US deals and talks with Gaddafi

After France, now the US shows its true color again. After France’s secret deals and talks with Gaddafi , yesterday the western media said: “The US and Gaddafi on Saturday held their first face-to-face talks since the conflict in Libya began four months ago, officials from both governments have confirmed !!” It’s really shameful. The media added: “The talks were held in Tunisia. A US state department official said Washington agreed to the meeting, after several requests from Tripoli .” Apparently Gaddafi has succeed in bribing the west ! The Gaddafi spokesman, speaking in Tripoli, described it as a first step. “We support any dialogue, any peace initiative, as long as they don’t decide Libya’s future from outside. We will discuss everything, but do not condition your peace talks. Let the Libyans decide their future !!” he told journalists in Tripoli. And the Western media said: “Like Paris, Washington, too, is keen on a quick resolution, with Barack Obama conscious of his position in the 2011 election. The Americans who took part in the talks included the US ambassador to Libya, Gene Cretz, and Jeffrey Feltman, assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs. Four members of Gaddafi’s inner circle also took part.” It’s really shameful. The French foreign minister, Alain Juppe, last week confessed that Paris was talking to representatives of Gaddafi. And in the recent days, the stupid NATO said that they now have serious doubts about whether the rebels are capable of winning the war, without NATO support and NATO’s weapons. It’s so obvious that the Libyans need military support and global support. But they need a real support, not NATO support, not US support, not French support, not British support. NATO has refused to give weapons to the protesters. The stupid NATO airstrikes have killed many Libyan protesters, and now we can understand that they were not merely a mistake. NATO wanted to control the protesters. They want to use the protesters for their own secret deals with Gaddafi. It’s not difficult to understand that now many ordinary Libyans hate NATO as much as they hate Gaddafi . NATO has disgraced itself in Libya.


Gaddafi is not as stupid as Chomsky. Gaddafi knows that he can reach to a secret deal with the west, by bribing them, and remains a fake enemy of the west. Gaddafi said Saturday he will never surrender in the face of assaults by NATO air campaign . In an audio address directed at the city of Zawiya, Gaddafi promised that Libya would keep fighting. “we can’t backtrack, or surrender or give up or move an inch ” he said, his voice booming over loudspeakers in the center of town. “Rest assured in your tombs, our martyrs, we will not betray you ever.” Gaddafi knows the hypocrite West, and maybe he says himself: “When Khamenei is able to reach a secret deal with the West, I can do it too” In his speech, also broadcast on national television, Gaddafi said the NATO airstrikes on Libya must stop ! Of course, they already have been stopped ! From the first days of the stupid NATO airstrikes, they were only tactical strikes for controlling Gaddafi and for reaching to a deal with him, not for helping the poor Libyan protesters, who have not any weapons and can not fight against the full-armed Gaddafi, with bare hands. But it’s not the whole story. Unfortunately many ordinary people in the west are as stupid as their politicians. Now the stupid lefts and the stupid rights, i.e. the stupid shameless Westerners say: “Let Gaddafi stay in power, his replacement will be worse. We can at least manage him ! … The US needs to leave these countries alone, the tyrants have a right to rule their own people, and it’s none of our business … Lets take care of our own problems before we seek to cure the rest of the world … I think we should focus more on the homeless and needy here in our own country … The tyrants should only be an issue to us if they are causing a threat to our homeland safety or our import export with other countries … We need their oil and their money, their multi billions bribes. If they pay the price, they can repress the rebels” These shameful craps, these shameful behaviors, remind us of Albert Camus’ “The Plague” in 1940s. Some Westerners are really jerk and narrow-minded. They really deserve to be f-u-c-k-ed by their corrupt politicians, by the widespread Plague.

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