Summer, Travel, and Mullah Beaches

The summer is the season for travel, especially travel to the beach. But our story in Iran is a little different. As we said before, Shomal, i.e. the North of Iran and the south beach of Caspian Sea, is the green part of Iran. But unfortunately the story of Caspian sea’s beaches (or Persian Gulf’s, etc) is very tragic. In the past decade, the Sepah and Basij, and other private and public plunderers, have taken control of all beaches, and now we dont have any free, public and clean beach in Shomal. The Iranian beaches are Islamic beaches, and the Mullahs and their moral police don’t allow the women to swim in the sea, or to wear swimsuit in the beach. The women must have Hijab in the sea and the beach.


When the Iranian youths take a look at the pictures of the Iranian beaches in the Pahlavi’s era , they say: “The older generations of Iranians, i.e. our parents, were really stupid and jerk. At least they were free in the streets, the beaches, the clubs, etc but we have not any kind of freedom. Not only we don’t have any political or social freedom, but we don’t have any personal freedom. And the main responsible for this terrible situation is the older generations of Iranians, who are really stupid.” And when you take a look at the Iranian beaches in the Mullah regime, you can understand them and their anger.


The stupid Islamic restrictions, and the dreadful environmental pollution in the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea, force the Iranians to travel abroad. The dreadful economic conditions in Iran, is another of main reasons for traveling abroad. It’s really ridiculous that in Iran the domestic travels are more expensive than the foreign travels !! In the recent years, the Iranians say: “since we have not eaten “Maghze Khar” (Donkey’s brain), i.e. we are not stupid, we prefer to travel abroad. It’s cheaper, without any stupid Islamic restriction, and without any moral police, etc.” The foreign travels have become more popular among Iranians, but because of the difficulty in getting visa, the popular and feasible destinations for Iranians are Turkey, Dubai, India, Malaysia, etc that need no visa or Iranians could get their visa without serious problem (It’s really ridiculous that only the Mullahs and their families and friends can go to the Spanish, Italian, or French beaches! )


The funny Iranians say: “The people that go to Shomal or Kish for enjoying the beach, are dumb. But the foreign tourists that go to Shomal or Kish for enjoying the beaches, are dumber !” In the summer, temperatures in Shomal reaches to 40 C (110F) !!. In addition, Shomal is extremely humid. And temperatures in the south of the Iran and Persian Gulf’s beaches reaches to 50 C (130 F) !! and when you add the hot and sultry weather to the Mullahs and their moral police, it’s really horrible. So, only the idiots travel to the Persian Gulf or Caspian Sea in the summer ! In fact, the worst season for traveling to Iran, is the summer ! The Europeans love the summer, its sun, its hot weather, etc but the majority of Iranians hate the summer’s sun . The summer and its hot weather in Tehran is really horrible. Tehran is not humid in summer, but its temperatures reaches to 45 C (120 F), and as Iranians say: “Your balls boil in this hot weather“. But the women must wear Hijab in this hot weather !!


In the hot and sultry weather of Iranian beaches, the women must wear Hijab. It’s really horrible. Of course many Iranian women try to fight against the Mullahs and their stupid laws and that’s why the Iranian summer is the high season for fight, not flight ! But despite the hot weather and the Mullah laws, many Iranians travel to Shomal, not for enjoying its beaches, but for enjoying its green jungles, its green mountains, its natural beauty, etc. But as we said before, the Mullahs have destroyed Shomal and its natural resources, and the sensitive Iranians, who care about the environment, can not bear to go to Shomal in the recent years. Unfortunately, the conditions of the Persian Gulf’s beaches are like the Caspian Sea’s, or even worse. As we said before, the Red Tide Crisis in Persian Gulf, the story of the raw sewage that is dumped into the sea, and the dreadful oil pollution, etc have destroyed the Persian Gulf. And all fishes and see creatures of Persian Gulf have a taste and strong smell of oil ! . The sensitive Iranians say: “Traveling Iran, in the Mullah’s era, is equal to headache”.


Iran and Shomal have many natural beauties, and the tourists love it. But the summer, i.e. between June and September, is the worst season for traveling to Shomal and many parts of Iran. The best season, is from (late) September to December, and from March to June. In Iran, the northwest areas, including Ardebil, and some areas in Zagros and Alborz mountains, are the best place in the summer. Temperatures in these areas are about 30C (85 F), without humidity. But the Iranian beaches in the Mullah regime, are a hell on earth! So, forget the Iranian beaches and the Iranian summer. As the funny Iranians say: “(because of bad weather plus bad Hejab) the Iranian summer is : when your balls boil, while your dick stick; when your head stick, while your body stink; when your scarf is loosened, while the Mullahs’ jaw is tightened; when your manteau is short, while the Mullah’s baton is long; when your shirt, skirt, sleeve, etc are short, while the Mullahs’ beard, the Mullahs’ claw, and the Mullahs’ snout are long

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