberal Saudis; but if you compare both society as a whole; if you compare the number of educated people, the number of activists, the number of liberals/intellectuals, the number of open-mined people, etc., you can be sure that Iran is more modern that Saudi Arabia. It’s important, because some stupid intellectuals, like Noam Chomsky, don’t understand this vital difference and talk nonsense about the differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia . Iranians have fought against tyranny and the reactionary Mullahs, since 1900s. From 1907 to 1910, in the revolutionary wars of the Constitutional Revolution, some high rank reactionary Mullahs were tried and executed in Iran, by the Iranian liberals who have the majority support. The Iranians’ fight for freedom and democracy has a long history. But the situation in Saudi Arabia is quite different. It’s very important, and the world should understand it. And finally Saudi girls adds: “Also you have wrote some wrong facts about Saudi society. Anyway thank you for the post I did enjoy reading it somehow” Ok, but what is wrong? If you read our article with enough patience, you will find that what we have said are as follows: (1)some facts about Saudi Arabia from the Saudi blog and the mass media (2)some Saudi and non-Saudi comments in the Saudi blog (3)our analysis, plue some facts about Iran and comparing it with Saudi Arabia. If you think some thing is wrong, it should be specified exactly, and we seriously consider the fact. It’s so obvious that items 1& 2 are not our words, and can be wrong. And If you know any website and blog of the real Saudi liberals, let us know about it.