Black Humor: Only in Lebanon

The story of Lebanon and Hezbollah is really a comic-tragic story. In 21st century, Lebanon is “Iran in 1970s”.


Some say: “The war has changed everything. The war’s heroes were the fanatics. And the war was part of the daily life”.


After and during war, the Lebanese girls and women became dumb. Now many of them are the stupid fans of Hezbollah, i.e. the Lebanese version of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. Only in Lebanon, you can see this kind of stupid girls.


These stupid Lebanese girls are fans of Hassan Nasrollah !!, who is Khamenei’s puppet and the Lebanese version of Khomeini or Khamenei. The savage Nasrollah who kiss Khamenei’s hand and Khamenei’s ass, laughs at the stupid Lebanese who are blind and can not see our situation in Iran.


Only in Lebanon the stupid Lebanese girls, who are free, are the fans of their repressors ! They are so stupid and can not see the future; when Nasrollah would become their official king/leader, and their children would ask them: “Hey stupid parents, were you blind? why did not you learn from Iran? Why were you so stupid?”


Only in Lebanon, the free people need to be f-u-c-k-ed and s-o-d-o-m-i-zed by the Islamists, like Iranians in 1970! It’s so tragic but only when the long batons of the Islamists tear up the Lebanese ass, they would wake up! Almost all Arabs are stupid fans of the Islamist, but only in Lebanon, in 21st century and in the age of Internet, the free people are more stupid than Iranians in 1970s !

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