Mr. shit, Religion, and Corruption

July 17, 2011

Today is the Mahdi’s birthday, and an official holiday in Iran. The story of the Mahdi and his Second Coming is like Jesus Christ’s story. And the Apocalypse Politics in the US and Iran is the same, and is the result of the same story . As we said before, Khamenei and his thugs, especially Mr. shit and his team, think that they should prepare and work for the Mahdi and his second coming. The Mullahs, the Islamists, and all other Khamenei’s dogs think that they should be Mahdi’s soldier. But recently the fight between the Mahdi’s soldiers, i.e. between Khamenei and his dog (Mr. shit), has entered a funny phase. The Mullahs confessed that all of them are corrupt. And some funny Iranians asked: “so, the majority of the Mahdi’s soldiers are corrupt rapists, corrupt smugglers, corrupt killers, corrupt embezzlers, etc. Does Mahdi wants to form the Islamic Mafia and the new Islamic Sicily for God?”. Recently, Mr. shit issued a veiled threat to expose corruption in the Sepah, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), if they attempted to arrest his closest aid, Mashaei. And rankled by Mr shit’s threats, the Sepah bared its teeth publicly against him for the first time. In a remarkably candid interview last week, the IRGC’s commander, Jafari, said that his men try to combat a “deviant” in the Mr. shit’s office. As we said before, several of Mr. shit’s aides have been arrested in recent weeks, because of corruption, i.e. moral corruption and financial corruption . “These people have not committed security crimes. However, they have committed economic and moral offences,” Jafari told. Mr. shit’s confrontation with the Guards emerged dramatically last week when he said the Sepah (IRGC) uses their own dockyards to import goods, such as cigarettes, without having to pay customs duties . He officially said that Khamenei’s thugs are smuggler ! A case of the pot calling the kettle black ! Of course, all Iranians knew it, but it’s the first time that Mr. shit confesses such things. The IRGC has long been reported to control an immensely lucrative underground economy of black-market items . Jafari said that Mr. shit gets his own share ! and his men have not used military docks for smuggling cigarettes or drugs ! The Mahdi’s soldiers are really funny.


Their battle is also over money. By some estimates, the IRGC’s market share of the Iranian economy ranges from 60% to nearly 90% of the country’s GDP. The private sector has little chance of competing with Guards who invariably win no-bid contracts. The head of IRGC said that Mr. shit and his team are “members of a network of financial and moral corruption ! “. It’s really funny. And the funny Iranians say: “”Oh, members of a network of financial and moral corruption ? or members of the Mahdi’s corps? However there is no difference between them.” What the IRGC and Mr. shit say about each other is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In the recent weeks, some female and male members of “the Islamic network of financial and mortal corruption”, i.e. Mr. shit’s aides, have been arrested by the IRGC. In fact, Khamenei and his British supporters in the BBC try to deceive the people, but almost all Iranians know that Khamenei, his dogs, his British supporters, and all the Mullahs are either founders or high rank members of the Islamic network of corruption. In fact, all Iranians know that the Islamist rapists and The Islamic Republic of Rapists , are the most corrupt system in the world. The shameless Mullahs say: “Mahdi is the Restorer of Justice who will Rule before the End of the World. And we are his soldiers.” And Iranians say: “Oh, yah, Justice, like the Mullah Justice in the past 30 years; Justice means “Fraud, Rape, Corruption, Murder, Torture, etc” in the Mullahs/Monarchists’ dictionary”. Khamenei’s dogs call themselves “the unknown soldiers of the Mahdi”. But many Iranian Muslims say: “When the Mahdi comes, at first he would kill Khamenei and his dogs!” In fact, they desperately try to save their disgraced religion by attacking Khamenei and his dogs. But the Basiji thugs who call themselves the real Muslim or Mahdi’s soldier, have disgraced the religion so badly. Khamenei and the Islamist rapists plunder the people money and the national resources, in the name of Islam and Mahdi. They kill, rape, and torture the protesters in the name of Islam and Mahdi. And the Islamic regime says: “The Basiji rapists and the Islamists are real Muslim!”, But Iranians can see that they are smuggler, embezzler, etc, who rape and torture men and women in the public or private places or in the jails. In fact, they are members of a Mafia-like network of moral and financial corruption, a network of rape, murder and torture. And Mr. shit and his corrupt team are just low rank members of the network . Now many wise Iranians say: “The Mafia-like Islamic network of corruption is the real face of the Mullah’s Islam. And what they say against each other in the recent days, is a funny case of the pot calling the kettle black. Exactly like when Pahlavi and the Monarchists criticize Khamenei and his religious Monarchy ” The secular Monarchists and the religious Monarchists, i.e. the Pahlavi’s dogs and Khamenei’s dogs, and the religious tyranny and the secular tyranny are two side of the same coin. Shame on both secular and religious Monarchists. Shame on both secular and religious charlatanism.

Black Humor: Only in Lebanon

July 17, 2011

The story of Lebanon and Hezbollah is really a comic-tragic story. In 21st century, Lebanon is “Iran in 1970s”.


Some say: “The war has changed everything. The war’s heroes were the fanatics. And the war was part of the daily life”.


After and during war, the Lebanese girls and women became dumb. Now many of them are the stupid fans of Hezbollah, i.e. the Lebanese version of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs. Only in Lebanon, you can see this kind of stupid girls.


These stupid Lebanese girls are fans of Hassan Nasrollah !!, who is Khamenei’s puppet and the Lebanese version of Khomeini or Khamenei. The savage Nasrollah who kiss Khamenei’s hand and Khamenei’s ass, laughs at the stupid Lebanese who are blind and can not see our situation in Iran.


Only in Lebanon the stupid Lebanese girls, who are free, are the fans of their repressors ! They are so stupid and can not see the future; when Nasrollah would become their official king/leader, and their children would ask them: “Hey stupid parents, were you blind? why did not you learn from Iran? Why were you so stupid?”


Only in Lebanon, the free people need to be f-u-c-k-ed and s-o-d-o-m-i-zed by the Islamists, like Iranians in 1970! It’s so tragic but only when the long batons of the Islamists tear up the Lebanese ass, they would wake up! Almost all Arabs are stupid fans of the Islamist, but only in Lebanon, in 21st century and in the age of Internet, the free people are more stupid than Iranians in 1970s !