Rupert Murdoch = a Global Godfather

Sean Hoare , 47, a former News of the World journalist who blew the whistle on the extent of phone hacking was found dead Monday. Sean Hoare, who had said that Andy Coulson, i.e. David Cameron’s aide, “encouraged” phone-hacking , was found dead at his home in Watford, Hertfordshire. It’s really like a Hollywood movie ! Andy Coulson, is a former top aide to British PM, David Cameron. He was Cameron’s former director of communications !. He was also former News of the World editor. Hoare told the New York Times that Coulson’s claims that he knew nothing about phone hacking were “simply a lie.” Hoare, once a close friend of Coulson, said: “He was well aware that the practice exists. To deny it is a lie, simply a lie.” Now, Cameron, who employed Coulson as his Downing Street media strategist after he quit his post at the News of the World, is in deep shit. The document reveals that since May 2011, Cameron had more that 26 private meetings with News International executives and editors. The scale of private links between Cameron and News International was exposed recently, with Cameron shown to have met Murdoch’s executives on no fewer than 26 occasions in just over a year since he entered Downing Street . Meanwhile, the foreign secretary, William Hague, defended Cameron’s regular meetings with News Corp executives ! Maybe Hague want to defend Hoare’s death, too ! Sean Hoare, who worked for The Sun and the News of the World until 2005, became a key figure in the phone-hacking scandal when he said Coulson, i.e. Cameron’s aide, not only knew about hacking, but “actively encouraged” his staff to intercept voicemail messages . Hoare returned to the spotlight last week, after he told the New York Times that reporters at the NoW were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals, in exchange for payments to police officers . He said journalists were able to use “pinging”, which measured the distance between a mobile handset and a number of phone masts to pinpoint its location. Hoare named a private investigator who he said had links with the News of the World, adding: “He may want to talk now, because I think what you’ll find now is a lot of people are going to want to cover their arse .” He said. “There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.” And then suddenly, he was killed


Murdoch and his empire are one of the invisible hands in the world, who work behind the scenes for years. They are a new and modern version of the tyrants. Murdoch has a history of hosting private meetings with influential politicians. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Murdoch’s publications were generally supportive of British’s Tories, i.e. Margaret Thatcher and John Major. The Sun credited itself with helping John Major to win an unexpected election victory in the 1992 election. But at the end of the Thatcher/Major era, Murdoch switched his support to the Labour Party and its leader, Tony Blair. The closeness of his relationship with Blair and their secret meetings to discuss national policies was to become a political issue in Britain. Though this later started to change, with The Sun publicly renouncing the ruling Labour government and lending its support to David Cameron’s Conservative Party, which soon after came to form a coalition government. In October 2008 Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff wrote a Vanity Fair story recounting a meeting between Barack Obama and Murdoch at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York early that summer. Wolff also noted that Murdoch has met every US President since, and including, Harry Truman Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper had lunch with Murdoch in March 2009, but the New York City meeting was not public knowledge until the summer of 2010 when a Canadian Press reporter learned of it from filings with the U.S. Justice Department. In the recent days, Murdoch insisted “the Browns were always friends of ours” until the Sun abandoned its support for Labour before the last general election !. The Murdoch is really a global godfather, who runs the mass media and sleeps with the politicians. The battle over Murdoch Empire is splitting American politics along party lines, with senior Democrats calling for investigations into the company while some senior Republicans play down the crisis . our Democratic senators have written letters to the department of justice and the securities and exchange commission asking for investigations. But John McCain has criticized the decision to investigate, saying there is little evidence so far that the problem of phone hacking had spread to the US andthe probe was unjustified !! “It seems to me that this is a British issue that needs to be resolved first !!” he told Sky News. “I’ve heard of no evidence or allegation yet of anything being done in the US !” Support has also come from News Corp’s cable channel Fox News, where there has been a reluctance to devote as much time to the story as other outlets, especially the left-leaning MSNBC network.


News Corp was created in 1979 by Rupert Murdoch as a holding company for News Ltd. And News Ltd was created by Murdoch from the assets he inherited in 1952 following the death of his father. Now, News Corp has about $55 billion in assets, more than 51,000 employees and annual revenue of $32 billion. News Corp is the world’s second-largest media conglomerate (behind The Walt Disney Company) as of 2010 in terms of revenue, and the world’s third largest in entertainment as of 2009. News Corp publishes the Times, the Sunday Times and the Sun newspapers and, until last week, the News of the World . News Corp. also owns The Wall Street Journal, the Fox group (Fox news, Fox sports, Fox movie, Fox music, etc), Dow Jones group, etc. In the film industry, News Corp owns 20th Century Fox, etc. In the Internet industry, News Corp owns,,, etc. And in the Book industry, News Corp owns HarperCollins. In fact, Rupert Murdoch, 80, has become a global godfather. He was born in Melbourne. At the time, his father was a regional newspaper magnate based in Melbourne, and as a result, the family was wealthy. When Murdoch was 22, his father died, and he became managing director of the Adelaide afternoon tabloid, The News. Over the next few years, Murdoch acquired and started other publications in his native Australia before expanding News Corp into the UK, US and Asian media markets. Murdoch’s first permanent foray into TV was in the USA, where he created Fox Broadcasting Company in 1986. In 1981 Murdoch acquired The Times and The Sunday Times, from Canadian newspaper publisher, Lord Thomson of Fleet. In 1996, Murdoch decided to enter the cable news market with the Fox News Channel, a 24-hour cable news television station . Following its launch, Fox News consistently eroded CNN’s market share and eventually became the most-watched cable news channel. In the 2000s, Murdoch became a leading investor in satellite television, the film industry and the Internet, and purchased a leading American newspaper, The Wall Street Journal . In 1985 Murdoch became a US citizen to satisfy legislation that only US citizens could own American television stations. This also resulted in Murdoch losing his Australian citizenship. In 2004, Murdoch announced that he was moving News Corp.’s headquarters from Adelaide, Australia to the US. Murdoch is ranked 13th most powerful person in the world in the 2010 Forbes’ The World’s Most Powerful People list. With a net worth of US$6.3 billion, he is ranked 117th wealthiest person in the world. In 1998, Rupert Murdoch failed in his attempt to buy the football club Manchester United F.C. with an offer of £625 million. It was the largest amount ever offered for a sports club. But It was blocked by the UKs Competition Commission, which stated that the acquisition would have “hurt competition in the broadcast industry and the quality of British football”

Now the godfather and his high rank British supporters are in deep shit. But the godfather’s media try to deceive the Britons. “Undoubtedly, Cameron has suffered reputational damage. But ultimately Cameron’s destiny is more closely linked to recovery of the country’s still-weak economy and to the ever-rising cost of living for cash-strapped Britons”, the godfather’s media say in these days. Are Britons as stupid as their media and their politicians ? The future, and Cameron’s destiny will show us the truth.

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